Angst - usually seen as a warning on a fic, means that the characters will be subjected to some sort of emotional distress.

AU - Alternate Universe - a character from an anime or a movie is put into a totally different world, like Heero and Duo in our time as rock stars, or Harry Potter as a normal high school kid or a medieval prince.

AR - Alternate Reality - the world that the characters normally inhabit is changed radically, like Harry never goes to Hogwarts, or Cedric doesn't die in book 4.

Bdsm - short for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, also known as d/s. Games in which one person ties up, hurts, humiliates, tortures, torments, and otherwise dominates another willing party. Needs a whole other glossary beyond this.

Blanket fic - similar to a PWP, the characters are trapped in a remote cabin with no heat and only one blanket to share. Bonus if they have to take their clothes off.

BNF - Big Name Fan - usually not a compliment. A fanfic writer or other fan who has become well known to others in the fandom.

Bottom - the person being fucked, or submissive.

Canon - the facts that come only from the source material, or a fic that's based on such.

Chanslash - a sexual involvement between a young boy (usually 11-15 years of age) and an adult male. Not nonconsensual, but may include dubious consent. This actually has been going on for thousands of years; the ancient Greeks practiced what was known as pederasty.

Deathfic - a fic where one of the main characters dies.

Disclaimer - a statement on a fic that the author does not own the characters, presumably to avoid copyright infringement.

dom - dominant, in a bdsm scene

Dom - Dominic Monaghan

Drabble, snippet - very short fic, usually under 500 words.

d/s - dominance/submission - see bdsm

Fandom Wank - originally on LiveJournal, now on JournalFen, created as a place for people to mock fandom excess and silliness.

Fanon - facts that are extrapolated from the source material in fanfics, orjust plain made up. As much as we like to believe it, the HP characters being gay is fanon

Feedback - sending an email to a writer or artist you like to tell them you enjoyed their work

Fluff - silly fic, feel-good fic

FPF - Fictional Person Slash - fics about fictional characters rather than real people. What most people know as fanfic.

H/C - Hurt/Comfort - fic convention in which one of the characters is hurt or sick and the other one has to help them, thereby getting them past any obstacles they may have had in their potential relationship

JF - JournalFen - online blog/journal/diary system

Lemon/Lime - see Ratings guide

LJ - LiveJournal - online blog/journal/diary. Reveal your innermost thoughts for all to see.

LOC - Letter of Comment - same as feedback

Mary Sue/Marty Stu - a type of fic, or character in a fic, who is quite obviously the perfected personification of the author. She/he is beautiful, possesses special talents, saintly temperament and everyone falls in love with them. Kinda like Anita Blake in the later Vampire Hunter books.

MPREG - male pregnancy

NCS - nonconsensual sex; rape

Noncon - same as ncs.

OC/OMC/OFC - Original Character, Original Male Character, Original Female Character

OOC - Out Of Character - sometimes used as a warning on fics if the characters are behaving a lot differently from how they are portrayed in canon

OTP - One True Pairing - a person has a OTP when they read/write/believe in a specific pair of people being together to the exclusion of all others. May cause wankiness and flame wars.

PWP - Plot What Plot or Porn Without Plot - a story whose only aim is to get the characters in bed quickly

RPG - Role Playing Game - people interact as characters or people in a prescribed setting

RPS - Real Person Slash - fics about actors/singers instead of the characters they play

S & M - Sadism and Masochism. See bdsm

Seme - Japanese word, means approximately the same as top

Shota or shotakon - Japanese word for chanslash.

Smut - my word for what I write; fics that have sex as their central component, but can also contain plot.

Squick - a term for something that grosses you out, especially in a fic. Squicks vary from person to person of course, but some examples could include foodplay, bloodlplay, golden showers, bestiality, etc.

SSC - safe, sane, consensual - in a bdsm scene, means playing with safewords, condoms (and other protection) and prior agreements

Sub - submissive in a bdsm scene. Not always the same as bottom.

Top - person doing the fucking, generally

Twincest - twin brothers doing it.

TWT - Timeline What Timeline - similar to AU or AR, where you stick mainly to the plot of the book/series except for a few details. For instance, in GW, writing an EW-era fic with Treize alive.

Uke - Japanese term, means essentially the same as bottom, but not quite.

UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension

WAFF - Warm And Fuzzy Feeling

WIP - Work in Progress - unfinished fic

XO/Crossover - a fic involving characters from more than one fandom

Yuri/femslash - fic where two women are romantically or sexually involved

* * * * * * * * * *


What is the difference between slash, yaoi, shonen-ai, etc?

Slash is a general term for the fandom that celebrates male-male relationships in movies, tv, books and anime. There doesn't even have to be overt or even suggested relationships between the male characters; slash fans see it everywhere! Yaoi is specific to Japanese anime fandoms, and means essentially the same thing. It has its own vocabulary which has bled over into the general slash fandoms a bit, as people move from fandom to fandom. Shonen-ai is a sub-genre of yaoi; it literally means "boy love" and it is not explicit sexually.

Do the order of names in a pairing make a difference?

Yes and no. In yaoi fics, an "x" is used between the two names. The name that comes in front of the x is the top or seme. That is for fics where actual sex is involved. In shonen-ai, a "+" is used, and the order doesn't matter. In slash, a "/" is used, and the order of the names usually doesn't matter. I tend to keep the order of top first, though.

What is the rating system for fics?

Most people tend to use the US movie rating system as a guide. Not that I've ever written anything below an R, but... A G rating would have nothing that would offend anyone. A PG might have some questionable material... in the case of slash, maybe a non- passionate kiss between guys. PG-13 might have some making out, or some language. A fic would get an R rating (also called a lime) if there were more explicit kissing, groping, violence etc. Now, some people disagree on the line between R and NC-17. Some people think that it's an R unless there is full-on sex. Like, a masturbation scene would get an R. I disagree. If there's explicit description of any sexual contact, I give it an NC-17 just to be safe. An NC-17 is also known as a lemon.

* * * * * * * * * *

FAQ's about my fics
Will you continue (insert fic name here)?

I fully intend to finish all my fics, in every fandom. I work on what inspires me at the moment, it can't be forced. If I ever give up on a fic, I will have it removed from my archive. Please keep in mind that many of my fics have co-writers, and therefore it's more difficult to coordinate sometimes.

When will the next part of (insert fic name) be out?

See above. I have to write what inspires me, but feel free to bug me for anything you might like to see more of, it may get me going.

Do you do requests?

Absolutely. Feel free to mail me with what you might like to see, and I'll see what I can do. The more specific, the more likely it is to grab my brain.

Will you let me archive your fics?

Usually, there's no problem as long as the warnings are included with the fics. Just email me with your address, and I'll usually say yes. And let me know when they're up, I like to keep track of where my babies go!

Can I translate your fics?

My fics have been translated (so far) into French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Norwegian, German and Dutch. Just email me and I'll more than likely say yes.

Can I chat with you on AIM/YM etc?

I don't really have time for it, because if I spend too much time chatting I have no time to write!