Title: Delicate Negotiations
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Series: Fushigi Yuugi
Pairing: Nakago/Hotohori (Saihitei)
Notes: Hotohori is referred to as Saihitei, his name before he became a seishi, since this takes place before the series.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Disclaimers: We're just playing with the boys...

* * * * * * * * * *

The room was posh, as befitted two emperors meeting together for the first time. On the table was an assortment of wines and foodstuffs that would have fed the entire village in which the impending meeting was taking place. Standing near the door were two soldiers, one wore blue armor and the other stood in red. Both were on opposing sides in this meeting. Nakago looked briefly at his opposite and suppressed a smirk. 'This one wouldn't stand a chance if I really wanted to kill his emperor.'

Saihitei paused outside the door, not thrilled with the idea of the peace talks. His advisors told him they were necessary to smooth the rising tension between the two countries, but Saihitei had a bad feeling about the meeting. His father had told him never to trust the Emperor of Kotou. That he always had an ulterior motive for everything he did. That he would use every advantage at his disposal to get what he wanted. That was why they were meeting at a relatively neutral border village instead of either of their palaces. Saihitei drew a deep breath and passed through the door.

'Where the hell is he,' Nakago thought of his own emperor. He knew the man was a victim of his own lusts - power, sex, land. There was nothing that the man didn't want. The blond warrior hated him. Emperors stood as figureheads to take advantage of the people they ruled. He yawned, drawing a look of disdain from the other soldier. When he heard the doors open, Nakago snapped back to attention but kept his perceptions keen. If this was the other emperor, he wanted to have a look and see just what his country was dealing with.
What passed through the door was something he wasn't expecting. The boy-emperor of Konan moved with a grace befitting one of his station. He was impeccably dressed in scarlet and his hair was tucked up into a small head-piece that kept it securely out of his eyes. It was only the briefest of glimpses, but Nakago already had an image of Konan's Saihitei in his mind.

Saihitei entered the room, radiating confidence he didn't feel; his eyes swept the room quickly as his father had taught him, checking for exits and enemies. He hated the robes he wore, hated the headpiece even more; he only felt truly himself with his flowing hair loose around him. But that was a bit of vanity he couldn't afford right now. He was the emperor, and had to look the part. He automatically noted the two guards on either side of the door; one of his, and one of theirs. A flash of blond hair caught his eye, an unusual sight. He resisted the urge to turn and look, but rather scanned the room for the rival emperor, who seemed conspicuously absent.

Blue eyes raked over the young emperor, traveling up and down to memorize every detail. The youth was nervous and distrustful of the situation. As well he should be. Kutou's emperor was about as trustworthy as a viper waiting to strike. Nakago watched the young man and then he turned around, giving him a much better look at Saihitei's face.

His breath hitched - the boy was more beautiful than tales told. Nakago found himself staring until he finally tore his eyes away from the flawless face that had, undoubted, captured the hearts of many a maiden - haunting their dreams for eternity. Saihitei would be lucky if all Kutou's emperor did was throw a lewd comment or two during the talks. More likely, the disgusting man would probably send his most trusted warrior to retrieve him at some point for a night in bed. Nakago took one more look. This beauty would only be destroyed if his emperor touched it - Saihitei would be tainted beyond repair.

What a terrible shame.

Saihitei felt the eyes of the rival soldier on him, and itched to turn to confront the man staring at him so boldly. But he resisted; making his way to the table, he approached the chair at the end reserved for him. Servants scrambled to pull it out for him, and he spent a few moments getting comfortably adjusted before he let his eyes wander to the blue-clad soldier by the door. Saihitei let his eyes travel up the man's body, noting the powerful thighs, large sword and elaborate armor, before allowing his eyes to touch the glorious mane of golden hair. As Saihitei raised his eyes farther, he was shocked to see that the soldier also had dazzling blue eyes, and those eyes were insolently staring straight back at him. A shock ran through him, traveling down his spine to his groin, and the young emperor suppressed a blush as he realized his body was reacting to the mere sight of the other man. What was wrong with him?

Their eyes met and Nakago resisted the urge to smile at the way the youthful emperor's face reddened slightly. 'How delightfully innocent,' he thought to himself. He noted how Saihitei's eyes were the color of amber; a beautiful compliment to the already attractive boy-emperor. Nakago wondered just how long the dark hair was and his hands itched to rip that ridiculous head-piece off to find out. He flexed his fingers and distracted himself by looking at the door, 'Fashionably late only goes so far.'

Saihitei reprimanded himself; this was no time to be distracted. Not even if the distraction was as gorgeous as the exotic blond haired soldier, who looked powerful enough to bend steel with his bare hands. He shivered mentally, imagining himself at the mercy of those hands, their long hair mixing over their bare chests, dark strands among gold... He realized he was fully hard now, the loose robes a mercy for once. He tried to force his body to behave, by feigning annoyance at the delay. Although he didn't mind the talks being put off; he really didn't want to be here anyway.

Irritation crossed the blond warrior's features and he opened the door to call for one of his subordinates. "Find our emperor and *remind* him that the talks are to begin - now." Nakago watched the young soldier run off to obey his order and nodded. This was not going to bode well for the rest of the conference.

Saihitei listened to the blond soldier's voice, noting the air of command. This was no common soldier, then. All the more reason for him to get over this attraction. But he found himself glancing over at the man again, unable to keep his eyes off him.

When he turned back around, Nakago was surprised to find those beautiful eyes on him again. He wondered just what was going through the young emperor's head when he looked at him. Many found the blond to be pleasing to look at, though Kutou's emperor held the right to take the Hin soldier to his bed. Nakago wondered if the young boy reserved that same right for any of his own servants. 'Probably not,' he answered himself as he resumed his position at the door, 'He looks too innocent for that.'

Saihitei decided not to look away this time, and met the blond's eyes squarely. He found it hard to interpret the speculative look on the man's face; all he knew was that he wanted, no, needed, to find out more about him. Even as he chided himself for acting foolishly, he couldn't help but think about those hands on him. No one had ever made him feel this way before.

With a smile, Nakago decided to be even more insolent than usual. His lips formed one word and he made sure what he mouthed wouldn't be missed, "Beautiful."

Saihitei's breath caught and his cock pounded as he caught the word from the sensuous lips. The man's boldness shocked yet thrilled him; he wondered if he would be as bold in bed. A silent moan escaped his parted lips and Saihitei resisted the urge to respond.

What an effect! Nakago wondered if somehow, someway, he could get the young man alone. To see if everything about the young emperor was as attractive and enticing as what could be seen right then. He found himself wondering if Saihitei would be submissive or dominant. His cock began to harden just at the thought of having the boy-emperor writhing and moaning his name. He continued his insolence, "You want me, don't you?" The silent question was a stab in the dark, but Nakago was absolutely certain he was dead on in his suspicions.

Saihitei tried to keep a crimson flush from giving away his arousal. The blond's words enflamed him; he wanted nothing more than to feel those strong hands all over him. But he was the emperor, damn it! He couldn't let this soldier affect him this way. He cursed his rebellious body and stared back challengingly at the man. He raised an eyebrow regally and mouthed, "Maybe." Then he turned his attention to something across the room, mostly to hide his excitement. The moment was broken by a commotion down the hallway. It seemed as if the other emperor was arriving.

'Of all the times for that fat, bloated, gluttonous son-of-a-bitch to come in,' Nakago thought briefly before wiping the emotion from his face. The way Saihitei had changed brought about a bit of curiosity in the warrior. He fully intended on meeting privately with the rival emperor as soon as humanly possible. When the doors opened, he snapped to attention, not even responding when his Lord and Emperor staggered into the room. 'By Seiryuu... He's drunk...'

Saihitei looked up to see the other emperor stagger in. He tried to keep the distaste from his features as he regarded the slovenly, obviously intoxicated man as he hung on two slave girls. This man ruled a nation? He rose smoothly to greet the man, polite expression firmly in place.

"How lovely," the other emperor said as his glazed eyes fell on the younger man, "Are you a gift to me from Saihitei?" One of the young slave girls giggled softly at the words, she obviously as inebriated as her master.

Nakago resisted the urge to smack a hand to his forehead, 'This is already going to be a disaster...'

Resisting the urge to throttle the man, Saihitei drew himself up to his full height and said, "I am Emperor of Konan, Saihitei."

Moving with a fluid grace, Nakago forestalled any more rudeness out of his Lord as he got between the emperors, "Your majesty... Perhaps you should return to your chambers until the meeting can be continued at a time when you're more... ready?"

"Yes, perhaps it would be a good idea," Saihitei agreed, trying not to be distracted by the nearness of the blond. The other man's voice was like silk, and he was just a bit taller than he was. The man's broad shoulders spoke of a powerful body. Saihitei wanted him, badly. He wanted the other emperor to leave, and then he could be alone with the blond soldier. He already hated the other emperor.

Kutou's emperor gave a rather large yawn and nodded, drool dripping from the corner of his mouth, "Yes... I do want more time to prepare." Without regard for his company, the drunken man fondled one of the girls with him until Nakago snapped his fingers. The noise brought another soldier from outside the room.

"Take the emperor back to his chambers and make certain he is allowed to rest until tomorrow," the blond warrior said sternly. As he turned away from the scene, he addressed Konan's ruler, "I apologize to you, Emperor Saihitei, for your time being wasted this night."

The blond man had addressed him publicly at last. "You have no need to apologize for your emperor. And I daresay my time was not wasted at all." Saihitei felt bold, and reached up to unfasten his hat. He was off duty now, as it were, and he hated the constriction of his hair. Also, he wanted to get a reaction out of the beautiful man. With a shake of his head, his silken locks cascaded around him, and he looked up at the soldier expectantly.

Nakago buried his response to the way the soft waves of hair fell over the boy-emperor's shoulders. He hadn't thought it possible for the young man to become anymore beautiful. He turned fully to Saihitei and locked his blue gaze onto the golden one, "You are much too generous, your Majesty."

The emperor searched for a sign of a reaction, then decided due to the man's comment earlier, he didn't need one. "No, I am not. I am selfish. And I wish to inform you that you were entirely accurate with your observation earlier. Before we were interrupted." He looked challengingly up at the blond, hoping he would take the offered opportunity.

'Such vanity,' Nakago mused. He flicked his eyes toward the other soldier in the room, indicating that he could do nothing until the man was dismissed. Then, and only then, would he allow himself to lay hands on this beautiful enemy ruler.

Saihitei realized the meaning of the glance, and with a motion from him, the soldier withdrew from the room. He knew he wouldn't go far, the emperor was not to be left all alone. But they were essentially alone now, and Saihitei leaned back against the table. "Will you favor me with your name, handsome soldier?"

The blond warrior moved forward, pinning the boy-emperor to the table, "My Lord calls me Nakago, your Majesty." His blue eyes devoured all of Saihitei's face, memorizing each perfect detail. One of Nakago's hands rose and brushed the side of the rival man's face, the touch as light as the kiss of a butterfly's wings, "Even more beautiful now..."

"Nakago," repeated Saihitei. He let the man push him back against the table, reveling in the feel of the hard body against him. He let his head fall back slightly, exposing his graceful throat deliberately, letting his hair brush the table behind him.

With a secretive smile, Nakago ran his fingers over one of Saihitei's cheeks, "Beautiful..." He wondered just what lengths the boy-emperor would go to so that he could get the soldier's attention.

Saihitei drew a shuddering breath; the feelings coursing through his body were so new yet so compelling. He wanted more, but didn't know how to ask. His body ached for more of the blond's touch, and he moaned low in his throat.

"What do you want from me, little emperor," Nakago asked, his voice like silk as it washed over Saihitei. He was purposefully teasing the young man in front of him.

"Nakago..." moaned Saihitei, thrusting his hips against the bigger man. "I want..."

With a smile, the blond soldier leaned down and let his lips whisper over Saihitei's skin at the base of his throat, "Yes? Go on..."

Saihitei whimpered; his skin was on fire, every nerve alight. His cock was hard as a rock, and his face flushed. "Touch me," he pleaded.

"Is that an order, Emperor Saihitei?" Nakago's hands now trailed through the long swath of silky brown tresses, "And if it is... Where do you want me to touch you?"

The young emperor growled low in his throat, reaching up to wrap his hands around the blond's neck, pulling him down. "Everywhere."

One strong hand slid under the imperial robes to brush, feather-light, over Saihitei's chest, "Like this?" Nakago knew he was playing a dangerous game with the young emperor, but he felt like pushing his luck further.

"Yes," breathed Saihitei, then reached down to the front of Nakago's pants, pressing against the hard length he felt there. "And like this."

Nakago smiled at the boldness, "Are you sure?" The blond soldier tilted the young emperor back on the table; taking his time as he prepared to disrobe the beauty in front of him.

"Yes," answered Saihitei. He let himself be laid back, savoring the idea of surrendering to the soldier, tired of always being the one in charge.

The hand that had been teasing Saihitei's chest moved lower, trailing light circles down his stomach and abdomen. "I might be convinced to oblige you," Nakago said huskily. He dipped his head down and untied the crimson sash of the robes with his teeth, "... maybe..."

Saihitei was lost, a slave to his needs. All he could think about was Nakago's hands on him, his mouth, his body. He needed more, and arched up into that teasing touch.

The young man's responsiveness pleased Nakago. Perhaps the conference wouldn't be as bad as he feared it would be. If the enemy emperor was always like this; then he most assuredly wouldn't be bored for the next week! He let his hand tickle at the base of Saihitei's arousal; his fingers dancing through the soft hairs around it, "Admit it... you want me..."

Saihitei groaned; such delicious torture. He was helpless, though; of its own volition, the word came out: "Yes!"

The scarlet robes fell open, revealing to Nakago the beauty that was the boy-emperor. His mouth lowered to the quivering stomach; his lips trailing between the grooves of the muscles under the skin. His fingers began to slowly walk up the length of Saihitei's most fevered flesh, "You've never experienced passion before, have you, Saihitei?"

Saihitei's head thrashed back and forth. "No," he gasped, bucking his hips up for more of that teasing touch. "never." He threw back his head and moaned, almost as much from being exposed in front of Nakago as from his touch.

"Have you ever touched yourself, Saihitei?" Nakago was beginning to wonder just how sheltered this young emperor was. How could he not have taken advantage of the lustful urges his young body was most assuredly experiencing? He was almost certain Saihitei hadn't ever given himself pleasure.

"No," answered the emperor, body arching up from the table desperately. "Please," he begged, mouth hanging open, sensuous lips moist with desire. Nakago buried his surprise and reached out to take one of Saihitei's hands, bringing it down to the erection that pulsed from neglect. Gently, he wrapped the fingers around the flesh and covered it with his own hand, "I'll show you how, Saihitei." With that, he slid both their hands up and back down; stimulating with much needed friction, "Like this..."

Saihitei moaned loudly; the feeling was beyond belief. "Oh god..." he gasped, letting Nakago guide his hand, tightening his grip reflexively, moaning anew at the intense sensation. Pleasure shot through his body, incomparable and undeniable.

With a smile, Nakago pulled his hand away and let the young emperor provide his own stimulus. He watched with fascination as the golden eyes fluttered open and closed; the intensity of the moment ripping through Saihitei. A pang of regret stabbed through him; the blond soldier wished his introduction into the sensual had been so kind and gentle, "How does it feel now, Saihitei?"

The young emperor stroked faster now, caught up in the feeling. "So good..." He felt a tightening, a quickening, something approaching. "I... I..."

"Don't resist it, Saihitei," Nakago coached and his fingers brushed away hairs that had begun to stick to the beautiful boy's forehead. He leaned down and locked his lips over the panting mouth; covering the rising cries of pleasure so that they wouldn't be interrupted so soon.

Saihitei kissed Nakago while he stroked; he knew something monumental was rising within him. He gasped into the blond's mouth, stroking one last time as he arched up. Blinded by ecstasy, he climaxed, shooting his virgin seed violently forth. "Nakago!"

"I wonder if it's as sweet as you are, Saihitei? Only one way to find out..." With a gentle smile, Nakago leaned down lapped his tongue across the spill.

Whimpering, Saihitei let his hand drop to the table. He could only watch as the blond man licked at him. "Is it... supposed to feel that way?"

"Yes," Nakago breathed as he took another taste. He kept his ears primed for any sound that the two might be discovered. The *last* thing he needed would be an accusation of treason. "Would you have me do more with you, Saihitei?"

Right now, Saihitei would have agreed to anything, just to get more of that wonderful feeling. The blond's tongue was stirring his ardor once again, and he whispered, "I want to learn everything."

"Really," Nakago chuckled as he leaned down to clean off the young emperor's hand. He covered the smooth skin with slow, broad sweeps of his tongue, deliberately going over each fingertip. He wanted to see just how responsive Saihitei was, "When do you want me to give you these lessons?"

"Now," moaned the young man, amazed at the sensations that the blond was giving him, just by licking his hand. "Show me now." His arousal was already returning; he was addicted to the new sensations.

"Patience, Emperor," the blond soldier teased, "You can't learn everything in one day." Nakago moved up the prone body and brushed his lips over Saihitei's, "And are you sure you want it here - where just anyone can walk in and see us?" He didn't think he'd have to spell out just what his own fate would be if that happened. Not that he thought it would. The blond was the general; he was pretty much above most of the soldiers and could order their silence if he had to. "Wouldn't you prefer a more private location for such lessons?"

Saihitei tried to suppress a pout; he knew the blond was right. They had already taken a horrible risk doing what they had just done. "Very well. But I don't want to wait long," he added, looking up at the blond seductively. "You must crave release as well."

"I do," he was answered, "But I've learned to put my own needs aside." Nakago couldn't resist trailing his fingers through hair that was so much like spun silk, "I will provide your lessons as I can, Emperor Saihitei."

The emperor had just fastened his robes when he heard voices outside the door. He looked quickly at Nakago and resumed his seat. "I wish to continue our... discussion... very soon."

Wiping all emotion from his face, Nakago nodded mutely as the doors opened. His eyes flicked irritably to the horde of advisors that swarmed into the room - all of them heading straight for the rival emperor. He felt a slight twinge of sympathy for the young man, It's no wonder he doesn't know anything of pleasure... They won't leave him alone long enough to find out. With a curt bow, he left the room.

The emperor resigned himself to dealing with his advisors and assessing the situation. But he watched the blond as he left, his cock aching for more pleasure.

* * * * * * * * * *

Saihitei sighed as he entered the bath chambers. It wasn't half as nice as his baths in the palace, but it would have to do. The meeting with his advisors had lasted hours; all of them had different ideas about how to handle the boorish rival emperor. And all he could think about was how he wanted the emperor's general to handle him... he sighed as he thought back to this afternoon, and how frustrated he had been since then. One taste of pleasure... his hand stole to the bulge in his robes, remembering how the blond had taught him. He looked around; he was alone. He had instructed the guards not to disturb him under any circumstances He shrugged off his outer robes and stood in just his tunic and pants. He wished Nakago was here.

Outside the baths, the blond soldier waited. He knew that Saihitei would be coming to the baths. It was probably the only way he could escape the clutches of his yipping advisors. Nakago smirked; how would they react if they knew what he'd been doing to their emperor just a few minutes before they so noisily entered? He listened intently to the sounds inside the bath chamber. It wouldn't be too much longer... Saihitei would take advantage of his first lesson in sensation soon. He pushed himself off the wall and turned so he could take a look through the slats of the closed window shutter. The emperor would have to have complete privacy to bathe, no one was allowed to look at him during his rare moments of privacy.

Saihitei pulled off his shirt, dropping it to the floor as well. He walked to the water, savoring the silence and the moist warm air. He unfastened the tie to his pants, torturing himself slowly. His erection strained the front of the pants, begging to be touched. He finally let the pants drop to the floor, and stepped out of them. He stretched, completely nude, before he stepped into the warm water. He suppressed a moan; the water felt incredible, and his cock ached.

The smirk didn't fade as blue eyes studied the perfection of the young emperor. He was quite willing to lay his hands on that celestial body again. Let his emperor be a complete ass; Nakago would forge his own "relations" with Saihitei. He leaned a little closer to the window so that his vision wouldn't be as impaired by the wooden shutter.

Saihitei stepped deeper into the water; the temperature was perfect. The bath wasn't as large as his own, but perfectly adequate for two. This reminded him of Nakago, and he wished the blond soldier would join him. He wanted to feel those hands all over him again. He wondered if the other man would seek him out, or if he would have to arrange it.

Remember your first lesson, Nakago thought as he watched the beauty move. He wanted to see that lovely face twisted in lust, need, and desire again. His cock swelled at the realization and the general shook his head. It wasn't a good idea to let this get any further than just a physical aspect.

The emperor stepped deeper into the water. He found a ledge and settled onto it, reclining in a comfortable position. The water came up to his waist, and his rock hard cock rose from the water. He sighed, and gave in at last, wrapping his hand around the thick erection and stroking slowly. "Nakago..." he whispered as he tried to go slowly.

The blond general nodded as his eyes took in the sight. Face flushed, hair falling into his golden eyes, hand firmly wrapped around his weeping arousal - the vision was beautiful. Quietly, Nakago opened the shutter and slipped over the sill. It wouldn't do to interrupt the lovely emperor as he set about to practice his lessons.

Saihitei let his head fall back, long hair dipping into the water, as the feelings started to build. He squeezed tighter, varying the rhythm, finding what felt best. His mouth dropped open and his eyes closed; he started to thrust up into his own hand as he found the perfect pace. "Oh god..."

The soft declaration made him smile. The soldier didn't think he'd ever become the object of someone's own personal fantasy. It both flattered and thrilled him. Even as he moved a little closer, he tried to squelch the feelings that were stirring in his heart. I won't feel this for an enemy.

Saihitei stroked, remembering Nakago's touch, the man's beauty. He longed to see the blond out of his robes, feel the strong body against his. He had never felt this way about anyone, had never longed for anyone's touch. Why now, for the enemy? But all he could think about was the blond soldier, and how much he wanted to learn more from him. He gasped, close to the edge now, wishing for Nakago's touch.

Moving up behind the emperor, Nakago's hand reached down and he let his fingertips brush over the tip of Saihitei's erection, "Do you want some help with that?" His voice was low, husky, and filled with lust.

Saihitei gasped as he looked up into Nakago's blue eyes. He stilled his hand; he was almost over the edge but he wanted the blond to touch him more. "Please..." he moaned, wishing he didn't sound so needy but unable to help himself.

Lips grazed the side of Saihitei's neck; leaving a burning trail up to his ear, "I take it you're ready for your next lesson?" His fingers continued to stroke the tip of the hot, greedy flesh.

"Yes," whispered Saihitei, dropping his own hand and arching up for more of the blond's touch. "I was hoping you'd come."

His lips moved and took over the boy-emperor's, conquering them as surely as his own emperor wanted to conquer Konan. Nakago plundered the young man's mouth, tasting the sweetness that was Saihitei. He moaned harshly and let his other arm take possession of the heaving torso, letting their tongues continue to mingle freely.

Saihitei surrendered to the kiss, letting the blond man take his mouth. He wanted Nakago all over him, wanted to be touched everywhere. He wanted to experience everything. He broke the kiss and panted, "Join me?"

The general didn't answer with words, but sensations. His lips blazed a trail down from the emperor's chin to his throat, then his chest, then his stomach. The path continued to descend - slowly, sweetly, agonizingly torturous. "Are you sure, Saihitei?"

The young emperor gasped; the feelings were almost too much. He wanted everything. Now. "Yes, please... touch me..." He arched his lower body up from the water, so the blond would have no doubt about what he wanted.

"Not much I can do," Nakago said with a bemused expression, "I'm still dressed and you're not."

Saihitei turned in the water and looked at the soldier kneeling beside him. "That is easily remedied." And he reached for the blond's belt, slowly, as if asking permission.

Leaning down again, the blond general sealed his lips to the emperor's and let him continue. He was ready to feel that smooth skin under his hands and to sift his fingers through silky hair, "Mmm..."

Gaining confidence, the young emperor fumbled with Nakago's belt. Desire made his fingers clumsy, but he finally managed to unfasten it. He eagerly reached inside the open tunic to touch the hard muscles beneath.

Thankfully for the young emperor, Nakago had the forethought to remove his armor, "Do you feel it, Saihitei?" His fingers trailed down the side of the beautiful man's face, "The hunger that consumes you for the touch of another. To feel their flesh against yours - sweating, heaving, straining..."

Saihitei moaned... Nakago's words as well as his touch inflamed his senses. "Yes..." he whispered. "Show me everything..."

"Everything?" Nakago's mouth quirked up at the corner.

The emperor gazed up at the blond who had so entranced him. "Anything and everything, Nakago. I beg of you. Let us forget that we are rivals and just enjoy each other. I wish to know about pleasure."

He sat at the edge of the tub, "Undress me, then. Give yourself a chance to see what you're asking for." He inclined his head and captured Saihitei's lips, "Explore me, touch me, give yourself over to the feelings."

The emperor kneeled on the ledge, still partially in the water, and reached for the edges of the blond's shirt, easing them back. He pushed at them until the shirt fell off Nakago's shoulders. The man was magnificent, and he gazed for a long moment.

"I'm not a statue, Saihitei," Nakago chided, "I've got the same needs as you do."

Saihitei wanted to see the blond's need for himself, so he reached for the fastening to the other man's pants. He loosened it, and reached inside. "Do you *need* me?"

"Yes," the general growled as he felt the emperor's hand come in contact with his hardened flesh, "And there's the proof."

The unmistakable lust in the soldier's voice made Saihitei harden even more. The beautiful man wanted him, and it made him moan just to think about surrendering his body to him. And he wanted to surrender, badly. He felt the hard flesh beneath his fingers, and wrapped his hand around it gently.

A moan sounded from deep within Nakago's throat, "... Yes..." His hands went to Saihitei's chest; stroking, tugging, massaging the nipples with great care and precision. This was what the blond knew. This was what he'd spent the last three hours preparing for, "Explore me."

Saihitei stroked gently, tugging the erection free from the confining cloth. He was fascinated with the feel of it; the smooth texture over hardness. The heat from the hardened flesh nearly burned him, and he suddenly wanted to taste it.

Almost as if he could tell what the boy-emperor wanted, Nakago spoke, "Go ahead."

Saihitei leaned his head down, drinking in the masculine scent of the powerful man. He opened his mouth, shy now, and licked at the tip gently.

It made the blond's head fall back, one leg dangling in the water while the other came up to rest on the ledge. Nakago let his hand slide into that beautiful hair, "That felt good, Saihitei." His encouragement was breathless, husky, and hoarse.

Saihitei thrilled at causing the other man pleasure. He needed to hear more of those sounds. So he drew himself farther out of the water and took the hard cock into his mouth slowly. The taste was intoxicating.

"Suckle it," Nakago purred. The warmth around his cock felt like heaven. He was already heady with the knowledge that he'd be teaching this beautiful young man about pleasure; but to be the recipient as he did so was a much better bonus. His blue eyes dropped to the back of Saihitei's head, "Experiment a little..."

Saihitei learned fast. He started to bob his head up and down on the hard length. The moans he heard from the blond nearly made him climax. He wrapped his hand around the base, stroking in time with his mouth. With his other hand he explored the flat planes of Nakago's stomach.

The hand in the emperor's hair tightened, gripping as what Saihitei did made the general feel alive inside again. Nakago's legs quivered and his heavy sac constricted as his release approached. "Good... you're... doing... wonder-AH!" His head flew back as the tip of his cock erupted, giving over his creamy offering to the youth.

Saihitei felt the hot seed flow into his mouth, and struggled to swallow all of it. The salty, bitter taste burned his throat but he found he wanted more. The sound of Nakago's passion was something he was beginning to crave.

He was pulled up and kissed thoroughly, hands roaming the smooth contours of Saihitei's body. After several breathless minutes, Nakago broke the kiss, "Very good... my pupil..." Shrugging out of the rest of his clothes, the general then sank down into the tub with the beauty, "My turn." With that, the blond's hungry mouth attacked Saihitei's upper body. The emperor arched up into Nakago's touch. His skin ached for more contact and his neglected erection throbbed. He buried his hands in long blond hair. One of the general's hands found the pulsing flesh, "Need a little help here, Saihitei?"

"Oh! Nakago!" the younger man cried out; the blond's touch sent needles of passion throughout his body. "Yes, please..." he gasped.

His other hand ran over the young emperor's lips, feeling their softness, "As you wish."

Saihitei captured one of Nakago's fingers in his mouth and sucked on it. He was a creature of pure need, and the other man held the key to his pleasure.

With a smile, Nakago leaned down to lap at the tip of the straining arousal in his hand. He waited for his finger to get enough wetness to move to the next step in Saihitei's lessons of pleasure.

Saihitei gasped, releasing the other man's finger, as he felt Nakago lick him. He arched up, unable to stop his thrusting hips as his desire sought more stimulation.

As his mouth moved down the length, Nakago's finger went to the tiny opening underneath and circled it teasingly. Again, he found himself wishing his own initiation to this had been so gentle. The general gave a good hard suck and then pushed his finger into the waiting body.

The emperor felt Nakago's finger probe him and tried to relax; but he was unprepared for the feeling of being penetrated. It didn't hurt, but it was completely new. The sensation on his cock distracted him, though, and slowly the feeling of being invaded turned to pleasure. He began to writhe, wanting more.

Deeper and deeper it went, seeking out until it found someplace inside Saihitei that sent a scattering of sparks across his vision.

"Nakago!" he cried out. "It... is it supposed to feel so..." At a loss for words, Saihitei pushed back on the man's finger, wanting to feel it again.

"Yes," the blond purred and brushed it again, "Enjoy it, Saihitei... Just feel."

Saihitei didn't have a choice; the blond knew exactly what he was doing. He held onto Nakago's broad shoulders and rode the waves of pleasure.

Another finger joined the first, and Nakago gave another hard suck on the cock in his hand. His eyes met Saihitei's gold ones and held them while his mouth worked up and down on the flesh.

The emperor was consumed by sensation. He spread his legs apart, surrendering completely to the blond. "Nakago..." he gasped. "More..."

At last a third finger penetrated and made its way to join the first two. Nakago stroked the small bump within, listening for each little sound this beautiful boy-emperor made. He was going to enjoy tonight, he was sure.

Saihitei thought he would die from pleasure... never in his life had he imagined such feelings. He felt filled, yet he wanted more, wanted to give everything to the man who was touching him. No other thoughts could enter his head; he was need, and he needed Nakago.

It didn't take long for the beauty to grow accustomed to having his body filled. Nakago smiled as that realization hit him. His cock twitched in anticipation. He was still slightly under the effects of earlier, in the conference room, and that would be remedied soon.

"Please," moaned the young man, "Take me..." His whole body ached for more. He had never experienced being taken, but he knew he wanted it more than life itself right now.

Pulling back, Nakago gave a few last licks to the pulsing flesh in his hand, "Are you sure, Saihitei?"

"More sure than I have been about anything. I want you, Nakago. Inside me. Do you not wish to take me?" Saihitei tried to keep from begging, but the blond had captured him fully...

"Make no mistake, Saihitei... I want you," Nakago reassured him, "and I want you now." He moved up and gathered the emperor close, letting their bodies touch before he kissed him again.

The emperor melted against Nakago, reveling in the feel of their hard bodies against each other. Nakago's blond hair mixed with his flowing locks, and he moaned as he felt the other man move between his spread legs. "Please..."

Nakago gave a gentle nip to the side of Saihitei's neck while he pulled the emperor's legs to his waist, "Wrap them around me..."

The emperor gladly wrapped his long legs around Nakago's muscled back. He gasped as the action brought his sensitive entrance into contact with Nakago's huge length.

Carefully, Nakago pressed his tip to the ready opening and gave a slight push. Even with preparation and the oiled water as lubrication, this was a new experience to the youth and he tensed just the slightest, "Relax... If you don't, then we may as well stop now."

Saihitei's body protested the idea of stopping, and he forced himself to relax. The delicious pressure increased, and he started to pant. "Oh gods...."

The ring finally gave to allow the head of Nakago's ready cock entrance and he moaned just a little at how it was already starting to feel. The tight heat caressed his length as he slowly slid into the wanton emperor, "Mmmm..."

Saihitei started to thrash his head back and forth, trying to deny the pleasure that would surely drive him mad. It felt too good, so incredibly right... how could this much pleasure be possible?

With a low gasp, Nakago found himself fully embedded in Saihitei and he stopped moving so that the young man could grow accustomed to having a cock buried inside of him. His blue eyes sought the golden gaze of the youth, "How does it feel?"

The emperor opened his eyes with effort, gazing into depthless blue. "Wonderful," he managed to gasp. Unexpectedly, his heart began to ache at the way those blue eyes were looking at him. Nakago was deep inside his body, but seemed to be entering his heart as well.

Closing his eyes and locking out that heartfelt look was almost impossible, but Nakago did it. He felt a slight twinge of regret over that but it was too late to stop now. He pulled his hips back and gave a gentle nudge forward, testing the waters.

The emperor's head snapped back when Nakago thrust into him. Pleasure that rode the edge of pain drove all else from his thought. His cock lay against his stomach, rock hard and aching as he felt Nakago deep inside him. "Oh!" he cried out, trying to impale himself more fully.

The blond general nuzzled the slender neck and gave a few licks to the sweating skin, "How is it? Do you... want me to... continue?" He didn't think he could stop if the answer *was* no...

The young emperor wasn't sure he could speak, but he knew he would die if Nakago stopped. "Please... more..." he gasped out, looking up at the beautiful man.

The normally blue eyes softened a bit as Nakago nodded and gave another thrust. It wasn't as hard or nearly as deep as he wanted, but he was making sure that this new experience would be a good one for the young man in his arms, "As you wish... Saihitei..."

The feeling of the hard flesh invading him was incredible, lancing pleasure/pain shooting thorough him, taking his breath away. The dark-haired man cried out as the blond drove into him. He knew now that he could never get enough of this feeling. He needed more.

Nakago rolled them over and began to drive into Saihitei in earnest, feeling his iron-clad control slipping away with each little cry of pleasure from the young emperor. His hands moved up, into that luxuriant mahogany hair, and he brought his lips down on the beauty's with a harsh, shuddering groan. Slowly, and ever so gently, his heart was being invaded just as surely as he was invading the body below him.

Saihitei opened his mouth willingly, giving his mouth and his body. The long blond hair mixed with his, and the sounds of pleasure Nakago was making drove him higher. The heated length within him stroked and filled him perfectly. "Harder. Deeper," he begged when his mouth was released.

Strong fingers moved down to grasp the young emperor's hips, holding them steady as his thrusts increased in intensity. He lifted his head, gazing into the amber eyes, as he mastered the vision of perfection that was Saihitei. Nakago was losing himself in that beautiful young man. Losing himself in such a way that he might never again be the same. "You... uhn... feel so good..."

"Oh... Nakago... so..." the young emperor couldn't find words to tell the other man how he felt. He was drowning in depthless blue eyes. He was dying from pleasure. He wanted to give everything to the blond soldier. He wrapped a leg around the other man's back, trying to drive him deeper. "Tell me... how it feels..." he gasped out.

The general nibbled the side of Saihitei's neck, "Hot... tight... like heaven..." Nakago was riding closer to completion; feeling it come upon him like a predator in the night. For once, he both welcomed it and cursed it. When this week was done, he and the young emperor would be enemies again. His hands gripped tighter and he moaned, "Tell me... how it feels... for you..."

"Oh... it feels... like fire inside, so good, so full... every time... you fill me... even better," Saihitei tried to be coherent while he felt his own completion approach. "Please don't stop..."

"I won't," Nakago growled harshly as he slammed in even harder and deeper. He was almost there... Almost to that crucial breaking point that would be his undoing. Again, he kissed the emperor, letting his tongue mingle with the beauty's. Without warning, his hand stole to Saihitei's cock and massaged it roughly, "Cry out for me..."

Saihitei knew he was going to die. So much pleasure wasn't possible to survive. The blond's hand on his cock made his whole body spasm, and he lost any control he had left. "Nakago!" he screamed. And he gave himself over to climax, burning white hot from his cock, his whole body clenched, every fiber suffused with ecstasy.

That scream eradicated the last barrier between the general and his own orgasm. Nakago gave two final thrusts into the heaven that was Saihitei and lost his will as his seed erupted from him, stealing his breath and sight. A shout burst from his lips and he held onto the young emperor tightly, not wanting to let go of the moment. Finally, the sensations faded back to become a sweet after glow and his grip loosened enough that he could settle down on the form beneath him. Nakago knew that the young man would need reassuring after something so intensely wonderful, "How... how do you feel?"

Saihitei tried to catch his breath. "That was... beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you for showing me. But..." he looked down, unable to meet the blond's gaze. "I feel empty now."

Those strong arms tightened around the young man again, "Shhh... It will pass." Nakago understood what Saihitei meant. He'd always felt empty, even during the act - until now. For some reason, this time hadn't been like so many previous. The blond general had enjoyed it fully, "Just hold on to me."

The emperor buried his face in Nakago's neck, and he did feel better. He couldn't say that one of the reasons he felt empty was that he was starting to have feelings for the other man, and even he knew that it could never work between them.

Life was unfair.

The End