Title: Education
Pairing: Suboshi/Amiboshi
Warnings: jealousy, almost non-con, incest
Disclaimer: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Notes: Part of Smutfest 3000

* * * * * * * * * *

Suboshi looked at the sun; it was nearly set, and his twin brother hadn't come home yet. He knew where Amiboshi was, of course; their telepathic link was strong lately. His brother was on his way home, but he wasn't hurrying. And Amiboshi was happy.

Suboshi sat and sharpened one of his collection of knives; it usually calmed him but not today. Today was different, mostly because of the fact that Amiboshi was on a date. With a girl. That had never happened before. Suboshi didn't like it.

She was a local village girl, pretty and vapid and Suboshi didn't even care to know her name. Amiboshi seemed smitten with her, though Suboshi wasn't impressed. He'd always been the more practical of the two.

They'd gone for a walk and a picnic in the meadow, and Suboshi sneered at the thought. How... sweet. He'd refused to share Amiboshi's happiness when the girl had accepted, and he was ignoring his brother's thoughts now, except the occasional check to see where they were.

Then something happened to make Suboshi growl and throw the knife he was sharpening across the room.

They'd kissed. Not a big kiss, just a peck, really, but for some reason it enraged Suboshi.

The knife still quivered in the rustic wooden wall, and Suboshi stood by the door. Waiting for his twin, who was even now approaching their door. He'd walked the girl to her door, kissed her and bade her goodnight.

Suboshi knew the instant the door would swing open, and the cheerful face of his brother filled the doorframe.

Amiboshi's smile faltered at the look of rage on Suboshi's face. "What... has something happened, brother?" he asked softly.

"Yes, it has," Suboshi hissed, stalking around his twin and slamming the door behind him. He threw the bolts, then turned to Amiboshi. "What were you thinking?"

"I..." Amiboshi was clearly confused, and Suboshi felt his rage diminish just a bit. He loved his twin, he truly did. "I don't understand," Amiboshi went on, wide eyes just now seeing the knife stuck in the wall and the others scattered on the table.

"You kissed her," Suboshi said accusingly, and his brother's face instantly colored a crimson red.

"She kissed me!" he protested. "I was so surprised I didn't know what to do!"

Suboshi could of course tell that Amiboshi was not lying, and he calmed just a bit more. "But you liked it," he said, not quite a question.

Amiboshi blushed even more, and said, "Well... yes... it was nice."

Suboshi snorted. "Nice?" He knew how innocent his brother was. He himself hadn't had that luxury, as his training at the hands of the masters had been quite different from his brother's. "Kisses are not meant to be *nice*."

Amiboshi looked astonished. "They aren't?" He blinked slowly, unconsciously licking his full lips. "What are they supposed to be, then?"

Suboshi smiled, eyes fixed on his brother's now-glistening lips. He laughed low and soft, and said, "They are supposed to be..." He searched for the best descriptive words, and all but purred them. "Arousing. Sexy. Passionate. Searingly hot." With each word, he advanced a small step toward Amiboshi. "But never just nice."

Amiboshi swallowed visibly, backing up until he was leaning against the door. "How... how do you know, brother?" he asked softly, his voice tremulous.

Suboshi followed, until he was only inches from his twin. He smiled more widely and said, "Do you really want to know?"

Amiboshi stared, wide-eyed, into Suboshi's eyes, identical yet so so different. He didn't answer.

Suboshi raised an eyebrow. "Do you want to know what a real kiss is like, Amiboshi?" He held his breath for the answer. Somewhere along the line his anger had turned into something else. Something darker. Something hotter.

Suboshi expected Amiboshi to say no, but to his surprise, his twin finally nodded. "Yes," he said, his voice soft but sure. As if he knew how his brother intended to show him.

Suboshi let out the breath he'd been holding, and said, "You trust me, don't you, brother?"

Amiboshi nodded silently, eyes fixed to his twin's.

Without another word, Suboshi closed the remaining distance, his heart pounding, and pressed his lips against the identical ones of his brother. He waited for Amiboshi to pull back, to stop him in some way, but he didn't. So he deepened the kiss, pressing harder, and moving so his body touched his twin's. They lined up perfectly, of course.

Suboshi decided not to push any further, and pulled back after a few moments. He watched Amiboshi carefully.

Amiboshi didn't move, except to open his eyes that had been closed. He stared back at his brother, his face flushed even more, and finally he brought one hand up to touch his lips.

The moment lengthened, and Suboshi finally whispered, "How was *that* kiss?" He knew how it had affected him; his pulse was racing and if he touched his brother again, there would be more definite effects.

Amiboshi seemed to think, slowly lowering his hand. His eyes never left his brother's as he said, "Better."

Suboshi smiled. "I can show you more," he whispered, full of promise.

"But..." Amiboshi seemed to think of something. "You're my brother. We shouldn't..."

Suboshi had been expecting that. "We are more than brothers, Amiboshi, we are twins. Closer than anyone else in the world. We're special. We know each other's minds. Why can we not know each other's bodies as well?" This was the critical moment.

Amiboshi's pretty countenance was marred briefly by a frown, then it smoothed again. "Will you kiss me again, brother? So I may consider?"

"Of course," Suboshi answered immediately, and once again pressed his body against his twin's. Now, though, he was letting himself anticipate, and his body was affected. He kept his hips away from Amiboshi's for now, though. His brother's body was scalding against his, their thin cotton shirts doing little to diffuse their body heat. He pressed his lips to Amiboshi's once again, more insistently.

This time, Suboshi was sure he heard a small whimper from his brother, and a hand settled on his shoulder, as if Amiboshi wanted to keep his balance. Deciding the time was right, Suboshi parted his lips and gently ran his tongue along his brother's lips. Asking entrance. At the same time he pressed his hips lightly against his twin's, his burgeoning arousal finding a rapidly rising match.

Amiboshi gasped again, parting his own lips, and Suboshi slid his tongue inside gently. He stroked his tongue along his brother's, and the other boy quickly got the idea. Amiboshi's hand tightened on his brother's shoulder as their tongues danced slowly. At the same time, he began to rock his hips against Amiboshi's, the slight friction making him even more aroused. He didn't have to read his twin's mind to know he was feeling the same thing.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Suboshi pulled back and looked carefully at his brother. "Well, what do you think?"

Amiboshi's eyes were unfocused, and he was nearly panting. "About what?" he finally breathed.

"The kiss," grinned Suboshi, running his tongue over his lips. He'd always known his brother would taste wonderful.

"Oh," Amiboshi said, realization dawning. "I... liked it. A lot."

"So did I," whispered Suboshi. He hadn't stopped rocking his hips against his brother's.

Amiboshi whimpered, letting his head fall back against the door. "Suboshi, I..." his breath hitched. "That feels so good...." He didn't try to rock back, just let his brother do what he wanted.

"It's supposed to," answered Suboshi, still smiling.

"It... it aches," the other boy said, eyes averted slightly. "Is it supposed to ache like that?"

Suboshi nodded. Oh, his brother was delicious. "I can make it stop aching, and make it feel even better, my brother," he suggested.

Amiboshi's eyes snapped back to his twin's and said eagerly, "Yes. Please."

Suboshi could see that his brother's need had quickly supplanted any shyness, but he still needed to move slowly. "You still trust me, right, Amiboshi?"

Amiboshi nodded, and said, "With my life."

"Good," Suboshi whispered, and stepped back, reaching out for his brother's hand. "Come to my bed, then."

Amiboshi whimpered, seemingly mourning the loss of contact, and followed unquestioningly.

Suboshi led his brother to the bed, and pulled off his shirt. "Now you," he urged. "I can make it feel so much better if you take your clothes off." Of course they'd seen each other naked since birth, but never like this. Never aroused.

Amiboshi didn't respond, just pulled his own shirt off, and waited, breathing hard, hands on the laces to his trousers.

Suboshi unlaced his trousers, letting them slide to the floor, and stepped out of them along with his shoes as his brother did the same. He looked over Amiboshi's smooth, lean body, so familiar, and his eyes paused at his twin's arousal. They were identically hard as well. He saw his brother look at him similarly, and then their eyes met.

There was no rejection there. They would share this as well.

Suboshi stepped closer, and took his brother's hand once again. "Lie with me, Amiboshi," he said softly. He got onto the bed, and pulled his twin down with him.

They'd shared a bed many times, but this was different. Suboshi pulled Amiboshi against him, and kissed him again, more deeply. As he swept his tongue into his brother's eagerly parted mouth, he rolled so he was mostly atop him. He slipped a knee between Amiboshi's, and felt his brother's moan as he parted his thighs for him without hesitation.

Suboshi was no expert, but he knew quite a bit. He knew that some things would be far too much for his virginal brother right now, but they had all the time in the world. For now, he would go slowly.

So he pulled out of the kiss, drawing back so he could slide a hand down Amiboshi's body. Amiboshi looked up at him, trustingly, needfully. Suboshi was glad to give his brother this.

Amiboshi whimpered as his brother touched him, and arched up helplessly. "Oh, Suboshi," he moaned. "Want... want..."

"Shh," said Suboshi, knowing exactly what his twin was trying to say. "I'll make it all better." Finally, he wrapped his hand around Amiboshi's hard length, and stroked slowly.

That wrung a strangled scream from Amiboshi, and Suboshi just moved his hand faster. He knew his brother wouldn't last long. "Just enjoy it, my brother," he murmured soothingly, not teasing at all. He smirked as he thought about the poor girl that had brought this all on with her innocent kiss. If she only knew. Perhaps he should thank her.

Amiboshi was writhing on the bed by now. He clung to his brother's shoulders as if to keep from drowning, and gasped his name. He seemed beyond more words than that.

Suboshi stroked faster, evenly and firmly, and he could tell when his twin was close. He slipped downward, and replaced his hand with his mouth, bobbing up and down and preparing himself.

Amiboshi's cries increased in volume, his eyes taking in what his brother was doing just as he began to climax. Amiboshi filled his twin's mouth, gasping helplessly, and Suboshi swallowed easily. It wasn't the first time he'd done this, but never had it tasted so sweet.

Suboshi licked his brother clean, then crawled up the bed to lie beside him. He held the trembling Amiboshi tight, and rocked him until his whimpers subsided.

Amiboshi turned his tear-streaked face up to his brother's. "I'm sorry I upset you, Suboshi," he whispered. "I love you."

"And I shall love you. Forever," replied Suboshi, holing his twin tightly. His own arousal throbbed, but there would be many more times for them, many more nights that they would lie in each other's arms. He could wait.

Many would find their love unnatural, but for Suboshi and Amiboshi, it was just one more thing to share.

The End