Title: Midnight Pleasure
Pairing: Nakago/Tamahome
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Spoilers: first half of the series?
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Tamahome tossed and turned in his bed. He was worried about Miaka and the other seishi; he had volunteered to go as a hostage to Kotou because it was the only thing he could think of to buy them time. They had to locate the last seishi, and he hoped to talk Yui out of her revenge on Miaka. He didn't know how the rest of the Suzaku seishi were doing, but he wasn't succeeding in his task very well.

He was tired, but he was afraid to sleep; lately he had been having the most disturbing dreams. They were disturbing because they were all about Nakago; the blond man doing things to him, with him... The most disturbing part of all was that he always woke up very aroused after those dreams. He liked girls! Not men, and certainly not the tall, blond, muscular... he tried to stop his wandering mind. Worst of all was the fact that when he even thought about the dreams, he would also get hard. Right on cue, his cock hardened at the thought of the powerful seishi. Tamahome whimpered; his body seemed to be out of his control. Maybe Nakago had some sort of mental powers that no one knew about... he grasped at straws rather than admit that he was attracted to a man.

The night was warm; he was dressed only in loose, thin pants and nothing else. His rock hard cock ached to be touched; but Tamahome tried to ignore it, as if to deny its source. Sighing, he got up to gaze out the open window; sleep was out of reach.

He settled on the window seat, looking wistfully at the stars. Though no chains or locks kept him here, he was bound by his promise as surely as if he were tied down. The breeze cooled his skin but not his passion. He looked out into the garden, and with a start he recognized Nakago walking along the path.

The blond seishi stood in a clearing, gazing up at the moon. The breeze picked up, and blew his flowing hair gracefully around his chiseled body. Tamahome's body reacted as he watched; then the powerful man shrugged off his shirt as if to enjoy the breeze. Tamahome nearly gasped out loud; Nakago's body was incredible, chiseled planes tapering down to a slim waist and hips, golden skin seeming to glow in the moonlight. Tamahome's cock strained against his pants; he gave up all pretense of not being attracted to Nakago as he watched the other man with rapt attention.

Tamahome's hand stole to the front of his pants to tease his aching erection as he watched. Nakago stretched, reveling in the fresh breeze. Tamahome watched as lithe muscles flexed under flawless skin; the man was almost obscenely gorgeous, and Tamahome couldn't help but slide his hand inside the loose pants to stroke his hard length. He whimpered with need as Nakago gathered some water from the fountain and rubbed it sensuously over his bare chest.

Then, suddenly, the blond head whipped around, and Nakago stared directly at Tamahome in his second floor window. Tamahome gasped; he was sure he could see a smirk on the beautiful face as he jumped away from the window quickly, pulling his hand out of his pants guiltily. Moments later, his door opened, and there stood the blond seishi, still shirtless and wet. Rivulets of water trickled down the perfect chest, and Tamahome couldn't help but follow their progress.

"Enjoying the view, Tamahome?" Nakago purred, smirking.

Tamahome just glared; he couldn't think of a thing to say. He only stared. Up close, the half naked blond was even sexier; he wondered if one of Nakago's powers was a sexual one.

"You don't have to answer, your body already speaks for you," Nakago continued, staring pointedly at Tamahome's obvious erection. "Very eloquently, I might add."

Tamahome blushed furiously, looking away. When he looked back, Nakago stood directly in front of him, only inches away. Tamahome looked up, into piercing blue eyes, and tried to remember how to breathe. Nakago whispered, "I have to admit I'm surprised. I didn't know you went for men."

"I... I don't," stammered Tamahome unconvincingly. Nakago smirked.

"Oh, really? Then how do you explain this?" and then Nakago's hand was stroking his arousal through the fabric. Tamahome moaned involuntarily at the seishi's touch.


"You like that?" murmured Nakago, squeezing lightly. Tamahome gasped and thrust his hips forward, driving his hard cock into Nakago's hand. "I think that's a yes."

Nakago removed his hand, and Tamahome whimpered in protest. "Greedy," chastised the blond, and he untied the drawstring that held up the other boy's pants, letting the garment fall to the floor.

Tamahome stood naked in front of Nakago; it felt delicious. His arousal was so hard it throbbed; every nerve in his body seemed to tingle with need for the blond man to touch him. "Nakago..."

"Yes, Tamahome? You want something?" Nakago asked in a sultry voice that ran straight up his spine.

Tamahome nodded.

"Well, so do I, pretty Suzaku seishi. I want to fuck the hell out of your sweet body. I want to fuck you so hard you scream with pleasure and beg for more." Nakago moved even closer to Tamahome. "But I never take what I want by force. You have to want it too."

"I do," whispered Tamahome softly.

"What, Tamahome? I couldn't hear you."

"I want it," he repeated in a stronger voice, desire giving him more courage. "I want you. I want you to touch me, to..." he trailed off, unsure.

"What, Tamahome? You want me to fuck your tight little ass? You have to ask for it," Nakago whispered in the boy's ear.

Tamahome whimpered again. Desire for Nakago was stealing all his conscious thought; he was a creature of pure need. "I want... I want you to fuck me, Nakago. Please. Please fuck me Nakago, fuck me hard!" He finished breathlessly, and suddenly his mouth was being taken by the blond man, plundered thoroughly. He surrendered willingly, allowing the blond man's tongue full access to his mouth.

As Nakago kissed him, he pulled Tamahome close, tight against his body. Hot skin and hard muscled chests met, and the taller man pressed his arousal against Tamahome's stomach. The dark-haired boy's own hardness pressed against Nakago's thigh.

Tamahome reached up to put his arms around Nakago's neck, wanting to feel the whole length of the blond's body against him. Nakago ran his hands all over Tamahome, sending thrills all through the boy's body. The older man cupped the boy's firm ass, lifting him up easily so their erections met, burning hardness rubbing together.

Nakago held him like that, pulling their aching erections together, squeezing Tamahome's ass, until both men were moaning. The blond seishi carried Tamahome over to the bed and eased him down, following so that Nakago now kneeled between the smaller boy's legs.

Tamahome moaned; the feeling of the powerful blond on top of him turned him on incredibly, making him feel deliciously vulnerable. He spread his legs apart and pulled on Nakago's shoulders, pulling him closer. He could feel the other man's hands on him. He gasped as he felt one hand travel up his inner thigh. He arched up into the touch.

"You really do want it, don't you," purred Nakago. Tamahome nodded, moaning. "Wait one minute, pretty boy." Then he was gone, and Tamahome felt bereft.

Then Nakago was back, and he was naked; Tamahome couldn't help but stare at the golden god who stood hard and ready before him. Nakago noticed Tamahome's eyes and smirked down at the boy. "You like?" he asked as he ran one hand all over his body, stopping to toy with his huge, rigid cock. Tamahome nodded helplessly, eyes fixed on the smooth body withy its hard planes and upthrust cock. He watched as Nakago smoothed some oil on his arousal. He whimpered as he watched the blond touch himself. Nakago was pure sex.

Finally, Nakago poured more oil into his hand and kneeled once again between Tamahome's legs. The smaller boy spread wide for him, exposing his virgin entrance eagerly.

"Nakago... take me... please..." begged Tamahome wantonly, legs spread wide, cock dripping with his desire.

"Not yet," purred Nakago, pressing against Tamahome's thighs with his own. "I have to prepare you, or it will hurt, my impatient one."

Tamahome whined in protest until he felt the blond's oiled fingers enter him, then he was lost. Each added finger, pushed deeper, heightened the sensation. If the preparation was this good Tamahome thought he surely wouldn't be able to stand the real thing; he would die from pleasure.

Nakago smiled as he watched how thoroughly the younger boy enjoyed his ministrations; he couldn't wait to give him the ultimate pleasure. He craved such responsiveness in his lovers; he would go out of his way to give them pleasure. Cries of need were his nirvana; he craved them, needed to hear his lovers beg and sob then cry out with pleasure as he gave them what they wanted. He would give it to Tamahome tonight, and the boy would never forget him, or their night of passion.

One more finger, and Tamahome was ready. Nakago withdrew his fingers and replaced them at the boy's entrance with his oiled cock. Looking down the length of Tamahome's bronzed body, Nakago locked eyes with the other seishi as he teased the boy with just the tip of his erection, pushing slightly at the ring of muscle, knowing full well what the pressure would do to the already sobbing seishi.

"Are you sure you want this, Tamahome?" Nakago said through clenched teeth. He was not unaffected by Tamahome's beauty and his need.

"Oh, god, yes, please, Nakago, fuck me!" Tamahome nearly screamed.

With a strangled moan, Nakago pushed; and the world narrowed down. All that mattered was Tamahome, and the tight heat of the body that welcomed him and gripped him and drove away all else.

Nakago's cock slid inside him; and Tamahome cried out. In and in and deeper and harder, a feeling he had never imagined yet didn't know how he had lived without invaded him and took control of his mind. Filled and stretched to the limit, Tamahome surrendered his virginity to Nakago, willingly.

Nakago drove into Tamahome; slowly, inexorably, filling him completely, the blond seishi marked the boy as his, forever. He watched Tamahome's face as he seated himself fully; buried to the hilt in the other seishi's tight body he paused to let him adjust.

Tamahome gasped for breath; the feeling of the blond man possessing him was almost too much to bear. The intensity of sensation, pleasure so sharp it almost, but not quite, became pain, overrode his conscious mind. A creature of feeling, of need, of passion, the dark-haired boy just enjoyed, the thick cock inside him making him feel what perfection was.

Nakago felt Tamahome relax; then he started to thrust. Slowly at first, shallow at first, Nakago fucked Tamahome; building up both depth and speed as the boy beneath him began to writhe. Nakago kept a tight rein on his own need; though Tamahome's body felt incredible, gripping him perfectly, he needed to be in control, to make it last for both of them. The ecstasy on the boy's face, the need in his eyes, was what the blond man wanted; only when his lover was satisfied would he allow himself climax.

Nakago drove into the tight body of the other seishi; drove in harder and deeper each time, until he was nearly using his full strength. The Suzaku seishi was stronger even than he looked; Tamahome took every savage thrust and soon was begging for more and harder. Nakago had never had a lover with whom he could use his full strength; but Tamahome was taking it all. Nakago braced himself against the headboard with one hand and reached for the boy's dripping erection.

Tamahome had surrendered to Nakago, and wasn't regretting it at all; in fact, he wasn't thinking at all as his body was taken by the beautiful blond man. Pleasure, friction and need ruled him; his approaching climax was all that mattered. Then Nakago's hand was on him, and he screamed. Tamahome screamed, and climax hit him hard, stealing what was left of his conscious mind and replacing it with pure knife-edge feeling. He arched up off the bed, hot seed pulsing from his cock, still screaming Nakago's name.

Nakago moaned as he watched the boy's release; Tamahome's body constricted around his arousal, gripping it even more tightly than before, impossibly. Even Nakago's will couldn't stand in the face of such aching friction; he climaxed as he thrust deep inside Tamahome once more, shuddering and whispering Tamahome's name as he gripped the headboard so hard it cracked the wood.

They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, riding out the ebbing tide of completion, neither wanting it to end. For when it did end they would be enemies again, lovers no more, fulfillment replaced by emptiness once again.

The End