Title: Reflection of Desire
Pairing: Hotohori/Nuriko
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP, TWT
Spoilers: first half of the series, maybe, not much
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The beautiful emperor sighed as he gazed at himself in the mirror; he unbound his hair and it flowed over his shoulders. As gorgeous as he was, he was lonely. He had finally accepted the fact that Miaka truly loved Tamahome, and that his feelings for her were wishful thinking, a child's fantasy. This left him with a big empty space in his heart, though, and no more justification for his avoidance of other female company. After a great deal of reflection he had had to accept some basic facts about himself. He had thought he was in love with Miaka, but in truth he had never felt any sexual attraction for her, merely a strong protective feeling.

Hotohori felt satisfied with this revelation, but it still left him at loose ends, alone every night. He knew that soon there would be increased pressure for him to produce an heir; but the thought of it invariably produced a wave of nausea. He also knew this was a telling fact, but was having a hard time dealing with what he suspected it meant.

This train of thought brought his mind to someone whose existence, while welcome, had complicated his feelings: Nuriko. He had recognized the beauty of the seishi at first meeting, and respected his strength. That was when he had believed Nuriko to be female, and he thought he was in love with Miaka. Now, Hotohori was bemused to find Nuriko in his thoughts more often, and in disturbing ways. He was being forced to rethink his entire philosophy. Unfortunately, his body was making its needs known, and didn't care about philosophy. Hotohori suspected he was thinking too much.

As he thought of the purple haired seishi, he felt his body react; he found that he thought of Nuriko more and more often, and these thoughts often brought on unexpected arousal. This was a new feeling for him, and he was becoming frustrated with not being able to alleviate it. That wasn't quite true; he knew theoretically about the mechanics of sexual relations, but he had no firsthand knowledge. Literally, as he had never touched himself in that way. He knew he could ask for any of the court ladies, but he knew now that was not where his interest lay. More and more, his interest pointed him toward the beautiful cross-dressing seishi.

Hotohori's arousal grew, and accordingly his thoughts of Nuriko increased. The ache between his legs drove him to distraction, yet he felt reticent about doing something about it. Experimentally, he brushed his hand over the bulge in the front of his robe; he was so surprised by how good it felt that a small moan escaped his lips. That was when he heard the crash outside the door. He immediately grabbed his sword and rushed to the door to investigate.

Nuriko had been walking up and down the halls, unable to sleep as usual. During the day, the fact that he would never have a chance with the man he loved was bad enough, but manageable; but at night, with nothing else to distract him, thoughts of the beautiful emperor plagued him. So he walked; and invariably his steps would bring him to Hotohori's door, hoping for a glimpse. This time, the door had been left slightly ajar; Nuriko slowed his steps, hoping the emperor was on his way out so they could "accidentally" run into each other.

But the door showed no sign of opening; silently, Nuriko approached, worried about Hotohori. He approached the opening, peering through guiltily. He was just in time to see the emperor loosen his hair, and was transfixed as always by the man's beauty. Nuriko knew it was wrong, spying like this, but he couldn't help himself. Just gazing at the longhaired seishi aroused him; Nuriko was thankful for the loose robe he was wearing that disguised this fact. Nuriko told himself that he would linger but a moment, then move on; but he hardly ever had a chance to just watch the emperor, and he couldn't pull himself away from his contemplation of Hotohori's perfection.

Hotohori appeared to be deep in thought; he gazed into the mirror as if searching for something. Nuriko watched, and watched; then the emperor did something completely unexpected: he touched himself. Nuriko was so stunned he lost his balance, swaying against a plant and knocking it over. Then Hotohori came rushing through the door, pushing it open with great force and right into Nuriko. This knocked the smaller man to the floor. Nuriko looked up at the gorgeous emperor, sword drawn and hair flowing, towering over him, as he scrambled back out of the way. Hotohori looked ready to kill; his eyes blazed as he looked around.

Then he looked down and saw Nuriko crouched on the floor, holding the side of his head where the door had hit him. "Nuriko!" he cried out, his expression softening. "What happened? Are you all right?" He sheathed his sword, and held a hand out to the other man.

Nuriko looked up; the door hadn't really hurt him, just knocked him off balance; and the emperor standing over him like this was incredibly arousing. But he said, "Forgive me, Hotohori-sama. I am unforgivably clumsy. I was passing by, and saw your door ajar, and was worried..." he dropped his eyes as he accepted Hotohori's hand, trying to ignore the feel of the soft skin, then realized he had just given himself away.

Fortunately, the emperor was far more concerned by the fact that he had inadvertently injured the other seishi that he didn't realize the implications of Nuriko's statement. "Are you hurt?" the emperor said again, more softly. He gazed at the other man, noticing how large and expressive Nuriko's eyes were.

"No, I'm fine, Hotohori-sama. My head is like a rock," Nuriko answered ruefully. The emperor was even more beautiful close up.

Suddenly both men realized they were still holding hands, and both dropped their hands quickly. Hotohori saw the bruise forming on Nuriko's beautiful face. "Nuriko! You are hurt! Shall I call Mitsukake?" he exclaimed.

Nuriko put a hand up to his temple. "It's nothing, really, Hotohori-sama. No one will ever notice." He laughed self-deprecatingly.

Hotohori looked deep into Nuriko's eyes, and took a deep breath. "It pains me to see anything mar such beauty."

"B-beauty?" Nuriko was stunned.

Hotohori looked around. "Please, come into my rooms. I may have something to alleviate the swelling." He held out his hand.

Nuriko stared at Hotohori, still confused. Had Hotohori called him beautiful? He reached out and tentatively took the emperor's offered hand, heart racing and cock stiffening. He allowed the other man to lead him into the sumptuous quarters.

"Please, sit down," Hotohori indicated the chair before the mirror. Then he brought a cool cloth and stood behind Nuriko, pressing it gently to the other man's temple. Nuriko closed his eyes. "I'm sorry, Nuriko, does it hurt?"

"No, Hotohori-sama, it's fine," Nuriko said, trying to control his body's reaction to having the beautiful man so close behind him.

"Please, Nuriko, just call me Hotohori, when we're alone," the emperor said, mesmerized by the scent of the pretty seishi. Nuriko smelled like cinnamon and jasmine. He felt his arousal return, harder than ever.

Nuriko could barely concentrate; his cock throbbed, wanting attention. He managed to say, "I'll try, Hotohori." The throbbing in his head abated, though, and Nuriko unthinkingly leaned his head back against Hotohori, sighing.

Hotohori tried not to moan as the longhaired seishi leaned against his stomach, so close to his sensitive arousal. This set off all sorts of thoughts about Nuriko's mouth and what it could do to him. He stared at Nuriko in the mirror. The two most beautiful men in all the land looked incredible together, Hotohori thought, and the emperor wanted to see more. Images filled his mind; images of their two bodies pressed together, entwined, and he was watching in the mirror.

"Hotohori? Are you all right?" Nuriko asked nervously. The beautiful emperor looked flushed.

Hotohori nearly moaned, the images in his mind were so intense. Impulsively, he drew Nuriko to his feet, kicking the chair away, and pulled the other seishi close. He pressed his whole body, his whole being, against the other man, and was startled to feel hardness digging into his thigh. His eyes wide, he looked down at Nuriko, and whispered with his last ounce of self-control, "Tell me to stop."

Nuriko looked up at Hotohori, stunned by the man's actions as well as the undeniable proof of his desire pressing into him. It couldn't be happening, couldn't be... not to him, not to Nuriko. Hotohori loved Miaka, everyone knew that. But Nuriko loved Hotohori enough that he didn't care right now, and would rather have died than say no to the beautiful man. Instead, he rose up on the tips of his toes and did the unthinkable; he kissed the emperor.

Nuriko's lips felt like silk, and his mouth tasted like honey; Hotohori kissed back, opening his mouth and entwining tongues with the other man. They kissed for what seemed to be an eternity, until they were both gasping for air. They broke apart, panting, and gazed at each other from inches away.

"Forgive me, Hotohori," whispered Nuriko, eyes wide.

"Whatever for?" Hotohori answered, holding him tight. And this time he kissed Nuriko. The smaller seishi moaned and melted in Hotohori's arms, raising his arms to go around the emperor's neck. They fit together perfectly, their bodies lining up and molding together. Erections strained against silken cloth, aching to be touched.

As the kiss finished, Hotohori opened his eyes to catch sight of the image in the mirror. The sight was breathtaking; long hair intermingled, beautiful faces flushed, eyes filled with desire; Hotohori knew what he wanted.

Gently, he turned Nuriko around, so his back was to Hotohori and he faced the mirror. Nuriko gasped at the sight of Hotohori behind him; he looked even more delicate next to the powerful emperor.

Hotohori stood behind the smaller seishi, and wrapped his hands around him from behind, looking over Nuriko's shoulder. "You are so beautiful, Nuriko," he said, running his hands over the other man. "I want to see all of you." And his hands found the fastenings of Nuriko's clothing; he looked searchingly at the smaller man, asking for permission.

Nuriko was incredibly aroused at Hotohori's actions, but frightened; would seeing the undeniable proof of his maleness frighten the emperor? But he wasn't about to say no; putting his hands over Hotohori's, he helped unfasten the clothes. Soon all were gone, dropped carelessly on the floor, and Nuriko stood in all his rock hard, male glory in front of the mirror and the man he desired.

Hotohori watched as Nuriko's body was revealed to him bit by bit; he found himself waiting anxiously for the final moment, when all was revealed. Nuriko's beauty made him ache; the smooth porcelain skin, the lithe body he knew contained incredible strength, the long hair trailing over a bare shoulder... The last clothing dropped to the floor, and Hotohori gazed at last upon Nuriko, unadorned. More beautiful than he could have imagined, Nuriko's body was perfect. Any doubts were dispelled as the sight of the other man's stiff arousal made his own throb. Words wouldn't come; so Hotohori showed how he felt about the other seishi.

Pressing his arousal against Nuriko's back, he kissed the delicate neck as his hands moved. He touched the smooth skin almost reverently, until Nuriko's moans of approval made him more aggressive. Down the planes of Nuriko's smooth chest roamed Hotohori's hands; as they brushed over the other man's erect nipples, Nuriko gasped and arched his back. Lower and lower the emperor's hands strayed, exploring.

Nuriko held hid breath as Hotohori's hand reached for his dripping erection. He wanted the emperor to touch him so much, it was painful. All the months of wanting, fantasizing, were finally over; he was finally in Hotohori's arms. Then the bigger man's hand wrapped around him, and Nuriko stopped thinking.

Hotohori squeezed Nuriko's length gently, experimentally; it felt like silk over steel, softer than velvet. He stroked slowly; Nuriko leaned against him, mouth open. Hotohori looked in the mirror, and watched as he pumped Nuriko's cock; the sight was incredibly erotic. "Look," he whispered to Nuriko, "Look what I'm doing to you."

Nuriko raised his eyes to look in the mirror; he moaned as he felt, and watched, Hotohori stroke him. The emperor stroked faster, gaining confidence, gratified by the reaction he was causing in the smaller man, and intoxicated by the sight of what he was doing. He watched Nuriko's face twist in passion, and wanted to see it again and again.

"Hotohori..." gasped Nuriko, eyes fixed on the mirror.

Hotohori felt Nuriko's knees weaken, and wrapped his arm around the smaller seishi's chest to support him. He never took his eyes off the mirror, mesmerized by the sight of the two beautiful men entwined.

Nuriko lifted his eyes to meet the emperor's in the mirror, then he arched against him. "I... I..." then he climaxed, waves of nirvana taking over his body; pumping his passion all over himself and Hotohori's hand.

Hotohori watched, fascinated, and his cock throbbed insistently, as he drove Nuriko to completion. The pleasure the smaller man was experiencing looked exquisite, and he ached to make him feel it again and again.

Climax left Nuriko weak, and he collapsed against Hotohori, leaning on him heavily. Hotohori pulled him close, bringing his hand to his mouth.

Nuriko moaned softly as he watched the emperor taste his seed. Hotohori licked his lips and whispered, "You taste wonderful, Nuriko."

Nuriko smiled and slid his hand behind him, stroking the emperor's hardness through the fabric. "You feel wonderful, Hotohori."

The emperor moaned, arousal aching for release. Nuriko turned in his arms and set to work on the other man's clothes. Soon, the last garment fell away, and Hotohori's beauty was fully revealed.

Nuriko's breath caught; as long as he had wanted the emperor, he had never dreamed this far; the man was beyond beautiful, perfection incarnate. Perfectly proportioned, toned muscles slid underneath flawless skin; flowing hair cascaded over broad shoulders down to a narrow waist. Lower still, Hotohori was even more beautiful; glistening arousal framed by powerful legs; Nuriko hardened again just from gazing at Hotohori.

Then the vision moved, crushing Nuriko to him, holding him tight. Naked skin, burning hot, pressed together, and Hotohori claimed the smaller man's mouth. Hands moved everywhere, and both young men needed more.

"Hotohori," breathed Nuriko when the kiss ended. "I want you inside me. Please?"

Hotohori replied, "I want that so much, Nuriko. Are you sure?" The smaller seishi nodded, and took a bottle of oil from the table. Hotohori retrieved the chair, placing it in front of the mirror. Nuriko indicated Hotohori should sit, then he kneeled in front of the emperor, pouring some of the oil in his hand.

Hotohori moaned as Nuriko applied the oil to his erection, coating it liberally. Then Nuriko turned around so they were both facing the mirror and straddled Hotohori's lap. Nuriko lowered himself slowly, positioning the emperor's length carefully.

Hotohori gasped as he felt his rock hard cock enter the other man. Nuriko slid down, whimpering softly, and enveloped the emperor within his body. Hotohori stared into the mirror, transfixed, at the scene. His arousal disappeared into the smaller seishi, and he was drowning in new feelings.

Finally Hotohori was fully seated inside Nuriko; both beautiful men gazed at the mirror. The smaller man's legs were spread wide, draped over Hotohori's legs, and both could clearly see their joining. Hotohori brought his arms up to Nuriko's chest and ran his hands possessively all over the smooth skin. Nuriko's body arched when Hotohori brushed his nipples. Nuriko's erection stood up against his stomach, trembling and glistening. Long hair entwined, the two gorgeous seishi began to move.

Nuriko raised and lowered himself slowly, then Hotohori got the idea. He held Nuriko's hips and easily lifted the lithe seishi up and down, his lubricated arousal sliding smoothly in and out of Nuriko's tight body. The sensations were incredible. Nuriko's body gripped his cock, exquisite friction set his nerves on fire, and heat spread through his whole body. Hotohori moaned and moved Nuriko faster, thrusting his hips in counterpoint.

Nuriko gave up on trying to move, and just gripped the emperor's arms and enjoyed the ride. Hotohori filled him perfectly, his hot length possessing him and driving deeper inside him with every thrust. He couldn't help but moan Hotohori's name; between the incredible penetration and watching the scene in the mirror he knew neither man could hold back much longer. Watching Hotohori's face in the mirror, Nuriko marveled at the emperor's beauty, especially in passion; he brought his hand up to stroke his own cock.

Hotohori growled as he watched the ethereal seishi pump his own arousal; Nuriko had never looked more perfect as his beautiful features reflected the ecstasy he felt.

"N... Nuriko," gasped Hotohori, "Let me see you see you... come for me."

Hotohori continued to drive into Nuriko, and the purple-haired seishi cried out, "Hotohori!" Then his body contracted around the emperor's cock, and he was releasing his passion, wave after wave of euphoria washing over him as he was stroked inside and out. Nuriko's creamy seed spilled over him, dripping down onto Hotohori's legs.

The unbelievable tightness of Nuriko's body, the sight of his release, and the beauty screaming his name took Hotohori over the edge as well. He thrust one last time, then his whole body stiffened; arching his back, he cried out, filling the other man with his pent-up desire, throbbing again and again. Indescribable pleasure flooded him; time stood still and the world no longer existed.

The two men slumped, sated, and nearly unconscious in the chair, Hotohori still inside Nuriko. Finally, they stirred, their eyes meeting in the mirror almost shyly. Then Hotohori smiled, and wrapped his arms around Nuriko from behind, holding him tightly. Nuriko smiled back, and suddenly neither felt alone any more.

The End