Title: Twincest is Best
Pairing: Suboshi/Amiboshi
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, incest, PWP
Spoilers: first half of series, the twin's past?
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

They had always had each other. Even before the war had taken their parents, they had been inseparable. Closer even than normal twins, they had an inexplicable link. They knew when the other was hurt or upset. And they had never had any friends; who needed someone else when you had the other part of your soul?

They lived together, played together, trained together. They were living at a small school where they were learning martial arts. Amiboshi was frustrated; he wasn't as good at fighting as his younger twin, and wanted Suboshi to teach him to be better. They had a free afternoon, and had gone to the meadow by the lake to train.

Suboshi was trying to explain a throw to his brother; the afternoon was hot, and Amiboshi decided to take off his shirt to cool himself. Suboshi found himself staring at Amiboshi's smooth chest, realizing how much they had both grown in the last few months. He could clearly see the outline of muscles under the flawless skin as they flexed and stretched. He was fascinated, and the sight of his brother's chest was stirring an unfamiliar feeling inside him. He frowned, and decided to strip off his own shirt; he was so hot all of a sudden.

Amiboshi raised his head, picking up on his twin's feelings. But for once he was having trouble identifying the feelings he sensed. They made him feel funny; and suddenly he was watching intently as his brother took off his own shirt. He felt a tightening in his lower stomach, and found himself wondering if Suboshi was feeling it too. He dragged his eyes up, away from their focus on Suboshi's taut abdomen, and found his twin staring at him oddly.

They stood like that for a moment, then Suboshi broke the silence, saying, "You wanna try?"

Amiboshi stammered, "Try what?"

Suboshi smirked. "The throw I was just trying to teach you!"

"Oh, that, right!" Amiboshi answered, flustered. What had just happened?

Amiboshi approached his twin, trying to remember the sequence he had just been learning.

"You can do it, Amiboshi, come on, try," Suboshi encouraged. "But I won't be easy on you!"

They circled each other. Amiboshi looked for an opening. Finally he lunged, trying to get inside his brother's guard. Suboshi blocked him easily, and twisted him around into an armlock, twisting the other boy's arm up behind him, but not hard enough to be painful. "You're not concentrating," Suboshi chided.

Amiboshi struggled, trying to free himself from the hold like he had been taught. His twin was right, he wasn't concentrating, he kept thinking about how Suboshi's body felt against his, all lean and hard muscle...

Suboshi held his brother easily, but his own mind was straying, distracted by the feeling of Amiboshi's backside against him, wiggling and brushing against the front of his pants as he tried to free himself... he felt his cock start to get hard, and was so surprised that he loosened his grip, allowing Amiboshi to escape.

The older twin spun away, happy to finally get free, and turned to face his brother again. Suboshi stood there, breathing hard with an odd look on his face. Amiboshi could feel an echo of what his brother was feeling, but it was unfamiliar and confused him. He felt that tightening again, stronger this time, and felt an inexplicable urge to touch Suboshi...He decided to take advantage of his brother's apparent distraction and try again to throw him. He launched himself at Suboshi, and actually managed to get close. He got his hands in the right position, and was readying himself to send his brother flying when Suboshi finally reacted, twisting in his grip. They struggled briefly for a moment, each trying to get the upper hand. Their bodies kept brushing against the other.

Suboshi couldn't concentrate; only his reflexes had kept Amiboshi from throwing him easily. He was getting more aroused by the second; each time his brother's body brushed against his, it was like an electric shock The harder he got, the more he wanted to press himself against Amiboshi, and the less he was paying attention to what was going on.

Amiboshi was trying his best, but he kept having strange feelings, and he could no longer tell if they were coming from his brother or if they were his own. He felt pressure, then blushed immediately as he realized that his cock was hard!

He had no more time to think about it, though, as suddenly Suboshi shook off his distraction and took control, and Amiboshi knew he had lost. They ended up on the ground, Suboshi pinning Amiboshi to the ground, legs straddling the other's hips, Suboshi pinning Amiboshi's arms above his head. They were pressed together from thighs to chest, and their faces were inches apart.

Amiboshi struggled automatically, and both boys gasped at the amazing feelings this produced. Arousal rubbed against arousal, and the friction made them both harder. Suboshi instinctively rocked his hips against Amiboshi's, finding the way it felt best. There was no sound except for the two boys' panting, as they rocked together, Amiboshi rocking his hips up to meet his twin's. The two boys lost themselves in the pleasure, not thinking at all, thrusting harder, smooth sweaty skin pressed desperately together.

"S-S-Suboshi!" Amiboshi finally gasped, realizing what they were doing.

Suboshi focused his eyes on his twin, and said, "What?"

"We... shouldn't... be doing this!" Amiboshi said with effort.

"What are we doing? And why shouldn't we?" Suboshi demanded, slowing his pace but not stopping completely; it felt too good.

"I... I don't know what we're doing," confessed Amiboshi, flushed. "But it's wrong!"

"How can you know it's wrong if you don't even know what we're doing?" Suboshi smirked, leaning even closer to his twin.

Amiboshi stared up at Suboshi, at a loss for words. Suboshi's face was beautiful and flushed, and his mouth hung open sensuously. Amiboshi couldn't stand it. He lifted his head and pressed his mouth to his brother's and kissed him hard.

Stunned for a moment, Suboshi quickly recovered and kissed back, plunging his tongue into Amiboshi's open mouth. He started thrusting faster, and soon both boys broke the kiss, gasping for air.

Suboshi released his twin's arms so he could run his hands over Amiboshi's bare skin.

"Suboshi..." moaned Amiboshi. "Feels good..."

"Mmm, yes it does. Anything that feels this good can't be wrong," said Suboshi as he gently bit his twin's neck. Then he moaned as he felt Amiboshi's hands exploring his bare back.

Suboshi rolled to the side so he was no longer on top of his twin. Amiboshi protested, but the whine turned into a moan as his brother ran his hand over his chest and stomach, brushing against hard nipples teasingly. Then the hand dipped lower, brushing over the bulge in his pants.

Suboshi supported himself on one elbow as looked at Amiboshi as he teased him. "Does that feel good?"

"Oh yes, Suboshi, please touch me," begged Amiboshi.

"Are you sure?" Suboshi teased, ghosting his fingers over the stretched material.

"Yes, please, yes! I want you to..." the older twin begged.

"You're so beautiful, Amiboshi," Suboshi murmured as he slowly untied the drawstring of the pants. The other boy whimpered. "I want to make you feel good."

Suboshi got the pants untied and slowly reached in. He knew his twin was wearing nothing underneath. He wrapped his fingers around the waiting hardness, already wet with need.

Amiboshi arched up as he felt his brother's hand on his aching cock. It was so wrong, but it felt so right...He couldn't help himself any more; he thrust up into Suboshi's waiting hand.

Suboshi got up on his knees so he could stroke Amiboshi more easily. He kneeled next to his twin and slowly pumped his erection up and down, matching the rhythm of the thrusting hips. With his free hand he untied his own pants, letting his neglected arousal spring free. Amiboshi watched as Suboshi stroked himself and his brother, moaning loudly.

Suboshi matched his rhythms, so he was pumping his own cock and his brother's at exactly the same rate. He moaned himself, thrusting his own hips as they both climbed higher.

Amiboshi couldn't stand it. "Please, Suboshi, let me..." he reached up and wrapped his own hand around Suboshi's arousal firmly and stroked.

"Oh, that feels so good, Amiboshi," his twin gasped, pumping his brother faster.

They pumped each other faster, both inexperienced but learning fast. They pumped, and thrust into each other's hands, and their heightened feelings fed off one another, driving each other higher. Neither really knew which feelings were whose, and neither one cared. All that mattered was this incredible sensation and their approaching completion.

They each screamed their brother's name; then they were both climaxing, pumping their first seed all over each other; sweet ecstasy went on and on, their first pleasure shared with the person closest to them.

The passion subsided; they looked searchingly at each other too see if they had made a mistake. But they met each other's eyes with only love and understanding, and both knew it wasn't wrong.

"Suboshi?" Amiboshi's voice was husky. "Let's go in the lake...I'm so hot... and sticky..."

Suboshi grinned, hugging his brother tight before jumping up and stripping off his pants. "Great idea!" Amiboshi quickly followed, and soon the two were wading naked into the lukewarm lake, trying to splash each other.

They laughed and played, but soon their young bodies decided they were ready for more. Gazing at one another, suddenly they were kissing, hands roaming and cocks rising fast.

"Suboshi," gasped Amiboshi as they paused for air. "I want more..."

"Are you sure?" asked the younger twin. "I think I know what to do..."

"Do it," the older twin moaned. "I want you."

Suboshi took his brother's hand and led him deeper into the water, until they were almost chest deep. He kissed Amiboshi deeply, and as he did he slipped his hand down, between their bodies, and between Amiboshi's legs.

The older twin gasped as he felt Suboshi's finger probe gently at his opening. He spread his legs automatically, and the finger slipped deeper. Amiboshi moaned at the intrusion; it was so new, but it felt so good. Then Suboshi slipped in another finger, and his brother was moaning helplessly and asking for more. Another finger, and Amiboshi was clinging to Suboshi, almost sobbing, and Suboshi's arousal was painfully hard.

Suboshi removed his fingers and lifted his brother easily; the water supported most of his weight. Amiboshi grabbed Suboshi's shoulders as his brother positioned him. Amiboshi moaned as he felt the hot arousal nudge at him; then he nearly screamed as the hardness invaded him.

Suboshi held his brother tightly as he lowered him onto his cock. He bit his lip to keep from driving in fast and hurting Amiboshi. It felt so tight, so hot, so good; Amiboshi's body enveloped him, driving him slowly insane.

Amiboshi was lost; the sweet heat sliding inside him was almost too good to bear. He needed more and he needed it now; impatiently he tried to make Suboshi hurry. But his brother kept a slow and steady pace, driving deep inside.

Finally, they were completely joined; the two boys as one filled with absolute pleasure. Suboshi waited for Amiboshi to relax; finally he decided they were both ready and began to move.

Suboshi wasn't sure what to do, so he started thrusting shallowly at first. It felt so good he almost couldn't hold back from thrusting even harder and deeper. Moaning, he slowly raised his brother a few inches then lowered him again.

Amiboshi gasped; the feeling of his twin deep inside him was nearly too much to bear. Suboshi's length filled him perfectly, and with every stroke brushed against something wonderful inside him. The water lubricated their joining and Suboshi sped up.

Soon Amiboshi was just hanging onto Suboshi's shoulders desperately as his brother rammed his cock deep into his willing body. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, Suboshi fucked Amiboshi. The older boy was screaming his twin's name and nearly sobbing with pleasure. "More, harder, oh god Suboshi it feels so good..."

Suboshi gave his twin what he wanted, thrusting into him again and again; then he moved one hand between them and took Amiboshi's cock in his hand. Amiboshi screamed louder and clutched at his twin hard enough to bruise; but Suboshi only fucked his brother harder, driving them both to climax.

Amiboshi cried out his pleasure; filled and stroked, he came hard, pumping his passion into the water and screaming his twin's name. His body tensed as he climaxed, gripping his brother's cock even more tightly.

Suboshi felt his brother's completion; as much as he wanted to feel the pleasure forever, he couldn't hold back his own climax. His brother's tight body caressed him, and he succumbed, filling Amiboshi with his need, screaming out, "I love you!"

The two boys clung to each other, breathing hard. As their young hearts calmed, Suboshi kissed his brother tenderly, holding him tight. After a few moments, he carried his twin to shore, putting him down carefully. They held each other, drying quickly in the warm sun, happy to have shared their first intimacy with their closest friend.

The End