Title: Afternoon Delight
Authors: *kelley* and Jade
Series: Gravitation
Pairing: Shuichi/Hiro, Tohma/Yuki
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
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* * * * * * * * * *

Hiro giggled, leaning on Shuichi. Maybe he shouldn't have had that last beer.... but the day was warm and the beer was cold, and it had tasted so good! Now they were just a little late for rehearsal, but it was no big deal. They still had all afternoon. He got the door open finally, and they tried to keep their voices down as they navigated through the corridors. Everything was extremely funny, though, and they were still giggling as they entered the small auditorium they were to practice in.

Holding his hand over his mouth, Shuichi tried to stifle the giggles that kept spilling out. He had no idea what he was laughing at, but Hiro kept giggling too, and he couldn't seem to stop. He was sure they were making quite a scene, but everything was so wonderfully blurred and dreamy that he didn't really care. Until their third bandmate, who had been waiting for them, turned an angry gaze their way, his mouth set in a petulant line. The sight only sent Shuichi into another fit of giggles, and he broke away from Hiro and bounded over to Suguru, half tackling the boy as he attempted to hug him. "Suuuuuuguru! Are you ready to practice?"

Hiro burst out laughing at Shuichi's actions, and then again at the disgusted look on Suguru's face. "He's all grumpy, Shuichi," Hiro pointed out, slurring his words just slightly. "We should have brought him a beer! Oh, no, he's too young to drink," he giggled, picking up his guitar and tuning it. Drunk as he was, his hands knew just what they were doing with a guitar.

With a frustrated roll of his eyes, Suguru untangled himself from Shuichi, and backed a safe distance away. He was completely annoyed with the both of them. How dare they go out and get drunk when they needed to rehearse! He wondered if he was the only one who ever took their careers seriously. Suguru let out a little huff, and crossed his arms over his chest. "It's pointless to try and hold a practice when you two are drunk. It's a waste of time." He gathered up his things and headed for the door. "Let me know when you get serious about rehearsing." He left the auditorium, slamming the door closed behind him.

Hiro watched the boy go, then looked over at Shuichi. He rushed over to Shuichi and hugged him tight, collapsing into giggles once again. "You're drunk!" he crowed, trying to sound accusing but failing. "We don't need him anyway," he added, leaning on his friend.

"I'm not drunk!" Shuichi denied, as he stuck his tongue out in the direction Suguru had departed. "But you're right, we can do this on our own!" He hugged his best friend tight, always glad for his support. Both mentally and physically, at this moment.

Hiro giggled for a moment before he realized he was still clutching Shuichi tight against him, and with a blush he released him. His friend looked adorable as usual today, with his usual short shorts and cropped top, and he really shouldn't be thinking of him that way... Hiro grabbed a guitar and used it to hide the fact that Shuichi was arousing him. "Let's play!" he exclaimed, hoping that the singer hadn't noticed.

With a determined nod Shuichi stepped up to the microphone. He looked over to Hiro, about to cue him to start, but his eyes locked on the other boy's hands as they held the guitar. He had never noticed before, but Hiro had the most amazing hands. His long, elegant fingers moved over the instrument in a way that brought heat to Shuichi's already flushed cheeks. "What should we start with?" He asked, his voice a little huskier than he intended.

Hiro just stared at Shuichi for a long moment, blank. Why did he have to be so damn pretty? Prettier than any girl, Hiro had always thought so, but much less trouble than a girl. More fun to be with. Too bad he hadn't known that Shuichi liked boys until it was too late. Now he was with Yuki. "Uhhh... How about 'Rage Beat'?" He played the guitar intro.

"Perfect." Shuichi finally tore his eyes away and grabbed the microphone with one hand, singing out the lyrics with passion and force. He always lost himself in the music, and now was no exception. He pulled the mic away and started moving across the stage, dancing with the beat, and shaking his barely clad ass.

It was a really good thing that Hiro knew his part by heart, because he just couldn't stop watching Shuichi. Whether it was the beer or just the fact that he hadn't gotten laid in, well, forever, his friend was looking really good. Better than good. He watched the singer wiggle around and got even more aroused. When the song finished, Hiro's mouth was dry but then he had a thought. "You've been watching Gackt videos again! You move like him!"

Shuichi laughed, and put the microphone back, running a hand through his hair. "I have," he admitted guiltily. "I can't help it! He has such an amazing stage presence!" Amazing wasn't really the word for it, more like erotic, but for some reason Shuichi couldn't quite say that to Hiro. He stole a peek at his friend, his eyes roaming over the cascade of rich, red hair that fell down Hiro's back, with a few strands hanging over his eyes. He wished he could have hair that long, or just run his hands through Hiro's, it looked so soft... "Hey!" He had to break that train of thought. "Let's do one of his songs!"

Laughing, Hiro thought about it. Gackt definitely had stage presence, and was a very sexy man, but he had nothing on Shuichi. In his opinion. "I bet I know which song you want to do," he said in a teasing voice.

Unnoticed by the pair on stage, Yuki slipped quietly into the auditorium from backstage and stood to the side, just out of view. He'd had yet another interview about his novels, and once he'd finished he decided to stop by the studio and see what Shuichi was doing. Only, he wasn't sure he wanted his lover to be aware that he'd been there. He couldn't help the smile that tugged up the edge of his lips as he watched the boy bounce around the stage.

Planting his hands on his hips, Shuichi tilted his head and winked saucily at Hiro. "Vanilla, of course! Are you up to it?" He wiggled his pink eyebrows in challenge.

Hiro giggled. This was much more fun than they usually had. "I'm always up for it!" he sniggered, knowing his friend was going to pick that song. He'd walked in many a time to see Shuichi's eyes glued to the television, watching Gackt play with his bandmates. He just wondered if Shuichi was going to act out the video as well. He strummed the opening chords, grinning at the singer.

Shuichi grabbed the mic and started purring out the lyrics, his usually energetic persona mixing with Gackt's eroticism, the combination of which was very sensual. He wrapped his fingers loosely around the microphone stand and started sliding his hand up and down, his slender hips thrusting forward.

Hiro's eyes threatened to fall out of his head, and he was hard pressed to keep playing the right chords as Shuichi sang. He knew the singer was sexy, but who knew he could move like that? His eyes were drawn to Shuichi's slim hips as they thrust in a parody of sex. The singer seemed to be acting out the video, as far as Hiro remembered it. He blushed suddenly as he remembered the rest of it.

Freeing the microphone from the stand, Shuichi sauntered over to his guitar player and circled around him like a predator, eyes roaming all over Hiro's body. Shuichi leaned in and started singing softly, almost like a whisper just meant for Hiro to hear. Even though the words were loud enough to fill the small auditorium, they felt very intimate somehow. He moved behind the redhead, and snaked an arm around him, his nimble fingers dancing up the boy's chest. He wondered how far he could take the reenactment of the video, the liquor in his system spurring him on.

Hiro moaned too softly to be heard, but his body spoke for him. He hardened fully, just from the proximity of Shuichi and the way he was acting. Gackt had nothing on Shuichi right now, and just like in the video, Hiro slid to his knees in front of the singer, his back to him. He continued to play, though.

Disbelief. Yuki's vocabulary was extensive, but that was the only word he could come up with. He'd been forced to watch the Gackt video in what seemed like an endless loop, but that could never have prepared him for the sight of his lover acting out the sexually charged motions. He'd seen many sides of Shuichi, but never one this powerful, this wanton. He wanted to storm onto the stage and yank the boy away, but his feet seemed rooted to their spot. There was something darkly thrilling about watching his lover entice another.

Unnoticed by any of the men, a diminutive blond figure slipped into the auditorium. Tohma leaned against the wall, taking in the scene before him with delight. The two boys on the stage were adorable, but what interested him most was their audience. His brother-in-law lurked backstage, looking like he'd swallowed his cigarette, eyes wide and face red, not looking away from the stage. Interesting.

Shuichi ran his free hand over Hiro's hair, closing his eyes and stumbling over the words a bit as he found the strands as silky as he had imagined. He leaned over, wanting to feel more of his friend. In the video the guitarist had been wearing a zippered shirt, but Hiro's had buttons. Shuichi had to press up against him as he fingered the buttons open and bared Hiro's chest. His body grew warm and aroused as his hand ran down Hiro's chest, the lyrics he was singing coming out deep and lusty.

Hiro couldn't stifle his moan this time as he leaned back, allowing Shuichi to do what he would, looking up at the pink-haired singer. He locked eyes with his friend as he felt the unmistakable arousal behind him. His own cock was just as hard, but unseen behind the guitar. God, Shuichi was hard for him, or for what they were doing, or both, and Hiro didn't care which. This was incredibly erotic. He kept to the script, turning and staying on his knees in front of the singer, facing him this time, and now Hiro could clearly see the bulge in Shuichi's shorts.

Reaching out, Shuichi buried his hands in Hiro's hair, and pulled his head closer, taking care not to tug too hard. His singing was choppy as he couldn't breathe properly; he was reduced to panting. He was shocked that Hiro was allowing this to go so far, and he knew his friend could easily see his erection outlined by his tight shorts. But, as there were no complaints from his bandmate, Shuichi wasn't about to stop. He thrust his hips forward as he pulled Hiro closer, mimicking the movements of a cock being thrust into the redhead's mouth. The very thought caused him to moan, the sound reverberating through the auditorium.

Hiro looked up at Shuichi, not sure what he should do. It wasn't as if he really was going to suck his friend's cock, they were just doing what Gackt and his bandmates did in the video, but it was much more sexually charged than the video seemed. Because they really were aroused. He opened his mouth and looked at Shuichi's arousal, then up at his face, and he licked his lips sensually.

Hiro was going to suck Shuichi's cock! That redheaded tart! Yuki silently fumed backstage, having known all along that Hiro had an eye for Shuichi. He was definitely going to put a stop to this. Definitely. In a minute. He couldn't really stomp onto the stage like a rabid lover, that wasn't his style. Plus, the pair might question why his cock was so hard it was straining the front his pants.

Tohma watched Yuki, glancing occasionally at the gyrating boys on the stage. He moved so he could get a better view of Yuki, and almost giggled when he saw just why his brother-in-law was so absorbed. He was hard as a proverbial rock, that was obvious even from here. Yuki was a voyeur! Perfect. He moved, slipping backstage, and no one noticed him.

The sight of Hiro's wet tongue tracing along his lush mouth almost made Shuichi climax on the spot. He'd known his best friend was very good looking, but when had become the very picture of a sexual fantasy? This whole scenario was getting out of control, and Shuichi was torn as to whether or not he should stop it. His head said yes, but other parts screamed no. He pulled away, relinquishing his hold on the thick red tresses, and moved across the stage, singing and writhing with the music. He just needed a moment to compose himself.

Hiro watched Shuichi dance away, almost panting with lust. He'd been envious of Yuki ever since Shuichi had fallen in love with him, and now he knew just what the older man was lucky enough to have every night. The bastard. He wondered if Shuichi was going to act out the rest of the video. He hoped so. He stayed on his knees, fingers working the guitar almost on their own.

Shuichi paused in his dance movements and spun around, eyes locking on Hiro's still-kneeling form. He moved back to him, hips swaying lithely as he sang just to him. He stood in front of him for a long moment, both of them knowing what happened next in the video. Shuichi looked for any sign of hesitation in his friend, and when he saw none he dropped to his knees across Hiro's lap. One hand still held the mic, and the other pushed gently on Hiro's chest, forcing the boy to bend back.

Whimpering, Hiro let himself be pushed back, still playing, but this time he moved the guitar so his friend could clearly see, and feel, what this was doing to him. He wasn't sure where this was going; after all, they were essentially in public. But he didn't want it to stop.

A delighted gleam lit up Shuichi's eyes as he spotted his friend's erection. It had been hidden behind the guitar, and he hadn't been able to tell just how much the other boy had been enjoying the performance. It was obvious he liked it VERY much. A wicked smirk pulled at Shuichi's lips, and he started rubbing their cocks together through the scant layers of clothing. He could hardly keep up the pretense of singing; the words were slurring and he was forgetting half of them.

Tohma came up silently behind Yuki, and without warning draped himself over his brother-in-law's back. He slung one arm around him, over his chest, and peeked over Yuki's shoulder. "Enjoying the show, I see," he said in a low, breathy voice. He looked down at Yuki's crotch so it was more than obvious what he meant. "Need some help with that?" he whispered in the man's ear, licking at it. He'd always wanted Yuki, ever since they'd met through his sister, but he'd never really had a chance like this.

Yuki's breath caught and his heart stopped, before it began pounding with a rush of excitement. He couldn't believe he'd been so engrossed in the show that he hadn't heard his brother-in-law approaching. "T-tohma," he gasped, his cock growing harder still as the blond man's tongue skated across his ear. "W-what..?"

"Don't play dumb, Yuki," the smaller man said in his deceptively soft, sing-song voice. "You're turned on by watching your little boy toy with another man. No shame in that..." He slid one small hand down Yuki's front, just brushing over the huge bulge in the front of the man's pants.

Letting out a soft, strangled moan, Yuki couldn't stop himself from thrusting forward into Tohma's teasing hand. He'd known that the man held more than brotherly affection for him, but they'd never crossed any lines. It was wrong to do so now, but it felt so damn good. He needed to stop this, all of this, it was going too far... But he couldn't. He was a slave to his desires, which were currently being stroked oh so expertly.

Tohma giggled softly when he realized that Yuki wasn't stopping him. The other man wasn't taking his eyes off the scene in front of him, but he was also thrusting forward for more. He expertly unfastened Yuki's trousers just enough to slide his hand inside. He wrapped his hand around the thick hard length he found there, and purred with delight, "Oh, Shuichi is a lucky boy, isn't he?"

Yuki groaned, his legs almost giving out under him as his neglected cock was finally freed and touched. Tohma had the most deliciously wicked hands, and Yuki decided to forget everything else but the feeling of those hands stroking him. He never looked behind him, not wanting to break the strange spell that Shuichi was weaving over all of them. "I'm lucky too," he panted out roughly, his voice harsh with passion.

"Yes, you are," Tohma agreed, eyes on the pair onstage. "Shuichi has the cutest little ass... and I can see that Hiro agrees with me." He stroked faster, addicted to the sound of Yuki's moans. "Does he squeal when you fuck him, Yuki?" he cooed. "Does he gasp and beg for more?" Tohma was painfully aroused himself, but that could wait.

He couldn't believe Tohma was asking him such things, and he couldn't believe he was getting so turned on by the blond man's words. Yuki's cock pulsed and dripped in Tohma's hand, and he had to bite back a loud groan lest he give them away. He wanted to say his arousal was all for Shuichi, and in part that was true... His lover certainly had started things, but the hot looks Hiro was giving the boy, and the teasing way Tohma was touching him were driving him just as wild. He'd never known his desires could be so dark, or that he wanted to indulge in them so badly. Yuki reached behind him, and with a growl, grabbed Tohma and yanked him closer as best he could. "More," he demanded, dropping all pretenses.

"Oh, so forceful," whispered Tohma, but he gave Yuki what he wanted, stroking faster and more firmly. Expertly. He also pressed against Yuki now, his arousal firm against the taller man's thigh.

Hiro was now thrusting wantonly up against Shuichi, wishing they were naked, or that he could at least get more friction. He'd abandoned playing the guitar when his friend had started grinding against him, and the instrument was pushed out of the way. "Kiss me, Shuichi," he begged, pulling the other man closer.

Tossing the microphone carelessly to the side, Shuichi buried both hands in Hiro's hair and dragged the boy's face closer, crushing their mouths together. He continued to rock his hips, rubbing their cocks together over and over until he thought he'd go mad with the teasing pleasure of it.

Hiro kissed Shuichi back with the desperation of years of desire and too much friction, and as he clung to his friend he realized he was going to come. In his pants. And he didn't care. It had been ages since he'd been with anyone, and it felt so good... "Shuichi," he gasped, "Gonna... come...." And with another whimper, he rocked hard against his friend and climaxed, pulsing over and over within his jeans.

Being with Yuki had taught Shuichi a lot of things, but his lover had amazing control and not once had Shuichi ever seen him climax in his pants. It was incredibly erotic, and it made him feel so powerful. He grabbed Hiro's hips, and with one final thrust against him, he too came inside his tiny shorts, his pink hair flying wildly around his face as he screamed passionately. "Hiro!"

Tohma was breathing a little harder as he watched the two young men on stage quite obviously reach climax. "Naughty boys," he whispered, and stroked Yuki faster, pressing against him. He wanted to feel Yuki come now.

"Never knew," Yuki panted heavily, his chest heaving, "he could be like that." He leaned back against Tohma, the insistent pressure of the other man's arousal turning on even more. He would never, could never, have imagined himself in a situation like this, but he was enjoying it so immensely. His hips pushed forward quickly, sweat beading along his brow. "Tohma.. I.. I'm.." Yuki let out a low, carnal groan and came all over Tohma's hand, his seed spilling over onto the stage.

Tohma stroked Yuki through it, until the pulses stopped. Then he leaned up on his tip-toes and kissed Yuki's cheek softly, and whispered, "You're beautiful when you come." Then he was gone, slipping silently through the halls to his office, locking the door behind him.

After a long minute of trying to catch his breath, Yuki turned around to face Tohma for the first time this afternoon, only to find the other man gone. He was partially let down, and partially relieved. He wanted to return the passionate favor, but perhaps it was better this way. It had been a momentary, passing urge, and almost like strangers they had given in, but having to face each other might be more awkward than they could handle. With a sigh, Yuki righted his clothing and left the stage as quietly as he had entered.

Hiro sat up slowly, leaning on his friend as both of them panted. He still wasn't sure what had just happened, but he'd never felt more relaxed. And the way that Shuichi had called out his name when he'd come... well, it made up for the sticky mess he'd made of his new jeans. "Wow," he said to Shuichi, eyes still a bit wide. Then he smiled. "That was fun."

Giggling breathlessly, Shuichi nodded in agreement, and with great reluctance he forced himself to stand up. His legs still felt a bit wobbly, and he knew he must be a sight, all flushed, his shorts wet. "Gackt sure is... inspirational." He gave Hiro a secret little smile, and offered a hand to help him to his feet. "I could really go for another drink about now. I think I'm pretty much worn out." He linked arms with his best friend, and led them out of the auditorium.

The End