Title: Naughty Naughty
Author: Jade
Series: Gravitation
Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi
Warnings: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Shuichi rushed into the apartment, dropping his coat in the general vicinity of the closet and kicking his shoes off randomly. "Yuki!" he called out, and rushed into the living room, not waiting for an answer. "You should have seen us tonight! We kicked ass! I wish you could have come!" He skidded to a halt, realizing the room was empty. He headed toward the writer's office, slightly disappointed. "Yuki?" he said tentatively. He had been warned in no uncertain terms not to disturb the other man while he was writing. If the door was closed, that meant the room was off limits to him. "Yuki?" he said one more time, quietly, forlornly, before wandering off slowly to flop down in front of the TV, desolately changing channels. He resisted the urge to pout; there was no one to impress. He and Yuki had shared an apartment for nearly a month now; but that was all they shared. Shuichi slept on the couch, and despite his best efforts, Yuki seemed unmoved by his charms. Despite their earlier kisses, Shuichi truly wondered why Yuki had let him move in. Shuichi had just thought the older man was shy, and at first he had thought it was cute. He figured the man would warm up to him soon. But no matter how many times he had flounced around in his short shorts, or wandered out of the shower dressed only in a towel, Yuki seemed unmoved. He finally gave into the urge to pout; he had no idea how to seduce someone, and he surely couldn't ask anyone about it! He wanted so badly to be in those strong arms, to feel those hands all over him, to be pinned beneath that incredible body. To make those smoldering eyes burn for him.

The boy sighed; he was just a teenager! He had urges! Urges that were making themselves known right now. Thinking about what he wanted to do with Yuki had made him hard; and here he was, all alone as usual. Usually he went to take a cold shower, or just tried to ignore the ache until it went away. But this time he was feeling petulant, and wicked. He rubbed his erection through his shorts. He hadn't bothered to change out of his stage outfit when he got home, and now his hard flesh pressed against the zipper. The pressure against the metal was uncomfortable, so he carefully unzipped the shorts. He sighed with relief as his arousal sprang forth. That felt better. He looked around guiltily. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to relieve the pressure just a little... He wrapped his fingers around his cock and squeezed gently. He stifled a loud moan. It felt so good! It felt even better if he imagined it was Yuki's hand instead of his own.


Yuki sat in his darkened office; the only light came from his laptop. He stabbed out another cigarette in disgust; he was writing drivel. He hadn't meant for this book to be a romance novel; he had been trying to write a historical novel this time. But every time he tried to write, his mind was filled with visions of Shuichi; the brat could distract him when he wasn't even there! And when he was there, it was even worse; that body, that sweet face, that innocent seductiveness... god, he wanted nothing more than to ravish the boy to within an inch of his life. But he couldn't... the boy deserved much better than him. He deserved someone who could return his affections. If he gave in to his urges, the boy would get the idea that he loved him and who knew what would happen then... it didn't matter that Yuki suspected that it was true, that he did love the boy. It would never work. They were too different. Shuichi would get tired soon, get tired of waiting for Yuki. Then he would leave, and the boy wouldn't have to feel guilty about it. And maybe Yuki wouldn't miss him so much...

He heard the boy come in; wincing at the clattering noise Shuichi always seemed to bring with him. The sound of life and love and.... Yuki made himself stop that train of thought. He had to resist. Couldn't let himself become more involved. Even if the reward would be so great... He tried to stop his mind from wandering to what it would be like to touch Shuichi, caress him everywhere... the few times they had kissed had only increased his desire for more. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he tried once again to ignore an erection brought on by the beautiful little singer. Damn it. Now he could hear the TV, and he could just picture Shuichi, the way he slumped on the couch, legs spread... This wasn't helping. Now he really couldn't concentrate, and it had nothing to do with the sound of the TV. He slid his hand down to the painful hardness, trying to adjust it. The slight friction made him want to moan, but he stifled it. Or he thought he did. He had definitely heard a moan just now, and it wasn't him. He really needed to soundproof this room. Then he realized; Shuichi must be the one moaning. That thought made him even harder, and drove away the rest of his restraint. He found he was getting up, moving toward the door, before he even knew it. His body knew what it wanted. He had to stop himself before he reached for the doorknob. He leaned heavily against the door; that had been close. Unfortunately, now that he was close to the door he could hear the moaning more clearly. He had a moment of alarm; was Shuichi hurt? Maybe he was in pain... he thought maybe he should check on him. But what if he was doing what Yuki kept picturing him doing? And Yuki just walked in on it? Maybe the boy wasn't even thinking of him... Yuki took a deep breath, completely torn between need to see the boy touching himself and the risk of embarrassment at being caught. Maybe if he just peeked... just eased open the door. He knew the hinges were completely silent; squeaky doors were one of his pet peeves and he made sure all the hinges were well-oiled. He could just ease the door open a crack... He stood there, tempting himself. In the end, the thought of seeing Shuichi overwhelmed all else; he began to ease open the door as slowly as possible.


Shuichi was lost now; the more he tried to ease the ache the bigger it got. He whimpered with impatience and shuffled around until his shorts were down around his knees and he had complete access to his hard cock. He wrapped his hand fully around his own length, gasping at the feeling this brought. He moved his hand up and down a few times, and let out an unintentionally loud moan. It felt so good... moisture glistened at the tip and lubricated each stroke. "Oh god... Yuki..." He stroked faster, clumsily, but soon found a rhythm. He spread his legs as wide apart as the shorts would let him and ran his hands up his thighs and over his balls, shuddering from pleasure and picturing the older man doing this to him. "Yes..." He could feel his climax building, so he slowed down, wanting to prolong the pleasure.


Yuki peeked through the slightly opened door guiltily; then forgot all about feeling bad for intruding. What Shuichi was doing surpassed his fantasies... he couldn't take his eyes off the boy's spread legs, his glistening cock standing hard and tall in his own hand... Yuki's own cock was instantly rock hard as he took in the scene. He couldn't remember how to breathe, couldn't think of anything except watching the boy pleasure himself. He bit his lip to keep from moaning out loud. "Shuichi..." he whispered to himself as he watched the boy.

Shuichi's lips were moving; he was moaning and saying a word. It sounded like... it couldn't be. Shuichi couldn't be moaning his name as he... Yuki's hand stole down to his own pants, slipping inside the loose material to squeeze his own arousal. A deep moan escaped him before he knew it; it startled him so much that he let the door open too far. The hinges hadn't been properly oiled after all; there was a definite squeak as the door swung open. He watched as Shuichi's eyes flew open; he was caught.

"Y-yuki!" the boy gasped, his hand stilling and his cheeks flushing crimson as he saw he was being observed. His mind raced; was there any way to explain this away? Any excuse he could think of to make this better? Any way to save himself? As he fumbled for something intelligent to say, he finally realized something; Yuki was blushing as much as he was, and the older man... Yuki had his hand in his own pants! Yuki was aroused! Shuichi's clouded mind tried to process this. "Yuki?" he said more tentatively.

Yuki knew it was far too late; he was busted, and he was still so turned on that he couldn't bring himself to remove his hand from his pants. It felt too good. Too many nights of frustration, too many days of longing, built up to the point that Yuki for once threw caution to the wind. "Shuichi... don't stop..."

"Yuki?" Shuichi was confused, but he wanted to do whatever the other man wanted. He'd wanted to for so long. He slowly started to stroke again, every touch magnified a thousandfold now that Yuki was watching. "Oh god..."

"Does it feel good, Shuichi?" whispered Yuki, coming closer, walking across the room toward the younger boy. His hand still moved inside his own pants. "Tell me."

"Yes," moaned Shuichi, still embarrassed yet also incredibly aroused.

Yuki stood in front of Shuichi, finally removing his hand. Shuichi could clearly see the outline of the man's erection pushing out the front of the material. The boy licked his lips, still stroking slowly. Then Yuki pulled off his shirt and pants quickly, standing naked in front of the boy. Shuichi whimpered and stroked faster as he feasted his eyes on the gorgeous body finally revealed to him. Lean muscles shifted under golden skin, thick arousal standing straight up, intoxicating eyes fixed on him.

"Shuichi," murmured Yuki, kneeling in front of the boy, "I could help you with that..."

The boy nodded helplessly, still stroking, eyes locked with Yuki's. "Please..."

Yuki smirked and kneeled in front of Shuichi. He tugged at the shorts and removed them quickly. Then he moved between the boy's legs, spreading them further apart. His arousal pulsed, desire radiating from it as he looked at Shuichi revealed before him. The boy's huge eyes were glazed with need; his face was flushed and he licked his full lips unconsciously. His shirt, his only remaining garment, was pushed up, and his erection glistened with desire. "Yuki..." moaned the boy desperately, as the older man pushed his legs apart as wide as they would go, then let his thumbs brush the tender skin near his entrance. Why had he waited so long? This was what he wanted, to touch Shuichi, to make him moan his name... he needed to hear that more. He lowered his head and swept his tongue up the length of Shuichi's arousal, making the boy gasp. "Oh..." the younger boy had never felt such pleasure. He was sure his cock was going to explode. Out of his control, his hands buried themselves in Yuki's golden hair, trying to get more contact. He was a creature of need.

Yuki licked again, this time pausing at the tip to swirl his tongue over the end, tasting Shuichi's essence. This time the boy arched up off the couch, driving his cock into the man's mouth. Yuki took it easily, sucking harder, drawing the hot length into his mouth.

Shuichi screamed then, a strangled sound that surely sounded as if he were dying. Yuki put one hand on Shuichi's hip to hold him still, and used the other to wrap around the base of the boy's arousal. Up and down he bobbed his head, taking all of the boy's hot cock in his mouth. He loved the sounds the boy made; Shuichi's cries of pleasure were music to his ears. Since the first time he had heard the boy sing, Yuki had longed to hear that voice raised with desire. Now he needed to give the boy everything, show Shuichi how he felt about him. He suddenly knew what he needed.

With a whispered, "I'll be right back," Yuki left the bewildered boy and rushed to the bathroom. Within a minute he was back, and Shuichi moaned as he felt Yuki take his cock back in his mouth. Then he felt something else... feathery light touches around his entrance.

"Yuki..." gasped Shuichi, trying to speak coherently. "What... are... you doing?" Then he felt a slick finger slide inside him, and he was no longer worried about it. "Oh god... whatever it is, I want more..."

Yuki gave it to him, sliding in another lubed finger, driving them in and out of Shuichi's tight body, until the boy was writhing and trying to bury the fingers deeper inside him. "Nnn," was the only thing the boy could say. Then Yuki added a third finger, and Shuichi went wild. "YUKI!" screamed the boy.

It was all Yuki could do to keep driving his fingers into the wiggling boy. Then he removed them, and Shuichi whined. "Yuki?" Then the boy's eyes got wider as he watched the older man smooth lube onto his hard cock. "Oh, yes..." he hissed, unable to wait any longer.

"Is this ok, Shuichi? You want this?" purred Yuki, stroking himself.

"Oh, god, yes," breathed the boy, spreading his legs apart as far as they would go. "Hurry..."

Yuki knelt on the floor; the low couch put Shuichi's entrance at just the right height. The boy trembled with anticipation as he watched the blond man press the tip of his cock against him. Then Yuki pushed, and Shuichi's eyes rolled back in his head. The younger boy moaned, getting louder with every inch of cock that disappeared into his body. "Oh Yuki," cried out Shuichi, "It's... so...GOOD!" he finished, nearly at the top of his lungs now, as the other man's cock was buried to the hilt inside him. He lay back, panting and clutching at Yuki's arms.

Breathing hard from the effort of retraining himself, Yuki looked down on the beautiful boy he was now intimately joined with. "Shuichi..." he breathed. "Are you ok?" The tight heat of the boy's body gripped him, caressing him, enticing him to thrust hard and deep. He held himself back. "You feel so good..."

"Oh, Yuki," Shuichi almost cried. "I want more..."

His control faltered, his body driven insane by the need to take the boy and fuck him senseless. "Shuichi..." he gasped out, unable to stop his hips from making small thrusts. His world dissolved into pleasure as the boy's channel gave him the most intense feelings he had ever had. "Tell me if I'm hurting you..."

But Shuichi was beyond words now. He could only moan, and whimper, and clutch at Yuki's arms. He wrapped his legs around the older man's back, urging him deeper. Yuki accepted, pulling out and thrusting back into paradise. With each stroke, Yuki drove deeper, faster, and Shuichi moaned louder. Driven back into the cushions of the couch, the younger boy sobbed for more and Yuki did his best to give it to him. The older man gripped Shuichi's slim hips, slamming into the boy, addicted to his screams of pleasure.

It had been too long; Yuki knew he couldn't resist the building climax much longer. With his last ounce of will, he wrapped a hand around Shuichi's cock and pumped it roughly. The boy responded by screaming Yuki's name; his world exploded and he came violently, arching against Yuki and digging his nails deep into his flesh. Yuki couldn't feel the pain, though; all he felt was Shuichi's body tighten around him, squeezing him tight, robbing him of all control. He climaxed, groaning the boy's name, filling him with his seed.

Both men were frozen in their pleasure, unable or unwilling to move and break the spell. Finally, Yuki fell forward, burying his face in Shuichi's hair, whispering his name. "Shuichi..."

Shuichi lay back, satiated and dazed, brain unable to process that he and Yuki had just made love. He held on tight to the other man, hoping the moment would never end.

The End