Title: Bending the Rules -- part 1
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

* * * * * * * * * * *

Zechs got out of his truck, slamming the door as he shaded his eyes from the setting sun. He looked around the construction site; it was nearly deserted. In fact, there was only one lone figure, silhouetted by the setting sun. He took a long moment to admire the line of the man's lean body; he had one hand shielding his own eyes, looking up at the half-completed framework, and his body stretched exquisitely. His arms were muscled, but not overly; and the rest of his body was slender and lithe. The blue jeans he wore fit him like a well-worn glove, and the t-shirt tucked into them clung to his slightly sweaty skin. It was the end of summer, and the heat of the day was just beginning to fade. Then the subject of his scrutiny turned around, and Zechs started toward him.

"Trowa! Do you have a minute? The client had some last minute changes I'd like to go over with you," Zechs called out, walking toward the younger man.

"No problem, Mr. Marquise, I'm not in a hurry," the young man replied, as he waved to the last of the construction workers leaving the site. "Shall we go in the office? It's cooler there."

Zechs nodded, and Trowa led the way toward the small trailer that served as a makeshift office on the construction site. He resisted the urge to turn around and stare at the longhaired blond man. He had always had a thing for blonds, and Zechs looked cool and sexy in his perfectly cut suit. His long platinum hair hung loose over his shoulders, and his well-toned body filled out the suit perfectly. The man exuded confidence and sexuality. Women probably followed him home just for the privilege of cleaning his house, Trowa mused. He held the door for the other man, subtly checking out his ass as he went through.

Zechs looked quickly around the office; no one else was there. He went to a table and spread out the new plans on the top, stepping back so Trowa could have a look. "It's nothing major really, just a change in the front window lines and one change of material. Will that be a problem?" He watched Trowa's tight ass as the younger man bent over the table to look at the notes.

Trowa considered briefly. "No, not a problem. I'm glad you brought it over to me now, though, before it got too late." Then he felt the other man press up against him from behind, hard cock digging into his ass. "Zechs..."

"I'm glad, Trowa. Though I do have one other problem, one you are well-suited to help me with," murmured the blond in his ear. He rocked his hips against the younger man's ass as he brought a hand around Trowa's front to caress his chest and stomach. "God, you're sexy," he groaned.

"Mmm, you're not so bad yourself. You seem to have given me a problem too," Trowa replied, moving the other man's hand down to the bulge in his jeans. "Do we have time to take care of this?"

"We're not meeting Heero for another half an hour. Plenty of time, and I don't want to walk around like this the rest of the night," Zechs replied as Trowa twisted in his arms, and he guided the younger man's hand to his hard cock.

Zechs pressed his lips to Trowa's, hard and fast. Trowa moaned into the blond's mouth, grinding his hips against the other man. They rocked together, friction building up on their trapped erections. Trowa snaked a hand between them, fumbling with the blond's suit pants. He got them unzipped and slid his hand inside, inside the boxers, all without breaking the kiss. When he wrapped his fingers around the arousal he found, though, Zechs gasped, and their mouths parted.

"Nnn, Trowa..." moaned the blond man, thrusting into the younger man's hand. "Yeah... you're so good at that..." Zechs returned the favor, unfastening Trowa's jeans quickly and reaching inside. "Going commando?" smirked the blond man when he found no underwear, just Trowa.

"Don't like the lines," murmured the brown-haired man, whimpering as he felt the hand squeeze him.

"You're naughty, you know that?" laughed Zechs, faltering when Trowa started to stroke a bit faster.

"You always said I look better without them," moaned Trowa, rocking his hips as his cock got wetter, his excitement lubricating the strokes.

"What? You getting somewhere with that new roofer?" Zechs laughed, trying to keep his voice even as Trowa brought him closer to release.

"Yeah right... he's as straight as a ruler," groaned Trowa. "But a boy's gotta look good... Fuck, Zechs, that's it..." Trowa was close. He tried to hold back, to prolong the pleasure a bit more.

"Yeah, just like we're supposed to be, right?" laughed the older man, then gasped. "Trowa! Slower, yes, that it... uhhhh..."

The two men leaned on each other, stroking each other, building each other's ecstasy while reaching for their own. Pants barely unfastened, free hands clutching at one another, they strove for climax, breathing hard. Almost at the same time, they both released.

"Trowa! So good..." Zechs stiffened as Trowa's hand took him to heaven. He came with a strangled cry, covering Trowa's hand with hot need.

"Oh yes..." Trowa whispered, finding his completion more quietly, but just as hard. Pulsing, he thrust into Zechs' hand one more time before he shot his creamy climax onto them both.

They held still for long moments, before Zechs kissed Trowa gently and pulled back reluctantly. "We'd better get going. Heero will be on time as always."

"You're right," agreed Trowa, handing the other man a towel. "Sorry about that," he indicated Zechs' shirt. There was a definite wet patch on the front.

"I'm not," grinned the blond, and they kissed once more before cleaning up and heading for the bar.


Heero sat at the long, polished wood bar, idly watching the crowd grow. It was Friday night, and he and his two friends had a longstanding tradition of meeting at the same place every Friday to discuss their week, and unwind. The bar was getting more popular, though, and more and more it was turning into a singles crowd. Almost every week now he would get hit on or asked to dance by a woman. He always turned them down. He wasn't really sure why. Well, he always had a reason; he was tired, she wasn't his type, he didn't like the song... he watched the men and women on the floor and wondered why he didn't feel the urge to be out there mingling. He was saved from his introspection by his perpetually late friends. Zechs and Trowa often worked together on projects; so they usually arrived together. They always seemed to be in a rush; though they looked particularly disheveled today.

"Damn air conditioner in my truck is screwed up again," Zechs explained, as they both sat down on a stool looking flushed. Trowa surreptitiously tucked in his shirt a bit straighter, stifling a giggle.

"You really should trade that thing in, Zechs," pointed out Heero, signaling for the bartender.

Zechs coughed, then said, "Yes, you're right, Heero. I just like it so much the way it is," he finished, sharing a look with Trowa.

The three men ordered a round of drinks, and had just started to relax when the bartender told them that a pool table had become available if they still wanted it.

"Sure, why not," agreed Heero. "I still need to win back that twenty from you, Trowa."

Trowa snorted, and Zechs laughed. "Well, I can try anyway," Heero admitted. "Plus, it's quieter in there. I can't hear myself think out here."

"Not to mention that scary Relena chick was eyeing you again," Zechs commented as he followed the two men into the pool room.

"Was she?" Heero sighed. "She sure is persistent."

"You can't help it, Heero, you're a babe magnet," laughed Zechs.

"Shut up, Zechs," Heero said amiably. "Or I'll give Lucrecia your cel phone number."

Zechs mock gasped. "No! Not the cowgirl! Anything but that!"

The three men laughed. Trowa set up the table, and Heero chose a cue. They started to play as Zechs, perched on a barstool, watched and made sarcastic comments.

As usual, Trowa was winning. Heero tried and tried but no matter what, Trowa's shots worked and his didn't. He stood, watching Trowa clean the table once again. Then he thought he had a chance. "You'll never make that one," announced Heero. The position of the 8 ball relative to the cue ball was close to impossible; Trowa would have to practically lie on the table to line it up.

"Watch me," grinned Trowa, switching his pool cue until he held it behind his back. Then he bent backwards, lining up the shot behind his back, body held at what liked an unnatural angle to Heero. Trowa sank the ball perfectly, and the game was over.

Heero shook his head. "Damn, Trowa, you're bendy."

Trowa laughed, and Zechs almost spit a mouthful of beer across the room. "Bendy?" the blond man laughed.

"Yes! Bendy! Flexible! Whatever you want to call it," Heero said. "It's not THAT funny," he continued to his two friends, who were practically doubled over with laughter.

"I do yoga," stated Trowa, as if that explained everything.

"Yoga?" asked Heero. He'd heard of it, of course, but knew next to nothing about it. "I thought only women did yoga." For some reason, this set Zechs off again; the blond was red in the face from laughing so much.

Trowa tried to look insulted, but it wasn't easy when he was trying not to laugh. "Obviously not. I like to be flexible. It comes in handy."

It was Heero's turn to choke on his beer. "Ok, too much information there, Trowa."

Zechs laughed and, giving Trowa a curious look, said, "I once had a b-, excuse me, girlfriend, who could put their feet behind their head."

Heero looked at Zechs as if he didn't believe him. "What good is that?"

Trowa and Zechs burst out laughing.

"Well, fuck you, too," Heero said, annoyed.

Trowa stopped laughing long enough to say, "Not like either of you could even get through a yoga class."

Zechs looked indignant. "I'll have you know I used to be very flexible! I'm only 25!"

"I'm in good shape," Heero mused, looking down at himself. "I box, and bike, and jog. Yoga can't be that bad."

"Wanna bet?" Trowa shot back, and Zechs and Heero looked at each other.

"Why not?" Heero agreed. "What are we betting?"

"I'll bet you $100 that you can't get through one 45 minute yoga class," Trowa stated.

"You're on," Heero agreed immediately. "Zechs?"

"I'm not a betting man," the blond said, but before Heero could protest, he added, "But I'll come along too. Just to make sure the bet is a fair one."

"Do we have a deal then?" Heero asked, sticking his hand out toward Trowa.

"Absolutely," Trowa agreed, shaking hands with Heero. "I have class tomorrow afternoon. The instructor says I am always welcome to bring new people for an introductory class. Two pm. I'll meet you guys there? I'll email you directions. Dress comfortably. You'll need all the help you can get." The rest of the evening went smoothly, and they parted that night with the promise to meet the next day at the yoga center.

Continued in part 2