Title: Bending the Rules -- part 10
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, angst

* * * * * * * * * * *

Zechs sighed as he slid into the hot water. He felt better already. Treize had left him alone to undress and get in the tub, a touch that he found extremely thoughtful. Now Treize reentered the bathroom, carrying a tray that held a bottle of chilled water and a bowl of fruit. He was still dressed.

"How's the water?" inquired the older man, smiling.

"Perfect. Just like you," sighed Zechs. "But how come I'm naked and you're not?"

Treize grinned. "Just give me a minute, gorgeous." He set the tray down and started unbuttoning his shirt. Zechs watched avidly as the man stripped, savoring each inch of bronzed skin that was revealed. He suspected Treize was going deliberately slowly just to tease him. Well, he was enjoying the show. He felt himself hardening again, just from looking at Treize. The man was beyond perfect. Hairless chest, sculpted abs and pecs, and cut biceps were revealed inch by inch as the shirt slid off.

Zechs watched intently as the taller man unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans. Treize had already removed his shoes and socks, so when he let the jeans drop to the floor, he stood in front of the blond clad only in the smallest bikini briefs. Zechs' eyes were drawn to the way they bulged, barely containing Treize's length.

Treize saw the other man's attention and smiled. "Enjoying yourself, Zechs?" he purred; obviously he liked the audience.

The blond was fully hard now, and it must have been obvious even under the water. He resisted the urge to stroke himself, though, and just smirked up at the older man. "What do you think?"

"I think I need to get in there with you," said Treize. Then he hooked his fingers into the waist of the briefs, and completely unselfconsciously slid them off. He stepped closer to the bath.

Zechs looked up at Treize, licking his lips as he saw the other man's cock, half hard and rising fast. "Get in here, then," he whispered. God, Treize was magnificent. He had never wanted to give himself to anyone like this. He spread his legs apart and the taller man entered the bathtub, kneeling between them.

Treize lowered himself slowly, putting one hand on the tub's edge on either side of the blond, approaching slowly. "Incredible," the man whispered, then pressed his mouth gently against the blond's.

Zechs reached up and wrapped his arms around Treize's neck, drawing him closer. He knew that the older man had promised to go slowly, but he was so turned on at the moment that he wasn't sure if he wanted to go slowly. His whole body ached and for the first time it really felt right. "Treize," he moaned when the other man pulled back.

"I'm going to do everything to you," promised Treize, his voice and hands caressing the blond. "But only what you want."

"I want it all, Treize," moaned Zechs, gasping as the other man's hand traveled down his chest, so close to his arousal.

"Relax," Treize reminded him. "We're going to go slowly." And then he wrapped his hand around the hard length and stroked slowly.

Zechs closed his eyes and cried out softly as he arched up into Treize's hand. "God..."

"Just lie back and enjoy," purred Treize, running his free hand up the inside of the blond's leg.

Zechs spread his legs farther apart, completely relaxed. He wasn't worried at all, and wanted Treize to touch him. But he felt the other man's hand bypass his entrance and run down the other thigh instead. He was about to moan in disappointment when he felt a tongue on his nipple and the hand on his cock squeeze gently. He looked down to see the older man grin at him before flicking his tongue over the other nipple. "I told you this would be slow."

"You didn't tell me you were going to drive me insane," the blond said petulantly. He felt Treize's answering chuckle against his skin.

"I'm not going to take you until it's perfect, until you're begging me for it, until you think you will die if I don't slide my cock inside you," the silken voice told him, sending chills up and down his spine. "Then it will be right."

Zechs could only whimper in answer to that, and surrender himself to Treize's talented hands and mouth.

With a soft cloth, Treize washed every part of the blond, until his nerve endings were all on fire. When the soft cloth finally brushed against his entrance, he gasped with pleasure, and didn't tense at all. Treize touched him and stroked him everywhere, but never penetrated him with even a finger. He never stroked the blond's cock fast enough to bring on a climax, though, and all the stimulation was soon driving Zechs quite mad. "Treize!" he gasped.

The older man smiled seductively. "Yes, Zechs?"

Zechs just whimpered.

Treize pulled Zechs up out of the water, wrapping him in a large fluffy towel and led the highly aroused man out into the bedroom, kissing him all the way.

Zechs moaned and let Treize lay him back on the bed, completely relaxed yet incredibly turned on. It seemed like an odd combination, but it felt wonderful. He trusted Treize completely, and that made all the difference. Now the other man was kissing him again, all over, setting his skin on fire, easing his legs apart. Treize took the blond's arousal in his mouth, slowly swallowing the hard length. Zechs groaned and arched up. He whimpered when the other man's mouth left his cock, but it was soon replaced with a slowly stroking hand. Treize's mouth moved lower, lapping at the blond's balls gently. Zechs gasped at this new feeling, and then Treize's mouth traveled even lower.

"Treize!" Zechs nearly squeaked when he felt the man's tongue gently brush against his entrance. Then he lost the power of speech entirely; Treize's tongue was entering him, softly, slowly, driving him insane. He was reduced to moans and pants, as Treize held his legs apart, spreading him open, fucking him with his tongue. Zechs had never felt anything like this. The hot, wet feeling was incredible. The hand still stroked his cock, and Zechs knew he couldn't hold back. "I'm... going to..."

At his admission, Treize seemed to increase his efforts. The tongue inside him sped up, going deeper, and the other man's hand squeezed his arousal more tightly, stroking harder. That was it. He arched up, off the bed, muscles all clenching at once as the most intense climax of his life was wrenched from him. He felt Treize move, and that hot mouth was now wrapped around his cock, swallowing his seed, and the tongue had been replaced by fingers inside him, and it felt so good, his completion went on and on. When he came back to awareness he realized Treize had at least three fingers inside him with no discomfort at all, stretching him. "Treize..." he panted.

The older man grinned up at him, licking his lips, fingers still working inside. "You like?"

Zechs flopped back on the bed, not even able to answer.


Duo and Heero lay on the mats for a long time; neither wanted to move. Finally, Duo crawled over to his bag and retrieved a towel from his pack and they cleaned up enough to struggle into their clothes. Neither said much. Heero's heart felt like it was going to burst, though; he had never felt like this after sex before. Of course, he had never been fucked before... he finally had to speak. "Duo, would you like to spend the night with me? At my apartment?" Heero couldn't add that he never wanted to let the longhaired man out of his sight ever again.

Duo looked up at his new lover. "I'd really like that, Heero." His stomach was doing funny things at the mere thought of not being with Heero. He wasn't sure what was wrong with him, but he was too happy to care.

It was as if the sun had risen; Heero broke out into a wide smile. Duo had thought Heero couldn't be more handsome; but smiling, he took away the rest of Duo's heart.

"Great," he sighed. He wanted to wake up next to Duo. Forever.

Duo beamed at him. "You're beautiful when you smile, Heero."

Heero laughed softly. "You're always beautiful Duo. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

The longhaired boy blushed. "You'd better watch out, Heero. I could get used to this."

Heero smiled even more and pulled Duo closer to him, just holding him. "I hope you do, Duo. Because I can't imagine living without you any more." The longhaired boy blushed. "Come on, let's go home."

It was lost on neither of them that Heero had said home rather than house.

Continued in part 11