Title: Bending the Rules -- part 11
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, angst

* * * * * * * * * * *

The happy couple gathered their things and Duo turned out the lights in the yoga center. Duo led Heero to the side door and Heero held it open for him. The longhaired man went through, and Heero stepped after, turning to make sure the door shut securely behind him. So he heard Duo's gasp and the boy dropping his bag before he whirled to see what was the matter.

A dark haired man leaned against the wall, smirking. As Heero watched, the man pushed himself off the wall and walked over to stand directly in front of Duo. Much too close. Duo backed up a step. The man followed. Heero spoke. "What the hell is going on?"

The dark haired man spared Heero a glance, then turned his attention back to Duo, moving even closer. Heero clenched his fists.

Duo finally found his voice, but it was nothing like his normal voice. "Wh-what are you doing here, Wufei?" he stammered. His heart was beating much too fast.

"Not having as much fun as you, apparently," the Chinese man said lazily. He looked Duo up and down. "You smell like sex." He looked up at Heero with disdain. "He's a good little cocksucker, isn't he? Too bad he talks too much."

It was like a bad dream; Duo couldn't think of a thing to say or do to make this situation better. In the afterglow of being with Heero he had completely forgotten about Wufei. His hand went automatically to the bruise the man had given him and he tried to think.

Adrenaline was pumping through Heero's veins. "I don't know who you are," he said low and dangerously, "But get the fuck away from him, now." He took a step closer, noticing Duo's odd behavior.

Wufei looked up at Heero again, and Heero swore he could feel the weight of those dark eyes. "So, Duo hasn't told you about me, then?" Wufei ran a possessive hand through Duo's long hair, and Heero growled softly.

"Duo?" Heero said, barely under control. "Is this a friend of yours?" He spit out the word friend.

"No, he's not. Not anymore," Duo spoke up. He was trying to find his courage, but Wufei still scared the hell out of him, especially after the other night.

Wufei turned his attention back to Duo. "What? I'm wounded, beautiful," he said with mock indignation. "I guess you just didn't learn your lesson well enough last time, now did you?" he purred, stroking the bruise on Duo's face.

Heero's blood suddenly turned to ice. He watched Duo flinch back as he put two and two together. The outside world went away as he stepped closer and said, very softly, "Don't touch him."

Wufei snorted and grabbed a handful of Duo's hair, hard, making him whimper. "I suppose you think you're going to stop me? He's mine. I'll touch whatever I want."

"Duo is not an object," snarled Heero. "Let go of him, now. You're never going to touch him again."

Wufei released his hold on Duo's hair and instead ran his hand over the boy's ass. "Is that better?" the Chinese man laughed.

Heero saw red; the fact that Duo had had other lovers wasn't what angered him; but this arrogant man thought he owned Duo, thought he was his to do with what he pleased... and he had hurt him... Instead of more words, Heero pushed the other man against the wall, hard.

Duo stumbled back, out of the way. Oh shit, this was really bad... as much as he wanted to see Heero beat the shit out of Wufei, he was also scared. If Wufei won, he was dead. He cursed his own weakness, but he was no match physically for Wufei, and he had always known it. That wasn't the only reason the other man had taken advantage of him, though. Duo's self esteem had always been low; being a small, pretty boy wasn't easy in high school. Wufei had protected him, and then had gotten possessive, convinced Duo that no one else would ever want him... the six months Wufei had been gone had been the best of his life, and Duo had finally done some healing. But it wasn't enough, not yet, he wasn't ready... meeting Heero had been perfect, and he didn't want to mess it up.

"Stay out of the way, Duo," Heero said quickly, unwilling to take his eyes off Wufei. The man had recovered from his surprise at Heero's audacity, and he looked dangerously calm.

"You're dead," Wufei stated, his voice flat. And he came at Heero.

Heero blocked the first punch easily, trying to quickly analyze the other man's fighting style. Martial arts, probably karate, judging from the form... now Wufei kicked at him, just grazing his kneecap. If Heero hadn't danced back in time this fight would have been over quickly with his kneecap broken. Down and dirty, then; Heero could do that. He had trained in martial arts, but also in boxing; he was gambling his punches would hold more power than Wufei's. He had trained in the two disciplines separately, not like some people did with kickboxing; he had his own hybrid style, and he was fighting for Duo now. He wouldn't lose. Heero dodged a few more attacks, using his speed to annoy the other man. He was trying to irritate Wufei into leaving himself vulnerable. It worked.

Wufei charged finally, snarling with anger. He wasn't used to a fight lasting this long. He lunged, and Heero saw his chance. When Wufei tried to get his hands around Heero's throat, Heero caught one of the man's wrists in his hands and wrenched, twisting it up and behind Wufei, forcing the man to turn away from him lest his wrist break. Heero didn't pause, but shoved Wufei up against the brick wall, face first. He took a moment to hope that he marked the other man's face more than he had hurt Duo's, then he growled in the man's ear. "Had enough yet?" He held Wufei against the wall with his body, never letting up the pressure on his twisted wrist. Wufei's other arm was trapped between the wall and his body, and Heero could feel him struggling to free it.

"Fuck you," Wufei growled. "Why are you bothering? He's just a slut."

That was the wrong thing to say to Heero. His adrenaline was flowing and he was protecting someone he most probably loved. He grabbed a handful of Wufei's glossy black hair and wrenched the man's head back, twisting it painfully to the side. He felt the other man cry out and struggle, trying to get his hand free. "I think you need to apologize," Heero said, pushing him harder against the wall. "You don't want to fuck with me." Wufei was good, Heero could tell that, but in this case his own combination of muscles and agility had made him a superior fighter. And he wasn't intimidated. Wufei, for once in his life, was overpowered.

Wufei didn't get it, though. He struggled more, convinced if he could get his hand free he could win. "I told you to apologize, asshole," snapped Heero, pushing the other man's arm up higher on his back. At this rate, either the wrist would snap soon (if he didn't stop fighting it) or Wufei's shoulder would dislocate (the more probable option). Heero really didn't care which. He could see that Wufei's face was already scratched badly enough to bleed. Hopefully it would scar.

"I..." gasped Wufei, still trying to struggle, "I'm sorry," he said quietly, and went limp.

Heero was suspicious, but relaxed his grip slightly. He couldn't hold Wufei like this all night. His suspicions were correct.

Suddenly, Wufei's trapped hand was free, and he used it to push back from the wall, knocking Heero off balance as he brought his elbow back into Heero's stomach.

Heero dimly heard Duo's gasp as he doubled over, trying to maintain the hold he had on Wufei's arm. Instinctively, he ducked his head down to protect his face, and pushed up with all his strength on the arm he still held, twisting it savagely. They all heard the distinct crack, and Wufei slumped to the ground.

"Bastard!" hissed Wufei, rolling over and trying to get up with only one working arm.

Heero wasn't sure what part of the other man's arm had given way, and he didn't particularly care. He was past playing fair, so he delivered a sharp kick to Wufei's groin. This time the Chinese man doubled over in pain, and Heero grabbed his hair, wrenching the pain-twisted face up to him. "You feel that? That pain?" Heero wasn't waiting for an answer. "That's nothing compared to what you're going to feel if you *ever* come near Duo or me again." Heero knew this type of person, who only respected threats and shows of strength. "Got it?" He let go of the black hair, and pushed Wufei over. The man didn't move much, encased in a world of his own pain. Heero looked up at Duo, who was standing against the wall, looking pale. "I'm sorry you had to see that, Duo."

Duo rushed over to him. "Sorry? I'm the one who should apologize for getting you into this situation! Are you ok?"

"Just a few scratches, nothing much," Heero answered truthfully. He spared a glance at the huddled man on the ground. "He'll be fine, too. No permanent damage. I can't promise that next time, though. If there is a next time."

"Oh, Heero..." Duo picked up his bag from where he had dropped it.

"Let's go home, Duo," Heero said with satisfaction.

Continued in part 12