Title: Bending the Rules -- part 12
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, angst

* * * * * * * * * * *

Trowa and Quatre finally made it back to Trowa's apartment. Trowa was sure they were going to be thrown off the bus before they got to his stop. They couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other. Quatre had suggested Trowa's place because his own apartment wasn't much more than one room, and his "bed" was a waterbed mattress on the floor. Once, Duo had sat on it when Quatre was on the other side, and even the slim Duo had caused the smaller blond to fairly catapult off the bed and halfway across the room. It wasn't exactly made for energetic sex, and that was what Quatre intended on doing with Trowa. All night. He told Trowa this repeatedly, outlining the many and various things he wanted to show the taller boy. Trowa just smiled and ran a hand up and down the other boy's leg. The bus ride seemed to take an eternity.

Finally, they reached the stop, and they made it into the apartment without incident. It wasn't easy trying to unlock the door with a very eager Quatre rubbing insistently against him, but finally they were in the apartment. They were alone. And Quatre was all over him.

Quatre had been hard since about 15 minutes after they had finished in the park, and he craved more. Trowa was so damn sexy, just one look at him in those tight jeans was enough to make his mouth water. He kissed the taller man hard, pulling at the green t-shirt Trowa wore. He needed to see the other man's body, all of it. "Take if off," he pleaded. He had to see if Trowa's body looked as good as it felt.

Trowa smiled and stepped back, pulling off his shirt quickly. The way the small blond looked at him was incredible; it made him feel like the sexiest man in the world. He dropped the shirt and started to unbutton his jeans. "Hurry, Trowa!" begged Quatre. The man had the most incredible body he'd ever seen, lean yet muscled and golden tanned. He watched avidly as Trowa wiggled out of his tight jeans. Even though they had had sex, he hadn't seen Trowa naked yet. Now he was, and the blond almost moaned at the sight. Trowa was perfect. Hard, lean, sleek, aroused male... perfection.

"Your turn," Trowa smiled, enjoying the way the blond was looking at him. He watched as Quatre undressed smoothly and very quickly; soon he was feasting his eyes on creamy ivory skin, a lithe form and a very hard cock. "You're perfect," he breathed, and took the other boy into his arms. Erections pressed against hot skin, hands touching everywhere, and Quatre pressed his mouth to Trowa's. He plunged his tongue into Trowa's mouth, and rocked his hips against the other man. He pulled back, panting.

"Trowa," he asked, aqua eyes sparkling. "How about a shower, together?"

"Sounds perfect," moaned Trowa, thinking of how a wet, slick Quatre would feel in his arms. He led the blond to the bathroom, and he turned on the water. Quatre pulled him in. It wasn't a large shower, just a small tub/shower combination, but they didn't need much room. The water cascaded over them both, washing away the stickiness of their earlier encounter and making their passion rise higher.

"Oh, Trowa," moaned Quatre, sliding wet flesh against the other boy, hands moving everywhere. He sank to his knees. He wanted to taste Trowa.

Trowa gasped as he realized what the blond meant to do; he buried his hand in wet blond locks as that pink mouth approached his arousal. Then Quatre was taking him in, licking and sucking and caressing his balls, and he cried out. Quatre looked like an angel, blond and innocent, but this angel was on his knees sucking cock. Trowa thought he might lose his mind. He finally had to stop the blond. He was too close. "Quatre... want to be inside you..."

"Mmm," smiled Quatre. He loved sucking Trowa's arousal, but he loved a hard cock inside him even more. "Anything you want, Trowa."

Trowa moaned again as Quatre stood, getting a handful of shampoo and coating his erection. Then the blond turned around, bracing himself against the wall, and spread his legs. "Like this?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Oh god yes," groaned Trowa, still unable to believe this was truly happening to him. He couldn't seem to get enough of Quatre. He was sure he never would.

"Take me, Trowa," begged Quatre, and Trowa couldn't hold back. He braced himself with one hand on the wall above the blond's shoulder, and guided his aching cock to the waiting entrance with his free hand. He gasped as he slid into the hot tightness.

"Oh Quatre..." he moaned, trying not to thrust in too quickly.

"Yes..." sighed the blond, trying to impale himself more fully in Trowa's invading cock.

Then he was fully inside Quatre, and he had to pause, breathless, to get control of himself.

"Hurry, pound me, please," begged Quatre, and Trowa couldn't resist. He pulled out, and slid back in, quickly building up a rhythm that was perfect. The blond boy's moans and gasps encouraged him, and he was soon gripping the slim hips, trying to go deeper, harder. "Oh, Trowa... you're so good..."

Trowa bit his lip; Quatre's body gripped him, caressed his length, drove him insane. He felt like he needed to possess the other boy, over and over. He couldn't think of anything, or anyone, he'd rather be doing. He knew he was head over heels. He slipped a hand down to stroke Quatre's erection, and the blond's screams increased.

Quatre pressed back, lost in sensation, pounded from within and stroked perfectly. He knew he was losing it; he couldn't hold back any longer. "Trowa!" he cried, and climaxed harder than ever before in his life. He was crying, sobbing, calling the other boy's name as he released; he never wanted it to end.

The taller boy felt Quatre's tightness increase; he felt the cock in his hand pulse. The sound of the blond calling his name in passion pushed him over the edge, nearly as devastating as the sweet body that gripped him. He filled the blond as he gasped his name. "Oh Quatre," he called out, more quietly than the blond but no less captivated. "Love you..."

Hearing Trowa's declaration, Quatre leaned back against his lover. "Love you too," he whispered, nearly hoarse from his screams.

They held each other for long moments before rousing themselves to finish the shower and dry themselves off. Trowa bundled Quatre up in a towel and carried the small blond out of the bathroom.

"You know," giggled Quatre, "We still haven't got to the bed..."

Trowa groaned.


Treize's fingers still moved in and out of Zechs, and the blond was arching up against them. He spread his legs wider, unable to believe how good it felt. His cock twitched, arousal already returning, and he found he wanted nothing more than to feel the other man deep inside him. "Please, Treize," he gasped. "Take me."

"Are you sure?" the older man purred. "We have all night..."

"No! I mean yes, I'm sure, and I don't want to wait, and please please do it now!" Zechs begged, his body aching. Surely Treize wanted this as much as he did... "Don't you want me?" he asked.

Treize withdrew his fingers carefully and kneeled between the blond's legs, looking down at him. "I want you more than I have wanted anything, ever. I want nothing more in the world than to slide my cock into you and fuck you until you scream my name." He reached down to smooth lube on his own cock, and Zechs couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight of Treize touching himself. "But you have to be sure. I would die rather than hurt you, or do something you don't want."

"Treize," moaned Zechs, "I am so ready. If you don't fuck me now, I *will* die. You don't want that on your conscience, do you?"

The older man laughed, a deep honeyed sound that sent even more blood into Zechs' rising cock. "Well, then I suppose I have no choice, do I?" he said, and in one smooth movement he slid inside the blond.

Zechs gasped and arched as he felt Treize's arousal take him inch by inch. No pain, no discomfort, only perfect pleasure was his, and he abandoned himself to it. "Oh, yes..." he whispered, barely remembering how to speak. He forced his eyes open; he wanted to watch the handsome man making love to him. Because he knew it was more than sex. No one had made him feel this way, like the most special person in the world. He knew he had given himself to the right man. Treize leaned over, bracing himself with one hand, and kissed him long and hard, all the while thrusting slowly inside him.

"Zechs... god, you're incredible," Treize said when the kiss ended, and just the sound of the other man's sensual voice thick with passion sent a thrill through him. "I could do this forever..."

"Please, yes, more," was all Zechs could say as Treize built up speed. This was so much better than anything he could have imagined, so different from the first time he had done this that it hardly seemed like the same act. He truly felt like this was his first time. The hot length inside him caressed his inner walls, and with every stroke his passion rose. "Treize..."

Zechs loved the look of need on Treize's face, knowing he had put it there. He tightened his muscles, and watched as the older man's face twisted, and his breathing sped up. He did it again, and the older man moaned.

"God, Zechs," Treize groaned. "If you don't stop that, I'll lose control." He kept driving into the blond, faster and deeper each time.

He wanted to make Treize lose control, Zechs realized. He squeezed again, and Treize made a noise that sounded like a growl and made him moan just to hear it. "Treize... harder... please..."

"Zechs..." he gasped, "No one... had ever made me feel... so much..." Treize was panting now, stroking faster inside Zechs. "Want to... give you everything..." With that, he reached between them and wrapped his hand around the blond's arousal.

"Oh Treize!" cried the blond, unable to believe it could get even better, but it had. Treize stroked his cock quickly, and he arched up, feeling his completion coming closer.

Treize drove deeper into him as he stroked faster, and Zechs lost it. He cried out as his body tensed, and he was coming again, all over his stomach, and he was screaming Treize's name, and he nearly lost consciousness. He looked up to see Treize watching him, clearly holding back, waiting for him, then the man's mouth dropped open, eyes closing, and Zechs felt the hot seed fill him, and his name sounded perfect coming from those lips, and he knew he needed to hear it forever.

Treize pulled gently out of Zechs, and lay carefully next to him. "That's the way it's supposed to be, Zechs," he whispered, kissing him softly. "Every time."

Zechs smiled and snuggled against his new lover, content to stay in his arms forever.

Continued in part 13