Title: Bending the Rules -- part 3
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

* * * * * * * * * * *

Luckily, there was a coffee shop nearby, and Zechs collapsed at a table while Trowa and Heero stood in line. "I'm not moving," he announced.

"Fine," Heero laughed, and he and Trowa got the coffees. The three sat, drinking their coffee, recovering from the yoga class. Heero and Trowa were relatively quiet, their minds on their new interests. Neither felt they could discuss it with their friends, but they also couldn't think about anything else. Zechs sensed his friends' minds were elsewhere. He figured what Trowa was thinking about, but he wasn't sure about Heero. After trying to start several topics of conversation, he gave up and let his eyes stray around the caf´┐Ż, idly looking at the people there. He loved to watch people. A shock ran through him as his eyes locked with another man, who was looking back at him. He automatically averted his eyes, mildly embarrassed at being caught staring at people, and realized the man had been very handsome, dressed in business attire. He waited a moment, then couldn't resist. He had to look again. The man was still looking at him. Zechs allowed a small smile, and didn't look away. The man smiled back, and nodded slightly. Zechs felt a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach; suddenly he felt much better. In fact, he felt the need to get a refill...

"I'll be right back," announced the blond man, and was heading for the counter before Heero and Trowa could react.

The two men looked at each other and shrugged, then returned to their respective reveries.

Zechs walked up to the counter, waiting for the person to help him. He wasn't sure what this would accomplish, but at least this way he could catch the other man's eye on the way back to the table. Or maybe... he sensed a presence behind him just as he was getting his refill. He turned around, but didn't realize that there was someone that close to him. He was startled; though he wanted to meet the gorgeous man, he hadn't expected him to... The coffee started to slip out of his hand and he tightened his grip; too much, and he crushed the cup accidentally. Zechs watched as if in slow motion as the coffee spilled out... directly onto the man's immaculate white dress shirt.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" Zechs blushed as he realized he had just ruined the shirt of the man he had been admiring earlier, no doubt ruining any hypothetical chance he had with him. The man was probably furious. He didn't want to look at the man's face, didn't want to see how angry he was at him. He finally raised his eyes, and was stunned to see the man was smiling at him. Zechs stood still for a long moment, drowning in blue eyes, before he regained his senses, grabbing a towel from the person behind the counter. "I'm such an idiot! Let me get that for you, I'll pay for your dry cleaning of course..." Zechs realized he was babbling, and the other man hadn't said a word, was still smiling at him.

Finally, the man spoke. "It was well worth this shirt to get a chance to admire you from up close. If I may say, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen."

While Zechs was still speechless, and trying ineffectually to wipe the coffee off, the man caught his hands and the towel, holding them still against him. The man continued. "And here I thought you just had the most beautiful hair I had ever seen."

Uncharacteristically flustered, Zechs managed to say, "Th-thank you." He gazed up at the man, taking in his darker blue eyes, reddish brown hair and perfect features.

"Please," Treize said, looking deep into Zechs' eyes. "Please don't think I'm just trying to pick you up. I've never done anything like this before. I just saw you and... had to tell you how beautiful you are."

Zechs still didn't know how to react. "It's ok. I'm... not used to people saying things like that to me. Especially someone as handsome as you..." Then as if by it's own volition, his hand came up to rush a stray lock of hair out of the man's eyes.

They stared at each other for a long moment, then out of the corner of his eye he saw Trowa, staring out the window. A feeling of guilt stabbed through him. Here he was, flirting with this man, right in front of Trowa. Not that they had anything exclusive, but... he did care for his friend. He said, "I should go..."

Treize could see the blond was about to flee. "Wait, please? Can I give you my card? I'd love to take you out to dinner sometime... just call, any time, ok?" And he pressed a card into Zechs' hand, hoping the beautiful man wouldn't throw it away. Obviously he was skittish for a reason.

"I'll... I'll think about it," Zechs said, then fled back to the table.


Heero walked into his apartment after wishing Zechs and Trowa goodnight. He and Trowa lived in the same apartment building. That was how the three of them had gotten to know each other; Heero had worked with Zechs, as an architect, before he had discovered his affinity for computers, and moved onto computer-based graphic design. Zechs had come over to his apartment for dinner one night, and Trowa had dropped by, and they had all seemed to hit it off. Heero could have afforded a nicer apartment, but he hated to move, hated change. He liked to keep things the way they were. Which made today all the more ridiculous. One yoga class, and he was ready to turn his life upside down? What was he thinking? Obviously he wasn't thinking with his brain, as he realized the mere thought of Duo was bringing on a tingly feeling that Heero knew meant forthcoming arousal. His mind may have been confused, but his body was having no problem. Heero decided that some hard exercise might pound this idea out of him, so he decided to do some boxing practice.

One of the benefits of living more cheaply than you could afford was that he was able to use the extra money to outfit the second bedroom as quite a nice gym. He had a complete multi-station weight set-up, and a speed-bag/punching bag combination in the corner. He set up for the speed bag, and did some quick stretches before trying to take out his frustration with a long series of lightning-fast punches at the bag. He had been a boxing champion in college, and he liked to keep it up. Practicing usually cleared his mind, and hitting things also lessened any frustration he might be feeling. Usually. His mind strayed back to the beautiful boy he had met today. He wasn't gay, was he? He had had girlfriends, not many, but a few. He had stopped the relationships when he felt they were getting serious; he cared for them, but there was always something missing. He figured he would know when he met the right person, that fireworks would go off or something. He hadn't really thought much about it lately; work had consumed him, and he had let it. Well, now he was seeing fireworks, but it wasn't quite the way he planned. The last two relationships he had had included sex, but it was the girl who had instigated it. He just figured he didn't have that high of a sex drive; he really didn't see what the big deal was. It was enjoyable, but nothing earthshaking; he could take it or leave it, really. Relationships seemed more trouble than they were worth. Now a tiny voice in Heero's head was telling him that maybe this was the reason why. Maybe he was attracted to men and not women.

Heero moved onto pounding the heavy bag. This was ridiculous; he wasn't gay! Wouldn't he have known it by now? He was 24, after all. He tried to think about it; the idea of two men together didn't bother him. He had never really considered it. But then his thoughts turned back to Duo; his long, lithe body, his tight ass, his long flowing hair... and he started to get hard again, despite the workout he was doing. Fuck. This was not a good sign. He had never had this kind of automatic reaction to a woman. He threw down his gloves in disgust with himself. What was he going to do about this situation? Maybe if he didn't go back for another yoga class, the feelings would go away... but he found himself longing to see Duo again, already. He just didn't know what to do about it. He decided to give up on the workout; he couldn't concentrate anymore, anyway. The more he thought about Duo, the harder he got.

He took a quick shower, hoping the water would wash away the arousal as well as the sweat; but it did no good. He finished his shower as hard as when he had started. He toweled himself off, trying to avoid touching his hard cock, but it was too much temptation. The ache begged to be touched. He walked naked to his bedroom and lay down on top of the covers, staring at the ceiling but only seeing violet eyes and long chestnut hair. He sighed and dropped his hand to his erection.

He felt strange doing this; he hadn't really masturbated since he was a teenager. He felt slightly embarrassed, until he wrapped his hand around his hard length, stroking up and down a couple of times. Then he moaned involuntarily. The image of Duo intensified; he pictured the man bent over in front of him, long legs apart, hair brushing the ground. He pumped faster; now he pictured Duo stripping off his shirt, kneeling in front of him, touching him... he was thrusting up into his hand now, and his cock was wet with desire. He ran his thumb over the tip, spreading the moisture, pumping faster. His inexperienced mind couldn't provide him with many more images, but the picture of Duo in front of him, and the memory of his soft touches, were all Heero needed. He squeezed more tightly and pumped even faster; his breath was harsh in his own ears and he felt a tightening in his lower stomach. Then the tightening released; he heard himself cry out as if it were someone else, and agonizing pleasure exploded from his cock. He pumped once more, then just felt, as he coated his hand and stomach with his need. It seemed to go on forever, and behind his closed eyes all he could see was Duo.


Trowa and Zechs sat in Trowa's apartment. Heero thought the blond man had gone home, but he hadn't. He felt like Treize's card was burning a hole in his pocket and he really felt he should say something to Trowa about it. He watched the other man as he made them some tea, and he just couldn't say it.

Trowa was lost in thought himself. All he could think of was the petite blond. Then his eyes would come to rest on the longhaired blond on his couch, and guilt lanced through him. He should tell Zechs, tell the man he had met someone. But he hadn't, really, had he? He had never even spoken to Quatre. But he intended to. Soon. But maybe it was just too soon to say anything about it.

Trowa sat down on the couch beside Zechs, handing him a mug.

"Thanks," said Zechs, and they sat next to each other, contemplating the tea. He took a sidelong glance at Trowa. The boy was definitely sexy; he still got hard watching that lithe body of his and that cute ass. In fact, he was getting aroused even now. But his thoughts were confused. He had always dreamed of an older prince who would sweep him off his feet; what if Treize was that man? They had spoken only briefly; but he couldn't get the man's blue eyes out of his mind. But here he was, sitting next to a pretty green-eyed boy, and he was hard... he didn't want Trowa to think something was wrong. In the past, they would have been all over each other already, cooling tea forgotten. He turned to Trowa.

Trowa let his eyes travel lazily over his companion. For the past year or so they had taken care of each other's physical needs while remaining good friends. He didn't want to lose that, not over someone that may not even be interested in him. But what if Quatre was the one? The one he was destined to spend the rest of his life with? Was he ready to take that chance? And here was Zechs next to him, his friend and a very sexy man, who knew what he liked. What was wrong with them fulfilling each other's desires? Thinking of desires made him glance at the blond's crotch; sure enough, Zechs was aroused, and that knowledge went straight to his own cock as well. He looked up to meet azure eyes that twinkled with lust. He smiled in return, setting his mug down and closing the distance between them.

As it always was with Trowa and Zechs, no foreplay was needed; they knew just what they liked and what buttons to push. They melted into each other, knocking the cushions off the couch and wrestling sensually. Their mouths locked, heat washing over them both, and they began to strip off each other's clothing. Soon there was nothing left between them, and their hot skin and rock hard erections rubbed deliciously together. Moaning and panting, they rocked together until Trowa ended up on top. He gave Zechs one last kiss before turning quickly around, straddling Zechs' head with his legs and positioning his own mouth near the blond's cock.

Zechs moaned, licking his lips and reaching up to grasp the offered cock. He gasped when he felt Trowa's teasing tongue on his hardness. This position was one of his favorites; they both got what they wanted this way. He used his free hand to stuff a pillow under his head to position himself correctly; then he went to work on the hard flesh in front of him. He swirled his tongue over the wet tip; he loved the taste of Trowa's excitement. He felt Trowa's mouth start to envelop him and he tried not to thrust up too quickly.

Trowa groaned as he felt the blond lick him; Zechs really was too good with that mouth. His mind suddenly filled with images of doing this with Quatre; he realized that since he couldn't see the other man's face it was all too easy to imagine he was with the smaller blond instead. This filled him with guilt yet at the same time his desire grew higher; his conflicting emotions made him moan around Zechs' cock as his own grew even harder.

At almost the same time, Zechs' passion made him think of Treize... imagining it was his cock pulsing in his mouth, as he was pleasuring the older man's hard cock... His desire rose higher as he lost himself in that fantasy... wondering what Treize's smooth voice would sound like moaning in ecstasy, wondering what his mouth would feel like on him... he couldn't help but imagine it was the older man's cock in his mouth.

Both men sped up, feeling their own climax approach and wanting to take their companion with them. Expertly they licked and sucked each other; guilt at what they were thinking drowned out by pleasure.

Trowa lost it first; his mouth was full, so he couldn't warn Zechs, but the blond knew all too well. As the brown-haired man filled his mouth with hot salty passion, the moans his climax produced sent Zechs over the edge as well. He arched up into Trowa's mouth, groaning as he swallowed, visions of Treize filling his mind.

Trowa swallowed, licking his lips as he released the cock in his mouth, a picture of the sweet blond boy still in his mind as he moved off Zechs. Zechs lay back, unwilling to move, as the tremors of completion subsided. Finally, he moved so that Trowa could sit beside him, and they held each other, not talking.


Duo walked into his small apartment, hands full with his yoga bag and a shopping bag full of groceries. He kicked the door shut behind him and fumbled for the light switch. He cursed, he couldn't find it. Then the light went on, and Duo thought he'd hit the switch after all, but then it sank in that it wasn't the hall light that went on, but the living room light. A sinking feeling hit his stomach and he let the bags slide from his hands. He walked forward, fear gripping him.

"Who's there?" he demanded, trying not to sound as scared as he felt.

There was no answer, and Duo walked further into the living room. He repeated himself, and finally there was a familiar voice with an answer.

"Who else would it be?" The voice was arrogant and harsh. "You have that many men in here besides me that you have to check ID's?"

"Wufei," Duo said, looking down at the Chinese boy on his couch. "I thought you went to Chicago."

"I did. It bored me. I came back," the dark-haired man said lazily, getting up to walk toward Duo. He was dressed all in immaculate white, just like he always did. He always said it made him look more dramatic. Duo had to agree. He looked incredible; the white tank top showed that he had been working out, and the cruel line of his mouth and those dark eyes sent shivers through Duo still. Shivers of fear that will still mixed with lust. The Chinese man was exotic, and gorgeous, and dangerous, and Duo had thought he was out of his life forever. Apparently not.

"Why are you here?" demanded Duo, trying not to let Wufei affect him. It had been six months, and Duo had thought he was safe.

"I came to see you, of course, beautiful," Wufei said, stepping closer, managing to sound hurt while no emotion touched his eyes. Duo used to find those eyes intoxicating. Now, though, they were overlaid in his mind with a pair of equally exotic yet infinitely warmer cobalt blue eyes.

Duo tried not to wince when Wufei raised a hand and brought it to his face. "You didn't answer my question," he said softly, running his fingers along the other boy's cheek.

"W-what question?" Duo said, hating the way his voice came out as a squeak. He could smell the liquor on Wufei's breath.

"I said," Wufei drawled, moving his hand back and burying it in Duo's hair, pulling him hard against him. Duo whimpered softly and shut his eyes. "How many men have you had in here since I've been gone?"

Duo opened his eyes and looked into cold onyx. "None," he said as defiantly as he could manage.

Wufei didn't move, didn't release Duo. He just raised one eyebrow at Duo's statement. "Really now? Were you waiting for me, then?" The voice that Duo had always thought was so sexy only sounded cold now.

"No, I wasn't," Duo said more strongly. The spell that Wufei had held over him was beginning to break; broken by a pair of clear cobalt eyes. "It's none of your business any more, anyway."

Wufei laughed then, a laugh that sent shivers up and down Duo's spine. But he released the other boy's hair, stepping back from him. "Yes, you're right, aren't you, Duo?" he said in a voice that sounded slightly mocking to the other boy. "I was the one who left. I left you," he repeated.

Duo tried not to breathe his sigh of relief too obviously as the Chinese boy stepped back. "Yes, that's right." He looked at Wufei, then said carefully, "So why are you here then?"

"So suspicious," laughed Wufei, walking behind Duo, looking at him from every angle. Duo thought he could feel those eyes touching him everywhere. "Maybe I just missed you," he said, stopping behind the other boy, coming closer, stopping only inches from Duo. "You look good," he breathed in Duo's ear, leaning close.

Duo closed his eyes, willing himself to be strong, willing himself to remember Heero, the man who had captivated him today. Then he felt Wufei's body against him, pressing up behind him, his heat and obvious arousal burning him. "Stop," he said.

"Stop what, Duo?" Wufei said softly. "I'm not doing anything. Yet." Then he brought his hands up, running then down the front of the other boy's body, touching him everywhere.

"I said, stop," whispered Duo, but against his will, his body reacted to the other boy's touch. Wufei knew exactly what he liked, how Duo liked to be touched. And god, Wufei was still so sexy...

"Your mouth may say no, beautiful," Duo shuddered at the pet name, that Wufei used to call him before he got very angry. "But your body says yes." He ran his hand over the bulge in the front of Duo's pants. He buried his face in Duo's long hair, breathing deep. "God, I missed you..."

Duo stood still, trembling, willing his traitorous body to behave. "Stop, Wufei." And he moved the other boy's hands away, and stepped away from him. "You need to leave now."

Wufei smirked, mouth twisted in a cruel smile. "Oh, I get it. One of your boyfriends is probably on his way over, right, you little slut? I bet you had them lining up outside the door as soon as I was gone."

Duo shook his head in denial. "No, that's not true and you know it. Now leave."

Wufei's smile disappeared as if it had never been. "Ok, Duo, I'll go." He stepped close to the other boy once more. "But you'll come crawling back to me." Then he was gone.

Continued in part 4