Title: Bending the Rules -- part 4
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

* * * * * * * * * * *

Monday was the longest day of Heero's life, he was sure of it. Every time he looked at the clock, it seemed only 5 minutes had passed. He was certain his clock was broken. He was getting no work at all done. All he could think about was the yoga class tonight. He was scared to death. Scared not of Duo, but of his new feelings for the young man. He had asked Trowa and Zechs to come with him to the class tonight, but they were both busy. He would have to face his fears alone. But never once did it enter his head not to go. He needed to see Duo again; needed to see him so much it frightened him. He found he was aching not just with desire but with longing. He had no idea how he was going to handle seeing him again, without embarrassing himself. Maybe his feelings wouldn't be as intense...

The day finally ended, and he went home to change before heading for the yoga center.


Zechs was also getting no work done today. He had Treize's business card sitting out on his desk, and his eyes kept drifting back toward it. Treize Khushrenada. Even the name was sexy. He finally picked it up, running his fingers over the embossed letters, picturing the handsome man and those burning eyes. Would it hurt if he just called? Before he could stop himself, he picked up the phone and dialed the number. He half hoped that voice mail would pick up, so he wouldn't have to talk to him... but on the third ring, the man's unmistakably sensuous voice spoke.

"This is Treize Khushrenada."

Suddenly Zechs went blank, couldn't think of a thing to say. "Uh... hi, you probably don't remember me, but we met in the caf´┐Ż the other day..." Zechs suddenly realized the man didn't even know his name. He felt foolish. Treize probably didn't even remember him...

"The gorgeous longhaired blond? How could I ever forget you?" Treize said immediately.

Zechs felt himself blush. Apparently Treize told the truth about not giving out his number often; he had known exactly who he was. Before he could speak again, Treize continued.

"I'm so glad you called. I couldn't stop thinking about you," he purred.

"Really?" Zechs exclaimed. "I mean, I've been thinking about you too." He almost felt silly having this conversation, but the other man's silky voice was too wonderful to describe.

"You have?" Treize replied. "Does that mean you've decided to go out with me?"

"I... I..." Zechs stammered. This man had such an effect on him... "Are you always this fast?"

Treize laughed, and the sensual sound went right down Zechs' spine, right to his libido. He needed to hear that again and again. "Only when I see someone so incredibly perfect I must pursue him." Treize paused. "Actually, never before."

Zechs laughed. "Well, how could I refuse someone as eloquent as you?"

"Does that mean you'll go out to dinner with me?" Treize said hopefully.

Zechs took a deep breath, suspecting that due to how much he was attracted to the man already that it would be more than dinner, and said, "Yes."

"Wonderful!" exclaimed Treize. "How about tonight?"

"Tonight?" replied Zechs, taken aback.

"Why not?" Treize soothed. "I don't want you to change your mind... and I could get us reservations at La Parisienne."

"The new French restaurant downtown?" exclaimed Zechs. "It's supposed to be booked solid for a month."

"I know someone," Treize said offhandedly. "Seven ok?"

"Um..." Zechs hesitated, then decided to take the plunge. "Why not?"

"Perfect. Where shall I pick you up?"

Zechs gave him the address of his office, then they said goodbye. He hung up the phone, heart pounding and a feeling of anticipation filling him.


Trowa was also watching the clock. He hadn't been able to get the petite blond out of his head, and he also knew exactly where Quatre would be tonight. He had never even considered deliberately running into someone and making it look like coincidence; it sounded stalker-like to him. But he also couldn't get Quatre's image out of his mind. He finally decided. He would just go have a drink at the bar, and hope for a glimpse of the other man. Quatre would never even notice him, and Trowa could obsess a bit more. Zechs was busy tonight, so he had nothing better to do...

The end of shift signal sounded, and Trowa grabbed his jacket. He was going to do it.


Heero walked into the yoga center, dressed as before in tank top and spandex. He had considered wearing something else, something less revealing in case Duo affected him again, but there was really nothing else in his wardrobe that was appropriate. He wore the spandex shorts for all the other exercise activities he did, and he had several pairs. He left the shirt untucked, though. It wasn't really long enough, but it would have to do. He made his way to the same studio as before, glancing in the window to make sure he was in the right place. He was treated to a sight that made his heart race; Duo, dressed like before in a low-slung pair of pants and a tight t-shirt that left his stomach bare. Heero was once again drawn to the long lean lines of Duo's body; he could see muscles shifting under the creamy skin but they were long and smooth and unlike his own. Heero was especially fascinated by Duo's stomach, and how the silky skin disappeared into the low pants... he dared to let his eyes stray lower, and tried to imagine what the other man wore underneath. He dragged his eyes back up, and nearly jumped with shock; Duo was looking at him, looking at his reflection in the mirror he stood in front of. Heero had been caught staring and nearly drooling over another man. He felt his cheeks flush, but couldn't look away as Duo smiled at him, then bent completely backwards, placing his hands flat on the floor behind him with no apparent effort, still smiling at Heero from his upside down position. Heero could only stare as the man's shirt rode up even more, exposing more luscious skin, pulling his beautiful body taut.

Heero shook himself out of his near-trance with effort, wondering how he could manage to go into the class now. But he couldn't stay away from Duo either, so when Duo righted himself gracefully and motioned for him to come in, Heero went as if pulled by a string.

Duo laughed to himself; he hoped he wasn't wrong about the gorgeous man. But Duo would bet everything he had, which wasn't much, that he had been checking him out. He felt a thrill of anticipation run through him, almost erasing the worry about Wufei being back in town. "Hello, Heero!" he called across the room, smiling. "I'm so glad you decided to come back!" He wished he could tell the handsome man just how glad he was, or, better yet, show him...

Heero blushed some more, amazed that the beautiful man remembered his name. He was frightened yet exhilarated at the same time, a combination that before now he would have flatly said was impossible. He had no idea how to read Duo; was the longhaired man sending him signals or was he just being nice? "Hello," he said, as confidently as he could manage.

Duo wanted more than anything else to go over to Heero and talk to him, flirt with him, throw himself at him. But he had a class to teach... and it was time to begin. "Everyone ready?" he inquired, facing the class.

Heero nodded along with the rest of the participants. He glanced around and realized that this time he was the only male here. Apart from Duo, of course, his libido supplied helpfully. He didn't need reminding. He was trying to ignore the way his body felt about Duo's body so that he could do yoga. It wasn't easy.

They began with the same routine as before, and this time Heero followed it a bit better. He still couldn't get his head to touch his knees, however, but Duo assured the class that these things would become easier eventually, to not force it. Though Duo addressed the whole class, Heero felt sure it was aimed at him. No one else seemed to be having as much difficulty as he was.

Duo progressed to some more difficult moves, hoping he wasn't discouraging Heero with them. But he had a class to teach, and he had to try to concentrate. It wasn't easy, though, especially when Heero attempted certain positions. Though he may not have been doing them exactly right, Duo was certainly enjoying the view. The spandex hugged Heero's ass perfectly, and Heero's ass was nothing if not perfect.

Finally, the class ended, and the women filed out. Heero was still collapsed on the floor. Duo walked over to him and said with amusement, "You are very determined, Heero!"

Heero looked up at the longhaired man. "You make it look so easy," he complained.

"It can be easy," Duo said soothingly, "You just need to relax. You're too tense."

Heero almost snorted; he knew exactly why he was tense, and the reason was standing right next to him. "Easier said than done."

Duo kneeled beside Heero, taking a deep breath and giving in to temptation. "Can I help? I did offer you extra help if you wanted it, Heero." He indicated the empty room. "No one else is here, you don't have to be embarrassed. Just you and me. Let me help you."

Heero stared deep into violet eyes, almost drowning, knowing he should just get the hell out before he made even more of a fool of himself. But what he said was, "Ok."

Duo smiled then, and it was all worth it; Heero knew any amount of embarrassment was well worth a few more precious moments in the presence of the longhaired beauty.

They went through the moves again, but this time, Duo guided Heero, adjusting his arm here and his leg there. Duo tried not to linger too much, but the other man's muscles felt like steel, and he wanted to touch more. Above all, he wanted Heero to touch him back, wanted to feel that rock hard body pinning him to a bed. He leaned across, helping, and let his hair brush against Heero's arm.

Heero was fighting a losing battle with his hormones; Duo was so close, he could feel his heat, and the gentle teasing touches were driving him wild. Then Duo's hair brushed against him, and it felt like spun silk. Immediately, he thought of Duo riding him, hair flowing over them both... he lost his concentration and slipped to the mat. "Damn it!"

"It's ok," soothed Duo, putting one hand on Heero's shoulder. "Did you hurt yourself?"

"No, I'm fine," Heero answered. He rolled over, and looked up at Duo, who was kneeling beside him. He didn't realize his shirt was pulled up for a moment. He did realize he was fully hard, and glanced down involuntarily to see how obvious it was.

Duo's eyes traveled the length of Heero's body admiringly; he couldn't get enough of just staring at Heero. Then his eyes quickly returned to the other man's spandex; Heero was quite obviously, and unmistakably, aroused.

At the same time, Heero realized he was exposed, and Duo had noticed. He sat up, looked at the beautiful boy's face, and violet eyes looked back at him, confused. "Heero?"

The cobalt-eyed man dropped his gaze quickly, his cheeks blazing, wishing he were anywhere else but here. "I'm sorry," he said miserably.

Duo grinned. "Well, I'm not," he said flirtatiously as he looked again at the bulging spandex. "I'm flattered."

Heero looked up quickly, to see if Duo was laughing at him. "I... I've never..."

"It's ok, Heero," Duo whispered, unable to believe his luck. He leaned closer.

Heero opened his mouth as if to say something, but the proximity of Duo drove him to lean forward, closing the distance, and he did it before he lost his nerve. He pressed his lips to Duo's, quickly, fleetingly. Then he pulled back, his hand going to his lips, shocked at himself for what he had done. "I'm sorry!" he cried out. His lips burned, burned with need to feel Duo's soft mouth again.

Duo was amazed. "It's ok! Oh, Heero!" And this time he kissed Heero, pulling the other man's hand out of the way, pressing his parted lips firmly against his.

For a long moment, Heero didn't move, just felt. Duo's lips felt like hot silk, and he felt like he was falling. Then he parted his lips slightly, and brought one hand up tentatively, touching Duo's hair softly. He felt the other man moan softly into his mouth, and suddenly the enormity of what he was doing came crashing down on him. He was kissing another man! This couldn't be happening. He pulled back, unable to think. He panicked, scrambling back onto his feet, staring down at Duo. Another man. A beautiful, sexy man... but a man!

"Heero?" Duo looked up at him. Shit, he was spooked, he'd pushed too far...

"I'm sorry!" Heero cried out again, stumbling backwards, grabbing for his bag, unable to tear his eyes away from the longhaired vision on the floor and the wounded look on his face. He turned and fled then, opening the door so hard that it bounced off the far wall with a loud crash, making Duo wince.

Heero rushed to his car, blindly, his pounding heart the only thing he could hear.

Continued in part 5