Title: Bending the Rules -- part 5
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU

* * * * * * * * * * *

Treize opened the car door and the restaurant door for Zechs. Zechs smiled nervously at the tall handsome man. So far, Treize had been the epitome of class and chivalry. He was dressed in a dark blue, perfectly tailored suit that set off his eyes perfectly and undoubtedly cost more than most people made in a month. But it wasn't ostentatious, just perfect, like everything else about Treize, Zechs mused. I really could get used to this, he thought to himself, as Treize held the chair for him.

Treize sighed as he seated himself across from Zechs. "Would you mind if I told you that you are the most incredibly beautiful man I have ever seen in my life?" he said, gazing at the blond in the candlelight.

Definitely could get used to this, decided Zechs, as he tried not to blush. "I... don't mind," he stammered. He looked down at the menu in his hands, trying to think of something intelligent to say. The menu was extensive, but it was also in French, and didn't even have any prices on it. Zechs had no clue. He was educated and intelligent, but he was definitely out of his league tonight.

Fortunately, Treize seemed to understand Zechs' discomfiture. He reached across the linen-covered tablecloth and lightly touched the blond's hand. "Would you like me to order for you? You can just tell me what you like. And if you don't like something, we'll try something else." He paused, grinning at Zechs. "Don't let them intimidate you. Most of the waiters here don't even speak French. The first time I came here, I ordered in French, and then asked a question, and the poor man had no clue."

Zechs couldn't help but laugh, relaxing somewhat. "Ok, that seems like a good idea. I like chicken, mainly."

"Ok, we can certainly handle that!" declared Treize, and he studied the menu. "I'm a red meat kind of guy myself," he went on, flashing the blond an evil smirk as he continued, "the more raw, the better."

Zechs looked up and got caught in an intense blue gaze. Zechs had no problem figuring out that Treize would rather eat him than the food. The blond let himself think about what it would be like to see his hard cock disappear into that mouth. He was already half-hard from being near the sexy man, and that thought was all it took to bring him to full arousal. He felt his face flush, but not from embarrassment. He tried to concentrate as Treize ordered, trying not to stare at those hands, wondering what they would feel like all over his body. He would be lucky to get through this meal without breaking or spilling something. Not only was he incredibly attracted to Treize, there was something about the man that made his stomach flutter, yet at the same time out him at his ease. It was an odd combination, but the blond man was already getting addicted to it.


Trowa had stopped by his apartment to shower and change before going to the restaurant. He still couldn't believe he was going to do it, actually go try to find Quatre. He had never done this before, never felt so strongly about someone that he went out of his way to see them. He changed into his nicest shirt, a deep green shirt that he had been told looked great on him, and a pair of black jeans. He ran a hand through his hair, but it refused to stay out of his eyes. He sighed, giving up, and drove to the restaurant.

He was lucky to find a parking place; the place was filling up fast. He went in, and indicated he was just going into the bar. He walked in, trying to adjust his eyes to the low lighting, so he could choose an appropriate place to sit. A place from which he could see the main restaurant, and hopefully, the small blond he sought. He chose a place at the bar itself; most of the tables were filled with businessmen talking loudly. He noted with satisfaction that he was seated within a few feet from the waiters came to get their drink orders. He would have a great spot if Quatre did indeed come in. What he would do if that happened he really didn't have a clue; he hadn't thought that far yet.

He ordered a beer, and settled down. He pretended to watch the game on the TV above the bar but he was really looking in the mirror, watching for Quatre. Then he saw a tousled blond head; Trowa was sure it was just wishful thinking, but the boy turned, and it was definitely him. Quatre had his side to him, talking to someone, and when he turned back to the bar, he had the most radiant smile on his face. Trowa saw that smile and lost his heart. This was it.


Duo sat where Heero had left him, kneeling on the mat. He could still feel Heero's lips on his, could still see the confused expression on the other man's face. How could he have been such an idiot?

Duo had no idea how long he sat there on the mat, just staring at the floor. He looked up, startled, as the door was flung open again. He half-hoped it was Heero; but it was Wufei, and Duo could instantly tell the other man was drunk again. The Chinese man swaggered in, smirking down at Duo.

"What do you want, Wufei?" sighed Duo. He was tired. Tired of being alone, and he knew that was dangerous around Wufei. The other man could sense weakness, and knew just how to get to Duo.

"You, of course, beautiful," purred Wufei, grabbing the longhaired boy and pulling him up roughly. "You look like you need company."

Duo stared into the cold black eyes and was filled with anger. How dare Heero reject him like that? He felt like shit, and no, he didn't feel like being alone. He wanted to punish Heero, even though the other man obviously didn't care what he did. Fuck it. He bit back his tears and said, "Take me home, Wufei."


Zechs found himself relaxing and really enjoying himself with Treize. He could almost forget he had only known the other man a very brief time. The meal was excellent, and Treize was witty and funny and sexy, and constantly complimenting him.

Treize took Zechs' hand gently, and said, "Can I be forward?" Zechs nodded, and the older man continued, "I've never met anyone like you, Zechs, who is equally as beautiful on the inside as the outside. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I... really want to see you again. Soon."

Zechs was stunned by Treize's admission. He had been thinking exactly the same thing. "Me too," he said. "You're too good to be true, Treize."

Treize's mouth curved into a sexy smile. "You don't know that yet, do you, gorgeous? Although I'd love to show you..."

Zechs blushed again. Treize affected him this way. He felt bold. "When?"

"Mmm," murmured Treize, tracing patterns on the back of the blond's hand. "Tomorrow night? My place? I'll fix you dinner, and then we can have dessert..." Treize trailed off, looking into Zechs' eyes to be sure he understood what he was asking.

"Sounds perfect," the blond replied, and a thrill ran through him. He hoped he could wait until tomorrow.

"I look forward to it," smiled Treize, motioning to the waiter for the check. "Unfortunately, I have an early meeting tomorrow so I must take you home now."

"That's fine," Zechs said. He glanced at his watch and was amazed at how late it had gotten. He excused himself to use the restroom.


Trowa's heart pounded as Quatre approached the bar. Now here was the boy he had wanted to see, and Trowa had no idea what to say that didn't sound stalker-like. Maybe he should just pretend he didn't see him... just stare down at the bar, and chicken out...

"Trowa?" a sweet voice exclaimed. "Is that you?"

Trowa's head shot up and he found that Quatre was standing right next to him, smiling delightedly at him. "It is you!"

Trowa was nearly speechless. How did the golden boy know his name? They had never spoken... "Hello," he managed.

"I'm Quatre, from the yoga class," explained the blond, thinking the taller boy didn't know who he was.

"I know," replied Trowa.

"Oh, you probably are wondering how I know your name," said Quatre, clapping a hand to his mouth. He lowered his voice, coming closer to Trowa. "I hope you don't think I'm like a stalker or anything," he giggled, "But I asked Duo about you! You are just so handsome..." He clutched at Trowa's bicep. Trowa was too stunned to reply at first, and Quatre went on. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to put you on the spot or anything! I just get carried away... If you're not interested, it's fine! I'm sorry if I presumed..."

Trowa found his voice at last. "Actually," he laughed, totally captivated by the sparkling aqua eyes, "I was the one stalking you. I overheard you saying you worked here and I came here deliberately."

Quatre looked astonished, then started to giggle. "We stalked each other!"

Quatre's grin was infectious, and Trowa found himself laughing too. "It looks that way."

Quatre looked around and said, "Look, I have to work late, but I'm off tomorrow. Want to go out?"

"Of course," replied Trowa, amazed at how easy this was.

"Great!" Quatre pressed a card into his hand. "Here's my number. Call me tomorrow, ok? Or I'll have to stalk you again!"

Then the blond was gone, picking up his drinks and wiggling his way back into the dining room. Trowa watched the cute ass until he was out of sight, then finished his drink in one gulp. He grinned to himself. Life was looking up...


Trowa stopped into the bathroom on his way out, still grinning to himself. The door had just swung shut behind him when he saw a familiar blond head bent over at the sink.

Trowa was stunned. "Zechs? What are you doing here?"

The blond man looked up in shock to see Trowa behind him. He spun around, feeling guilty already. "I'm... having dinner."

"With who, a client?" Trowa shook his head. This was his chance to come clean. He had to do it before he lost his nerve. Zechs deserved as much. "It doesn't matter, there's something I need to tell you, Zechs."

Zechs decided that he needed to tell Trowa the truth. "No, not a client. I need to be honest with you, Trowa."

Trowa felt impatient. "Will you please just let me finish? I know we never said we'd be exclusive, but I still feel you have a right to know. I... I've met someone else." It was Zechs' turn to be stunned. "You have? I mean, um, have too... I'm having dinner with him... and I think he's 'The One.'"

Trowa wasn't really paying attention to Zechs, and just wanted to get his admission out. "He was in that damn yoga class. I feel terrible but there's just something... wait. What?" Zechs was still processing what Trowa was saying. "Yoga class? Who? The longhaired guy? The instructor?" Trowa was now really distracted. "Huh? No. The blond. What did you say?" Zechs repeated. "I said I met someone! Someone really special! What blond?" Trowa felt like they were having two conversations at once. "Who is he? The cute one... with the most amazing aqua eyes and the cutest pout... the angel." "I don't remember anyone like that," Zechs replied. "Then again, I was probably thinking about Treize.... tall, dark and handsome Treize..." Zechs sighed wistfully.

Trowa suddenly started laughing. "Wow. We've both got it pretty bad huh?" Zechs was laughing too. "So you're not upset? I wanted to say something before.... I'm so happy for you though!"

Trowa said. "Oh I'm happy for you too! I'm sorry I didn't say anything. I was just worried you would... that.... it doesn't matter now. He's here?"

Zechs exclaimed, "Yes! He's so perfect! I had to get away for a minute... I'm afraid I'm falling for him way too fast."

Trowa cried, "You should get back out there! He's gonna think you ditched him! Besides I want to see him!"

Zechs laughed. "Ok, ok! Hey, what are you doing here anyway?"

Trowa replied, blushing, "Um... Quatre's a waiter here. I was... well, trying to pick him up."

Zechs smiled. "You devil! Oh, the little blonde one! No wonder he looked familiar! Did it work?"

Trowa grinned. "Yeah, actually! I'm meeting him tomorrow." Zechs said, "That's great!" He paused, looking serious. "We can still be friends, can't we? Trowa replied, relief evident on his face, "Of course! How could you have doubted!"

They hugged each other tightly then, each glad to have such a good friend.

Continued in part 6