Title: Bending the Rules -- part 7
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, angst

* * * * * * * * * * *

Zechs drove to the address Treize had given him. He started getting more nervous as the neighborhood got fancier and fancier. He'd never been in this part of town before. He was fairly well-off, but these houses spoke of money far beyond even a upper-middle class salary. Finally, he reached the address, and looked up. Treize's house was massive, but not ugly like some of the surrounding houses. Zechs wasn't sure if he was transferring his feelings about the man to his house, but he was sure that this house was more tasteful than the others. He still felt self-conscious pulling his truck into the circular driveway. He double-checked the address to be sure he was in the right place, then took a deep breath and got out. Just as he shut the door, the front door of the house opened and Treize walked out.

Zechs tried not to drool all over himself; he had never seen the older man out of a suit. Tonight, Treize was wearing a silky dark blue shirt that was tucked into snug blue jeans. The shirt was open a few buttons, and Zechs thought Treize looked good enough to eat. The man had an incredible body, and the blond thought it was wasted in those suits.

"Zechs! Welcome! Please, come in," Treize said as he held the door for Zechs. "You look amazing, as always."

Zechs blushed slightly, almost feeling the weight of the older man's eyes on him. He hoped he looked good; he was wearing butter-soft black leather pants that he knew showed off his ass, and a white t-shirt that hugged his torso. His long blond hair was loose as always, and just looking at Treize was making him hard.

Treize shut the door behind him, and Zechs commented, "You have an incredible home."

"Thank you. It's much nicer now that you're in it," purred Treize, accepting the bottle of wine the blond man offered him.

Zechs blushed slightly, wondering why the handsome man was making him so nervous. "Thank you."

"Please, come into the kitchen. I need to check on dinner, it should be almost ready," said Treize, putting a hand on the blond man's shoulder and guiding him toward the back of the house.

Treize led Zechs into the kitchen. Zechs looked around; the room was large and full of gleaming marble surfaces and stainless steel. It might have looked cold, but Zechs could see immediately that this kitchen wasn't just a showplace. It was a kitchen that was cooked in, and Treize was definitely cooking. Wonderful smells were coming from the oven, and various things were scattered around. There was a long counter on the other side of the stove that had stools in front of it, and Treize indicated that Zechs should sit there. That way, the two men could talk while Treize finished dinner preparations.

"Can I help with anything?" Zechs inquired, though it looked like Treize had things well in hand.

Treize smiled and said, "You can get us both a beer out of the refrigerator, if you want. Otherwise, I think I've got it all under control."

"Sure!" Zechs grabbed two bottles out of the oversized refrigerator, located an opener, and handed one to Treize.

The older man touched his bottle to the blond's, and said, "To new possibilities," he toasted, and Zechs smiled and nodded.


Quatre clutched at Trowa's arm as they exited the fast-food restaurant. At first, Trowa had been embarrassed that he couldn't afford to take the blond boy to a fancy restaurant, but Quatre had put him at his ease immediately, saying, "Don't be silly! I can't afford it either. And I don't even like that fancy food! I don't mind, as long as we're together."

They had a simple meal, then Quatre said he would like to walk in the park. The night was warm and pleasant, and the sky was clear. The stars and moon blazed brilliantly, and it really couldn't have been a more romantic night.

They walked along the trail, the path lit by moonlight and the occasional lamp. Quatre laced his fingers with Trowa's, and they walked in contented silence for a while. They had talked nonstop in the restaurant, getting to know each other, but Trowa couldn't seem to make the conversation more personal under those bright fluorescent lights. But now, under the moon, he finally got up the courage to say what he wanted to say. He took a deep breath and plunged in. "Quatre?"

The blond boy turned his face to Trowa, and in the moonlight he was luminous, so beautiful Trowa almost lost his nerve. But those aqua ayes looked up at him, and Quatre squeezed his hand, and he had to speak. "Quatre, I... since I first saw you I haven't been able to get you out of my head. I think about you all the time."

The smile that lit up the blond's face made Trowa's heart swell. "Oh, Trowa! I was wondering how to tell you the same thing without sounding like a weirdo!" He lowered his voice conspiratorially and continued, "I'd been harassing Duo to look in the yoga center records for your phone number, when you showed up at the restaurant!"

Trowa smiled, relieved and elated. "You did?"

Quatre nodded, and Trowa felt brave enough to continue. "Quatre, I never believed in love at first sight before... but from the moment I first saw you, my life changed."

Quatre giggled. "Stop that now, before I fall hopelessly in love with you. Oops, too late!" He stopped and flung his arms around the taller man, burying his face in Trowa's neck.

Trowa held Quatre close, almost dizzy from the feelings he was having. He had never wanted anything, anyone, as much as he wanted the golden angel in his arms. And to think that angel returned his feelings... this just might be it, the love of his life. He had begun to worry he would never find anyone for him. He had had bad experiences in the past... luckily, he and Zechs had found each other, but both knew it would never be love. "Quatre," he breathed, "I want..." he found he couldn't go on.

Quatre pulled back just enough to look into emerald green eyes. "Anything, Trowa. Tell me what you want."

Trowa took a deep breath. He felt shy, but his body was burning for Quatre, and surely the blond could feel it. "I want to touch you... kiss you.... Will you let me?"

Quatre smiled. "You're such a gentleman, Trowa! Don't you know by now that I could never refuse you anything?"

Trowa couldn't think of anything profound enough to say at such a moment, so he settled for bending his head down toward Quatre, and brushing his lips across the mouth that had been haunting him for days now.

It started as a soft kiss, gentle and slow. But Trowa couldn't resist the sweet heat of the blond's mouth, and he slowly ran his tongue along Quatre's lips. Those lips parted readily for him, welcoming Trowa's tongue into the wet heat. Trowa accepted, exploring the other boy's mouth as he pulled the slim body closer to him.

Quatre melted into Trowa; now, this was a kiss, the kind of kiss he had always dreamed of. Hot, perfect, yet still undemanding and gentle, promising much more. The feeling of the taller boy against him was incredible. He ran his hands up Trowa's arms, relishing the feel of the hard muscles. If the rest of Trowa's body was like this, he was going to have a wonderful time exploring it...

Trowa couldn't get enough of kissing the blond boy. He felt so good against him, he wanted more. He put one hand on Quatre's back, splaying his fingers out, and pulled him even closer, running that hand down the blond's back as if to seal their bodies together completely. Quatre's body was lithe and slim, and he wanted to touch all of it.

Pressed together, Quatre felt the delicious hardness against his stomach that meant Trowa wanted him as much as he did. In answer, he pressed his own arousal against the tall boy's thigh, rocking slightly. He could feel Trowa moan into his mouth. He pulled back, panting slightly, and looked up at the other boy. He looked perfect, his face flushed with desire.

Trowa couldn't stand it any more. "Quatre," he breathed. "I need you so badly..."

Quatre moved his hand, brushing against one of Trowa's nipples though his shirt, loving the sound of the gasp this produced. "I want you too, Trowa... so much..." he thrust his hips against the other boy so there could be no mistaking how much he wanted him.

Trowa took a deep breath. "Do you want to go back to my place, or..." he tried to think straight, to control his breathing, but the soft body against him was making that nearly impossible.

The blond's response made him even hotter.

Quatre panted, "I don't care where we are, Trowa. I want you. Inside me. Anytime, anyplace. Now."

Trowa groaned, "Oh god. I've never..."

Quatre smiled. Just as he thought... "Never what, Trowa?" He slid a hand under Trowa's shirt, running his fingers along the sculpted abs, moving upward.

Trowa replied shakily, "I've never done this, but I know... we need..." he broke off, moaning, as the blond teased his nipples.

Quatre smiled innocently up at Trowa, pulling a small tube out of his pocket. "I've got everything you need, Trowa."


Heero walked up to the yoga center apprehensively. It looked closed; when he tried the door, it was locked. His heart sank. He couldn't last one more day without seeing Duo. He was losing his mind. But toward the back, he could see a light on in one of the studios. He couldn't be sure, but it looked like the one they had had class in the other day. Heero let himself hope; maybe Duo was still there? He knocked, but no one answered. He had a thought; there was a side entrance... maybe he could get in that way? He walked around the side of the building. If he was sure it was Duo in there, he would do anything, break a window, whatever it took to get in there. He had to talk to Duo, make him understand, make him forgive him.

He found the door, and tried it; to his immense relief, it was unlocked. He ran through it; it led into a narrow corridor. He walked down it, trying to get his bearings, when he came out into the hallway across from the studio. It was the right one, and there was definitely someone in it: Duo. Heero stopped, spellbound, and just looked.

The longhaired boy was wearing the same type of pants as the other day; but he had shed his shirt this time. His hair was loose, and the silky hair brushed his lithe torso as he moved fluidly. The pants rode so low that Heero's eyes were drawn irresistibly to Duo's hip bones and lower abs, which made him think of lower things. Heero faltered; Duo was so beautiful. He found he was losing his resolve. But then he remembered the hurt look on Duo's face when he ran out; he had put that hurt there. He had to make it right.

He strode up to the door and flung it open quickly. He stepped in and waited for Duo to notice him. He watched in the mirror as the longhaired boy caught sight of him. Duo spun around, long hair settling around his glistening body, surprise turning to a glare. "What do you want?" he demanded, sounding more confident than he felt. He had stayed after his last class, working himself hard, trying to chase away the memories of the last few days. Heero and Wufei and... now here he was. The reason for his disquiet. And damn if the man didn't look perfect in casual beige pants and a crisp white shirt tucked in to accentuate his slim hips. His heart ached; how was he supposed to stay angry at a vision like Heero?

"I... wanted to apologize," Heero began, aware of how pathetic that sounded given the circumstances. "I had to see you again."

"What, so you could walk out on me again?" Duo meant his words to sting. If he didn't stay mad he would have no strength. "You just ran out on me! I didn't know what to think. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is? How much it hurt? To feel like I'm falling for somebody and..." Duo wanted to clap a hand over his mouth, to stop the words from coming out, but it was too late. What had he said?

Heero stared at the beautiful man. Did Duo mean what he had just said? "I... can't stop thinking about you... I was so confused, I've never felt this way before... do you have any idea what you've done to me? You've turned my life upside down! I don't even know who I am any more!"

Duo looked at Heero. Wait a minute, this was starting to make more sense... "You weren't out, were you?"

Heero looked even more confused. "Out? What do you mean?"

Duo stifled a giggle. This wasn't a time to be laughing. But Heero was adorable when confused... "Nobody knew you were gay did they? *You* didn't know you were gay?"

Heero looked down. "No, no one has ever made me feel this way before. Like I'm going to explode if I don't touch you..."

Duo's heart melted even more. He took a step toward the cobalt-eyed man. "I feel the same way, Heero. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I... I understand why you ran out. I don't like it, but... I didn't realize you were so confused. Luckily I think we can do something about that..."

Heero looked up, and Duo was so close to him. "We can? Here?" He started to blush, and suddenly noticed a bruise on Duo's beautiful face. "What happened, Duo?"

Duo's hand flew up to his cheek. He stammered, "Oh, I'm such a clumsy idiot. Walked right into the door the other day." He had to change the subject, so he closed the remaining distance between them. "Yes, right here."

The two men stared at each other, lips inches apart, and finally Heero did what he had been dreaming of since he had first seen Duo. He kissed him. He pressed his lips against Duo's soft mouth and forgot about all else.

Continued in part 8