Title: Bending the Rules -- part 9
Author: Jade and Pharlain
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x3x6, 3x4, 13x6, 5+2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, angst

* * * * * * * * * * *

Any doubts at all about what he wanted dissolved in the face of the kiss. Never had a kiss felt like this, like his soul was being dragged out of his body, poured into the other person and put back, made better and perfect. Complete. All the missing pieces of his life clicked into place, and all his hidden desires and doubts suddenly made sense. This was what he was, and he needed to be with Duo.

Duo pressed himself against Heero, scarcely believing it could be true. He had been waiting for this feeling all his life, for his knight in shining armor to take him away, but all they had ever done was use and hurt him. But they had also never kissed him like this, like their very lives depended on it. Any infatuation Duo had felt in the past paled before this feeling he was having in Heero's strong arms. He had thought he was submissive, always bowing to the stronger desires of his partner, but for once he felt on equal footing. Heero was innocent, as least to this side of things, and he wanted to show him everything. He felt stronger than he ever had even as he surrendered to desire.

Duo broke the kiss, pulling back slightly and looking at those glazed blue eyes, darker than his own. "Heero... want you..."

Heero gulped as he let himself think about it, finally. "I want you too, Duo. But... I've never... I don't know what to do..."

Duo grinned. "It's not all that different, Heero. Or so I've heard."

Heero looked down, cheeks blazing. "I want to take you so badly Duo... But I don't want to hurt you, because I don't know what I'm doing."

Duo brushed back a stray lock of Heero's unruly hair. "You won't. I won't break, Heero."

"But Duo... I've never done anything like this," Heero insisted, embarrassed at his ignorance. "I.... I'd die if I hurt you."

Duo considered, trying to ignore his heart, which swelled with emotion. "Well, I can show you, then, Heero."

"I'd like that," said Heero shyly.

"Me too," smiled Duo, and moved his hips forward. They were very nearly the same height, and this brought their hard cocks into contact.

Heero moaned as he realized what he was feeling. This was another man, whose cock was hard. For him. And the reality of it just made him more aroused.

Duo rocked his hips slowly, giving Heero a taste of friction. He slid his hands down the other man's back, feeling all the muscles. "Oh, Heero... you're incredible..." Just the thought of that amazing body, and what they were going to do together...

"And you're perfect, Duo," breathed Heero, holding on to the other man. He let his own hands explore, running one hand through the long hair, and one hand caressed Duo's bare back.

"Want to see you, Heero," whispered Duo. "Take this off," he asked, pulling at Heero's shirt.

Heero pulled back slightly and complied, getting impatient with all the buttons. Finally, it was off and they both stood, chest to chest, and Duo couldn't help but lick his lips. Heero's body was the stuff wet dreams were made of, sculpted muscles and golden skin and all his... Duo dipped his head down, kissing at Heero's neck, moving on to the hollow at the base of his throat. He let his hands settle down to Heero's slim hips as he lowered his head even more, flicking his tongue at one caramel nipple.

Heero gasped and caught sight of the two of them in the mirror. Two men, bare from the waist up, touching... the sight turned him on even more as it brought home the fact that he was really with another man. "Duo..." He pulled gently at the longhaired man, pulling him up. He pulled Duo tight against him, sighing at the feeling of their bare skin pressing together.

Duo brought his lips to Heero's once again, and he decided he had never tasted anything as wonderful as the other man's mouth. His whole body burned for Heero. His hands traced every muscle, every tense ridge, gorging himself on the feeling of the incredible body against him. He slid his hands down, moving one between them, dipping his fingers into the waistband of Heero's pants.

Heero gasped as he felt Duo's fingers brush against the tip of his arousal. This was the first time he had been touched this way by another man. He couldn't help but thrust his hips forward, seeking more of the touch. "Duo..." he moaned, pulling back. "Touch me..."

"I'm gonna do more than touch you, gorgeous," purred Duo, sliding to his knees on the soft mat. He looked up at Heero and grinned. "You ready for this?" he asked as he unbuttoned and unzipped Heero's pants.

Heero was so ready he nearly climaxed just from the anticipation. He nodded, licking his lips and thinking how beautiful Duo was, his long hair flowing around him.

Duo smirked up at his sexy new lover. "You're really gonna like this, Heero," promised Duo as he pulled down the pants and boxers.

Heero didn't doubt it. He watched, holding his breath as Duo reached for his cock. Then he groaned as the longhaired man wrapped his fingers around his aching length, squeezing and stroking. "Duo!"

Knowing Heero wouldn't last long under this kind of stimulation, Duo decided to jump right in. He brought the dripping cock to his mouth, pausing for a moment to lick at the moisture gathered at the tip. Heero whimpered, and he quickly plunged his mouth down along the whole hard length.

Only one of Heero's girlfriends had ever gone down on him, and she had disliked it so much she couldn't finish. What Duo was doing to him was so far beyond that experience that Heero was ready to climax almost immediately. Hot, wet, perfect... he looked down at the beautiful longhaired man kneeling in front of him, and gasped out, "Duo! God! I'm going to..." Then it was over, and he exploded, pleasure coursing through him like fire, and he was filling Duo's mouth.

Duo swallowed all he could; Heero tasted wonderful. Best of all, he could tell the other man had never felt anything that intense ever before. He licked his lips and tugged at Heero's hand, indicating he should sit down. Heero looked ready to fall over.

Heero sank to the mat, kicking off his shoes weakly. Duo helped by tugging off the other man's pants and boxers. When Heero was naked, he looked at Duo. "I... don't know what to say... that was incredible..."

Duo grinned, kissing Heero softly on the lips. "I thought you would like that."

"Like is not the right word," Heero groaned, burying a hand in Duo's long hair and pulling him close. He kissed him, and when Duo opened his mouth, he tasted himself in that mouth. His lower body still tingled from his release, but he could already feel his erection return from the sexuality of the longhaired man. Heero broke the kiss and pulled back. "Duo... I want to see you..."

Duo smiled back, glancing down and noticing he was the only one with pants on. He stood up gracefully and looked down at Heero, slowly untying his drawstring.

Heero watched with rapt attention as Duo teased him. He had never seen another naked, aroused man before. He was anxious to see how it would affect him. As Duo let the pants slip to the floor, Heero moaned; the longhaired man was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Any doubts fled out the window when Duo stood before him. Heero let his eyes sweep over Duo; long silky flowed around him, smooth skin over lean muscles, and a hard cock that only made him feel more turned on.

Duo was well aware of the significance of this moment; he watched Heero's face carefully as he revealed himself. He stood still and let the other man look at him. He watched Heero look at him, and get even harder. He smiled. Not moving, he murmured, "Like what you see?"

Heero nodded, licking his lips. "Oh, yes, definitely," he breathed.

"Want to do more than look?" teased Duo, taking a step toward Heero, who was still sitting on the floor.

Heero nodded, and Duo sank to his knees in front of Heero. He took Heero's hand and placed it on his chest, and slowly slid it downward. "Touch whatever you want," Duo purred, letting go of Heero's hand.

Heero touched Duo's skin gently, letting his fingers trace the silken skin, moving inexorably lower. Just touching Duo made him nearly crazy with need. He needed to touch all of him. All of him. Taking a deep breath, Heero tentatively touched the head of Duo's arousal. Then he wrapped his fingers around it carefully, stroking softly.

"Mmm, Heero... it won't break, you know..." Duo moaned, wanting Heero to be less gentle. He watched the beautiful man touch him, knowing it was the first time he had ever touched another man like this.

Heero looked at Duo's beautiful face as he stroked him, watched him bite his lip as he swept his thumb over the wet tip before stroking the hard length again. He loved it when Duo let his head fall back, enjoying the sensation. "You're so beautiful," he whispered, stroking faster. "You're perfect."

Duo was starting to pant. Beginner or not, Heero was gorgeous and naked and touching him, and he wanted more. "Heero," Duo breathed, "I want you..."

"I want you so much, Duo, but I don't know..." Heero was ashamed to admit that though he knew what they would do in theory, he had no idea how to put that into practice without hurting the delicate looking Duo.

"Let me show you," offered Duo. "I... prefer it the other way, but I can," he paused, not wanting to scare Heero, "be top this time and show you."

"The other way being bottom?" Heero asked. He had to learn a new vocabulary. Duo nodded, and he tried not to blush. "Ok."

Duo grinned. "Cool. Let me just get something."

Heero watched as Duo crawled on hands and knees across the floor to his bag. He found himself watching that ass avidly, filled with urges that he wasn't sure how to act on. Then Duo was back, holding a small plastic bottle of oil. "Massage oil, but it will do," he explained. At Heero's blank look, he added, "For lubrication." He watched, trying not to giggle, as realization dawned on the other man and he blushed some more. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to do, Heero," Duo reassured him.

"It... its ok, I just... need to learn," smiled Heero sheepishly.

Duo noticed that though Heero was embarrassed, his interest had not flagged in the slightest. He was still hard as a rock. "Lie back, Heero. I have to prep you."

Heero lay back and tried to relax as Duo explained what he was doing, spreading his legs gently and kneeling between them. At first, Heero felt uncomfortable until Duo slid one slick finger into him. Then he gasped, and arched up, and moaned.

"You like that?" Duo asked unnecessarily, grinning. Heero seemed extremely responsive.

Heero moaned, spreading his legs apart farther, amazed at how good it felt. Duo continued to prepare him, and it felt better and better. Soon Heero was thrusting back onto Duo's fingers, begging for more. Duo was driving three fingers into him now, twisting them and searching... he knew he'd hit the right spot when Heero cried out and arched up off the mat.

"What the hell was that?" panted Heero, staring up at Duo.

"Your prostate," grinned Duo. He stroked it again, to similar effect.

"Hurry up and fuck me," growled Heero. "I'm ready."

Duo laughed. "Demanding, aren't we?"

"Yes," answered Heero shortly. "You have that effect on me." And he reached out, running a hand up Duo's thigh. "Unless you don't want me..."

Duo's smile disappeared. "You have no idea, Heero..." he moaned as he removed his fingers and applied oil to his own aching length.

Heero watched Duo, biting his lip as the longhaired boy positioned himself. He could feel the hot arousal nudging his entrance. "Do it," he pleaded.

So Duo did; he pushed, and Heero's body yielded, and it was so tight... "God," Duo groaned as he kept pushing. "Tell me... if I'm hurting you, Heero... I don't do this often..." But oh god it felt so good, this slide into tight hot paradise, that he had to concentrate to keep from climaxing right away. "Oh Heero... tell me how it feels..."

Heero wasn't sure he could talk; but he tried. "Duo... feels so... oh god... more... so good... yes..."

Duo had known the moment he had met Heero that he would sound this way during sex; and he was making him sound this way, full of passion and need. Wufei had never let him top, ever; it was a matter of control with him. But this wasn't control, it was different; though he was setting the pace, penetrating Heero, they were partners, sharing desire. Heero's body caressed him, urging him deeper.

Heero lay back, staring up at Duo's beautiful face, clenched in concentration. He tried to relax, knowing instinctively that would make it easier. Then he knew that Duo was fully inside him; he had never dreamed of such a feeling of fullness, of completeness.

Duo paused and looked down at Heero. "Are you ok?" he managed to say. The tightness of Heero's body was driving him mad with need to move, but he waited. Heero nodded, and he thrust shallowly, barely pulling out. That was enough, though, to make him almost purr with pleasure. "Oh Heero..."

Heero gasped as Duo's arousal stroked his inner walls. "More," he said in a strangled voice. He wanted that feeling again... Duo thrust in deeper, and there it was; the hard length inside him brushed against that spot, and he arched, and cried out.

There were no more words; only two bodies, and moans, and need. Duo was far from expert at this, but neither cared; thrusting harder, deeper, faster, they both reached desperately for completion.

Duo drove into Heero, and knew he was close. He reached down, put Heero's hand on his own cock, and the other man got the hint. From the first stroke, Heero was climaxing, arching, tightening around Duo as he screamed. Mind-blowing pleasure, a thousand times as intense as any he had ever known, took over Heero's body. He literally forgot where he was.

Duo watched what he had done to Heero, amazed, then the other man's tightening body pushed him over the edge almost against his will. He watched Heero's seed spurt all over him as he filled him with his own, dazzlingly intense ecstasy gripping him as he climaxed.

Duo wasn't sure how long they stayed like that, his cock still inside Heero, unable to move. Then he seemed to snap out of it, and pulled out carefully. He lay next to Heero, and those cobalt eyes turned to him. "Did I do ok, Duo?"

Duo couldn't help but laugh out loud. Heero joined him, then pulled Duo into an embrace.

Continued in part 10