Title: Chance Meeting: Take Me at the Ballgame
Author: Jade
Pairing: 3x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP
Dedication: for dhuron
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Trowa stood impassively at first base. He was an excellent player, but he avoided the chatter and banter the other people seemed to enjoy so much. They had given up trying to coerce the boy into their chatter; Trowa played his position perfectly and never gave anyone cause to complain. He wasn't cold, but he was quiet; mostly they left him alone. He eyed the boy coming up to bat; he had a long braid that seemed out of place with his baseball uniform. He couldn't hear what was being said, but the longhaired boy was obviously at ease with his surroundings, trading jokes with his teammates and the opposing team alike. Trowa envied the easy camaraderie that he had never been able to master. The other boy also had an incredible ass, Trowa reflected as he watched the player took his stance. Trowa silently hoped he would have to stop at first base, so he could admire the boy more. He tried to banish the blush that rose to his cheeks as he readied himself.

The pitch flew, and the bat connected, a long drive to center field. Trowa relaxed slightly; there was nothing he could do, the ball was beyond his reach. The batter ran for first base, racing the ball; the boy approached quickly though it looked like he was hardly trying. It was obvious he wouldn't advance further, however, and it looked like Trowa would get his chance to admire that ass up close, if only for a few moments.

Duo ran easily up to first base, barely breathing hard, and stared straight into the most startlingly green eyes he had ever seen. The first baseman was tall and lean and quietly gorgeous, Duo's body noted, even while his mind reminded him to concentrate on the game. Giving the boy a quick once-over, Duo turned his attention to the next batter. He threw a quick smile over his shoulder and said "Hi!" Then he turned his back on Trowa, bending over slightly and getting ready to run.

Trowa had to remind himself that an answer was required; he couldn't seem to take his eyes off the firm ass bent over in front of him. The long braid that snaked sensuously down the boy's back wasn't helping either. "H-hi," he managed finally, trying to keep himself from getting hard. The tight pants didn't hide much.

Duo noted that there was a time out going on, so he relaxed briefly and turned slightly to look at the tall boy. "Great game," he commented. Indeed, the teams were fairly evenly matched; the score was tied.

Trowa nodded, trying to think of something intelligent to say to the beautiful boy. Other than, Hi, I want to fuck you... although that was the truth. Something about the longhaired boy called directly to his hormones, and with him bent over that way, it was difficult to think of much else.

Duo let his eyes linger on the other boy's bulging biceps for a moment longer than he should have, and when he turned back to watch the ongoing conference, he was acutely aware of the handsome boy behind him, in the perfect position to... Duo tried in vain to stop that thought; it would be inconvenient to have an erection in the middle if a game, not to mention potentially embarrassing. Oops, too late, and Duo unconsciously bent over a bit father and spread his legs slightly, cock rising fast.

Trowa's heart sped up as he watched the ass wiggling enticingly in front of him, only a foot away. His arousal became fully rigid and he abandoned all pretense that he didn't want to take the other boy, right here, right now, just like this. He suppressed a moan of desire as he pictured spreading the longhaired boy's legs, and sliding between them...

Duo's mind wasn't on the game, either; it was on how much he wanted to bend over like this for the green-eyed boy, and feel his hard cock rubbing against his ass just before it slipped inside... Duo whimpered to himself; he was fully hard now, and the last thing he wanted to do was play baseball.

To both of the boys' dismay, play resumed then, and they both had to try to drag their minds back to the game. The rest of the game passed without incident; Trowa's team won by one point, and both teams went back to the locker room to change. It was a doubleheader; the next two teams took their positions and began play almost immediately.

Trowa hung back from the team, hoping to catch another glimpse of the braided boy. He didn't see him with his team; maybe the taller boys were blocking his view. The opposing team's locker room was on the other side of the building, and Trowa decided to take a little walk over that way, just to steal a look at the beautiful boy who would definitely be starring in his dreams tonight.

The locker building was directly behind the game field, and to get to the other side, Trowa could either go all the way around or cut through, under the bleachers. Wanting to hurry, Trowa chose to cut through. It was kind of odd, walking under hundreds of cheering people, but if it meant catching a glimpse of the longhaired boy it was worth it. His arousal throbbed in anticipation of seeing that beautiful ass again. He looked down, concentrating on not stepping on anything, and worked his way under the stands. He sensed movement ahead, and looked up quickly. It was him!

Duo knew it was silly, but he had seen where the tall boy was headed, and as soon as he could break away from his team, he slipped back, looking for a shortcut. He knew it was silly, but he just had to see the green-eyed boy one more time. He had never done anything like this before; no one even knew he liked boys. But something about the quiet boy made his cock throb and his body ache to be touched. He slipped under the bleachers, figuring it would be quicker this way. But he wasn't alone.

The two boys stared at each other, six feet apart under the creaking bleachers. Duo spoke up first, with not a clue as to what was going on.

"Hi! Um, we really should stop meeting like this..." Duo tried to joke. It was a strange situation, and he always tried to put people at ease. It was his nature.

It seemed to have the opposite effect; the other boy immediately blushed crimson and looked guilty. "I-I'm sorry," he managed to say.

"I was kidding!" Duo tried to soothe the other boy, glancing down and realizing he had forgotten to hide his arousal in his surprise. The bulge was very obvious in the tight pants. Duo suddenly had a blush of his own as he realized Trowa was staring straight at his crotch. Now he couldn't look up; that was when he noticed Trowa had a large bulge of his own; no wonder he was blushing!

Duo looked up and met those beautiful green eyes; they stared at each other for a long moment, neither knowing just what to say. Duo threw caution to the wind; he would probably never see this boy again. "You have amazing eyes," he said softly, saying the first thing that came to his mind.

Trowa stood still in shock; he blurted out. "You have beautiful hair." He waited, and was hopeful when he saw a smile break out in the other boy's face.

"Thanks," he answered. "I'm Duo." He stuck out his hand; Trowa took it and shook it carefully, but didn't let go.

"I'm Trowa," he replied, holding the other boy's hand. They stared at each other for a long moment, then Duo stepped up, pressing the length of his body against Trowa and staring directly into those incredible eyes. Trowa looked down, and wrapped his arms around Duo, pulling him even closer. Trowa lowered his head and slowly pressed his lips against the other boy's.

Duo let himself be pulled tight against Trowa; he could feel the taller boy's strong arms holding him and his erection pressing into his stomach. His heart raced as Trowa's lips touched his. He couldn't believe they were doing this, right here under the bleachers; but it felt so good, he didn't want to stop. He opened his mouth, and their tongues met; Duo brought his hands up to feel the hard muscles of Trowa's arms as he pressed his arousal against the taller boy.

The two boys gasped as their bodies spoke to each other; escalating need and raging hormones took over their world. Hand roamed over lean bodies, seeking out hardness; they touched each other almost desperately, the immediacy of the moment outweighing anything else. Lust rose and young bodies explored; soon they were panting, and fumbling with clothes.

The two boys paused, shirts gone; normally dexterous hands had become clumsy with their arousal. "You're beautiful," whispered Trowa, touching Duo's braid gently. "Would you please...?" Trowa trailed off, hesitant and unsure.

Duo frowned, then brightened as he realized what Trowa wanted. Smiling, he reached back and unraveled his braid, running his fingers through his hair to loosen it. After a few minutes, the boy's long hair was free, cascading over his bare shoulders in waves.

Trowa gazed at Duo; he had never seen such a beautiful creature in his life. He raised his hands and touched gently; Duo smiled, encouraging him, and finally Trowa buried his hands in the hair he longed for.

Duo whimpered when he felt the other boy's hands touch him; each caress seemed to set him on fire, a fire that could only be quenched by Trowa. He reached up to kiss the green-eyed boy again; their mouths locked as Trowa lost himself in Duo.

Soon, they knew they had to move on or explode; neither could get enough of the fleeting touches. Duo unfastened his pants and slid them off. Trowa stared at the perfect body thus revealed. Slim, sleek, smooth and rock hard, Duo's body made him want to possess it.

Trowa wiggled out of his own pants, and stood shyly in front of Duo. But he needn't have worried; Duo thought the tall boy was incredible, well muscled yet slim. They touched at last, no clothes breaking the contact between their aching bodies. Duo moaned as their arousals rubbed against each other and their hot bodies; entwined, they kissed passionately.

"Want... you... Trowa," gasped Duo between moans.

Trowa's hands slipped down to cup Duo's firm ass as he pulled the longhaired boy tighter against him, wringing a moan from both boys. "I want you too, Duo, but... here?" Trowa almost couldn't hold back, but he wanted to be sure.

"I don't care. No one ever comes under here," Duo thought for a minute, catching his own pun, "and we should change that!" He giggled briefly before Trowa claimed his mouth again.

They broke again, almost past the point of no return. Trowa had a thought. "Lube?"

Duo frowned, desperately thinking. Then he had it. "Um, lip balm? I always have some," he continued, rummaging through his discarded pants. He held up a small tube triumphantly. "Look, it's cherry flavored too," he grinned.

If Trowa hadn't been so turned on, he would have laughed at the other boy's antics. As it was, he just took the tube and squeezed out as much as he could. "Are you sure, Duo?" he asked one final time.

Duo just looked at Trowa, then turned around, braced himself against a support, bent over and spread his legs. Looking over his shoulder, his long hair falling all over his body like a shimmering curtain, he said, "Do I look ready?"

"Oh, yes," Trowa breathed, realizing this was what he had wanted when he had first seen Duo bent over in front of him at first base. He stood behind Duo, and slid his hand between those perfect globes. Duo moaned as the other boy slid one lubricated finger inside his exposed opening.

"Oh, god, Trowa, yes..." Duo moaned as Trowa prepped him as fast as he could. "Hurry..."

Finally, Trowa applied the last of the lip balm to his aching arousal and teased Duo's entrance with the tip. "Are you ready?" he asked, pushing the just the head against Duo.

"Yes!" cried out Duo impatiently. "Fuck me, now! Please, Trowa..." Duo begged. "Don't tease me any moooooooore..." The last word turned into a moan as the taller boy slid inside him. Duo's moans turned incoherent as Trowa took him, sliding slowly, gently, all the way inside the longhaired boy.

Trowa paused, panting; Duo's body gripped his cock like a vise, threatening to rob him of all control. Duo needed to adjust, so he held back his primal need to pound the other boy as hard as he could.

Duo whimpered; Trowa's cock felt huge inside him, stretching him and filling him completely. No pain, only sweet agonizing pleasure radiated from his body; he longed for the other boy to move soon, to drive his hardness into him again and again.

Finally, Trowa moved; pulling out slightly, he thrust back in, hissing from the exquisite friction this gave him. He did it again, pulling out farther this time; this time when he pushed back in Duo arched and gasped.

"You like that?" Trowa murmured, thrusting again and angling for that same spot.

"Oh, god, yes, Trowa, do it more," Duo moaned helplessly, and Trowa fucked him, fucked him relentlessly, hitting the perfect spot every time, driving the longhaired boy to scream, forget his name and forget that they were just feet away from hundreds of people.

Awash in a sea of ecstasy, Trowa fucked Duo; with every thrust he lost his mind and his control a bit more, losing gladly to the perfect sexiness that was Duo. Duo's tight body stroked him, and his cries took him higher; soon, nothing existed save two boys and mutual need.

Duo braced himself, and Trowa pounded; the tall boy gripped Duo's hips, and the longhaired boy took every thrust and screamed for more. They both knew it couldn't last; both could feel the impending climax approach like a freight train. They strove for it yet wished it would never come; for it would bring the end of the hot pounding with its blinding ecstasy.

Inevitably, Trowa felt his control slip; he reached down to grip Duo's dripping cock, and the other boy screamed, "Trowa!"

Once, twice he stroked Duo; that was all it took, and the longhaired boy sprayed his passion all over, whimpering and moaning and pulsing in his hand.

Trowa cried out Duo's name as the longhaired boy's body tightened incredibly; then he too found his completion, thrusting once more deep into the sweet body in front of him and filling it with his hot seed.

They stayed that way for a long moment as if frozen in time; then Duo turned around as Trowa left him and wrapped his arms around the tall boy's neck. Trowa held him, and they just embraced; Duo finally looked up at Trowa, saying, simply, "Incredible."

Trowa nodded, and silently vowed that this wouldn't be the last time he took the beautiful boy. Only next time, perhaps a bed...

The End