Title: Control -- part 1
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x13
Notes: BDSM
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Part of Smutfest 3000

* * * * * * * * * * *

Zechs sat at the bar, back to the room but keeping a close eye on what was going on behind his back via the mirror in front of him. It was the only way he'd ever turn his back on that many people. Hardly anyone who knew him as the Lightning Count would recognize him now. His ubiquitous mask was gone, his long platinum hair tied back in a tight ponytail, his ice-blue eyes covered with dark glasses. No impeccable uniform here; his long muscular legs were encased in skintight leather trousers that clung to his slim hips. He wore no shirt, but his perfectly sculpted chest was framed by an open leather jacket. Black too, of course. Black steel-toed boots laced halfway to his knees. A far cry from Lieutenant Zechs Marquise, Treize's right hand man. Here he wasn't an OZ officer. Here he was Sir, or Master, or whatever he ordered his submissive to call him. If anyone here used a name you could bet it would be false.

This bar looked like any ordinary dive, and if you wandered in off the street that was just what it was. But if you knew the right people to pay off, and knew the right words, it could well be your darkest fantasy.

Zechs was a dominant. A master. A top. They were just words. What it meant was that if you wanted to play kinky games, he was the best. He was known as cold, perfectly controlled and an expert with every implement known to man. He was picky, though, and he could be. He was gorgeous and he knew just what he was doing. He didn't play often. Just when he really needed to release the stress of his military career. Lately Treize had kept him so busy he hadn't had much time either.

So he was here tonight to play. To take some willing submissive to a well-equipped back room, find out their kinks and use them to own their body. To use it at his will, to have total control. It was what he craved. More than the sex, the humiliation, the pain he inflicted. Control. He'd been looking for it most of his life and this was the only sure way to get it.

Zech's eyes scanned the room behind him, looking for potential. Zechs was technically bisexual, but lately he'd only had a taste for men. They could take so much more abuse. He never wanted for partners. He had his pick. Sometimes they approached him, but mostly he waited for someone to catch his eye. It was the nature of most submissives that they waited for the dominant to approach.

But tonight would be different.

Zechs glanced up as someone entered the bar. He couldn't make out the man's face from here but instantly something about his bearing was familiar. He watched as the man strode in as if he owned the place, yet Zechs was sure he'd never seen him here before. As he watched, though, he became more and more sure that he'd seen him somewhere before.

The man approached the bar, moving into the slightly brighter light, and suddenly Zechs knew who this man was. His back stiffed automatically to military straightness and his mind whirled at seeing his commanding officer here. Treize.

Treize was also dressed differently than usual; form-fitting, almost tight black slacks accentuated his lean form, and a red silk shirt, open two buttons, was tucked into them. His hair wasn't slicked back but fell naturally into his eyes, making him look years younger and much more relaxed. He was also virtually unrecognizable as General Treize Khushrenada. Only because Zechs knew him so well could he recognize him, though the man wore nothing to really disguise himself. Zechs was impressed.

He'd also apparently been recognized himself.

Treize leaned on the bar next to Zechs, and looked at him in the mirror. "Hello," he purred, his voice a low purr that Zechs had never heard from Treize before. Zechs noticed that he didn't call him by name; that was a good sign. It also meant that Treize was up to something.

"Good evening," Zechs answered neutrally, mentally adding 'sir' because it was so ingrained. He made eye contact, but only in the mirror. Did Treize have any idea what this place was, or what went on here? How had he found him?

"I came here for you," Treize said, still only looking at him in the mirror. Still giving nothing away.

Zechs caught movement in the corner of his eye. The bartender was watching, wondering if Zechs was being bothered by the man, and the huge bouncers were always standing by. They knew Zechs well, if not by name, and they would remove the man if he wanted. With a glance and a nod at the bartender, Zechs communicated that it was all right, and he returned his attention to Treize. "What do you want?" he asked mildly. A reasonable question given the circumstances, yet not out of character. Zechs hoped the General would excuse his abrupt manner and lack of honorifics, given the circumstances. He decided not to ask how Treize had found him. He had no doubt the man could find anyone whether they wanted to be found or not.

"I hear you're something of a... specialist," Treize drawled, as calmly as if they were discussing the weather, but with an undertone of something that Zechs couldn't quite put his finger on. In anyone else he would have called it excitement. "In fact, I hear you're the best."

Zechs blinked slowly. Treize was being circumspect, that much was clear, and he'd found Zechs, but how much did he know? "I have many hobbies," he said. "At some I am quite proficient." Let the older man make what he would of that. Zechs would of course tell his commanding officer anything he was ordered to, but Treize hadn't gone that far yet.

Zechs was surprised when Treize moved slightly closer and lowered his voice. He was sure he'd never stood this close to the older man in such an informal setting. It made his heart pound just a little faster, though he didn't let it show. Treize was an attractive man. But he was still his commanding officer. He just wasn't sure in what capacity the man was here.

Treize leaned closer yet, and spoke directly in Zechs' ear. "I would like to go some place more private. Please. Then I will explain why I'm here."

A shiver went up Zechs' spine at the intimate gesture, and the hot breath on his ear. He turned to look directly at Treize for the first time. "All right," he said, wincing when the lack of 'sir' at the end made him uncomfortable. Such things were so deeply ingrained.

Zechs looked up at the bartender and mouthed a number at him. He got an answering nod and the man turned to his computer. Zechs knew he was keying the room lock to Zechs' handprint. By the time they got there, it would be ready for him. Though Treize had said he wanted to talk, all the rooms had at least a basic set of equipment. Some rooms, however, were more specialized.

Zechs angled his head at Treize, and said, "Follow me."

Treize followed without a word, and they soon arrived at an unmarked door. The door opened at Zechs' touch, and the lights came up to medium intensity. He held the door for Treize, closing it firmly behind him. He leaned against the door, letting the older man take in the room for a moment before he said, "This room is secure, non- monitored. We can speak freely." His tone was flat, unemotional. Whatever Treize was here for, Zechs was in his element.

The room had stark white walls, from which hung a variety of things that few on Earth and the colonies would be familiar with. Whips of all sizes and shapes, restraints for any part of the human body, and places to secure them. There was a low spanking bench and a higher, examination table. There also was, astonishingly, a bed. A cabinet held, unseen, smaller and more intimate toys and the special things needed to play with them.

Treize finally turned to Zechs, with a look the longhaired man had never seen on his commanding officer: wonder. "I didn't believe such places existed," he said softly. Zechs had never seen Treize look so unsure of himself.

Zechs didn't move, though, didn't react. "I'm paying for this by the hour. Did you want to sightsee or were you here for a reason?" Zechs knew that bordered on insubordination but he wanted to know what was going on. Was he to be reprimanded for his extracurricular activities?

Treize chuckled and walked closer to Zechs. "I guess I do owe you an explanation. And I will of course reimburse you for your time."

Zechs waved his hand impatiently. "That's not important, forgive me. I just want to know what's going on, sir."

Treize nodded. "And I shall tell you. Then I shall ask you a favor." He looked around, then went to sit on the edge of the bed. Zechs stayed where he was. "I always thought there was something wrong with me," he began, and Zechs held back his questions. He knew Treize well enough by now to know that the man wouldn't be rushed. Treize looked down, and continued. "I had fantasies. Ones that, no matter what else I did, no matter how many men or women I bedded, wouldn't go away. Because I couldn't indulge those fantasies. I just couldn't. There was no one I trusted with my secret, so of course the need got stronger. It's gotten to the point that there's nothing I want more."

Zechs was starting to understand, but still he kept quiet. He kept his distance, still leaning back against the door. Most people had a very hard time articulating their fantasies. But then again Treize Khushrenada wasn't most people.

Treize looked down at his hands briefly, then back up at Zechs. "I'm always the one in charge, Zechs. Always in control. But sometimes... I don't want to be in control. I want to be controlled."

Zechs nodded, and the older man held up his hand. "Please. Let me continue. This is not easy for me." Zechs kept quiet, and Treize went on. "I could never indulge those fantasies, obviously. There's never been anyone that I trusted enough. Until now." Treize fixed his clear blue eyes on Zechs. "I heard rumors. I had them verified. You are very discreet and hard to locate, but when I heard the descriptions I knew it was you. My friend, my most trusted officer, and he could give me what I need. I had to take a chance and ask." He paused, and Zechs could tell he wasn't finished, so he stayed silent. "I need this, Zechs. I ask you as a friend. You can of course refuse, and we will never speak of it again."

Zechs regarded Treize. It wasn't that he'd never entertained the notion of being involved with the older man. Treize was attractive, very desirable. But he was untouchable, it seemed to him. He'd never have guessed. "May I be blunt, sir?" Zechs asked carefully. He wanted to be absolutely clear.

"Of course," Treize said, the faint shadow of amusement hovering around his mouth making him look more like himself. "The situation rather begs it."

Zechs nodded, and said, "I want to be sure I know what you're asking of me before I decide." He took a deep breath and switched into negotiation mode. "You are asking me to dominate you."

Treize nodded, and Zechs went on. "What do you want? Specifically? Pain? Humiliation? Sex? Or just control?" Part of him couldn't believe he was having this conversation with his General, but the rest of him was focused on the possibilities.

Treize looked up at Zechs, and said, "Well, since I've never done this before, I think I'd have to leave it up to you. Isn't that how it works? But... all of it is very... intriguing."

"For a beginning scene, I'd introduce elements of all of those," Zechs said, nodding. "And adjust accordingly, judging from your reactions. You must choose a safeword and a slow word, and tell me of any specific things you would never want to do. Those are called hard limits. You have to tell me just how far you are willing to go, sexually. And first, or even second scenes are not always perfect. Do you understand all that?" He didn't know how much Treize knew already.

"I understand," Treize said immediately. "Does that mean you'll consider it?"

"I already have," Zechs said. "You fulfill my requirements and I'll try my best to fulfill your needs."

Treize blinked at Zechs, clearly surprised. "Thank you, Zechs. I will do my best."

"As will I," Zechs answered, smirking just a little. He didn't let himself think too far ahead. He needed to be in control. "When would you like to start?"

"Now," Treize said immediately, showing more eagerness than Zechs had ever seen. Then the older man blushed, just slightly. "If that meets with your needs, of course. I am... rather eager."

Zechs stared at a blushing Treize Khushrenada. Now he'd seen everything. "We can begin tonight," he finally said.

"Good," smiled Treize, relaxing just a bit. "Thank you, Zechs. I will forever be in your debt."

Zechs thought that, all else aside, having Treize in his debt wasn't a bad thing. He nodded, and said, "We begin now." He paused for a moment, then went on. "From this moment until the scene ends, you will address me as 'sir.' You are my property until one to both of us ends the scene. You can end the scene by using your safeword. Have you chosen a safeword and a slow word? They should be words that are significant to you, that you will remember even if in distress, and also not words that you would easily say under these circumstances. If you can't think of anything, yellow is often used as a slow word, and red as a safe word."

Treize nodded, and seemed to consider. "I'd like to use yellow and red for now, if that's all right," he finally said. "My mind is a bit blank at the moment," he added ruefully, then said, "Sir."

Treize calling him 'sir' was odd, but Zechs liked it. "Yellow and red. That's fine. Now, hard limits. What will you not consent to doing?" Zechs asked, then thought Treize might need a little help. "Personally, I will not do scat or watersports. Nor bloodplay or breath control in a beginning scene. I'd rather not do age play or animal games." He watched Treize's face carefully. That was a lot of rather specific information.

Indeed, the older man's eyes were rather larger than before, but he seemed no less confident. "I agree with those limits for myself as well, sir," he nodded. "I can't think of anything else at the moment, but if I do I will tell you or use my safeword."

Zechs nodded. "One more question. How far are you willing to go sexually? A scene does not have to include sexual contact but mine usually do." Usually because he only accepted subs whom he found attractive, and Treize was no exception.

Treize bowed his head just slightly and looked up at Zechs, no blush this time. "As far as you want to go, sir. I am yours for tonight, after all."

That made Zechs' body react. Treize was willing to let Zechs fuck him. And Zechs intended to do just that. "Understood," he said, his voice a little deep. "We shall begin, then."

"Yes, sir," Treize said, his own voice a bit breathless. He stood and walked across the room to stand in front of Zechs, eyes downcast. "Thank you."

Continued in part 2