Title: Control -- part 2
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x13
Notes: BDSM
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* * * * * * * * * * *

Well, this was it, then. This was one of the things that Zechs was really good at. But he'd never imagined doing it to Treize. "Treize," he began, keeping his voice even. "You have given yourself over to me for this evening. I am going to strip you of all control of your body because you have asked me to. You have your slow word and your safe word. Please remember that I will not be angry with you if you use them. They are there for your well-being. You may look, react, and speak freely for now. To begin, you will strip your body for me, as a symbol of how you wish to be open to me." He stepped back slightly. "Take all your clothes off, slowly, one piece at a time, and as you expose your body to me you will also be submitting your will."

With one quick, heated glance up at Zechs' face, Treize nodded, and lifted his hands to begin unbuttoning his shirt. Zechs watched dispassionately, giving no sign of how much he was enjoying the show. He'd always known Treize's body was magnificent from the way he looked in his uniform, but the pale, sculpted muscles were a joy to behold, framed by the red silk shirt. Then the shirt was gone, draped over a chair, and Treize slipped off his shoes and socks. Then, even Zechs could see the fine tremble in the older man's hands as they dropped to his belt to unfasten it. Zechs was compelled to encourage him, but he stayed silent for now.

The pants were unfastened, then with only a moment's hesitation Treize let them drop, revealing he hadn't bothered with undergarments tonight. Why bother, really, Zechs supposed, when you intended to be naked later that night. Treize kicked away the pants, and stood naked in front of Zechs. He clearly felt uncomfortable, and didn't know what to do with his hands. He finally settled for letting them hang at his sides.

Zechs let him stand that way for a few long moments, just admiring Treize's toned body. He was paler than Zechs, with a myriad of fine pale scars that Zechs had never seen a hint of before. He'd have to ask Treize about them some time. He had very little body hair, and though he looked a bit reticent, his eyes fixed to the ground, Treize was clearly not that unhappy to be there. He was half-hard, and his cock looked already to be of rather impressive size. All in all, a lovely picture.

Finally, Zechs stepped forward to stand in front of Treize. "Look up, look at me," he commanded. He waited until Treize's blue eyes were fixed on his own, looking slightly startled, and noted the man's faint blush. "You're beautiful, Treize. Never be ashamed of your body."

"Thank you, sir," Treize said, and by the tone of his voice Zechs could tell that the man was already well into subspace, though he undoubtedly didn't know the term. He was starting to let go, lose his identity and become just a body to be played with. It was what most submissives wanted. To let go of their responsibilities, to relinquish all control of their fate for a brief time.

"You're naked, Treize," Zechs purred, pitching his voice lower but not softer. "Completely bare before me. Helpless and vulnerable." He watched as a fine shiver ran through the older man's body and his arousal lurched higher. He was assessing how Treize reacted, to see what it was that turned him on. "Kneel," he commanded abruptly, stepping back.

Treize hesitated only a moment before dropping gracefully to his knees. He looked up at Zechs, as if for approval.

"Good," Zechs said, taking a moment to remove his leather jacket, leaving him in just the black pants and boots. He watched as Treize's eyes flicked over his body, and the man got even harder. He then stood in front of the kneeling man, hands on hips, and regarded him. Treize had a natural military bearing, his back perfectly straight without effort. He clearly had never deliberately kneeled before. "Spread your legs apart more," ordered Zechs. "Clasp your hands behind your back."

Treize complied without question, adjusting his stance as Zechs had ordered and looking hesitantly up at the blond man. He was looking for approval.

Zechs let his eyes roam over Treize, looking at every inch of him, moving around him slowly. The point of this was to reinforce how much at Zechs' mercy he was, that Zechs could look, and touch, wherever he wanted. Treize was an object now. Less than a person. A slave, essentially, to be toyed with at Zechs' whim. And from the erection nearly touching Treize's belly, Zechs could tell that the older man loved every second of it.

Zechs paused behind Treize, letting his hand trail across the man's broad shoulders, touching him for the first time. Treize's breath hitched, and Zechs continued around to the front. He squatted down in front of him, their positions making him about a head taller than his commanding officer.

"How does this make you feel, Treize?" asked Zechs neutrally. He could tell the man liked it, of course, but he wanted him to verbalize it. He didn't want him too deeply into headspace yet.

Treize took a deep breath, then said, softly, "I feel... naked. Exposed. Helpless. Under your control. Sir."

"Good." Zechs reached out, tracing light fingertips down Treize's chest, down to his stomach. "And you like it."

"Yes, sir." More calm now, but with an undercurrent of excitement. A sharp intake of breath at the touch, but Treize didn't flinch away.

"You're doing very well," said Zechs. Treize would need praise right now, reassurance. He straightened, and stepped back. He walked across the room, to stand by the bed. "Crawl to me," he commanded, letting the older man figure out just how to do that.

Treize's eyes followed Zechs, slightly wider. But he didn't hesitate, just moved awkwardly onto his hands and knees. He crawled a few steps as he adjusted to the position, then became more confident of his balance.

Zechs' body reacted to the sight; crawling was one of the things he really liked his submissives to do. And Treize Khushrenada, naked, aroused and crawling... it was more than he'd ever dreamed of. He'd have to keep a tight rein on his control tonight.

"Now kneel again," Zechs said when Treize had reached the bed.

Treize sat back on his knees again, adopting the same position Zechs had instructed him to take previously. Zechs was pleased that Treize didn't need any correction at all.

"Very good," murmured Zechs. "You will now surrender even more of your will to me, Treize. You've already given up some control of your body. Now you will give up all of it." He walked over to a panel on the wall, pushing a couple of buttons. An overhead restraint system lowered from the ceiling, near the foot of the bed. He walked over to the apparatus and made some adjustments, then said, "Come here." He knew Treize had been watching every move he made.

Treize crawled over, then kneeled next to Zechs. Zechs' cock gave another jump; he really did like Treize kneeling at his feet far too much. "I'm going to restrain you from this, by your wrists," he explained. "Stand up."

Treize did as he was told, and Zechs could see the anticipation in the older man's eyes. Good. He went about fixing the soft leather cuffs around Treize's wrists, then he returned to the panel to raise the chains again. He raised them until Treize's arms were held above his head, but not painfully tight. The pain would come from elsewhere. "How does that feel?" he asked. He didn't really have to ask; Treize's dripping hard cock told him the man at least physically was enjoying this a great deal.

"So good.... Sir," Treize all but panted. His eyes were half-lidded and he was clearly giving himself over to it.

Zechs smirked slightly, even as his pulse raced faster. This was perfect. He walked over to a cabinet and opened it. He looked over its contents and made a decision. He pulled out a riding crop, an object he knew Treize had much experience with. If this turned out well, Treize would never be able to go riding again without thinking of him and getting aroused.

He turned around, letting Treize see what he held, noting with satisfaction the slight widening of his eyes. He walked toward Treize, snapping the crop lightly against his thigh, letting it make a sharp noise. The crop could be used to inflict a great deal of pain, or just a little bit. The sound it made was one of its best properties. It was very precise, as well. It was one of Zechs' favorite toys.

He walked in front of Treize and ran the crop teasingly down the man's body, stopping at his lower stomach. "Are you ready for this, Treize?" he asked challengingly.

"Yes, sir," whispered the older man, desire and anticipation deepening his voice. "Please."

Continued in part 3