Title: Control -- part 3
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x13
Notes: BDSM
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Part of Smutfest 3000

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Good," murmured Zechs, and he walked around behind Treize, letting the crop trail over his arm and shoulder as he went. He stopped behind the older man, taking a moment to just admire the view. Treize's body was just spectacular, especially when displayed this way. And all his.

Zechs decided to start with Treize's ass, because that was where most people could take the most pain. There was more padding there than elsewhere. "Remember your safewords," he reminded Treize, then snapped the crop across one buttock. He paused to gauge the reaction.

Treize gasped, muscles clenching as he felt the sting, and he moaned. "Thank you, sir," he whispered, and Zechs grinned.

Zechs started slowly, bringing the crop to bear on various parts of Treize's ass and upper thighs. He never hit the same spot twice; with a small implement like a crop, it wasn't difficult to keep from overlapping the blows. He watched Treize carefully, and gradually increased the intensity of the blows until his skin was glowing almost uniformly pink.

Finally he stepped around to the front of Treize. He himself was achingly hard now, but he gave no indication of it. Treize, however, wasn't holding back. The older man was panting and flushed, and his cock was wet. Zechs didn't doubt that the slightest touch right now would bring him off, and he wondered briefly if Treize could come just from this. He waited until Treize looked up at him. "I don't suppose I have to tell you that coming without permission would displease me."

"Yes, sir," Treize panted. "I can control myself."

"Good boy," Zechs said, smiling. "You're doing very well. I'll allow you to ask for what you want next." He might not do it, of course, but he wanted to judge what Treize wanted.

Treize's eyes fluttered closed and he licked his lips before looking up at Zechs again. "Please, sir," he moaned. "Want... want you... want you to fuck me." He paused, then added, "Fuck me hard. Use me. Please."

Those words were just what Zechs liked to hear. "That sounds like a lovely idea," he said, as neutrally as if he was discussing what to have for lunch. But inside his hormones were raging. "But I think you haven't quite earned that right."

"Please, sir," Treize said immediately. "What can I do to earn it? To prove how much I..." he whimpered and went on, "How much I want your cock?"

Oh god. Zechs was sure he wasn't going to survive this. Treize talking dirty... begging for his cock... this was one night he was never going to forget. But there was one other thing he wanted first. He walked over and lowered the restraints slowly, letting Treize adjust. Then he walked over and released the restraints, and stood in front of the older man. "I want you to suck my cock, Treize." Just saying the words was erotic.

Treize gave a small gasp and dropped immediately to his knees. In the proper stance. "Yes, please, sir, let me suck you," he said, voice trembling. "May I?"

"You may," Zechs said, running his hand proprietarily through Treize's hair. "You can use both your hands and your mouth to please me, until I tell you to stop."

"Thank you, sir," breathed Treize, as if Zechs had granted his fondest wish, and Zechs knew he was deep into headspace. Treize looked up at Zechs, and he nodded.

"Go ahead."

Treize reached up with trembling hands and unfastened Zechs' pants carefully. He eased them down enough so that he could free the other man's rock hard cock.

Zechs suppressed a moan as he watched Treize wrap one hand around his length and bring it to his mouth. A tongue flicked out, tasting him, before licking all around the tip. Then Treize eased him into his mouth, treating the hard flesh almost reverentially.

Zechs' eyes wanted to close, to enjoy this experience, but the sight of Treize doing this to him was nearly as good as the wet heat of his mouth. Treize was good at this. Perhaps a bit out of practice, but the talent was there. And with every moment he got more confident.

Soon he was moving his head up and down, sucking on Zechs' cock, letting his tongue tease the tip every so often. He used one hand to keep the hard length at the right angle and the other to steady himself on Zechs' thigh.

It took everything that Zechs had to keep his breathing even and not thrust harshly into that mouth. All too soon, he had to stop him.

"Treize," he said, his voice as calm as he could make it. "You can stop. You've proven you deserve to be fucked."

Almost reluctantly, Treize pulled off Zechs' cock, looking up at the blond man with reddened, swollen lips. "Thank you, sir," he breathed.

Zechs' arousal ratcheted another notch higher. "Take my boots and pants off," he ordered, not giving any more specific orders than that.

"Yes, sir," Treize said, and he bent to slip off the blond man's boots and socks off. He placed them carefully aside then proceeded to peel the tight leather trousers the rest of the way off. Treize was careful and methodical and Zechs couldn't wait to be inside him.

Finally, Zechs was as naked as Treize, and he noticed Treize looking at him almost shyly. He smiled, and released his hair from its tie. He shook it loose and said, "You can look at me, Treize. Don't be shy."

Treize lifted his head a little more boldly, and let his eyes roam over Zechs' golden skin. "Thank you, sir." He blushed lightly.

Zechs let him look for a moment, then said, "Go lie on the bed, on your stomach, legs spread."

Treize gasped softly, as if he couldn't believe he was going to get what he wanted so badly. He crawled over to the bed, climbed up on it and positioned himself as instructed. Zechs watched, then went over to the cabinet to get a tube of lubrication. Then he walked back to the bed. He knew this position would only serve to make Treize feel even more submissive, which was what he wanted. What they both wanted.

Zechs got behind Treize, kneeling between his spread legs, and positioned a pillow under the older man's hips. That raised his hips, opening him more, and said, "Spread wider." Not because he really needed Treize open more, but for the psychological effect of deliberately exposing himself.

Treize whimpered, and spread his legs as wide as they would go. Zechs could see him desperately try not to rub against the pillow under his hips. The slight friction on his cock should be maddening.

"You want to be fucked, don't you, Treize?" Zechs purred. "Want me to use your body for my pleasure like a good little slave?" He opened the lube, and started to trace down his cleft with slick fingers.

"Oh god, yes, please, sir," Treize all but panted as Zechs touched him.

Inside, Zechs was just as ready as Treize, but it didn't show anywhere but his hard, eager cock. He slipped one lubed finger inside the older man, moving it in and out slowly. "How long since anyone's taken you, Treize?" he asked. The man was incredibly tight.

"Y-years, sir," Treize answered softly, arching slightly to meet Zechs' finger.

Zechs had suspected that, but he'd wanted to hear it from Treize himself. Treize hadn't let anyone take him for a long long time. And now he wanted Zechs to do it. Perfect. He added another finger, prepping him carefully and thoroughly. By the time he was satisfied, Treize was panting and clutching handfuls of the bedsheets.

"Are you ready?" Zechs asked unnecessarily, withdrawing his fingers and slicking his own cock.

"Yes, please, sir, please f-fuck me," moaned Treize, totally a creature of need.

"I like the way you say that," hissed Zechs, gripping Treize's hips and pulling him up onto his hands and knees. He watched as the new position soaked into Treize's lust-addled brain. "Keep your head down, ass up, and brace yourself."

He'd prepped Treize well, so Zechs knew he could enter him fast and hard. That was the way he liked it. So he positioned his cock, and in one smooth, hard thrust he filled Treize completely. He paused for only a moment, to make sure Treize wasn't in any pain, then he got a secure hold of the man's hips and started to fuck him in earnest.

Precisely angled thrusts, just on the edge of savage, and Zechs allowed himself a low growl. He'd been hard for what seemed like hours, playing with Treize, and he was more than ready for release. So was Treize, by the sound of him. The older man was panting and moaning, face pressed into the bed, taking every stroke. As much as Zechs would have loved to fuck Treize all night, both of them needed to come, and soon.

So the blond man leaned forward and wrapped his hand around Treize's cock, stroking it quickly. "You can come now," he whispered, still pounding hard.

The words were barely out of Zechs' mouth when Treize gave a keening cry and started to climax violently. The man tightened even more around him, and he could feel the pulses run through Treize's cock as he pumped out his seed.

Only then did Zechs allow himself to come; he came more quietly but just as intensely, long blond hair hanging in his face. He lost himself in the exquisite pleasure for a long moment before stilling himself and pulling out.

Treize was still trembling; he helped him to lie down, and after a moment's consideration, Zechs curled up behind him, wrapping one arm around the older man's body.

They could discuss the ramifications later. For right now, they were just two sated men who had fit together perfectly.

The End