Title: Decisions, Decisions -- part 1
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 5x2, 1x2x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero sat in the living room, engaged in his favorite leisure activity: watching Duo. He was very good at watching without looking like he was watching; in the months since he had met the longhaired boy, he had made it into something of an art form. He was reasonably sure that no one else knew of his fixation on the other pilot. Especially Duo. Heero wanted to tell him how he felt, wanted to have a chance to touch the beautiful boy; but one look at the sensual vision that was Duo Maxwell, whether he was dancing, piloting, or just sitting on the couch watching TV like he was now, and Heero lost his nerve. The other boy would never want him, would never find him attractive. He was so plain next to the beautiful longhaired creature; so he contented himself with looking, and longing, and dreaming.

His next surreptitious glance at Duo almost made him moan; the longhaired boy had shifted his position on the couch and now sat, legs spread slightly and his shirt pulled up to reveal his flat stomach. He was so entranced he almost stared too long; he flicked his eyes away at the last instant. Heero had calculated the precise amount of time you could look at something without appearing to stare. His eyes came to rest on Wufei, who also sat in the living room, and was startled to see the Chinese boy was also staring fixedly at Duo! Heero glanced away, then glanced back; maybe he had been mistaken, maybe it was a coincidence. He looked again, and there was no mistaking it; Wufei was definitely checking out Duo. Quite obviously, in fact. With a lascivious look on his face that Heero didn't like at all. Wufei looked over at him, and Heero shot him a glare of death. Wufei smirked back at him.

Wufei, stifling a laugh, turned his attention back to Duo. The longhaired boy looked good enough to eat tonight, and Wufei had decided he would like nothing more than to do just that. He had been watching Duo more and more often lately, and every time he looked, Duo looked better and better. At first, the loudmouthed boy had just annoyed him. Then he had realized that he thought about Duo more and more often, and it wasn't just with annoyance. Then he had his first erotic dream about the longhaired boy, and he knew he had to do something about it. The more and more he got interested in Duo, however, the more he noticed how wherever Duo went, Heero was sure to turn up. At first, he thought maybe they were already together; after all, they did almost always share a room. But he watched, and watched Heero watching Duo; and decided that Heero just carried a huge torch for Duo. He snickered; Heero obviously would never make a move, so Wufei had no competition.

Duo stretched, and said, "Hey, do we have any beer left?" It seemed to be a general question, not directed at anyone in particular. He didn't expect the response he got.

Both Wufei and Heero jumped up, and Wufei said, "I'll get you one, Duo."

Not to be outdone, Heero added, "And if we're out, I'll go buy some more."

Duo watched in bemusement as the two boys raced each other, disappearing into the kitchen. He frowned as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on. He had a few ideas, and a wide grin crossed his face. "Cool."

In the kitchen, Wufei reached the refrigerator first. Flinging it open in triumph, he looked in for the beer. There were several inside, of two different types. Wufei grabbed one kind, and Heero grabbed the other, and they stared at each other challengingly.

"What the hell are you up to, Chang?" Heero growled. He didn't like the way the Chinese boy was smirking at him.

"What does it look like? I'm doing what you don't have the balls to do, Yuy. I'm taking Duo," answered Wufei.

"Taking him where?" asked Heero, a bit slow on the uptake.

"Wherever he wants to go," laughed Wufei. "And after..." he leered, and even Heero understood. All of a sudden, he found himself face to face with Heero, the other boy's fist in his shirt, lifting him off the floor.

"Keep your hands off him," stated the Japanese boy, softly and dangerously. "He's mine."

Wufei snorted, and Heero dropped him unceremoniously. He stumbled, but pulled himself back up. "Why don't we let Duo decide that for himself?"

"Why don't we let Duo decide what for himself?" the American demanded from the doorway, having gotten tired of waiting for the two boys to return. "What the fuck is going on?" He took in the scene: Heero looking belligerent, Wufei looking smug, and both of them looking disheveled.

The two boys whirled to face the object of their argument, looking guilty. Duo suppressed a snicker. They were so kawaii... both of them. But he was supposed to be annoyed with them. Talking about him as if he were an object... "Well?" he demanded.

Heero and Wufei looked at each other, then back at Duo. Wufei recovered more quickly. He said smoothly, "We were just discussing your beer. There are two different kinds, and we were going to let you choose..." Heero snorted, and Duo raised an eyebrow.

"Do you disagree with Wu-man, Hee-chan?" Duo looked expectantly at the cobalt-eyed boy.

Both boys winced at the nicknames, but Heero said, "Yes."

Duo sighed at Heero's lack of loquacity. Wufei started to interject, but Duo gave him a look. Duo went on, "Do you think you can say more than one word at a time, Heero?"

Wufei snickered, and Heero shot him another death glare. "Wufei was saying..." he paused, obviously rewording things in his mind. Then all of a sudden, the words came tumbling out. "We both like you and Wufei said you liked him better and I said no and he said you should choose." Heero suddenly ran out of steam, and he fell silent. Duo tried not to giggle at the two boys glaring at each other; they looked like 6 year olds on the playground.

"Wufei? Do you agree with Heero's assessment of the situation?" Duo asked, as neutrally as possible.

"Well, I would have said it a bit more eloquently," replied Wufei, earning another glare from Heero and making Duo stifle another laugh, "But yes."

"So you two were fighting over me," Duo stated, trying not to smile.

Neither boy had an answer for that, but neither issued a denial either. This was going to be fun... "So now what?"

The two boys looked at him in confusion, then Wufei stated, "I'll ask you out on a date, of course."

Duo raised an eyebrow, and looked over at Heero. "What about you, Heero? Do you want to ask me out too?"

Heero nodded, eyes downcast.

"And I'm supposed to choose between the two of you, for a date?" Duo went on, enjoying this way too much. The two boys nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'm not sure I can decide. How about this: I go out with both of you, and then I decide who I like better," he paused, then went on as he saw the twin looks of indignation that were showing on the two boy's faces. "Hey, I need more information to make a decision! After all," he soothed, batting his long eyelashes, "Both of you are soooo handsome and strong... I'd like to get to know both of you better before I decide!"

The two Asian boys looked dubiously back at the American, but they couldn't argue with that logic. After all, they both wanted Duo for their own, and wanted to make him happy. So if this made him happy... both boys were convinced that after one night with him, Duo would have no problem making a decision. So Wufei said, "I agree. It sounds honorable."

Heero said, "Ok. But who goes first?"

Duo thought for a moment. He pulled out a coin. "Ok, heads I go out with Wufei first, and tails I go out with Heero first. Deal?" The other boys nodded, and Duo flipped the coin. Duo caught it, and looked at it. "Heads! You're up first, Wu-man!"

Wufei smiled victoriously. "Well, of course, after one date with me, there will be no need for any others," he replied confidently. He stepped back as Heero balled up his fists obviously. "But we made a deal, and I will of course honor it," he finished gallantly. He stepped up to Duo, and took his hand gently, bringing it to his lips. "When will you grace me with your presence, Duo?"

Duo smiled, and said, "Tomorrow is Friday. How about then?"

Wufei bowed and said, "Your wish is my command, gorgeous. All I ask is that for the one night you are mine, and think about nothing, and no one else," he paused. "Of course, the same would apply to my rival."

"That seems fair," Duo replied, and turned to Heero. "And you can have me Saturday night, ok?"

Heero nodded, not happily. Wufei smiled, and it was decided.

Duo grabbed both of the beers and went back to the living room, giggling happily to himself, and deciding what to wear. This was going to be fun.

Continued in part 2