Title: Decisions, Decisions -- part 5
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 5x2, 1x2x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome

* * * * * * * * * * *

"So show me," whispered Heero, burying one hand in Duo's hair and pulling the longhaired boy down on him. Duo shifted, so he was straddling Heero's legs. He moved until they were lined up perfectly; then he lowered his hips to rock against Heero's. Heero moaned, thrusting his hips up instinctively. "Duo..."

"You like that, Heero?" Duo purred, and the other boy nodded helplessly. "You're gonna love this... I'm gonna make you feel SO good..."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero moaned again, almost beyond thought from the feeling of Duo's body against his. He willingly would have agreed to anything Duo wanted at that moment. Then he felt Duo sit back, and felt hands unbutton his jeans. The anticipation was almost too much for the inexperienced boy. He tried to control himself, but didn't know how. Duo's hand slid inside his jeans, and Heero knew he was about to lose it. "Duo! I..." then the other boy's hand wrapped around him, pulling the hard length free of the boxers, and that one touch sent the overstimulated boy over the edge.

Duo couldn't wait to touch Heero; from the bulge in the jeans the other boy felt huge. He wasn't disappointed; the cock he wrapped his hand around was one of the biggest he'd seen. Such a glorious arousal, untouched until now... Duo grinned, then realized that Heero was going to come in his pants if he didn't hurry. Quickly, he stroked, pulling the boxers out of the way; Heero's creamy seed splashed forth just as Duo got his mouth in position. He swallowed the offered nectar, milking every drop, savoring Heero's cries.

Heero groaned, gasping Duo's name, burying his hand in the flowing hair, perfect pleasure coursing from his arousal. The sight of Duo's mouth taking in his pulsing cock made it even better, if that was possible. His whole body arched, tensing with his climax. It seemed to go on forever; when he finally settled back to the blanket, he felt Duo snuggle against him. "Sorry," he mumbled, embarrassed to have no control.

"Oh, Heero, don't be," breathed Duo, holding the other boy close. "It's ok, we have all night..." Actually, Duo was flattered to have such an effect on the Perfect Soldier. The taste of Heero's passion in his mouth, Duo pressed his lips gently against the other boy's.

Soothed by Duo's words, he kissed back, letting his hands roam over the longhaired boy. Duo felt incredible in his arms; he couldn't get enough. He didn't feel so desperate now, and he could enjoy the feeling of touching Duo. He ran his hands over every inch of Duo he could reach. He wanted to feel more of the silky-smooth skin, though; he tugged at the hem of Duo's shirt, pulling it up.

Smiling, Duo sat up, and pulled his shirt off quickly. The night air was cool on his bare skin, but the sight of Heero devouring him with his eyes warmed him perfectly.

Heero almost couldn't breathe; he had never seen Duo look more beautiful. All that bare skin surrounded by the amazing hair made his passion rise again. He could feel his cock hardening again. "Duo..."

"Your turn," Duo purred, sliding the other boy's tank top up, exposing the washboard abs. "Let me see that gorgeous body, Heero."

Heero moaned softly, Duo's words and actions turning him on even more. He sat up, pulling off the shirt, then on impulse wiggled out of his jeans as well. He wanted Duo to touch him again.

Duo watched the perfect body revealed. He tried not to drool on himself as he realized that hard body was all his to touch. Heero looked like a greek god. His remaining garment, his boxers, bulged, his cock already hard again. Duo couldn't wait to feel that body against him. The sheer strength he knew Heero possessed turned him on. He wanted to drive Heero crazy, push the other boy so far into passion's grip that he lost control. He wanted to be pinned down and taken hard. His hands strayed to his own jean buttons as he watched Heero. Then Heero was watching him, so he rose up onto his knees and eased his own jeans down slowly. The way Heero was watching him so hungrily made him even more turned on. He slowly eased down his jeans, letting his hard cock spring forth; he wore no underwear. The cool night air on his heated flesh made him gasp softly; but the look on Heero's face was the best of all. He pushed the jeans down until he was fully revealed to the other boy; Duo swore he could feel Heero's gaze physically, so intense were those cobalt eyes. He put his hands behind his head, stretching his mostly naked body out in front of Heero, and whispered, "You like?"

Unable to even vocalize a response, Heero just growled and sat up, grabbing Duo as gently as he could manage, and pulled the boy hard against him. Duo moaned low in his throat at Heero's forcefulness. Heero felt Duo melt against him, and two mouths met, insistent.

Heero pulled back finally, gasping for breath, and said, "Duo... you're so perfect... show me..."

With a smirk, Duo got his jeans the rest of the way off, and reached for the waistband of Heero's boxers, the only thing remaining between them. "May I?" he said flirtatiously.

Heero nodded, and raised his hips so Duo could slide the material off him. He lay back, supporting himself on his elbows. He was slightly embarrassed to be completely naked in front of Duo; but he quickly got over that when he saw the way the other boy was looking at him. "You like?" he smiled, repeating Duo's words more hesitantly.

"Oh yeah," purred Duo with a decidedly lascivious tone to his voice. "Very nice. You're so big..."

Heero almost blushed, but then his hormones took over. "Duo..." he moaned, "I need you... need to feel you..."

Duo nearly pounced then; he crawled on all fours, along the length of Heero's body until they were face to face. He claimed the other boy's mouth once again. Both boys were finally unclothed, hot naked skin meeting at last.

Heero brought his hands up, running them over Duo's smooth skin, until he couldn't take any more. Growling, he flipped them over on the blanket, landing with one knee between Duo's legs, strong hands pinning the other boy's shoulders. "Now," he gasped.

Duo was almost reduced to panting by Heero's forceful behavior. This was perfect. "Anything," he moaned, spreading his legs wide. He fumbled with one hand, and Heero released his arm enough so that the longhaired boy could reach his pants pocket. He managed to get out a tube of lube just before Heero attacked his neck, kissing and biting softly, making him whimper. "Oh god, Heero..."

Heero moved so that both his legs were between Duo's spread thighs, and he ran his hands up the inside of those creamy legs. "Tell me what to do," he groaned out, trembling with need.

Duo panted; the anticipation was threatening to make him lose control too. He squeezed some of the lube out and reached for Heero's cock. "I do this," he said as he smoothed the gel onto the hard length, and Heero groaned. Then Duo lay back, looking up at the Japanese boy with hunger. "Then you do me."

Heero needed no further instructions; he could see Duo's entrance and instinct took over. "Duo," he moaned, and leaned forward, supporting himself on one hand as he guided his cock toward his target. "Tell me..." he gasped as he pressed the tip of his cock against Duo's hot opening, then tried again, "Tell me if I do something wrong..."

Duo spread his legs apart as far as he could. "The only thing you're doing wrong," he panted, "Is going too slow. Fuck me, Heero!" he begged, almost sobbing from the teasing pressure of the arousal pressing against him but not entering.

Duo's pleas made Heero's passion rise even higher, and he overcame his worries. He pushed, and the head of his cock entered Duo. Rendered incoherent now, he could only groan and gasp Duo's name as the hot channel engulfed him. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined anything this incredible. Needing more of the feeling, he pushed farther, and slid deeper.

Duo began chanting Heero's name as the cobalt-eyed boy claimed him. Heero's arousal felt huge as he impaled him, but he was going so slowly that there was no pain. Duo had to remind himself to breathe as he was filled; to him, this was the single best thing in the universe, being filled by a hot, hard cock, filled completely. He craved it. He wrapped his legs around Heero's back to urge him farther, deeper. "God, Heero... take me..."

Overwhelmed with new sensations, Heero inched deeper inside Duo. The feeling defied description, and even his well-trained mind shut down, unable to process so much pleasure. The few times he had been desperate enough to touch himself, it had never felt anything like this. So sharp it was almost pain, the feeling of being inside Duo took over. Finally, he could push no farther, and his thighs pressed against Duo. He looked down, unable to believe this was actually happening, fascinated by the way his erection disappeared into Duo's body.

Duo sighed as Heero buried himself inside; he wanted it hard and fast, but he knew Heero had no experience. The other boy was worried about hurting him; he had no idea that Duo could take being pounded as hard as Heero could give it. When Heero was fully inside him, Duo moaned, "Please, Heero. Do it hard. Fuck me hard. I need it so bad..." And he wiggled, contracting his muscles around Heero, knowing what effect it would have.

"Duo! Nnnn..." Heero's face clearly showed the effect, and he automatically pulled out and thrust back into the willing body beneath him. Duo squealed, and Heero cried out; it felt so good.

"Yes, that's it, do it, Heero, harder. Pound me," encouraged Duo, using his muscles again.

It was too much for the inexperienced boy; he started to pound then. Roughly, not gently, Heero thrust into Duo; but the longhaired boy loved it that way. To know he had driven the controlled boy crazy with lust, so the other boy lost control and just fucked him, was what he wanted. Duo gripped Heero's arms to keep from being pushed off the blanket, and just held on. And enjoyed. His cries got louder and louder as Heero pounded him.

Forgetting everything except what it felt like to thrust inside Duo's sweet body, Heero just felt. Duo's cries spurred him on, and his whole world was each thrust. He wanted it to go on forever, it was so incredible; but he felt his climax approach much too soon. "Duo," he gasped out. "I... I can't..."

Duo understood that the other boy couldn't stop himself; so he angled his hips, insuring that each savage thrust hit the right spot. He slipped one hand between them and stroked his own arousal. He gasped as his pleasure multiplied, and gasped, "I'm coming, Heero... give it to me hard..."

Heero couldn't have denied Duo anything; he thrust harder, and the smaller boy beneath him screamed his name. Hot fluid gushed between them, and he knew his lover had found his release. Then hot muscles clamped down on him even tighter, and he cried out as his climax hit him. "Duo!"

Both boys froze, their completion a shuddering tableau of ecstasy under the stars. What seemed like hours went by as their passion escaped their bodies. Finally breathing again, Heero nearly collapsed on top of Duo, rolling to the side at the last moment. Every muscle in his body was trembling, and he couldn't think straight. Duo lay back, breathing hard, trying to remember how to speak. The two boys lay side by side, sweaty sticky bodies pressed together, as their desire cooled.

"You're amazing," breathed Heero into the longhaired boy's ear. Duo snuggled against him.

It was a long walk back to the car.

Continued in part 6