Title: Decisions, Decisions -- part 6
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 5x2, 1x2x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo woke up with the delicious smell of coffee and waffles filling his nose. He stretched languidly, savoring the warmth of his bed. Slowly, he realized he wasn't alone in the room. He opened one eye, and then the other. As the room came into focus, he realized there were two people other than him in the room. Heero and Wufei stood on either side of his bed, glaring at each other. Wufei held a steaming mug of coffee, while Heero held a tray that bore a huge stack of waffles. Duo smiled sleepily; he could really get used to this. "Morning, boys..."

Wufei sat gently on the bed next to Duo. He knew how much Duo loved his coffee first thing in the morning, with so much cream and sugar there was very little coffee in it. He held out the mug, so that the delicious aroma wafted to the longhaired boy's nose. "Good morning, Duo. I hope you slept well," he continued, burying his annoyance at the fact that Duo may well have been in Heero's arms the previous night.

Duo accepted the mug, lifting himself up on one elbow and sipping carefully. "Mmm, perfect. Thanks, Wu-man." He felt Heero sit beside him.

Heero figured that the way to Duo's heart was through his stomach. "Chocolate chip waffles, your favorite, Duo."

Duo sat up, turning toward Heero and the waffles. "Cool, I'm starving."

Heero placed the tray over Duo's lap. Duo set the coffee down and dug in. Heero and Wufei glared at each other across Duo once more.

When Duo finished, he sat back and grinned at Heero and Wufei. "That was great! Thanks!" Both boys looked expectantly at him. "What?"

Wufei spoke up. "Well, you've had dates with both of us. I believe we're waiting for your decision."

Heero nodded. "Not that it is necessary, after last night..."

Wufei interrupted. "Last night? What about the night before? What did you two do?"

Heero just smirked at him, and the Chinese boy was about climb across the bed to strangle him when Duo said, "Hold it!" He sighed to himself; he had been really enjoying this and had hoped he could string them along a bit longer. "You two are really impatient, you know that?"

Heero was instantly contrite. "I'm sorry, Duo. Take your time."

Wufei had to go him one better. "Well, can you blame us? You're so incredibly beautiful, any man would be anxious to have you!"

Duo smiled. This was more like it. "I think I need a bit more time to decide. You're both so wonderful..." He trailed off, looking at each boy in turn, and stretching sensuously. He let the covers slip down below his waist so they both could see he wore nothing. He could feel their eyes on him, and he absolutely loved it. Sitting here naked in the bed, with a hot pilot on either side of him, was giving him ideas. He smirked to himself. Heero and Wufei were practically drooling all over themselves just looking at him. They would agree to anything at this point. "Actually, I did have one idea..."

Heero took his hand and looked deep into his eyes, trying to ignore the raging erection in his spandex. "Anything, Duo. As long as I get to be near you."

Wufei snorted, but said, shifting to cover his own arousal, "I only wish to help you make the right decision."

Duo tried not to giggle with triumph. "I want us all to go out together." He let that sink in for a moment.

Wufei sputtered, "The three of us on a date?"

Heero said, "Wouldn't that be a bit, um, crowded?"

Duo started to pout. "Well, I just like both of you so much, I can't decide!"

Wanting to assuage the longhaired boy, both boys changed their tune abruptly.

Wufei said, "Well, I'm not afraid of the competition."

Heero said, "I'll do anything you want, Duo."

Duo bounced, happy again. "Great! We'll have so much fun!"

Heero and Wufei sighed, wondering what they had gotten themselves into.


That evening, Duo happily slipped into his tightest jeans and shortest shirt, brushing his hair to brilliance and leaving it loose. This evening was going to be fun, and he was planning how it would end; with something he had always wanted to do.

They were going to dinner and a movie; a traditional date, but in a nontraditional threesome. Duo was in heaven, a gorgeous boy on each arm. He hung on them both equally, flirting shamelessly. He really was enjoying this entirely too much. It only served to reinforce his feeling that he really couldn't choose between the two gorgeous boys.

They went to Duo's favorite restaurant, a seafood place. He insisted on sitting between his two dates, in a circular booth.

Wufei looked over at Duo, who was studying the menu intently. "Do you know what you want, Duo?"

Duo smirked to himself; he knew exactly what he wanted, but it was a bit too early to announce that. So he said, "Hmm... I think I want to start with oysters. Raw, of course!"

Heero groaned. He had an idea what Duo was up to, and he knew the theory of oysters as an aphrodisiac. "Duo..."

Duo looked over the top of his menu with his best innocent expression. "What, Heero?"

Heero looked back at the longhaired boy. "Nothing," he sighed, and went back to looking at his menu.

Wufei seemed oblivious to Duo's intent, or perhaps he didn't know the rumors about oysters.

Finally, Duo decided, and they ordered. The violet-eyed boy played it for all he was worth, blowing in Wufei's ear one moment and gripping Heero's bicep in another. Duo had charmed the waiter into bringing them a bottle of wine without any comment about their ages. Duo was happily tipsy, and got them another. Heero and Wufei had each had a couple of glasses, and were finally beginning to relax. Duo was so much fun that the two boys couldn't help but be drawn into the boy's good mood. Wufei even had to admit, if only to himself, that Heero had a dimension beyond stoic. And Heero had to admit, to himself of course, that Wufei was a very good storyteller when he got started. He had some hilarious tales about his ancestors that had Duo giggling helplessly, and even made Heero smile.

They finished the dinner, and made their way down to the movie theatre. Luckily, they weren't driving, because all three boys were a bit drunk. They walked into the theatre; Duo realized with glee that the only set of three free seats was right at the back. He dragged the two boys toward the seats, and settled between his two dates. He was glad the lights had dimmed because he was sure he was grinning like an idiot. What could be better than to be between two beautiful Asian boys? To be underneath them, his mind supplied helpfully, and he suppressed a giggle. Best not to let on too soon what he had planned. Not until they had stopped thinking with their brains at least. Which was the next part of Duo's plan.

The movie began, and Duo slipped one hand into each of his dates'. They watched the movie for a few minutes before Duo decided to make his move. He slid his hands down until they both rested on a strong thigh. He could feel both boys shift in their seats, reacting to the presence of his hand near their most sensitive area. Duo smiled to himself as he moved both hands, sliding up, toward his goal.

Two heads turned to look at him in the near darkness. Duo smiled and continued to move his hands upward. He heard a small intake of breath from Heero, and Wufei whispered, "Duo, what are you doing?"

"What does it feel like?" whispered Duo back. Then, he stopped his hands. "Unless, of course, you want me to stop..."

There was a long pause as both boys realized what was happening, and considered. Both boys wanted the longhaired boy for themselves, but they were also completely infatuated with him. One taste of Duo was far from enough, and only served to enhance their need for more of Duo's touch.

Heero whispered, "Don't stop, please." He looked away, slightly embarrassed until he felt the other boy's teasing fingers stroke his awakening length. Then he forgot to be embarrassed.

Wufei sighed and placed his own hand over Duo's, moving it up. "God, Duo..."

Duo smirked into the darkness, tracing his fingers over the hard bulges beneath his hands. This was it, this was what he really wanted: two boys, completely under his spell. Two hard cocks in his hands, hard for him. He was going to make sure no one was unhappy tonight.

Duo continued to play with Heero and Wufei, stroking them through their jeans, driving them insane with teasing friction. Soon both boys were thrusting up unconsciously, wanting Duo to intensify his touches, wanting more. Wufei took Duo's hand and pressed it more tightly to his hard cock, rocking his hips up. Duo responded by slipping his hand inside Wufei's loose pants and wrapping his hand around the hard length. Wufei moaned. Heero's pants were too tight to do the same, so Duo carefully unzipped them and before Heero could protest, he was shallowly stroking his erection, squeezing gently. Heero threw his head back against the seat and tried to breathe.

Heero looked over at Duo and locked eyes with Wufei, who also looked frustrated. They shared a long look, and Wufei finally nodded. So did Heero, and they turned their attention to Duo.

"Duo," whispered Heero in one ear.

"We know what you're up to," said Wufei, in the other.

Duo tried to decide how to play this. This was the crucial moment. He decided an innocent act wouldn't work, so he said, "It took you long enough to figure it out!"

"So you really want to do this," Wufei asked.

"A threesome? Fuck yes! I've always wanted to! And since you two are both so sexy... and hot..." Duo gave each of the boys a squeeze, "I was hoping you would both want to, you know..." he trailed off. It was out of his hands now. He just had to hope that the boys' frustration and need for him would overcome their pride. "Please?" He smiled as sincerely as possible considering both his hands were full of cock. "I promise neither of you will be unsatisfied."

Wufei considered. Duo turned him on so much, he couldn't keep from thinking about plunging his cock deep inside the sweet body again. And if it made Duo happy to have Heero there too... his desire overrode his pride and he found himself nodding. As long as Duo didn't stop doing that to him...

Heero was torn. He wanted Duo to himself. But most of all he wanted Duo. He wanted Duo to never stop touching him. And he had to admit the idea of Wufei being there too turned him on as well. He couldn't explain it, but the pure decadence of what Duo was proposing called to him. "Ok," he whispered, at the same time that Wufei agreed.

Duo grinned, triumphant. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get out of here!"

Continued in part 7