Title: Decisions, Decisions -- part 7
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 5x2, 1x2x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome

* * * * * * * * * * *

The taxi ride back to the house could have been awkward, but Duo kept both boys aroused so that they weren't thinking of anything other than getting their hands on the longhaired boy. Duo himself was rock hard, from anticipation of being ravished by Heero and Wufei at the same time.

They managed to get into the house without incident. As soon as Duo had closed the door behind them, he found himself pinned to the door by two horny Asian boys.

Wufei panted, "Well, Duo, you have us both at your mercy now. What are you going to do with us?"

Heero growled, "Whatever it is, it had better be quick."

Duo grinned. This was going better than he had thought. "We need a bed. A big one." He thought for a moment, then said, "I hope it's not TOO quick..."

Wufei said, "My room has a queen sized bed. Will that do?"

Duo grinned. "I sure hope so!" Then he was gone, leaving Wufei and Heero staring after him. Then they recovered, racing after the longhaired boy.

When they arrived in Wufei's room, Duo was already standing by the bed, grinning. "Why don't you two get those clothes off and get on the bed?" The two boys looked doubtfully at each other, and Duo sighed. "Don't be shy. I'll turn the lights down. Then you can watch ME."

"Ok, ok," grumbled Wufei, enticed by the idea of Duo putting on a strip show. He quickly stripped off his clothes and sat on the side of the bed. Heero followed suit, more reluctantly. He sat back on the bed, leaning against the headboard.

"You need to loosen up, both of you," Duo said, slipping off his shoes. "I know just the thing." He went to the radio sitting on the desk and fiddled with it until he found a station he liked. He moved to the slow, sexy beat, shaking his head so his hair flowed around him. "You two ready?" even though he could easily see how ready they both were; hard as a rock despite their embarrassment, entranced completely by the sexy longhaired boy.

Duo began to dance sensually to the music, letting it move him, slim hips moving to the beat. He pulled his t-shirt up, caressing his stomach, showing off his flat stomach. He turned around, swaying his hips, as he stripped off his shirt, letting it fall to the ground as he turned back around quickly. He stretched back, arching his back, letting his hands roam over his upper body before sliding back down to unbutton his jeans. He eased the zipper down slowly, looking directly at his two lovers as he did it. They were watching him raptly. Heero's hand stole down to his aching arousal. He saw Duo watching, and stopped.

"No, Heero, do it. Touch yourself for me. Show me how I make you feel," purred Duo, and moaned as he saw the Japanese boy stroke himself. "Oh, yeah, I like that, Heero. Wufei, play with yourself for me?" The Chinese boy whimpered as he stroked his own cock, his reticence quickly being overtaken by lust. "Oh yeah, I love to see you do that," breathed Duo as he rubbed his erection through his jeans. He watched the effect this had on the two watching boys. There was no way they were going to stop now.

Heero had to stroke himself very slowly so he wouldn't climax immediately from the sexy show Duo was giving them. It was taking every ounce of strength he had to keep from attacking Duo right then. A glance sideways at Wufei showed the Chinese boy was just as enthralled as he was. Heero decided he must be crazy with lust, because looking at Wufei aroused next to him was turning him on as well. Wufei had freed his hair from its confinement and it hung to his shoulders, coal black and lustrous. The dark haired boy sensed Heero watching him and turned to look at him.

Wufei was losing himself in the scene before him; then he realized Heero was looking at him. He turned to the other boy and they locked eyes for a long moment. Then to his utter surprise, his eyes, seemingly of their own accord, traveled lazily over the Japanese boy's body, lingering on the glistening arousal he was slowly stroking. He had never realized how sexy Heero was; well, that was wrong. He had noticed, but hadn't acknowledged the thought. Now he couldn't deny it; and the desire that ran in his veins wasn't entirely due to Duo any more. He bit his lip and decided not to question it for the moment. The two boys turned back to the longhaired boy in front of them.

Duo hadn't missed the look that had just passed between the two boys; his heart leapt at the thought that they might be able to make this a threesome in every sense of the word. He had hoped he could loosen the two boys up even more. He grinned and waited until he had their attention once again. Then he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down, wiggling until they pooled at his feet. He stepped out of them and continued to dance, completely naked and fully aroused. He danced for a few more minutes, then decided he had tortured everyone enough. He stopped, paused for a moment, then walked to the end of the bed. He kneeled on the end before crawling on hands and knees until he was in between Heero and Wufei. Then he stopped, sitting back on his heels and he smiled at his two lovers. "Well," he drawled, thrilling at the situation once again, "what are we waiting for?"

"You," both Wufei and Heero growled simultaneously, and suddenly there were hands all over him.

Duo threw his head back, reveling in the sensation; this was better than he could have imagined. It felt like far more than four hands touching him, everywhere. He stopped trying to figure out who was touching him where, and reached out. Soon, he found himself on his back between the two boys. A hot mouth quickly claimed his, and he felt another mouth kissing him, trailing a wet path down his chest. One hand spread his legs, another stroked the inside of his thighs gently. Duo's whimper was swallowed by the kiss as he relinquished control at last.

Wufei's mouth was the one busily heading for Duo's cock, and one of his hands had spread Duo's legs. He realized Heero's hand was also there, and he took the other boy's hand and directed him to caress the inside of Duo's creamy thighs. With his other hand, he wrapped his hand around the erection in front of him and gently stroked as he brought his mouth closer.

Heero lost himself in kissing Duo as he allowed Wufei to show him what to do. Duo's inner thighs felt like silk, and as he brushed higher, he was rewarded by Duo's whimper of desire. Then he felt a hand on his own arousal, and thrust into it helplessly.

Duo reached out his own hands, feeling until he had found two hard cocks waiting for him. He stroked both the best he could; the angle was a bit difficult but he managed. He felt both boys falter in their ministrations as he touched them. He smirked before another wave of pleasure overtook him as Wufei's mouth enveloped his erection. He gasped but the sound was lost in Heero's mouth. Then he felt fingers probing his entrance gently, and he spread his legs more fully, surrendering to the two boys.

Heero pulled back and said breathlessly, "Duo... tell us what you want..."

Duo looked at Heero, then down at Wufei, who had paused in his work to listen. Duo grinned, squeezing the hard cocks in his hands. "I want one of these," he paused, stroking faster, "In me. Now."

Heero and Wufei's eyes met; then Wufei reached across Duo and caught the back of Heero's head, pulling him close. Their lips met roughly, tongues sparring, while Duo watched with rapt attention. Then the Chinese boy pulled back, and said roughly, "After you."

Heero was amazed but not about to argue. Wufei handed him some lube and leaned up to kiss Duo passionately. Heero quickly smoothed some on his aching length, then kneeled between Duo's legs. He looked at Duo for confirmation, poised to enter the longhaired boy's body.

Duo broke the kiss with Wufei, then looked at Heero with passion-filled eyes. "Do me, Heero, please," he begged, sure he was going to die if he didn't get fucked hard right now. Wufei reclaimed his mouth as Heero pushed into him.

Heero slid inside the heaven that was Duo, all the previous night's activities rushing back at him. He tried to hold back, knowing that he had nowhere near enough control to resist Duo's tight body.

Duo knew this, but he needed it hard and fast, right now. "Do it hard, Heero. Hard and fast. I need it," he pleaded.

"Oh god..."groaned Heero, helpless in the face of such a request. He drew back and slammed in as hard as could.

Duo screamed. "Yes, yes, that's it, fuck me hard, Heero!" He forgot where he was, forgot all else except the feeling of being filled and pounded. Then he felt a hand on his cock, and forced his eyes open to look at Wufei. "Oh yeah..." he moaned. "I like this..." And he looked down at Wufei's straining cock. "Let me suck you, Wufei..."

Wufei didn't hesitate; he swung his leg over Duo, straddling his chest, and the longhaired boy eagerly took the boy's erection in his mouth. He moaned around the hard flesh as Heero took him harder.

Heero was trying his best to delay his climax; then he saw Wufei in front of him, and saw that Duo was pleasuring him too. He grabbed the Chinese boy's shoulder and pulled him back, capturing his mouth in a savage kiss and letting his hands roam all over his body. He still managed to thrust into Duo at the same time. He knew he was close, though.

Wufei thrust into Duo's mouth as gently as he could manage; but the longhaired boy knew exactly what he was doing, and took each thrust of the hard cock into his mouth. Heero's kiss took him by surprise but he threw himself into it, savoring the feeling of another pair of hands on him.

This was Duo's wildest fantasy come true; he watched Heero and Wufei kiss as he was fucked hard, a stiff cock in his mouth.

Both boys knew that the inexperienced Japanese boy wouldn't last much longer. So Wufei moved off of Duo reluctantly, so they could focus on Heero's pleasure.

"Duo..." groaned Heero, reaching for the longhaired boy's cock.

"Let me," smiled Wufei, leaning down and taking Duo's cock in his mouth.

"Oh god," Duo just had time to gasp as he was doubly pleasured. Heero slammed into him hard, and Wufei's tongue stroked him. It was too much, and Duo climaxed, filling Wufei's mouth and clamping down on Heero's hardness deep inside him.

Wufei happily swallowed all of Duo's seed, licking him clean.

Heero saw and felt Duo's completion; he couldn't have held back any more if he had wanted to. Climax burned like fire through him, making him forget all else except what Duo's body was doing to him. He filled Duo, pumped him full with his hot need, and cried out his name.

Heero collapsed next to Duo, drained, while Wufei lay next to Duo on the other side. They caught their breath for a moment, then Wufei got up and went to the bathroom, returning with several warm moist cloths. He used them to clean up his new lovers while they recovered.

"Mmm, Wufei..." sighed Duo. Then he turned to Heero as well. "That was amazing, both of you. But I think we're far from done."

Heero smiled lazily, looking up at the Chinese boy. "Yes, I think Wufei needs some help with a problem." And he reached out to stroke Wufei's arousal, making him moan.

"I'm patient," grinned Wufei.

"Well, I'm insatiable, or so I've been told," smirked Duo, and he rolled over onto his hands and knees. "I'm ready for more..."

Heero handed Wufei the lube. "I don't think you should keep him waiting, do you?"

"Absolutely not," smiled Wufei, putting the gel on his erection and kneeling behind Duo.

Heero lay back and watched as Wufei slid inside Duo, and the longhaired boy panted for more. He was content for the moment to watch; but his erection was returning quickly. He leaned over and kissed Duo, who moaned into his mouth.

Wufei slid into incredible tightness; Duo's muscles were still tight from his earlier climax. He gripped the slim hips before him and quickly built up a fast pace of thrusts. "God, Duo... you feel so good..." His desire rose as he watched Heero and Duo kiss.

Duo leaned back into each thrust, wanting Wufei's length deeper yet. "Yes..." he said, then his mouth was taken by his other lover. He felt a hand snake underneath him, and opened his eyes to see Heero smiling at him. His eyes traveled down the cobalt eyed boy's body to see that he had fully recovered.

"Mmm, Heero, that looks good... can I have a taste?" Duo panted, licking his lips.

"I thought you'd never ask," moaned Heero, and moved so that Duo could easily reach his hardness while he could still stroke Duo. He stroked faster when he felt the longhaired boy's talented mouth on his cock. "Nnn..." Duo deep-throated him, and he stroked faster.

Wufei drove into Duo faster and harder, as the violet-eyed boy begged for more. Soon he was thrusting with all his strength, and though Duo's slim body rocked with each savage thrust, he still asked for more. Each thrust drove his erection into the caress of Heero's hand, and Duo had to concentrate hard to keep pleasuring Heero. All that existed in his world was pleasure, and heat, and cocks. Life was good.

Duo was the first to surrender to completion; he moaned around Heero's length as Wufei and Heero took him over the edge. He gripped the sheets as he covered them with his seed.

Heero felt the vibrations on his arousal and the wet heat on his hand at the same time; the stimulation of Duo's mouth on him drove him quickly to ecstasy. Groaning Duo's name, he filled the longhaired boy's mouth, his second climax as intense as the first.

Wufei watched the two boys' releases; then he surrendered at last to the ultimate pleasure. Screaming wordlessly, he thrust again and again, until climax froze him, and he emptied himself into the willing boy in front of him. He gripped Duo's hips hard, mouth open and muscles tensed; the most incredible climax of his young life had rendered him speechless.

Sweaty, sticky, trembling and spent at last, the three boys collapsed onto the bed. Neither spoke, but looked at each other as they panted, looking deeply for any signs of regret on the other boys' faces. There was none; none of the three regretted a moment. They crawled under the covers, cuddling close to each other, uncaring who was where, and all three wondered if they could make this arrangement permanent.

The End