Title: Desperado -- part 4
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero wakened abruptly, unsure where he was. The gray light of early dawn filtered through a gap in the motel's hideous curtains, and Heero automatically calculated the time as approximately 6:30 am. At the same time, his eyes cast about the unfamiliar room, trying to get his bearings. Then the previous day flooded back to him; the disgrace, the kidnapping, the longing. His eyes came to rest on the peacefully sleeping figure beside him. Duo. All the confusion the longhaired boy caused in him came rushing back to him, and his heart ached. He couldn't keep his eyes from wandering over the beautiful face, relaxed in sleep, long dark eyelashes resting on pink cheeks, rosebud lips parted deliciously. He looked lower; the sheets had been pushed down to the boy's hips, and the top of the loose boxers was just visible. Heero's eyes roamed helplessly over the smooth chest, pink nipples enticingly hard, flat stomach and sharp hipbones drawing his eyes inexorably lower. He could clearly see the bulge in the covers from Duo's erection. Heero couldn't take his eyes off it. He wanted so badly to touch it, to touch Duo. Before he could stop it, his hand was reaching out, toward that silky skin, ready to touch.... Heero had to risk it. He softly touched one golden brown strand of hair, and it was a soft as he had dreamed. He forced himself to pull his hand back as Duo stirred in his sleep, sighing something that sounded like his name. Heero cursed his own weakness and went to take a cold shower. He wouldn't indulge his frustrations like last night again. It obviously just made things worse.

Duo woke and stretched. For a long moment he couldn't remember where he was; the scratchy blanket wasn't his own, and his arms wouldn't move properly... his eyes flew open as he remembered yesterday, the most eventful day in his young life. He turned his head to see if his handsome kidnapper was still there, but the bed was empty. He was disappointed. He was able to sit up, and was just wondering where Heero was when the door opened. Silhouetted in the morning sun, there he was, looking delicious and dangerous. Well, as dangerous as a person holding a box of donuts and two cups of coffee can look. "Good morning," smiled Duo.

Heero scowled as he kicked the door shut. Duo shouldn't be this cheerful, and it shouldn't make him feel this good to see the other boy sitting half-naked in bed. "Hello," he said. "Did you sleep ok?" he felt guilty about leaving the other boy chained to the bed. And then he felt bad for feeling guilty.

"Yes, thank you," Duo replied, unable to keep his eyes off of the other boy's muscular body. The shirt he wore clung to his upper body, and the jeans were snug. What a way to wake up, even if he was being kidnapped.

Heero in turn couldn't keep his eyes from roaming over Duo's half-naked body. So slim, so smooth, so lithe... god, how he wanted to hold those slim hips while he... "You hungry?"

Duo allowed himself a small smirk. "I'm always hungry," he laughed, managing to make it sound suggestive.

Oh god, thought Heero, I can't take this... a few more days of being tempted by the sheer sensuality that was Duo, and he would be ready to explode. He found his voice speaking without his permission. "I'll uncuff you so you can eat."

"Cool," smiled Duo. "But I kinda need to..." he trailed off and looked significantly at the bathroom.

"Oh! I'm sorry," stammered Heero. "I didn't think..." He moved quickly over to the head of the bed and started to unlock the cuffs.

"That's ok, Heero," Duo murmured, eyes fixed on Heero's perfect ass. "I liked it when you tied me up." He flicked his eyes up to meet the other boy's as he smiled suggestively. Heero's eyes registered shock and confusion. Duo laughed, deep and sensual as he stood up, very close to Heero. He was aroused, and the boxers showed that clearly. He watched as Heero's eyes flickered involuntarily over his half naked body, doing a double take when he saw Duo's erection. Duo grinned, inches from Heero, then brushed past him, deliberately rubbing against the other boy. "You want to watch?"

Heero stumbled back from Duo's touch like he was burned. He couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of Duo, that lithe body, that hard cock almost visible through the material. He remembered he had to speak. "No, go ahead," he stammered, and watched Duo's ass as he walked past. Duo's braid swung back and forth, brushing against the firm ass, and Heero was mesmerized. When the bathroom door shut, he let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding, and sagged into a chair. Fuck. He wasn't going to survive this.

Duo laughed as he closed the door. He was getting to Heero, he knew it. Unfortunately, he now had a problem; he had to piss desperately but he was too hard to do so. He finished up as quickly as he could.

Heero sat at the small table, head in his hands, trying desperately to think clearly. This wasn't a movie, he couldn't afford to get involved with his hostage. No matter how incredible that hostage looked... this was his life at stake. He had always planned everything so carefully. Now, he was running on instinct and he wasn't sure what to do next. No one would help him, no one ever had. He did everything on his own. He always had. His head shot up as the door to the bathroom opened and Duo emerged, still clad only in those boxers. Heero dragged his eyes away as Duo came near, smiling.

"That coffee smells great, Heero," Duo said as he dropped into the other chair. "May I?" he asked.

Heero nodded and pushed one of the paper cups across to the longhaired boy, trying hard not to look at him. Duo picked it up, took a sip and winced.

"Ew. Got any sugar? I don't like too much coffee with my sugar, ya know..."

Heero reached into the bag and pulled out some packets. Duo proceeded to dump them all in the one small cup, and stirred it with his finger. "Ow." He tasted it, made a face and said, "A bit better." He opened the box of donuts, examined the selection carefully, and chose one. He leaned back, bit into it and sighed. "Ah, caffeine and sugar. Breakfast of champions!"

Heero didn't know if a reply was expected, so he just sipped his own, black, coffee. He stared at the table, trying to think. He was interrupted by Duo's cheerful voice.

"So... what's the plan?"

Heero looked up at Duo incredulously. Duo looked affronted. "What? Why shouldn't you tell me? I want to help!"

"Why?" Heero could only ask.

"Well," Duo began, sitting forward and putting down his coffee, "You're going to hold me for ransom, right?"

"Why should I tell you?" Heero asked.

"Why shouldn't you?" Duo shot back. "I've seen it in the movies. The kidnapping, holding a person for ransom thing never works. They always do some sort of switch, or the bills are marked, or they plant a homing device... The kidnapper always gets caught."

Heero stared back at Duo. True, he didn't have this thing completely planned out, and how was he supposed to think straight with a gorgeous longhaired boy sitting half naked across the table from him? He dragged his mind back to the situation, which was quickly becoming surreal. "Do you have a better idea?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!" Duo laughed, delighted with himself.

Heero caught himself about to smile back; Duo's good cheer was infectious. "Well, what is it?"

"Ok, it's like this. My parents are rich. They have a lot of offshore accounts. If we could just get into one of those, we could leave the country. Go wherever we wanted. Be free," Duo finished, sitting back, smiling.

Heero looked at Duo suspiciously. The "we" in there had not escaped him. "Why do you want to help me? And why would I take you with me?"

Duo stared back at Heero unflinchingly. "Because I'm sick of that school. Sick of being ignored. Sick of being alone. I want an adventure." He left out the part about wanting Heero to screw his brains out; that might be a bit much right now.

"This isn't an adventure," Heero shot back. "It's a felony."

"Only if you get caught," Duo answered, and smiled provocatively. "Besides, it's not as if you have much to lose, right? You wouldn't have kidnapped me if you had another option."

Heero looked down at the floor, unable to answer. He was startled by a soft hand on his knee. He looked up into beautiful eyes, and Duo said, "If you want to tell me about it, fine. If not, at least let me help you. Ok?"

Heero's expression softened, and Duo's heart began to beat faster. Could this truly be happening? Duo hadn't removed his hand, and Heero placed his over it gently.

"Ok," he sighed, softly.

Continued in part 5