Title: Desperado -- part 7
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo woke up, in a strange room again. This was getting to be a habit. He looked around, and Heero wasn't there. He sat up, feeling like he hadn't slept much at all. He caught sight of the clock and saw that it was true; it was only 7:30am. He yawned.

Heero came in then, and Duo felt an ache in his heart so strong that it shocked him. He was head over heels and falling fast. And if this plan didn't work they would never have a chance. It had to work.

"Hi," Heero said softly. "Did you sleep ok?" Duo's hair was mussed, escaping from his braid, dressed only in boxers and a t-shirt, and he looked so good it made Heero stare. It wasn't possible that one person could be so perfect, and that person seemed to want to be around him. This had to work. He continued, sitting on the couch next to Duo. "Jack's finished. I wired some more money into his account, and he'll give us some cash back. He's gone over to the motel to grab our stuff. Jack's a good guy, deep down."

Duo nodded. Heero looked tired. He wanted to soothe him. "When do we leave?"

"The plane leaves at one pm. We'll catch a bus to LAX in about an hour," answered Heero. "Are you ready for this?"

"I've never been more ready for anything in my life, Heero," Duo answered honestly. Then he blushed. "Well, that's not quite true," he admitted, lowering his eyes.

Even Heero caught his meaning, and felt himself start to harden once again. How was he supposed to think with Duo around? "Duo, I..."

Duo just couldn't stand it any more. Quickly, before he lost his nerve, he leaned over to Heero and pressed his lips against the other boy's. Heero's lips were warm and soft and after a moment they started to respond.

Heero had frozen as Duo leaned close, unable to believe the longhaired boy was really going to kiss him, unsure until the moment those lips touched his. Then he was lost; his hand went up to the side of Duo's face, touching his soft skin, and he moved even closer, deepening the kiss.

Duo pulled back, breaking the kiss, and said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, I've just wanted to do that since the first time I saw you..."

Heero smiled, and said, "So have I, but I wasn't sure..."

Duo laughed. "I wanted you to! But I guess I'll just have to take advantage of you then..." He leaned forward and kissed Heero again, and their mouths opened and tongues entwined and it was clumsy but oh so good.

Heero pulled Duo close, and the longhaired boy wiggled around until he was firmly in Heero's lap, kissing all the while. Heero moaned then, breaking the kiss, as he felt Duo's thigh press against his arousal. "Duo," he whispered. He had wanted Duo since he had first laid eyes on him, and he ached.

Duo was in heaven; he was finally in Heero's arms, and the other boy wanted him as much as he wanted Heero. He caught one of Heero's hands and put it on his erection. "I want you."

"I... I want you too, Duo, but..." Heero hesitated, afraid to admit it. "I've never..."

Duo laughed. "That's ok, Heero. Neither have I!" For some reason, he liked the idea of both of them being virgins. He wiggled in Heero's lap, and the other boy moaned.

"We... could just... relieve some of the... tension..." panted Heero, squeezing Duo through his boxers and making him gasp.

"Oh..." moaned Duo, tightening his grip on Heero. "How?"

"Like this," the short-haired boy replied, sliding his hand inside Duo's boxers and wrapping it around his erection.

"Heero!" squeaked Duo, as the other boy stroked his cock. "That... feels..." Heero's hand was hot and perfect, and no one had ever touched him there. Heero's hand moved up and down, and Duo moaned.

"What, Duo?" Heero asked, moving Duo off his lap so he could pull the boxers down. "Tell me how it feels." He looked at the other boy, dressed only in his shirt. Duo was beautiful, and his erection stood firm and tall. Beautiful.

Duo sat back, panting, as Heero stroked him. "Incredible," he said finally. "Much better than when I do it." He grabbed a handful of the couch cushion as Heero moved his hand faster. "God..."

Heero smiled. "Then I must be doing it right." In truth, it was the first time he had touched another boy this intimately. The feel of another cock in his hand made him even harder. He wanted to hear Duo moan more. The boy's voice was pure eroticism.

"I want..." Duo hesitated. "I want to touch you too."

Heero wasn't about to argue with that. They moved until they were facing each other on the couch. Heero pulled off his jeans quickly and Duo shed his boxers. They faced each other, still wearing their shirts, and Heero leaned forward to kiss Duo as he reached for the boy's cock once more. He felt Duo moan into his mouth as he started to stroke him again. The longhaired boy was hard as a rock, and he used his thumb to smear the wetness at the end. Duo whimpered, his hips starting to move.

Duo reached for Heero's cock, and wrapped his fingers around it carefully. He had never touched another boy before, but he had dreamed of this, and now it was real. He squeezed gently and moved his hand up and down. Heero pulled back, groaning, and Duo asked, "Am I doing it right?"

"Oh god, yes, Duo," sighed Heero, pulling back enough to look at him. "It's amazing." Duo's hand, touching his hard length, squeezing and stroking, sinfully perfect...

They looked deep into each other's eyes as they stroked each other, both marveling at the desire in the other's eyes. They went as slowly as they could, but every new wave of pleasure made them speed up, bringing the other closer to the edge. Both inexperienced boys, they knew it wouldn't last long, but they wanted to enjoy every second.

Duo loved the look on Heero's face, loved the sounds he made, and the musky smell of desire. He was giving this to Heero, pleasuring him, and he knew there was so much more they could do for each other. The ache of anticipation, the knowledge that everything was new, drove him higher.

Heero panted, looking down between them at Duo's hand on him, and his heart lurched as his arousal increased. God, they were touching each other, taking each other to nirvana, and he couldn't wait to try everything. But for now, this was perfect.

Sighing and moaning each other's names, Heero and Duo gave each other pleasure. Stroking faster, they were soon starting to thrust into each other's hands. Wet, hot, friction was heaven... All too soon, they were both panting and trying to hold back. "Let go, Duo," urged Heero. "Come for me..."

That was all it took. Duo cried out, and his seed spilled out over Heero's hand. He forgot to breathe as he was gripped by his release; it was so intense and so unlike any other he had ever had.

Heero moaned as Duo found his climax, and the sheer beauty of the longhaired boy took him over the edge as well. He leaned forward and kissed Duo as they both shuddered from their pleasure.

They came to their senses a short while later, sticky and sated. For now.

Duo couldn't stop grinning, but Heero looked troubled. "What's the matter, Heero? Didn't you like it?"

Heero replied. "Of course I did. I couldn't exactly fake that, you know," indicating the sticky mess, and Duo laughed. "But..,."

"But?" Duo repeated nervously. If Heero said they could never do this again... well, he would just have to try harder...

"I... still feel like I took advantage of you..." Heero said, looking down. "I let my desire for you take over."

"Oh, Heero," sighed Duo. "How many times do I have to tell you that you were in no way taking advantage of me? Everything I've done, I've done of my own free will. Everything."

Heero looked at the beautiful boy next to him. He vowed that whatever happened he would protect Duo to the best of his ability. "I think I love you, Duo."

Duo was stunned, but he answered truthfully. "Me too."

They held each other for a few more minutes, then went to get cleaned up.

Jack arrived with their things, and Heero packed everything they had carefully into two carry-on bags. They could buy anything they needed when they got to Brazil. But people without luggage attracted attention as well. They were so close to being free. He couldn't screw up now.

Finally, they were both as ready as they could be. Jack gave them their cash, and wished them luck. Hopefully, they would never meet again.

"You should exchange some of this for Brazilian money as soon as you get there. More people use cash there than here, so paying for hotels in cash won't look strange. Keep a low profile, and keep moving your money around for a while." Jack gave them their last advice, and they thanked him.

They walked to the bus stop and started their journey together.

Continued in the epilogue (part 1)