Title: Desperado -- epilogue 1
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was too soon to relax, Heero knew that. But... one look at Duo's delighted face told him that even if he got caught tomorrow, it would be all worth it. Not that he intended to ever be caught.

He stood on the hilltop, looking at the small house they had just purchased. It wasn't very fancy, but it was secluded and easily secured. Heero was already busy arranging the security system's installation. There would be invisible fencing around the perimeter of the property that would alert him to anyone crossing it. Wireless cameras disguised as natural objects would give him constant visual images, and he was having a secure basement dug under the house from which they could live for a week if necessary. The phone system had cellular and satellite backup, so they could never be cut off from communication.

Heero went over the mental checklist in his head. He had used different people for each of the components, so no one person would know all of what was installed. He was doing a lot of it himself. The most important thing was that there was no outside indication of the house's enhancements. From the outside, it looked like a comfortable house, nothing fancy, not a big target for thieves. He didn't want to attract attention. Because as good as his preparations were, Heero knew full well nothing and no one was foolproof. Not even him.

As concerned with every detail he was, Heero had to admit he'd never been happier. In setting up this security system, he was in his element. He thrived on thinking of every small detail, coming up with worst-case scenarios, and planning back-up systems for anything that might fail. And, to top it off, he was protecting the person he loved. Duo.

Involuntarily, he looked up toward the house at the thought of his boyfriend. Duo was up there, working on the interior of the house, overseeing the new carpet installation and who knew what else. They had agreed; Heero would handle the security and the outside, and Duo would handle the inside. Duo had grown up surrounded by expensive furnishings, but had never been able to choose anything of his own. So he knew what he liked, where to get it, and now he could do whatever he wanted. They spent days combing shops and markets. The longhaired boy seemed happy. Making Duo happy was Heero's ultimate goal in life. That, and keeping him safe.

Two things concerned Heero. One was the fact that Duo's parents would be looking for them. Not necessarily because they were worried about their runaway son, but because by now, Heero had liberated nearly two million dollars from their offshore accounts. He still wasn't sure if they had ever reported Duo's disappearance to the police; Heero initially had intended to hold Duo for ransom but had never made the demand, as he had fallen in love with his captive. So they had no evidence that Duo had done anything more than run away. Heero was nearly certain that the Maxwells would not report their missing money, as Heero had every reason to believe that those offshore accounts were not known to the IRS. Heero knew that even if the money had not been illegally obtained and was being laundered through the offshore accounts, it most certainly had not been reported for tax purposes. Alerting the authorities to theft of money that officially didn't exist would not be a good idea. So Heero was reasonably certain that he wasn't in danger from the US authorities. They'd had no trouble in leaving the country, and none whatsoever in entering Brazil. It would take more than a seventeen-year old runaway to make the US government seek to extradite them.

But just because the authorities weren't after them didn't mean no one was. Duo's parents hadn't been left destitute by Heero's embezzlement, and were fully capable of hiring their own investigators. Ones that weren't bound by the laws in their investigation. Heero knew that being tracked by a professional bounty hunter could be much more dangerous than police. Especially one that thought like him. It was a matter of how much money the Maxwells wanted to spend in order to recover the rest of their money. This was Heero's main concern.

A smaller concern was local thieves; that, and kidnapping was rampant in Brazil. But Heero was reasonably sure his defenses would keep out that sort of danger. This was another reason to keep the outside of the cabin nondescript. To most people, the less fancy the outside of a house, the less well-appointed the inside. Well, not in this case.

Heero took out his tiny pocket computer and made some more notes, then headed back to the house. He couldn't wait until the house was done, for several reasons. One, they were staying in a hotel until the work was done and Heero was satisfied with the security. They had been in several hotels since they had arrived in Brazil, and Heero was ready to stay in one place for a while. He had been moving and running his whole life, and though he was still young he knew he was ready to settle down, even if just for a while. He and Duo intended to travel extensively together; Duo had seen many parts of the world and couldn't wait to share them with Heero. Neither of them had seen South America, however, and they would start here, traveling on their Brazilian passports. Duo had been teaching Heero Portuguese, and he was picking it up quickly. He already knew enough Spanish to get by. Between those two and a bit of English, they would get along fine. But that was in the future.

Things had been very hectic since they had left the United States. They moved from hotel to hotel, and Heero was preoccupied with moving their money around so it couldn't be traced and yet they could get at it when they needed to. It was Heero's turn to teach Duo some of his hacker techniques, how to move money around. Brazil was a contradiction; some parts of the big cities were as modern and high tech as any American city. It was easy to forget the vastness of the country, and that most of its population barely subsisted. This worked in their favor, though. They could find internet access fairly easily, yet once they had their money in local currency, they could blend in. The population of Rio was quite mixed racially, and they didn't draw much attention. Duo's proficiency with the language helped a great deal.

So it was over a week before both of them were awake in bed at the same time. Duo just naturally seemed to need more sleep than Heero, and most times the longhaired boy was sound asleep by the time Heero got to bed. Heero didn't have the heart to wake him; they had the rest of their lives to make love, and he didn't want to rush it. That didn't keep him from gazing at the sleeping teen with aching desire, though.

Then, one day, Duo was still awake when Heero slid in next to him. They looked at each other shyly; they hadn't done more than kiss since that morning at Jack's. Then, suddenly, they were kissing, hands all over each other, Heero pulling Duo against him. They only wore boxers, and they rubbed against each other, the thin fabric between them only serving to excite them further. Duo moaned, and Heero nearly climaxed; the longhaired boy in his arms was perfect in every way. He rolled over until he was on top of Duo, lining up their erections and rocking quickly.

Duo broke the kiss, gasping his name, and it had been too long; all the tension, the stress, the need. They clung to each other, kissing savagely and unable to stop the motions of their hips. Not even wanting to stop to remove their boxers, blinded with need for release, Heero and Duo rubbed against each other frantically. The sounds Duo made drove Heero over the edge just as much as the friction; with a growl he came, still moving against Duo. Through half-closed eyes he watched as Duo climaxed too, crying out to him, gripping his biceps hard enough to bruise.

They collapsed back to the bed, panting but feeling much better. They grinned at each other. Duo teased, "You know, Heero, one of these days we might have actual sex."

Heero smiled. "That felt pretty damn real to me, Duo."

"You know what I mean," Duo laughed, and Heero nodded.

One day Duo woke from the most amazing dream to find it hadn't been a dream at all. He opened his eyes to see Heero's mouth wrapped around his cock. "God," he cried out. If Heero's hand on him had felt amazing, the other boy's mouth was nothing short of incredible. Hot, wet, need... Duo was a slave to the pleasure flooding over him.

Heero had woken with the need to explore his lover's body. He had kept his touches soft, trying not to wake the sleeping boy, until the temptation to touch Duo's arousal had been too great. He knew even Duo wouldn't sleep through that. So he had carefully slid down until he could taste his love. He licked slowly up the length, getting used to the taste and feeling, and had just slid the tip into his mouth when Duo finally woke. He had only pulled the boxers out of the way until now, but since Duo was awake, he quickly slid them off his body as he continued to play.

Duo buried his hands in Heero's hair, unable to think of anything beyond what the other boy was doing to him. Never had he dreamed anything could feel this good. He was completely unable to keep his hips from thrusting, trying to get deeper into the paradise of Heero's mouth.

Luckily, Heero was very strong, and he could hold the longhaired boy's hips still as he got the hang of sucking a cock. He experimented, and Duo screamed his approval. Soon, he had figured out how to get a rhythm going using his hand and mouth. This left one hand free, and since the sounds Duo was making were turning him on too, Heero slid his free hand down to his own erection. He stroked himself quickly, making himself moan too.

The addition of the vibration of Heero's moan made Duo's eyes fly open. He looked down to see Heero pleasuring himself as well. Heero's mouth on him and the sight of what he was doing made Duo climax, hard. Heero swallowed as best he could, and the taste of the other boy lingered on his lips as he brought on his own release. It was intense and full of promise; he knew their love would only get better as they learned more about each other.

So, when they had decided where they would live, and they still hadn't made love completely, they decided to wait. It was a silly, romantic idea, but Heero didn't want to make love to Duo until they were in their own house, and everything was perfect. Duo was amazed that Heero would suggest such a thing; but though he was very anxious to give himself to the other boy, the idea felt right.

So they kissed, and pleasured each other with hands and mouths, learning about each other's responses as they did. But that was all, until the house was finished. It made them all the more anxious to finish; not only would they be safe in their fortress, they would have each other, fully. Finally.

So Heero finalized the details, and Duo worked on the inside. Heero decided they had one more week of work, and then they would be finished.

And their life together would start.

Continued in epilogue (part 2)