Title: Desperado -- epilogue 2
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero sat back at his desk. So far, there had been two attempted break-ins at the house, which had been easily foiled by even the incomplete security. No worries there. Slightly more concerning were the inquiries made by two men in expensive suits at one of his banks. The bank manager had contacted Heero after they had left; the men had been trying, surreptitiously, to find out if anyone matching Heero or Duo's description had been seen at the bank. Luckily, the manager of this bank was a friend of Jack's, and by extension, Heero's, and well- paid at that. So not only did the men not get the information they were looking for, they had been sent off to Columbia on essentially a wild goose chase. A few other inquiries and bribes from Heero assured him that the men hadn't tried to contact any of his other banks. And no one knew the address here. Heero felt as safe as he ever had. Soon, they'd be traveling again, on their Brazilian passports, and would be virtually untraceable.

First, though, they had their house to christen. Tomorrow was the first day, and the first night, that Heero and Duo would spend in their new home. Today, they were just putting the finishing touches on the inside. The outside had been completed last week. Security was fully in place. They'd just arrived with loads of groceries, and Duo was busy deciding where everything would go. Neither of them cooked much, so most of it was frozen or canned. Every once in a while, Duo would appear and ask Heero's opinion on something, or just kiss him teasingly, while Heero tested the security of his internet connection. There was a pleasant tension between them, an anticipation; both of them were very aware that tomorrow night they would make love, completely, for the first time. Heero had been walking around continually half-hard for days, but he had to admit to himself he was slightly nervous. He'd read as much as he could, of course, about what they were going to do, but the fact remained that both of them were virgins. He was worried about hurting Duo, or, even more, that the longhaired boy would be disappointed in him. They had discussed "the night," as it had come to be known, and they had decided that, at least at first, Heero would take Duo. Heero closed his eyes as a shiver of desire ran through him. He'd wanted this from the first moment he'd laid eyes on Duo, before he'd even known the other boy's name. A primal need, lust mixed with the need to protect, frightened him with its intensity sometimes. But he never questioned the fact that he and Duo were meant for each other.

Finally, everything was set. They headed back to the hotel for the last time. They were both exhausted, and needed a good night's sleep. The next night, neither of them would be sleeping much.

They didn't touch more than a goodnight kiss; by unspoken agreement they were letting their need build up, for the big event.

The next day dawned bright and hot; they packed their things. Most of their stuff was already at the house. They had bought an old jeep about a week after they arrived; many roads in the area were quite primitive. Duo loved to take the top off and let the sun beat down on him. Heero just liked to make Duo happy. They stopped off for lunch, and arrived at the house finally. Heero had had a garage built, so the car wouldn't even be visible. They got out, and when Duo approached the door, Heero stopped him. "Wait."

Duo was instantly worried. "Is something wrong, Heero?"

But Heero's face broke out into a wide smile. "No, not at all. I just want to do this right."

Duo looked confused while Heero deactivated the security system and opened the door. Then he turned to Duo. "I know we can't get married, at least not yet, but I'd still like to uphold one silly tradition." Duo looked back at him, and he continued, shyly. "This is the first day of our official life together. I'd like to carry you over the threshold of our new home."

"Oh, Heero!" cried Duo, grinning. "That's so romantic!"

Heero smiled. He had been worried that Duo would think him silly, but he'd seen it once in a movie, and the scene had stayed with him. He had never thought he would feel that way about someone, so that he really wanted to indulge in meaningless traditions, but then he had met Duo. "Ready?" he asked.

Duo laughed. "You should know better than to ask me that!"

Heero bent and scooped Duo up in his arms. The longhaired boy wrapped his arms around his lover's neck and held tight. Then Heero stepped forward, and carried Duo into the house.

Duo sighed happily and rested his head on Heero's shoulder. "You're perfect, Heero."

"No," protested Heero, reluctant to put Duo down. "I just love you."

They stared into each other's eyes for a long moment. "Heero?" Duo said softly.

"Yes, Duo?" Heero was drowning in Duo's eyes, and the feeling of the boy in his arms.

"Do we have to wait until tonight?" the longhaired boy asked.

Heero just looked at Duo. "I don't see why," he breathed, putting Duo down carefully while still maintaining as much contact as possible between their bodies.

Duo kept his arms around Heero's neck and pressed closer. "Good," he murmured. "'Cause I really don't think I can wait much longer," he finished, pressing his arousal against Heero to prove his point.

"I love the way you think," moaned Heero, pressing his own erection forward in answer. A quick realignment of their bodies, and their hard lengths lined up, rubbing together through layers of clothes. Too many layers. Heero pulled back with effort. "Just one minute," he panted. He then turned to the security controls and quickly keyed in the sequence that would turn on exterior security, as if they were in for the night. He had a feeling that they wouldn't be going out any time soon.

Security shutters rolled down, behind the glass, invisible except if you tried to break the glass. Then all you would see was impenetrable steel. Exterior motion detectors sprang to life, keyed to react to anything larger than a dog. The perimeter cameras transmitted images, but no one was watching them right now.

Duo waited patiently, knowing how important all of Heero's security measures were. He knew how they worked, but he hoped they never had to make use of them. He trusted Heero, and he couldn't wait to give himself to the boy he loved, completely. He had long ago ceased to have any feelings for his mostly absent parents, and it didn't surprise him in the least that they had been laundering money. He was content to be with Heero; they had so many adventures ahead of them. But their biggest adventure would begin tonight, and he couldn't wait.

Heero turned back to Duo and smiled. "Ready?"

"What do you think?" grinned Duo, and Heero took his hand.

Heero led Duo to the bedroom. The king-sized bed looked huge; it had never been used, as virgin as the two boys who stood at the foot of it. They looked at each other, and though Heero's body was screaming at him to go fast, he wouldn't. He pulled Duo close, and looked into his eyes for a long moment before whispering, "I love you, Duo." Then he captured the other boy's lips in a sweet, lingering kiss.

Duo melted into it, parting his lips gently, molding his body to Heero's. The kiss was like a thousand others they had already shared, yet so much more; it carried a promise and a portent. They wouldn't stop this time.

Heero let his hands trail gently over Duo's slim body; he had nearly memorized every inch but he still couldn't get enough. The instinctive need to claim Duo, to make him his in every way, was rising within him. He hoped he could go slowly enough.

Heero's touches blazed like fire over his skin, and Duo couldn't get enough. He leaned back slightly and pulled off his shirt. He wanted to feel Heero's hands all over him. He shivered at Heero's gaze on him, so hungry. He licked his lips. He couldn't wait to be one with Heero. Forever.

The temperature in the bedroom rose; hands made clumsy with desire fumbled over aching bodies. Duo nearly tore Heero's shirt off him, needing to feel the other boy's hard muscles against him. He ran his hands reverently over Heero's torso; he couldn't get enough of touching every plane and ridge. Heero moaned as Duo touched him, setting every nerve alive with need. He was so hot, he felt he could climax from just this touching and their hot kisses. He wanted to devour Duo, never stop kissing and touching him. He tried to remember everything he had read, about preparation and lubrication and going slow.

Luckily, they had done a lot of exploring, so Heero had built up some stamina. He wasn't sure if it would be enough, though, when Duo was spread beneath him. He knew what he had to do, though. They hadn't explored that far, wanting to stay truly virgins until they went all the way.

Heero pulled back to catch his breath, and fumbled with the button on Duo's jeans. Together, they got him out of them, and Duo grinned when Heero realized his lover wore nothing beneath. "Didn't want to waste any time," he grinned, and it lightened the mood. Heero had a tendency to get too serious about things, and Duo knew it.

"Great minds think alike, then," Heero replied, dropping his own jeans to reveal he too was going commando.

Now they both stood naked in front of each other; not the first time, but the most significant. They looked at each other for a long moment, both completely aroused.

Heero took a deep breath, and walked to the dresser. A compact stereo sat there, and he touched a button. Music played softly, enhancing rather than taking from the mood. Duo watched Heero as he walked back to him, going around behind the longhaired boy. Duo had also left his hair loose for the occasion; he knew how much Heero loved the feel of it cascading around them both.

Heero stood behind Duo, not quite touching, and reached forward slowly, moving aside the long curtain of hair gently. He then bent down and kissed the exposed neck and back, small nibbles and licks he knew Duo loved. Duo shivered and moaned softly, almost inaudible. He leaned back almost imperceptibly, into the caresses, encouraging. Slowly, Heero moved closer, paying attention to every inch of Duo's neck, gently pressing himself against the other boy from behind. Duo's moans grew in intensity when he felt Heero's hard length pressing against the cleft of his ass. Heero rocked gently against Duo, moaning himself now, one hand sliding over a shoulder and down Duo's front. Duo gasped as Heero brushed over one hard nipple, then moving to the other. Heero nibbled at Duo's earlobe as his hand continued lower, sliding down his stomach, avoiding the boy's erection, but touching him everywhere else.

Duo closed his eyes and leaned back against Heero, letting the other boy tease him. He dropped one of his own hands back behind them both, starting at the small of Heero's back. He slid his hand down, cupping Heero's muscular ass, pulling the other boy tighter against him. He felt Heero's moan as a vibration on his neck.

Heero finally wrapped his fingers around Duo's arousal, lightly, making him gasp. Heero stroked slowly, deliberately, pausing to run the pad of his thumb over the tip, feeling how wet Duo was. Duo moaned in protest, trying to thrust into Heero's hand, but the steely grip on his hip prevented him. He was pinned against his aroused lover, tortured slowly, and he loved it. As he stroked slowly, he whispered in Duo's ear, "We're finally going to make love, Duo, nothing will stop us now."

Duo said nothing, only breathed faster. Heero knew his lover liked to hear him talk, so he went on, "I'm finally going to slide deep inside you, my love. All the way. I'm going to take you completely," he breathed, stroking faster. "I'm going to make you scream."

Heero was torturing himself too; he closed his eyes for a moment to get himself under control. Though he knew he could recover quickly, he really wanted to be inside Duo when he climaxed next. Carefully, still stroking Duo, he steered the other boy to the bed. He released him then, and whispered, "Get on the bed. On your stomach, please."

Duo whimpered but did as Heero asked, keeping his back to the other boy. He settled on the bed, moaning as his hard length rubbed against the covers. He pulled his hair to the side so he wasn't lying on it, then looked back over his shoulder at Heero. "Like this?" he purred, spreading his legs as Heero just stared.

"Perfect," Heero replied, tearing his eyes away as he went to get a tube off the dresser. Then he walked back to the bed, climbing up on it, crawling up the bed behind Duo. He pushed Duo's legs apart farther, kneeling between them. He reached up and grabbed a spare pillow and slipped it under Duo's hips, so the longhaired boy was open to him, the perfect angle.

"Oh, god, Heero," moaned Duo, the combination of the position and the anticipation nearly driving him insane. "Want you so much..."

Heero couldn't take his eyes off his lover, his virgin ass raised to him like an offering. "I'm going to give you what you want, Duo," promised Heero, his voice rough with passion as he reminded himself he had to go slowly and prepare him thoroughly. In all their explorations, he had never put as much as a finger inside Duo, but he knew what he had to do. Slowly, he bent down; he was so hard his arousal was poking him in his stomach. He leaned down and kissed Duo on the small of his back, feather light, and moved downward. Duo squirmed and whimpered. "Hold still," he commanded, putting his hands on the boy's slim hips.

"Stop torturing me!" whined Duo, who thought he was going to die soon. He couldn't see what Heero was doing, didn't know what was coming next, and his cock was rock hard and trapped beneath him.

Heero ignored Duo's pleas and continued his leisurely pace down his back. He lavished more attention on Duo's ass, then moved onto his inner thighs.

Duo felt like all his skin was on fire, and he ached for more stimulation. Heero held him so he couldn't even rub himself against the sheets. "Heero!" But his cry turned to a moan when he felt what Heero did next.

Heero grinned; apparently Duo liked it. He bent his head and did it again, spreading open Duo's cleft and letting his tongue dance along it. Duo gasped and Heero repeated the action, lingering over his entrance, licking at it delicately.

"Oh my god, Heero," panted Duo. "Do you have any idea," he paused to moan as Heero did it again, "What that feels like?" he finished, squeaking.

"No idea," admitted Heero, and pressed his tongue harder against Duo's entrance.

Duo stopped trying to talk as Heero fucked him with his tongue. All he could do was gasp and moan, clutching at the pillows desperately.

It was hard work, but Heero quite enjoyed being the cause of those wonderful sounds coming from his lover. It must feel amazing, and he couldn't wait to feel it sometime. Duo sounded like he was on the edge, though, so Heero stopped, squeezing out some lube with one hand and sliding one finger inside his lover while he was still recovering.

The longhaired boy was about to complain of the loss of Heero's tongue when he felt his fingers, and he decided he liked that as well. He tried to push himself back onto Heero's fingers, needing to be filled.

Heero stretched Duo carefully, though it was hard to concentrate with Duo wiggling and moaning and demanding more; every moan went straight to his already aching cock. But he would not hurt his love. Soon, he was thrusting three fingers in and out, and Duo was asking for more. It was time.

He removed his fingers and sat back on his knees. "Turn over, Duo, I want to see you when we make love," he asked softly.

"Oh, Heero, you're perfect," breathed Duo as he turned over, already missing the feeling of something inside him. He felt open and needy and oh so ready. "Please."

Heero took a moment to just look at Duo; never had he been happier than right now, preparing to take the beautiful boy he loved. Duo lay ready for him, legs spread, cock dripping, hair like a cloud around him. Blue-violet eyes begged, sensuous mouth hung open, panting. He put more of the lube on his arousal as quickly as possible. He hoped he could last, to do their first time together justice. They would both remember it always.

"I love you, Heero," sighed Duo, looking up at the boy who had changed his life. He was slightly worried about pain, but he wanted to give himself fully to Heero. The ultimate physical expression of love would seal their emotional bond; he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Heero. He knew they were young, but he felt as if he'd known him forever, that they'd spent a lifetime together already. They had their home, their safe fortress, and the rest of their lives in front of them. He was ready.

"I love you too, Duo. Forever," he sighed, easing forward, positioning himself. He could feel the heat of Duo's body as he pressed the tip of his erection against the other boy's entrance. He pushed, and gasped at the incredible constriction as the head slid inside. He focused on Duo's face, watching for a sign of pain. He slid in another inch, carefully.

Duo bit his lip; it did hurt, just slightly, a burning stretching feeling that wasn't entirely unpleasant. He tensed automatically, then remembered to relax. Suddenly, the pain eased and the hard length slid inside him a bit farther. Heero was looking at him in concern, so he smiled. "I'm fine, Heero. Give me more," he murmured. "Make me yours."

So Heero did; he slowly eased forward, shifting his weight onto his arms, trying to ignore the exquisite tightness of his lover's channel around him. Finally, he was fully inside Duo, and he paused, breathing heavily. "Are you ok?" he asked with difficulty. Duo nodded, and he continued, "You feel that, Duo? I'm inside you. All the way," he panted. "You're mine. All mine."

"Yes, Heero," Duo moaned, trying to wrap his legs around Heero to make him go deeper. "Yours."

Heero groaned; Duo moving his legs caused his internal muscles to caress the length inside him until he was almost desperate to thrust, to move. He couldn't hold back a small movement, pulling back slightly and pushing back in. That small thrust caused the most exquisite friction, and he gasped.

Duo gasped as well, Heero's cock inside him stroked his inner walls, and he knew the burst of pleasure that ran through him must be from his prostate. Right now, though, he didn't care about the mechanics; he just wanted Heero to move again. He tightened his legs around Heero's waist, trying to make him do it again.

Heero thrust again, pulling out a bit more this time, and when he drove back in, he couldn't stop. Each thrust was deeper, harder, and he moaned a bit louder. "Duo," he gasped. "Are you ok?"

Duo was more than ok. The deeper the thrust, the better it felt, and he knew he was close to something cataclysmic. "God, Heero, it's so good, give me more," he begged, his voice rising.

They abandoned words for moans, then, Heero concentrating on each thrust, his climax building up. Duo clung to Heero's strong arms, nearly screaming now, begging wordlessly for more.

It felt like hours they moved together, but only minutes passed in the real world. They weren't part of the world right now. Bodies moved together, perfect unity.

Even nirvana couldn't last, though; Heero moaned, "Touch yourself, Duo, I'm so close..." He held his release back with difficulty.

Duo nodded and slid his hand between them, and when he stroked his own arousal he arched up and screamed. "Heero!" He stroked twice, then he was climaxing, so hard he nearly passed out from pleasure. His seed pumped out between them, and his body tightened.

Heero watched Duo's face as it was transfixed with pleasure, the other boy's scream washing over him, taking him to his release. Duo's body caressed him, ripples of pleasure adding to his, and he growled as he filled his lover for the first time. Pleasure so intense he thought his heart would stop; it seemed to go on and on as he froze, unable to move.

Heero finally remembered to breathe, coming back to awareness, still poised above Duo. He looked down at his lover. "Duo?" he whispered.

Duo opened his eyes, gazing up at Heero. "Wow," was all he could manage.

Heero pulled out carefully, and collapsed shakily next to his love. Duo snuggled next to him, both boys still breathing hard. They were sweaty and sticky and utterly exhausted, but none of that mattered right now. They belonged to each other now, completely, and for one perfect moment in time, nothing else mattered.

Their lives together had begun for real; Heero and Duo would never part.

The End