Title: Interrogation? Or Seduction? -- part 2
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Turning back to the spy, he said, "Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to leave it loose." He looked directly at the boy, who looked quickly away. Duo came closer, and he was certain; the spy's face was slightly flushed, and he was breathing slightly harder than normal. Duo let his eyes trail lower; the captive was hunched forward slightly. It looked for all the world like he was trying to hide an erection. Was it possible? The spy liked his hair down? It turned him on? Duo couldn't get close enough to be sure. But one thing Duo was sure of, he liked the way the captive had been looking at him. In fact, just thinking of it was turning him on. Those cobalt eyes, all over him, just like he wanted his hands all over him... Duo had to stop thinking that way; his pants were getting tighter by the minute. The room crackled with tension; Duo could barely breathe.

Duo backed up until he was again sitting on the table; he needed time to think, and to hide his arousal. He could use this, he was sure of it; but did he want to? He had been looking for an angle all this time, a weakness in his captive that he could exploit. Now he had found it, and he wanted to exploit, all right. Just not the way he was supposed to.

Duo sighed to himself, and decided to just try and gauge the effect he could have on the boy. He stood up, and walked closer to the captive, who was looking deliberately at the wall. Duo walked closer, and carefully walked across his line of sight, closer than he ever had before, making sure to toss his long hair over his shoulder as he did so. He pretended to be annoyed.

"You know, I can't concentrate with all this hair in my face," he mused. Walking back around the spy's chair, he messed with his hair seemingly absently, tucking it behind his ear an letting it fall gracefully over his shoulders. There were no one-way mirrors in this room; Duo couldn't use a reflection to see if the captive was looking at him or not. Spinning around suddenly, Duo caught the boy staring directly at him.

As his flowing hair settled around his shoulders, Duo tried not to smile while the captive tried valiantly not to stare. Bingo.

Before he lost his nerve, Duo walked past the captive again, but closer this time. So close that his hair nearly, but not quite, brushed the boy as he went past. Duo paused, directly behind the blue-eyed boy; this was the closest he had ever been to the spy. He was so close, in fact, that he could feel the heat that seemed to radiate from him. Duo knew he was taking a chance; he was much too close. If the captive broke his bonds now, he'd be his prisoner in an instant. Duo looked down; he could see the boy's powerful hands clenched into fists. Duo felt like a moth drawn to a flame; the flame could kill him, but oh god, he couldn't help himself. Standing behind the spy, he felt his magnetism; his proximity made him fully hard and he didn't care about hiding it any more.

Duo took a deep breath and walked back around to the front of the captive. He stopped directly in front, hands on hips, and obvious bulge at eye level. The boy's eyes were shut tightly, and as Duo looked down at him, the cobalt eyes opened. Looking directly ahead, the boy had to notice Duo's arousal; cobalt eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly.

Duo smiled; when he was sure he had the boy's full attention, he moved closer still; he was now just a foot away. The captive's face was flushed and he tried to look away.

Duo said conversationally, "Hot in here, isn't it?" Slowly, he raised his hands to his black silk shirt and began to unbutton it. Giving up all pretense of indifference, the spy watched hungrily as inch after inch of Duo's creamy skin was exposed.

When the shirt was unbuttoned to where it disappeared into Duo's tight black jeans, he pulled the shirt out, continuing to unbutton until the shirt hung loose, framing his smooth chest.

"Much better," breathed Duo. He was so hard his arousal actually hurt; he couldn't believe he was so turned on from putting on a show for the other boy. And he wasn't so sure it was just a show... he was in unknown territory, driven on by desire and need. He'd crossed the line, he knew that. And he didn't care.

The spy was breathing harder now, gazing avidly at Duo. He raised cobalt eyes to meet Duo's, but still didn't speak. Duo felt himself moan just from those eyes. He dropped his hands to the button of his jeans, and the eyes followed. Feeling deliciously wanton and completely out of control, Duo unbuttoned the jeans.

Then Duo stepped back, and let the black silk shirt slide to the floor. He stood there in just his unbuttoned jeans for a moment, letting the other boy look at him. Duo couldn't get enough of the way his eyes caressed him; he could almost feel the weight of the captive's gaze. Duo ran his hands over his bare torso, and lower still, to brush against the jean-clad erection, making the other boy strain against his bindings.

The longhaired boy stepped forward once again, even closer. Again, he walked past the captive boy, but this time he leaned forward and let his long hair trail over him as he walked behind the spy. This time, he distinctly heard the sharp intake of breath as the silken tresses swept over the other boy. Duo stopped behind him once again, and leaned over the back of the chair, letting his soft hair drape over the boy from both sides. This close, he could smell the spy's exotic scent; Duo's arousal pulsed in the confines of his tight jeans.

The other boy breathed deeply, inhaling Duo's scent; the boy closed his eyes and let his breath out shakily. Duo could tell he was really getting to him. Well, the captive was really getting to him, too. Duo breathed softly on the other boy's neck, making him shiver. "Are you hot, too?" he whispered. An almost imperceptible nod answered him.

"Want me to help you with that?" Duo wasn't sure what he was asking, but the captive nodded again, and breathed harder.

This was it; the point of no return; if he touched the other boy now, he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Slowly, Duo put his arms around the boy from behind, and rested his hands on his chest. Duo could feel the iron muscles beneath the rough shirt; the boy seemed to be holding his breath. Duo ran his hands down the rock hard stomach, just to the other boy's waistline, then back up to the top button of his shirt. All the while he was breathing in the intoxicatingly masculine scent of the spy, and reveling in the uneven breathing he seemed to be causing.

Trying not to fumble, Duo took the top button of the other boy's shirt and released it; slowly he continued downward until all the buttons were undone. Unlike Duo's, the captive's shirt wasn't tucked in, and when he got to the last button, the shirt fell open, revealing the washboard stomach Duo knew was there.

"Mmmmm, nice. Is that better? Feeling cooler now? Let me check," murmured Duo, and he gently ran just his fingertips along the rippling muscles, from the waist up, almost moaning from the perfection of the other boy's body. To be able to touch such perfection almost made him come right then. With his arms wrapped around the other boy, Duo could feel the other boy's biceps bunch and flex, and he thrilled in the obvious strength and power coiled beneath him. Part of Duo just hoped the captive would break the restraints and take him forcibly right on the floor. But the other part was enjoying what he was doing as well, tormenting the other boy.

Duo ran his fingers up the edges of the shirt, from bottom to top, pulling the shirt open even more. Deliberately, he let his fingers brush over the boy's hard nipples as he exposed them. He was rewarded by a gasp from the spy, the most he had reacted yet. Duo gathered a handful of his flowing hair and trailed it up and down the boy's abdomen, letting it cascade all over him. That did it; the captive moaned out loud, and unconsciously thrust his hips upward. Duo's arousal pulsed in response, and he smiled.

Duo stood up and walked around to stand in front of the boy once again. The weight of the unchecked desire in those cobalt eyes nearly stunned him; the other boy looked feral and wild and completely untamed despite his restraints.

Duo had never seen anything sexier than the vision before him. Shirt hanging open, dark eyes blazing, smooth skin begging to be touched; the boy was a wet dream come true. Who in his right mind sent such a gorgeous creature to do his dirty work?

"You still look awfully hot to me," Duo teased, and went to stand to the side of the boy this time. With one finger, Duo gently traced a line across the boy's chest, teasing first one nipple then the other, and tracing lower, lower, to just graze at the waist of his pants.

The spy moaned again, closing his eyes, opening his mouth and straining at his bonds.

"You want something?" Duo purred, toying with the waistband.

The boy opened his eyes, looked straight into Duo's, and said the first word he'd uttered since his capture: "You."

Duo nearly gasped at the sound of the boy's voice. It was the sexiest thing he had ever heard. Then he came around to the front of the spy again, never removing his hands from their place at the waist of the boy's pants. Bending over, he rested one hand on the boy's muscular thigh while he toyed with the button of the boy's pants, letting his hair brush against the boy's naked chest. The boy's eyes followed him intently.

Very slowly, Duo trailed his fingers down, to finally brush against the bulge straining the front of the captive's pants. He traced the outline of the hardness, and the other boy threw his head back and moaned loudly.

Duo ran his finger up and down the bulge a few more times, loving the sounds of passion that came from the boy; sounds that made his own already aching arousal wet with excitement. He whispered, "How much do you want me?"

The boy closed his eyes and took a shuddering breath. Then he said, eyes still closed, "I'll tell you anything. Anything you want. Just let me touch you. Touch me."

Duo was stunned. All this time, trying to break the spy, and all it really took was a broken hair tie. But now it had gone far beyond questioning; Duo no longer wanted answers, he just wanted the other boy. Duo acknowledged the spy's surrender with one of his own: "I don't care any more. All I want to know is your name."

The boy's eyes snapped open and he stared at Duo. He stared as if searching for truth in the other boy's face. "What have you done to me?"

Duo touched the boy's lower stomach, and quickly unfastened the button. "The same thing you've done to me. I don't care about anything else; I want you."

"Heero." The boy moaned as Duo reached for the zipper. "My name is Heero."

"Perfect," whispered Duo, and neither was sure whether he was referring to the boy's name or the rest of him.

To Heero, it seemed like slow motion as Duo unzipped his pants. He bit his lip as he felt the zipper descend, and his trapped erection sprang free of the confining cloth, only hidden from view now by thin cotton boxers, already wet with his need.

Duo paused. "Do you want this?" he said, drowning in cobalt pools.

"Yes, yes, please, touch me, Duo," the boy moaned, and Duo shivered at the way he said his name.

Duo straddled Heero's lap and sat down carefully, leaving enough room between them that he could reach his target. Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Heero's for the first time.

Soft, warm, incredibly soft... Heero's mouth met Duo's, and they melted together.

Continued in part 3