Title: Interrogation? Or Seduction? -- part 3
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

The kiss started out slow and exploratory; the two boys opened their mouths and their tongues met in a slow dance. Then Duo slid his hand inside Heero's boxers, and everything changed. Heero moaned into the kiss and pressed his mouth against Duo's even harder. Duo responded by pulling the boxers out of the way and wrapping the fingers of his other hand around the other boy's rock hard erection. He squeezed, and Heero broke the kiss, gasping.

Duo started stroking slowly, up and down, short strokes in the confines of the boxers. Heero threw his head back, eyes closed and throat exposed, and moaned as Duo caressed him. Heero's arousal was hard and wet and pulsed with need; silky smooth skin wrapped around steel. Duo loved the fact that he held the center of Heero's world in his hand, stroking it, and filling his world with sensation.

"Duo," breathed Heero, "What if someone sees? I... don't want you to get caught."

"Don't worry. I personally check this room every day for monitoring equipment. And the door is locked. No one will disturb us," Duo answered as he stroked Heero's erection faster.

"Good... oh god," moaned Heero as Duo's other hand found a nipple and began toying with it. Duo leaned forward and captured the other nipple with his tongue, flicking it and twisting the other gently.

"Oh, Heero, I want to taste you," murmured Duo. "May I?"

Heero just nodded, and Duo slid off his lap to kneel between the other boy's legs. He wanted so badly to take Heero's dripping arousal in his mouth, to lick it and suck it and taste Heero's passion for him. Luckily, Heero's legs were tied far enough apart for Duo to fit his slim body between them. Duo managed to work Heero's pants and boxers down to mid-thigh, and finally Heero's hard passion was free. Duo looked up at Heero, who was watching intently, and licked his lips slowly. Heero moaned. Duo smiled, a shining sexy angel surrounded by flowing hair. And he slowly lowered his head.

Not breaking eye contact, Duo brought his mouth close to Heero's erection. Heero panted as Duo's exquisite mouth neared his throbbing need. Watching Heero's beautiful face, Duo put out a pink tongue and licked delicately from base to tip, slowly tasting his new lover. When he reached the tip, he swirled his tongue around to gather the drop of dew; Heero tasted like raw passion. He wanted more.

Slowly, so Heero could anticipate every move, Duo brought his mouth up to surround the tip of Heero's arousal. Heero shuddered as the hot wetness descended to envelop him. Duo lowered his mouth, taking in as much of Heero as he could, then he sealed his mouth around the hardness and began to move up and down.

After only a few strokes of Duo's mouth, Heero was gasping for breath. "Duo!" came the strangled cry. "I... I want..."

Duo paused in his ministrations, and looked up at Heero questioningly. "You don't like this? Don't you want to come?" he asked after he had removed his mouth from Heero's aching erection.

"I want to be inside you, Duo, if that's what you want," moaned Heero.

"More than anything," sighed Duo. "Do you want me to untie you?"

"I don't want to wait. Do it this way. Ride me. Please." Heero begged.

Heero's words went straight to Duo's own neglected arousal. "Anything you want, Heero," he answered, meaning more than just sex.

"But Duo," Heero protested, "We need lubrication. I don't want you to be hurt."

Duo thought quickly. "I think I might have something," he said and went to rummage in a drawer. He came back with a small tube. "Vaseline -based lip moisturizer," he said proudly. "Will that work?"

"I hope so," Heero groaned as Duo started unzipping his jeans. He watched avidly as Duo wiggled out of the pants, revealing that he wore a very small black g-string underneath, which couldn't contain his arousal. Soon those disappeared as well, and Duo stood flushed and aroused in front of the other boy, unadorned except for the hair that had been Heero's downfall.

"You're so beautiful Duo," Heero breathed as he looked at the boy before him. "I want you forever."

Duo was intoxicated by Heero and his desire for him. "I'm yours," he whispered, moving forward to make those words completely true.

Duo squeezed some of the gel into his hand and took Heero's erection in his hand again, smoothing the moisturizer all over the hard flesh. Heero closed his eyes, trying to hold back. Finally, Duo was satisfied.

He straddled Heero's lap again; the chair was low enough that Duo's feet could still touch the floor. He leaned forward, stopping less than an inch from Heero's lips. "Are you ready, Heero?"

"I've never been more ready in my life," Heero answered, and captured Duo's mouth in another hot kiss. While they kissed, Duo reached underneath him and grabbed Heero's arousal, pulling it out and positioning it.

Duo lowered himself until Heero's hot erection was just pressing against his entrance, teasing them both. Then, relaxing his muscles, he let himself settle down onto Heero, hissing as the tip pushed inside him, opening him. They broke the kiss, overwhelmed with feeling.

Duo opened his eyes; he wanted to see Heero's face as they became one. He found cobalt eyes gazing back at him, shining with emotion and passion.

Slowly, Duo let gravity work, and inch by inch Heero slid inside him. Duo wasn't prepared, so it hurt a bit at first; but Heero let Duo go at his own pace, and soon the boy's body had adjusted to the intrusion. Duo finally settled onto Heero's lap, and the other boy was completely inside him. Duo clutched Heero's shoulders as he lost himself in the feeling; Heero was inside him, fully inside him, buried inside his tight body.

Heero bit his lip with the effort of not thrusting up into the hot channel that enveloped him. He waited for Duo to say he was ready to continue. The longhaired boy finally nodded, and raised himself up slightly and eased back down again. Heero moaned; Duo was incredibly tight and even the slight friction of the small movement sent shivers of pleasure throughout his body.

Heero's moans made Duo's pulse race; the very idea of what they were doing, and where, spurred him on. He raised himself up again, and this time he slammed himself down onto Heero. Heero's cock inside him brushed just the right spot, and Duo gasped as intense bolts of ecstasy shot through him, spurring him to do it again and again.

Bracing himself with his bound hands, Heero matched Duo's pace, meeting him thrust for thrust; higher and higher their passion rose as their pace increased. Muscles straining, driving deeper with each thrust, Heero pounded up into Duo; soon Duo was just holding on to Heero's shoulders and bracing himself as the powerful boy took him harder and harder.

The buildup to this moment had been so intense that they knew neither could hold off their climax much longer. Duo was overwhelmed by the twin sensation of Heero filling him and his arousal trapped between them, rubbing against Heero's stomach with every thrust.

"Oh~ god~ Hee~ro~" Duo moaned out, one syllable with every thrust of Heero inside him.

"Come for me, Duo," Heero growled out as he drove savagely now into the longhaired boy. "You're mine!"

"Yes, Heero, I'm... yours!" The last word was half moan, half scream as Duo climaxed; his hot seed pulsing forth between their straining bodies.

Duo's cries, and his tightening muscles, were all it took to drive Heero to follow Duo; with a low growl, he released deep inside the other boy, pumping him full of his passion.

Long moments passed as each boy rode out the waves of ecstasy; neither willing nor able to move a muscle. Their rapid breathing was the only sound in the room. Finally, Duo collapsed on Heero's strong shoulder. He wanted to stay there forever, touching Heero, Heero inside him, forever.

Gently, Heero kissed Duo's neck, nuzzling softly. Duo wrapped his arms around him, unwilling to let go. Finally, he raised his head and looked at Heero.

"Forgive me, Heero," Duo whispered.

Heero was stunned. "For what? For the most incredible experience of my life? For stealing my heart?"

Duo answered, "For taking advantage of you."

Heero frowned. "I begged you for this. You didn't take advantage of me at all."

Duo lowered his eyes. "But you're restrained! You're supposed to be my prisoner!"

Heero smiled. "The restraints made it more exciting. You know that. And I told you I didn't want you to take them off."

Duo gazed at Heero. "This is crazy, but, I feel so much for you! I think I... love you! Is that possible?"

Heero took a deep breath. "I certainly hope so, because I think I love you too, Duo. I know I want to be with you."

Duo sat back slightly, so he could look at Heero. "What can we do? How can we make this work? All I know is that I need to be near you."

Heero smiled. "Is that truly how you feel?"

"Yes, I've never been more sure of anything than the fact that I want to be with you," Duo answered. "No matter how impossible."

"Nothing is impossible," Heero said. "But it won't be easy."

"I'll do anything, Heero!"

Heero said seriously, "You have to be very sure of that."

Duo answered, "I am."

"Then I can make it happen. We will have to disappear. I can do that. If you're certain. I have resources no one knows about."

Duo nodded, and Heero began to detail how they could escape. Halfway through, Duo realized they needed cleaning up, and found some tissues. He helped Heero back into his clothes and was just buttoning his pants when there was a pounding at the door. Heero was still tied to the chair; they hadn't had time to release the bonds.

Duo looked over at Heero in horror. It was too soon, they hadn't worked out all the details yet, they weren't ready!

Heero nodded at the door. Duo tried to sound like his normal self.

"What do you want? I'm busy."

"I just wanna see how you're doing with pretty boy in there," shouted the man, who Duo identified as one of the men from the first day of questioning, who had wanted to hit Heero. He sounded odd to Duo. Drunk, maybe. It occurred to Duo that the other man should be off duty by now.

Duo tried to sound defiant while putting his clothes on. "No, you had your chance. Go away."

The man answered ominously, "No. I don't want to." With that, Duo heard a crashing noise, and the door was shoved inward on its hinges. One more crash, and the door gave way, slamming against the far wall. The man lumbered in, surveyed the situation, saw Heero was still restrained, and zeroed in on Duo, whose shirt still hung open.

"Whatcha been doin' here, Maxwell?" the man slurred, and as he neared Duo, he could smell the definite stench of bourbon. "Looks like you're having some fun. I wanna have some fun, too."

Duo tried to avoid the large man, but he grabbed Duo by his hair as the boy tried to duck away. Duo winced in pain as the man dragged him back by the hair. Neither of them saw the look of pure rage on Heero's face as the man hurt Duo.

"Let me go, you asshole," Duo snarled as he tried to free himself. Duo was strong, but the man was big, and anything he tried to free himself would likely cause the man to rip out half his hair.

The man hauled Duo closer. "You're pretty, you know that? Too pretty for a boy." The man grabbed Duo's ass. It was the last mistake he ever made.

Suddenly, there was a huge crash, the sound of splintering wood, and the man was yanked backwards with a chain wrapped around his neck. In his surprise, the man let go of Duo's hair and clutched at his neck.

Duo slumped to the floor, looking up just in time to see Heero twist the chain and snap the man's neck. Duo's attacker slumped the floor, and Duo could see that Heero had broken free, but the chains still dangled from his wrists, and he had used them to save Duo. Duo was stunned by Heero's incredible strength.

Moments later, Heero had freed himself from the last of the restraints and rushed to Duo's side. Duo had gotten up from the floor and was leaning against the table.

"Are you ok?" Heero asked, barely breathing hard.

Duo nodded, then flung himself into Heero's arms. At long last, Heero was able to embrace him back, and he hugged the longhaired boy tightly as long as he dared.

"Duo, we have to get out of here. Are you sure about this?" Heero asked him.

"Never more sure, Heero. Let's go."

Grabbing the dead man's gun, they made their escape. They were never seen again.

Continued in Epilogue