Title: Intervention -- part 2
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, silliness, semi-AU (Treize is alive)
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

"I'm ready," smiled the tall boy, and Quatre stood up.

Duo glanced over at Heero as he looked at the blond. He snickered to himself; he watched his boyfriend's mouth drop open as Quatre began to strip.

Quatre began by shrugging off his vest, throwing it casually over his shoulder at Trowa. Then he started on his shirt buttons, slowly and precisely unbuttoning them, until the shirt hung open, showing creamy skin and a smooth chest. The pants came next, and Duo was sure he could see the hint of a blush on Heero's face as Quatre wiggled out of the khakis. Now he wore only the opened shirt and white silky boxers, and soon he was pulling those off. Heero still hadn't said a word, but he wasn't looking away either, his blue eyes fixed on the blond's lithe body. Quatre was quite aroused already; obviously he liked the attention.

He left the shirt on, and pulled Trowa to his feet. The tall boy crushed the blond to him in a torrid kiss, running his hands possessively over Quatre's firm ass. Trowa shot a smirk at their audience as his lover dropped to his knees in front of him. Zechs was licking his lips, Treize was smirking and stroking Wufei's thigh, Duo was watching Heero and Heero was starting to squirm.

Quatre looked up at Trowa, smirking as he unfastened the other boy's tight jeans. He deliberately brushed against his lover's hard length as much as possible, and Trowa had to lean back against the table for support. Finally, Quatre had unwrapped his treat, and he dragged his tongue up Trowa's whole length before teasing the tip with his tongue. Trowa moaned softly. Heero's eyes were as wide as saucers.

"But... they're both boys!" squeaked Heero, and everyone laughed.

"Oh yeah," Wufei said lasciviously, and they all watched intently.

Quatre kneeled before Trowa, dressed only in his opened shirt, and wrapped his hand around Trowa's arousal, pumping it twice before drawing it out, toward his mouth. Quatre pulled his hand down to the base, pulling the skin tight. Trowa's eyes fluttered shut and his head dropped back as the blond plunged his mouth suddenly down, taking in the whole length easily. The blond then drew his head back slowly, swirling his tongue as he went, and Trowa began to moan.

Trowa's hands visibly gripped the table as Quatre got seriously to work. The small blond head bobbed up and down, the hard flesh appearing and disappearing quickly. As he pleasured his boyfriend, his own hand strayed down to his hard length, stroking himself with the same rhythm he was giving Trowa.

Duo glanced around the table. Wufei was now on Treize's lap, the ginger-haired man's hand up his shirt while kissing Zechs. All three divided their time between watching Trowa and Quatre and playing with each other. Zechs caught his eye and winked, angling his head toward Heero.

Duo returned his gaze to his boyfriend. Heero's eyes now looking back and forth, from Trowa's cock disappearing into Quatre's mouth, to the blond's hand on his own arousal, to the trio making out across the table. His face was flushed and he couldn't meet Duo's eyes. Duo grinned as he watched Heero's hand move unconsciously to his own lap, rubbing surreptitiously at an obvious bulge.

Their attention was called back to the couple in front of them as Trowa started to moan more loudly. The green eyes were closed, and Trowa had one hand buried in Quatre's blond locks. His slim hips were starting to rock, and he was very obviously trying not to buck into his lover's mouth. Quatre took it all smoothly, stroking himself at the same time, obviously enjoying his work.

"Quatre!" Trowa cried out, and with a strangled moan, he climaxed, gasping for air as he filled his lover's mouth. Quatre swallowed as his own hand sped up, and he pulled his mouth off of Trowa just as he moaned. White seed pumped from his cock and all over his hand as he let his head fall back. Trowa and Quatre gazed into each other's eyes for a long moment, panting, before the taller boy pulled his lover to his feet gently. Trowa took Quatre's hand and gently licked it, cleaning him and tasting his passion. Then they kissed, flavors combining in their mouths as they shared their love.

Duo sighed happily and clapped softly. The other men joined in, save Heero, who still looked shellshocked. Quatre giggled and bowed, and Trowa just smiled.

"Well, Heero, what did you think?" asked Zechs, leaning on the table. "Anything coming back to you?" Wufei snickered at the double meaning.

"I...I..." Heero said, looking overloaded. Duo glanced down into Heero's lap to see that his boyfriend was very definitely aroused, and he gave a small nod to the three.

Treize smiled. "Heero, you're a man who wants all the facts at his disposal before he makes a decision. Would you like to see more?"

"Yes!" Heero said eagerly before getting control of himself. "I mean, there's more?" he asked, more calmly.

Quatre snickered as he and Trowa got back into their clothes, somehow without releasing each other. Heero looked slightly worried.

"Oh yes, Heero, there's much more," purred Zechs. He stood up and pulled off his shirt, shaking his head so his long platinum locks settled around his shoulders again. Heero stared. Duo edged closer to his boyfriend.

Treize stood as well, unbuttoning his shirt and draping it over the seat behind him. The two shirtless men pulled Wufei to his feet between them. Zechs molded his body to the smaller man's from behind, allowing Treize to close in from the front. Zechs wrapped his hands around to Wufei's front, sliding into the loose tank top, and Wufei's resulting moan was swallowed by Treize's kiss. Zechs busied himself by releasing the Chinese boy's hair from its tie and gently biting and kissing his exposed neck.

Heero's mouth hung open. He appeared to be trying to speak, but no sound was coming out. Quatre and Trowa, entwined in one chair, smirked at Duo. Duo placed one hand gently on Heero's shoulder, and the boy jumped.

"Heero? Are you ok?" Duo asked softly. He didn't want to give him a heart attack.

"They... three... all of them?" Heero asked, clearly baffled.

Duo nodded.


"Just watch, Heero," soothed the longhaired boy. He started to remove his hand from Heero's shoulder, but the other boy quickly put his hand over Duo's, holding it there.

Duo smiled and squeezed Heero's shoulder, and the other boy leaned toward him as they turned to watch the next show.

Continued in part 3