Title: Intervention -- part 3
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, silliness, semi-AU (Treize is alive)
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Treize kissed Wufei hard as Zechs unfastened the Chinese man's pants. Wufei raised his arms up to wrap around Treize's neck as they kissed, giving Zechs free access to unfasten his pants. Zechs let them drop, showing that Wufei wore nothing underneath and he was very happy to be there. Zechs quickly stripped off Wufei's tank top.

Wufei stepped out of his pants, kicking them away, and Zechs pressed himself against the younger man from behind. This in turn pressed Wufei more tightly against Treize, who just kissed him harder as he brought a hand up to caress Zechs' muscled chest. Two sets of blue eyes met across Wufei, and Treize suddenly dropped his hands down, running over the Chinese man's ass and down to his thighs. Treize bent slightly and lifted the smaller man, who spread his legs and wrapped them around Treize, holding onto the man's shoulders. Zechs pulled a tube out of his pocket just before he sank to his knees behind Wufei.

Duo felt rather than heard the soft moan run through Heero. He tore his eyes away from the lovely picture in front of them to look around the table. Quatre was straddling Trowa's lap, and they were kissing and rocking against one another. They didn't even appear to be breathing. He glanced back at Heero; the boy's red lips were parted and he was panting slightly. Duo moved slightly closer to him, sliding his hand across Heero's back and across to the other shoulder. Heero turned to him, looking startled, but leaned slightly in to the touch, enough to indicate he didn't mind the contact. Duo smiled and returned his attention to the threesome.

Wufei clung to Treize as Zechs knelt behind him, running his hands over the Chinese boy's firm ass. The blond kneaded Wufei gently, running his fingers teasingly down the spread cleft, and Wufei moaned and rocked against Treize.

Zechs leaned closer and ran his finger just over Wufei's entrance as he licked at the smooth skin. He moved his thumb in small circles around the sensitive opening and worked his mouth closer. Wufei's gasp rang out as Zechs finally reached his destination, his tongue lapping almost delicately, and Wufei would have bucked wildly if Treize hadn't been holding him firmly. Wufei now leaned his head on Treize's shoulder, biting the material of the older man's shirt, eyes closed in ecstasy. Soon the younger man was whimpering, and everyone in the room knew how much he was enjoying what Zechs was doing to him.

Duo was so hard he thought he would explode soon, and one glance at Heero's hand in his lap told him he wasn't the only one. Trowa and Quatre looked close to the edge themselves. Wufei's whimpers turned to moans as the blond man finally replaced his tongue with lubed fingers, preparing the dark-haired boy.

With Zechs' fingers still inside Wufei, Treize gently lay him back on the table, giving him one more searing kiss before pulling back. Zechs finished preparing Wufei while Treize languidly unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them. Finally, with everyone in the room watching with hungry eyes, he slipped out of his boxers, and spread some of the lube on his rock hard cock.

Zechs stepped back out of the way, and Treize replaced the blond between Wufei's legs. Treize arranged Wufei so he was in just the right position, then rubbed his arousal against Wufei until the Chinese boy was begging.

Zechs climbed up on the table now, unzipping his jeans as he knelt beside Wufei. Heero's eyes bugged out as he began to realize how this would work. It was all Duo could do to keep from jumping on Heero, he was so hot. But... he had to take this slowly.

Slowly, Treize slid inside Wufei as the boy begged for more, faster. Zechs waited until Treize was fully sheathed, pulling his own erection out, stroking himself. Then Treize was all the way inside, and Wufei turned his head to Zechs. The dark-haired boy smiled, and reached out to wrap his fingers around the blond's cock, urging it to his lips.

Treize let Wufei adjust, watching as Zechs leaned over, bracing himself over Wufei, bringing himself into position so the younger man could take him fully in his mouth. Wufei began to suck, and Treize began to stroke. Shallow at first, slowly, the older man rocked back and forth, deepening his thrusts as Zechs began to moan, thrusting into Wufei's mouth. Wufei took every thrust happily, licking and sucking the cock in his mouth and moaning as the cock inside him stroked. Treize reached down and began to pump Wufei's cock. The pleasure Treize was giving Wufei translated to vibrations from his mouth to Zechs' cock, and the blond slid his hand down to toy with Wufei's nipples. All three men were locked in a circle of ecstasy, and their audience couldn't tear their eyes away.

Duo looked at Heero, who was openly rubbing himself through his pants. "Heero?" whispered the longhaired boy.

Heero looked over at him, need obvious. Duo went on, "Need some help with that?"

Heero looked confused for a moment, then followed Duo's glance downward. "But..." He was clearly torn. Duo noticed that he didn't say no, though. Slowly, Duo reached over and placed his hand on Heero's, which was rubbing at the hard bulge in his pants. Heero stopped moving his hand, but Duo now took over, moving Heero's hand up and down, slowly and rhythmically. Heero whimpered but didn't stop the other boy.

The moans from the trio on the table increased in volume and tempo, and Duo and Heero turned to watch once again.

Treize was now pounding hard into Wufei; one hand gripped the boy's slim hip while the other stroked his cock quickly and firmly. Wufei arched up into every thrust, gasping and moaning around Zechs' cock. He was using one hand to help his mouth, and Zechs was panting for breath as he was pleasured. His free hand roamed up and down Wufei's body, and it was clear that all three were very close to the edge.

Duo carefully removed Heero's hand and took over, gripping the hard length through the loose material and squeezing gently as he moved his hand. Heero gave a small moan and let his head drop back against the chair. Duo grinned and continued to play with Heero.

Zechs gave in first, giving a great shuddering moan, then surrendering to Wufei's talented mouth. The younger boy swallowed Zechs' passion greedily, then pulled the blond down for a torrid kiss.

Treize redoubled his efforts, letting Zechs hold Wufei in place while he drove into the boy with abandon. Wufei was soon screaming at the top of his lungs, begging for release, and his lovers gave it to him. Zechs' mouth replaced Treize's hand on Wufei's arousal, and the Chinese boy climaxed, arching up off the table, screaming his lovers' names.

Treize pounded once, twice, three more times into Wufei, then he too climaxed, throwing back his head and growling, animal-like, marking his territory once again.

Three sated, sweaty men caught their breath as Heero thrust into Duo's hand. Duo whispered in his ear, "Seen enough yet? Or do you need more," he moved his hand faster, "Convincing?"

Continued in part 4