Title: Intervention -- part 4
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, silliness, semi-AU (Treize is alive)
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo watched Heero's face as he struggled. "I... I... Duo..." he moaned; the longhaired boy hadn't yet stilled his hand. "But... Relena..."

"Relena drugged you, Heero," Zechs interrupted, still kneeling on the table. "My sister would stop at nothing."

Wufei rolled over and looked at Heero. "Believe us, Heero. You're not with her."

Treize smiled. "Trust your feelings, Heero."

Heero looked over at Quatre and Trowa, who nodded at him reassuringly. He finally looked over at Duo. "Duo?"

Duo stopped stroking for a moment. "How do you feel, Heero?"

"Confused," Heero said. "But..." now he blushed, "I can't deny what Duo, what all of you, make me feel."

"Heero," Duo said seriously. "I don't know what Relena did to you, but I love you. You love me. You don't say it much, but you do." Duo paused, getting up and sitting on Heero's lap carefully. "I don't know how else to convince you, but I love you, Heero Yuy." He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Heero's, softly, insistently.

Heero sat stock still for a long moment; then, as if a switch was thrown, he jerked, and suddenly he was kissing Duo back, fervently, and his hands came up to pull Duo close.

A huge cheer went up from the other five inhabitants of the room as Heero and Duo kissed. It looked like the spell had been broken.

Heero and Duo finally came up for air; Duo had a giddy smile on his face and Heero looked like himself once again. He looked around the room, blushing slightly, but quite obviously himself. "Thank you all for your, um, help. I appreciate the sacrifices all of you had to make."

Quatre giggled. "Yes, it was ever so hard on us." Trowa smirked.

Zechs smiled as he climbed off the table, helping Wufei down as well. "Any time."

Treize looked at his lovers. "Yes, I second that. Certain of us have seemed to reveal various, ah, proclivities that I hadn't known existed." Wufei just looked wantonly debauched.

Duo laughed. "What would we do without friends like you?" And he wiggled in Heero's lap. Heero moaned.

When Heero got control of himself, he said, "Later, I will personally kill Relena. But now, if you'll excuse us, I think Duo and I have some lost time to make up for." He slid his hand under Duo's shirt, and the longhaired boy moaned.

"What?" demanded Wufei.

Quatre pouted. "We put on a show for you and we don't get one in return? That's not fair!"

The remaining men around the table nodded in agreement. Heero and Duo looked at them, then at each other. Duo grinned, and Heero shrugged. He said, "Well, I suppose it's the least we could do..."

Cheers erupted from around the table, and Duo kissed Heero, hard. He inched forward on his lap until their erections came into contact, and they both moaned, breaking the kiss. Duo rocked against Heero, and Heero's hands slid down Duo's back, grabbing his ass and pulling their bodies even closer together. Heero purred, "I think we're overdressed."

Duo smirked and got off Heero's lap. He stood and pulled off his shirt, throwing it at Treize, who caught it and laughed. Next, he unbraided his hair, running his fingers through it to loosen the waves, until it hung wavy and free all around him. Heero was watching intently. Duo turned his back to Heero now, and unbuttoned his shorts, bending over as he wiggled out of them. He moved just out of reach as Heero reached for him. Duo smirked over his shoulder just before he threw the shorts at Quatre.

He kept his back to Heero as he hooked his fingers into his one remaining garment... a zebra striped thong. He eased it down slowly, teasingly, one inch at a time. Heero growled at him to hurry, but Duo just laughed. "Patience," he admonished, and slid the garment off finally. He tossed it over his shoulder to Heero, who caught it. He shook his head, his hair cascading around his now nude form, raised his hands up in the air and stretched seductively. Only then did he turn around, to Heero.

Heero let his eyes roam all over his boyfriend's slim body. He was lean and perfect and very hard. Duo was perfection to him, and he ached from the day's activities. He wanted release, and he wanted it now. He reached for the buttons of his pants.

"No," commanded Duo. "I'm still convincing you, remember?" he grinned, and knelt on the floor in front of Heero. He parted Heero's legs gently and moved forward. Heero watched him approach and licked his lips.

Duo deftly unbuttoned and unzipped Heero's pants, then pulled out on his boxers. "Mmm, Heero, what a big cock you have," he murmured.

"The better to fuck you with, Duo," breathed Heero. "Now get on with it."

Duo laughed at Heero's insistence, and reached in to wrap his fingers around the hard length. Heero moaned, and tried to buck up into Duo's hand. Duo stroked a few times, and Heero growled.

"Ok, ok, I get it," laughed Duo seductively. "You want me."

"You have no fucking clue, Duo," groaned Heero.

"Oh, I think I do," smirked Duo, stroking Heero's cock once more. Then he moved, pulling at the waist of Heero's opened pants, pulling them down. Heero shifted, allowing Duo to lower them to mid-thigh.

"That's enough," he panted, tugging at Duo's hands, urging him up. "I can't wait."

Duo stood up, then had a thought. "Lube," he said, and glanced back at their audience questioningly.

Everyone looked at Quatre. "Why does everyone think I carry lube all the time?" the blond said, pretending to be indignant.

Treize and Zechs laughed, Wufei smirked and Trowa just looked down at his lover. "When have you ever left the house without it?"

Quatre frowned but dug into his pocket, pulling out a tube and tossing it at Duo. "Shut up," he mumbled amiably. "Fuck already!"

Duo squeezed out some of the lube and said, "Thanks, Q." He returned to Heero's lap, straddling him, far enough back that he could still reach Heero's erection. He smoothed it on, making Heero moan.

"Hurry," Heero urged, licking his lips as he watched Trowa slide a hand in Quatre's pants.

Duo whispered, "No prep," and shifted forward on Heero's lap. Heero took hold of the smaller boy's hips and lifted him.

"You sure?" groaned Heero as Duo reached underneath and positioned his cock.

"Yes," hissed Duo as he felt the pressure of the hard flesh against him. "I want to feel it... Give it to me, Heero..."

The need in the longhaired boy's voice made everyone else in the room even more turned on. Treize kissed Zechs hard as Wufei lounged across both their laps, rubbing himself.

Duo clung to Heero's shoulders as his lover lowered him on to his waiting arousal. Heero's strength still amazed him and excited him; to Heero, Duo seemed to weigh nothing. Duo started to moan as Heero entered him; slowly lowered onto Heero, he was deliciously impaled. "Oh god yes.... More...."

"Fuck... Duo... you sure this is ok? Tell me... if... I hurt you... so tight..." Heero gasped as his cock was gripped by Duo's body. As many times as they did this, he never got tired of the amazing feeling of entering his lover. It always felt like there was no way his cock could fit inside, that Duo would surely be split apart by him... then the tight body would give way, and allow him in, and he was in heaven.

"It's perfect... you're perfect, Heero..." gasped Duo as he was filled. Finally Heero was all the way inside, and Duo had to remind himself to breathe. He panted for a few moments before he started to wiggle, indicating he was ready. "Heero..."

Heero gripped Duo's hips and moved him up and down, and both boys moaned. Heero raised Duo and then let him drop, letting gravity drive his cock deep inside. Up and down, in and out, Heero and Duo moved together. Duo was crying out with every thrust. But... "More, Heero, need it harder..."

"Anything for you, Duo," groaned Heero, and lifted the longhaired boy off his arousal, setting him on his feet. "Turn around and bend over," he suggested.

"Your wish is my command, sexy," smiled Duo as he leaned on the table, back to Heero.

Heero stood quickly, and positioned himself behind his lover. "Ready?"

"God yes," moaned Duo, and then Heero was inside him again, thrusting and driving in hard just how he liked it, making the table shake with his strength.

Their audience watched with rapt attention and surging hormones as Heero took Duo. The way their bodies came together, worked together, was incredible and only showed how perfect they were for each other. It was more than clear that nothing could ever stand in the face of their passion, and woe betide anyone who would try.

At which point the door crashed open.

The soldier who had broken down the door stood aside as none other than Relena Peacecraft, former Queen of the world and current Vice Minister, stormed in.

Seven sets of eyes looked at her as she walked in, surveyed the room and stopped. Her mouth opened and shut a few times as she looked at Quatre and Trowa, the blond on the brunet's lap, Trowa's hand in the front of Quatre's pants. Then she turned to look at the trio in front of her, consisting of her brother, the head of the Preventers, and one of their top agents. Wufei lay across Treize's lap, the older man's hand on his ass as he licked at the blond's cock. Her face grew redder and redder.

Then she looked at the other end of the table, and her eyes threatened to pop right out of her head. Her mouth opened and closed again, but still no sound came out.

Heero didn't even pause; just continued to drive in and out of his boyfriend as Relena gaped at them. Duo held on to the table, taking every stroke, grunting and moaning.

Finally, Relena seemed to find her voice. "Heero!" she cried with as much indignance as she could muster. "What are you doing?"

Everyone except Heero, Duo and Relena burst into laughter at the sheer stupidity of such a question. Duo could only moan as Heero fucked him into the table. Heero glared at the pink-garbed intruder. Relena looked horrified.

"If you don't know," Heero said, his voice barely giving away the pleasure he must be feeling, "Then you're even more stupid than I thought." He pulled up on Duo's shoulder, pulling the boy back against his chest as he slid his hand down Duo's chest. "I am making love to Duo." His hand reached Duo's cock, and he wrapped his fingers around it, pumping the hard length slowly as Duo's cries increased in volume. "My boyfriend. My lover."

"No, Heero!" Relena said angrily. "You love ME!"

"Relena," Heero growled, and Duo shivered at the tone of his voice. It turned him on even more but he wouldn't want it directed at him. "I want to kill you for what you tried to do to Duo and me." Relena went pale and stepped back. "But I won't. But," he said, still driving into Duo as he stroked him, "Get it through your thick head. I love Duo. Only Duo. Forever." Heero stared at her, over Duo's shoulder. "Understand now? Leave. Us. Alone." Each word was punctuated by a hard thrust.

Relena just stood there for a moment, watching, wide-eyed. Then, with a small squeak, she turned and fled the room. As the rest of the audience cheered, Heero sped up his thrusts, sending Duo into climax.

Duo cried out and came all over the table, Heero still stroking him, giving him every possible ounce of passion. Only then did Heero give in, growling possessively and burying himself inside his true love once more, savagely. Duo sighed and Heero groaned as he filled his lover. They held still for a long moment, just savoring, and no one in the room made a sound. They all knew that no one could ever come between them for long.

And they all lived happily ever after. Together.

The End