Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 1
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo rushed home from school, like he did every day. It wasn't that he was so eager to get home; no one else was home. Both his parents worked, and pretty much ignored him. But the new issue might have come... and he had to make damn sure that he was the first one to get to the mailbox. His heart beat faster and his cock started to get hard in anticipation.

Since the first time he had found a discarded magazine in an abandoned field, he had been obsessed. There were only a few pages, and they were in very bad shape. But Duo could see the teenage boy in them, about his age, 17, lying back on a couch, completely naked. The cobalt eyes stared directly at him, as if challenging Duo to touch him. The boy had a shock of brown hair that fell into his eyes, and full red lips that promised paradise without saying a word. His slightly Asian features contrasted with his hair and eyes, and the golden skin stretched over the perfect body, muscled but not too much so. Duo had known for some time that he preferred boys, but he hadn't had the nerve to do anything about it yet. Also, no one had ever captivated him like this boy. But now it was all he could think of.

He had carefully taken the bit of magazine home, and luckily it contained a section with the title of the magazine, and the publisher's address. He had had written to them about a subscription. They had replied, and he paid in cash. Ever since then, once a month, his obsession arrived in a plain paper wrapper. He had to know who the mysterious boy was. In the pages he had found, there was only the one picture; but that was more than enough to fuel his fantasies. He knew nothing of pornography, gay or otherwise. It never occurred to him that the boy might be underage, or that his possession of the magazine was illegal as well. He didn't know what else would be in the magazine; he just had the boy's image burned into his mind, indelibly.

The first time the magazine arrived, he had torn it open breathlessly, barely making it into his room before ripping it open. "Teen Lust" was the title, and the boy on the cover was not the one he sought. His heart sank, but he looked through the magazine anyway. Page after page of naked teenage boys in various poses paraded before him; beautiful in their own way but not touching his soul. Then, near the back, there he was: the world stood still as Duo feasted his eyes on the boy of his dreams. In the beginning of the photo shoot, he was dressed in a schoolboy's uniform, looking prim and proper, eyes averted. He sat at a school desk, legs tightly together. There were no other students, only the boy and the teacher, whose face was not visible but was obviously male. The pictures and the brief captions told the story easily; held after school, the boy was called in front of the teacher to account for his low test score. The boy, who according to the story was named John, looked upset and pleaded for leniency. The teacher was firm; John would have to be punished. He was directed to drop his pants and bend over the teacher's knee. At this point, Duo had to pause to unzip his pants; his arousal ached and he needed to touch it. His eyes were locked on the unfolding drama. He stroked his cock slowly, wanting to prolong the pleasure. He had only done this a few times before, and was awkward. But as he was absorbed into the story once more, his strokes became more sure. He felt like he was standing, watching the scene, as John shyly unbuckled his pants, dropping them around his knees and bending over the teacher's lap. A low moan escaped his throat as he turned the page to see a shot of the boy's ass, raised, legs slightly spread. He could almost see the boy's hidden entrance; the smooth skin looked so silky against the teacher's tweed pants. Duo pumped faster, biting his lip. Another picture showed the boy's beautiful face, his eyes closed tightly, his mouth open as the teacher caressed the offered ass. Duo could see nothing more of the boy, couldn't tell if he was aroused or not; but Duo climaxed as soon as he saw the last picture, of the teacher spreading the boy's cleft open as he spanked him. Duo cried out in surprise as he emptied his passion all over himself; it felt one hundred times as intense as any other time he had touched himself. He couldn't stay quiet as pulse after pulse of seed was coaxed out by his stroking hand. He drew a shuddering breath as the intensity faded; the boy's face was etched into his brain now. And he knew he needed more.


Heero lay back on the cushions, sighing. He was so tired, he just wanted to go to sleep.

"Wake up, boy! No time for napping. We have a deadline," his manager's voice cut into his doze.

Heero opened his eyes to see the tall, ginger-haired man standing in front of him with a lecherous smirk on his face.

"I wasn't sleeping," he replied sullenly.

"Well, part of you is," smirked Treize, his manager, looking down.

Heero sighed again. "Just give me a minute." He was supposed to be hard for this shot; it was supposed to be a montage of a teenage boy masturbating as he watched a video. But there was no video, or even a TV. Not that it would have helped anyway. He was so sick of naked bodies that a video did very little for him any more. Girls or guys, it didn't matter; he was jaded at 17. Too young to even legally do what he was doing. But Treize had documents certifying him as 19 years old. His manager was nothing if not thorough. But how else could he make this much money at his age, for so little work? He had plans to quit soon, before he got much older. At first it was exciting, the illicitness of it, and he was grateful to Treize for rescuing him from the streets. And it wasn't all that bad; no one ever hurt him, he was much too valuable and pretty for that. His sleek body had to remain unscarred. From the time his first photos had been published, he was an instant hit; his almost certainly illegal, yet apparently legal appearance was perfect for the kind of men who looked at his pictures. They could fantasize all they wanted about fucking him; yet if they were caught with pictures of him they wouldn't go to jail. Heero had learned fast about what turned these kind of men on: spanking scenes, pictures of him masturbating, pictures of him dressed in various childlike outfits, pictures of him sucking older men's cocks. Sometimes they even sucked his; that was his least favorite part of all of it. He didn't enjoy it, not really. Though he knew he was attracted to men the most, the men he had to pose with usually did nothing for him. They were all older, so that the readers could more easily picture themselves in the other man's place, with Heero. Or whatever his name was for that particular issue.

Heero knew how lucky he was; it could have been a lot worse. He was lucky he had met someone as smart as Treize; the man, despite his faults, was an extremely shrewd businessman. Instead of throwing Heero into the porn world immediately, letting just anyone fuck him for a picture layout, he had been careful. Once he had learned that Heero was still a virgin, he had had a brilliant idea: build up the boy's following with more chaste pictures, slowly ramping up the sexuality, until the readers were chomping at the bit. First, the magazine pictures, then the web cams, then the finale: Treize was going to auction off his virginity, to be taken by the winner in a live webcast. Heero had decided that after that, he would take his money and run. He could survive this just a bit longer. Every day it got harder, though; every day another nameless man ran his rough hands over his tender body, he died a little inside. He just hoped there was something left of him when this was all over.

Now, Heero closed his eyes, trying to find an image that would allow him to get aroused. Once, he had seen a picture of a longhaired boy, his hair flowing all around him; it had been a completely non-sexual picture. The boy had looked innocent, yet beautiful; it had turned him on like nothing he had ever seen before. None of the people he had to work with ever looked like that; they were almost always all older, short-haired men. It was starting to work; he was slowly getting aroused, thinking of his longhaired fantasy. Unfortunately, to Treize, it wasn't fast enough.

"Well, if you want a job done, you have to do it yourself," sighed Treize dramatically, standing in front of Heero, hands on hips.

Heero looked up at Treize, and lost his concentration. "I was almost there," he complained. He knew that Treize loved to touch him, and took any opportunity to put his hands all over Heero. It must drive him crazy not to be able to be the one to deflower him.

Treize leered down at the beautiful boy. It was a good thing that money was more important to him than even sex; or he would have nailed Heero's sweet little jailbait ass to the wall as soon as he had met him. He fully intended to be the second one to take the boy, after he had made his money off the first. Until then, he could wait. God, the boy was incredible. The sullen attitude only made him more attractive to him. "We need to get going." He leaned over the couch, grinning as he trailed his hand down the flat stomach. "I think you need some help."

Heero looked away, trying not to wince as Treize touched him. He felt the other man's hand on his half-hard cock, stroking it. Heero didn't find Treize attractive, but he wasn't ugly either; and the man certainly knew what he was doing. Heero found himself hardening involuntarily.

Treize smirked as he felt the boy respond. It wasn't fast enough, though, so he said roughly, voice thick with desire, "Spread."

Heero sighed, fully aware of how turned on this made Treize, but knowing he was safe. For now. He glared up at the older man, and spread his legs for him. He couldn't stand the arrogant grin on the other man's face, so he acted, arching his body and spreading his legs wider than was necessary, moaning, knowing how much it would frustrate the man. Heero was a consummate actor, and Treize was greatly affected by his charms.

It was Heero's turn to smirk as he saw Treize's expression falter and heard a small moan escape from the man's lips. He could actually see Treize's cock get harder through his pants. Heero couldn't even imagine how hard it must be for Treize, to want him that much but be unable to do anything about it. He knew he was pushing it; but he was also the man's meal ticket, and Heero knew damn well that he was safe. For now.

Treize knew the boy was putting it on, knew he was a performer; but his body didn't care. The boy was perfect, flawless skin, nearly hairless, untouched and gorgeous. His own cock ached as he touched the boy, running his hand lower, tracing the opening he wanted to invade so much. He leaned closer to Heero, bracing himself on the back of the couch as he pressed one finger as gently as possible inside the boy's tight channel, wishing he was pushing his rock hard cock inside instead of his finger. He slowly pushed another finger inside, searching; then he found the right spot, stroking it, and suddenly he was in control of the situation again. "Soon," he whispered, promising.

Heero gasped and arched involuntarily this time, cock hardening instantly, a slave to the bundle of nerves inside his body. He tried to glare at Treize, but he couldn't help himself; he was moaning, and suddenly he wanted release. Treize stroked him for a few more moments, then called out to the photographer. "Now." He stood and released the boy reluctantly, promising with his eyes that he would have Heero.

Heero complained as the fingers were removed; he hated this purely physical reaction, but when his sweet spot was stroked, it was like a switch was thrown and he became a creature of pure need, unable to stop until he found his release.

Treize backed off and let the photographer take over. He watched, stroking his erection through his pants as he watched Heero touch himself. Unfortunately, with boys, passion couldn't be faked. Heero had to be turned on in order to give a good show. And it was up to Treize to make sure his star performed as expected.

And perform he did. Heero stroked his cock, throwing one leg over the back of the couch as he scooted down, automatically assuming the perfect position for the photographer to record his every move. He was on automatic now, interested only in his own pleasure, but trained so well that he knew just how to move, to show the readers what they wanted to see. He ran his left hand over his chest, teasing his nipples, working them into stiff peaks. He arched his hips off the couch, driving his wet cock into his own hand more forcefully, building the tension. He wanted to close his eyes so he could visualize the longhaired boy, but he forced them open, knowing it looked better if they could see his cobalt eyes. He felt the moisture gather at the tip of his erection; he knew he was close. He looked at the photographer; the man nodded, he had enough shots of the buildup. So Heero put his fingers in his mouth, sucking on them for the camera, then let his hand wander slowly down his body, between his opened legs. He spread his legs as wide as possible, and the photographer moved closer. He opened his mouth, looking directly at the camera as he teased his opening like he knew his fans wanted so badly to do. He wasn't faking the ecstasy that twisted his beautiful features; he stroked faster as he plunged two fingers inside his entrance, pushing back on them greedily. It felt good, and Heero felt himself start to go over the edge. He threw his head back, his muscles tensing and his mouth open wide; one final thrust and he was there, the bright pleasure took him, and he pulsed his seed in perfect arcs all over his smooth chest. He stayed frozen, breathing hard, while the feeling ebbed. He vaguely heard the photographer congratulate him on another flawless performance, and the man excused himself to go develop film. Heero opened his eyes to see a smirking Treize standing over him, arousal obvious and smirk firmly in place.

"Great job," purred the older man, his eyes traveling all over the young boy's body. He promised himself that soon, so soon, he would spend himself in that tight young body. It would be worth every minute of waiting. He loved for Heero to see how turned on he was, to anticipate what he felt the boy owed him. He held out a short robe.

Wordlessly, Heero grabbed the robe and got up, deliberately not putting it on, but defiantly walked away. He walked to the bathroom, giving Treize another tempting view of the ass he wanted so much. Treize watched, frowning, and consoled himself with the thought of all the money Heero made for him.

He grabbed his cel phone, punching a speed dial number savagely. A deep voice answered, and Treize snarled, eyes fixed to the door through which Heero had disappeared, "Zechs. I'm on my way home. Be ready, prepped and on your knees when I get there." He hung up, not waiting to see if his boyfriend answered or not.

Continued in part 2