Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 11
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero couldn't suppress the sounds of the pleasure that Duo was delivering to him. He dimly heard Treize find his completion, but he didn't care any more; Duo was touching him, it was right, it was meant to be. He forgot where he was, the whole world paled to insignificance next to their touch. Duo stroked, and Heero felt; their eyes locked, and Heero mouthed, "Love you."

Duo's mouth dropped open in shock as he thought he had misread Heero's lips; then a deep voice cut across them, preventing his answer. "Stop." Treize has risen and made his way over to the two boys, realizing it was almost too late. "Great job, Duo. Now we have pictures to take."

Duo stood up slowly, removing his hands from Heero reluctantly. He let his hair fall forward, masking his face from Treize, and he smiled at Heero, brilliantly.

Heero's heart leapt with joy even as his cock pulsed in frustration; Duo's smile was like a ray of light that pierced the darkness of his heart. He tried to suppress his own answering smile, and got up. He went over to the set and began lifting the weights.

Duo stepped back, trying not to smile giddily. He still couldn't take his eyes off Heero's perfect body, and his own cock throbbed with need, but he had hope, for once. He knew, though, that they had to hide their true feelings from Treize. The man would never willingly allow them to be together. Duo had no idea how, but somehow they would be together. He knew it.

The camera snapped away, and Heero threw himself into his work, pumping up his muscles, bending over, flexing and stretching. He knew how to show off his body for the camera, but this time he was doing it for Duo. His oiled body shone under the lights, and his rock hard cock glistened with his excitement. His frustration made him bolder, and he was no longer ashamed that Duo was seeing him like this. In fact, it was adding to his frustration every time he looked up to see the longhaired boy standing there, hard cock stretching his shorts, beautiful hair cascading around him, violet eyes fixed only on him. He wanted Duo, wanted him badly, and no one, not even Treize, would stand in his way.

Duo watched as Heero posed; he almost whimpered at the aura of sexuality the other boy projected. Heero could turn on a corpse without really trying, and watching the cobalt-eyed boy look like that, now with a promise of more, was almost too much.

For the final shots, Heero reclined on the weight bench, one leg up, the other on the floor, legs spread. He fixed his eyes on Duo as he dragged his hand down his own chest, slowly nearing his dripping arousal. He knew he would have no problem climaxing for the camera this time; the trick would be to make it last long enough to satisfy the photographer. He was so close already, from the delightful torture Duo's hands had put him through. He went as slowly as possible, actually looking forward to touching himself, but not because of the camera. Duo's eyes on him were all he needed; he wanted him to see that his ecstasy was caused by the longhaired boy alone.

Duo moved to a new vantage point and watched, kneeling on a couch, leaning over the back to look directly at Heero. His cock throbbed, and he unconsciously started rocking his hips against the back of the couch and he tried not to gasp as the friction teased his trapped length. He watched as Heero wrapped his hand around his dripping cock; he knew just what that cock felt like now, had memorized the velvet hardness in the few moments he had stroked its length. He whimpered, slipping his hand inside his shorts, adjusting his cock so it stood straight up, and he continued rocking. His excitement lubricated his erection, and Duo found just the right position. He rocked faster, looking up to lock eyes with Heero as the boy pumped his cock slowly. He watched as Heero's mouth parted slightly, and a pink tongue darted out to moisten his lips. Duo's eyes fixed on that mouth, and looking up, he wanted to stare into those cobalt eyes forever. He rocked faster, unable to stop his building climax, watching Heero bring on his own.

Oblivious to the new connection between the two boys, Treize watched avidly as Heero performed. He was just about to break through, he knew it; the bids were getting higher, and he soon would be one of the major players in the industry. He praised the day he picked up a muddy hitchhiker on the side of the road and put him in front of a camera. Heero was going to be a star, and he was going to be rich. His passion momentarily sated, he let his gaze travel over the young boy. He once again congratulated himself on his own brilliance.

Heero pumped faster; looking at Duo, he could see that the longhaired boy was seeking his own release. The beautiful boy was flushed as he rocked his hips, thrusting against the couch, his hand buried in his shorts. Heero let himself imagine that instead of thrusting into his own hand, he was thrusting into that tight body. That thought, and the violet eyes gazing at him while he stroked his cock, took him over the edge. Sharp pleasure spread from his cock, pulsing hot passion over his smooth chest. He kept pumping, coaxing out every drop, letting every feeling come through to his beautiful face. Not for the camera, but for Duo.

Duo watched Heero find his completion, wishing he could touch the other boy, feel Heero above him, under him, in him... Duo wanted Heero's hands all over him, wanted to surrender. His last thought before he climaxed was of what it would be like to feel Heero behind him pressing his hard cock against his ass, pinning him to a wall. He kept his eyes fixed on Heero as he gave in to pleasure. He gasped quietly as he released, bittersweet passion mixed with longing. He wanted more.

"That's perfect," the photographer's voice cut into Heero's daze.

"Great job as always, gorgeous," Treize said from the end of the bench, letting his eyes travel over the sleek body before him, promising.

Heero declined to comment, grabbing a robe and walking off to the dressing room, turning at the last moment and sparing a quick smile for Duo, who was trying to clean himself up.

Heero showered quickly, not wanting to leave Duo alone with Treize for too long. He knew the older man was up to something. And for once Heero thought he knew what to do about it.

He exited the room, to find Treize trying his best to charm Duo, who looked dubious.

Treize was saying, "So what do you think, Duo? Is it something you think you might want to do? As you can see, I take very good care of my boys..." He trailed off as he noticed Heero had returned. "Don't I, Heero?"

Heero ignored Treize's question. "I'm tired."

Duo looked at Heero; the beautiful boy's messy hair was still damp, and his skin was flushed from the shower. He was wearing faded jeans and a tank top. He looked perfect. He was also giving Duo a small smile, hidden from Treize. Duo tried his best not to smile back. "I'm tired too. I'll think about it, ok?" This last was directed toward Treize.

Treize smiled insincerely. "Take as much time as you need, sweetheart. I'd love to see what the two of you look like together, on camera..." he trailed off, and Heero glared at him. "See you tomorrow then?"

Heero nodded, and looked at Duo. "You still need a place to stay?" he said, as roughly as he could manage.

Duo hoped he was playing this right. "Yeah, if you don't mind," he mumbled, looking down.

"Let's go, then," he said, and walked off, not looking to see if the longhaired boy was following.

Treize watched them go, chuckling to himself. He loved his work.

As soon as they got outside, and out of sight, Heero stopped and turned to Duo. "Are you ok?" he asked with concern, completely unlike he had been acting inside the studio. He looked at Duo; the longhaired boy was so heartbreakingly beautiful, he just wanted to take him in his arms, and hold him forever.

Duo smiled. This was the boy he knew that he loved. "Yes. Are you?"

Heero answered, "I will be. Very soon. But right now I'm starving. Want to get something to eat?"

Duo laughed. "Always!"

After they were seated and ordered, Heero looked seriously at Duo. "You know what Treize wants, don't you, Duo?"

Duo blushed and opened his mouth, but Heero laughed. "Other than that!" Duo shook his head.

"He wants us to pose together," explained Heero, and Duo blushed further.

"I... don't know..." Duo stammered. He wanted nothing more than to touch Heero again, but not like that, in front of Treize and the camera.

"I don't want to either," Heero said, and Duo's face fell. Heero realized this, and rushed to correct himself. "I mean I don't want to for Treize! I do want to..." he smiled at Duo, and the other boy relaxed. "But this might be my chance to get away from him."

Duo frowned. "I don't get it," he said.

So Heero explained.


They talked for hours, sitting in the restaurant long after they had finished their meal. They had a plan, and for once Heero was looking forward to the future. The future with Duo. He suddenly realized it was getting late.

"Duo? It's late. I understand if you don't want to stay with me," Heero said.

Duo smiled shyly. "I'd like to stay with you, if it's ok."

Heero smiled back, and gently put his hand over Duo's on the table and said, "I'm glad." They gazed at each other for a long moment, both allowing themselves to hope for the future.

They drove back to Heero's place, and Duo said, "I'd like to take a shower if that's ok... I'm still kind of... sticky," he finished, blushing. Even though they had shared so much, talking about it still embarrassed him a bit.

Heero smiled and said, "Sure! Use the one in the master suite, it's nicer. I'll be out here if you need me." Heero sat on the couch and picked up a book.

"Thanks," Duo said, and made his way to the big bathroom. It truly was beautiful, all green marble and cream-colored tile. There was a separate shower and a huge Jacuzzi tub, which Duo eyed wistfully. His mind wandered as he thought of soaking in that tub with Heero... reaching under the bubbles, caressing the other boy... he realized with a start that he was standing in the middle of the bathroom and getting aroused. Sighing, he got ready to shower, trying to get the images out of his head. He was down to his shorts when he heard a soft knock at the door.

"Come in," He said, and Heero opened the door.

"Um..." Heero looked unsure, and looked at the floor. "Don't take this the wrong way, Duo, but..." he forced himself to look up at the longhaired boy as he said, "I was wondering if you'd like to have a soak in the Jacuzzi? With me?"

Duo didn't know what to say. He wanted to, so badly...

"Just a Jacuzzi, nothing more, Duo," Heero smiled. "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. You don't have to. I just thought it would be relaxing." Heero didn't add that he wanted to be close to Duo, any way he could.

Duo wanted this, but he was afraid his body would betray him. He joked, "Are you sure you trust me?"

Heero smiled at him. He knew how much Duo liked his smile, and he wanted to put the other boy at ease. "I trust you, with my life, Duo. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but I love you." And he stepped forward, pressing his lips to Duo's, softly. He pulled back and looked into glazed violet eyes. "But we don't have to do anything more than take a bath."

Duo's lips were still tingling from Heero's kiss; he couldn't think straight. He nodded, unable to refuse Heero anything. The cobalt-eyed boy casually stripped off his shirt as he walked over to the tub. He bent over, turning on the water and adjusting it. Without looking around, he said, "I like the water hot. Is that ok with you, Duo?"

Duo was busy watching the play of muscles on Heero's back, and his jean-clad ass, as he was bent forward. His brain finally processed what the other boy had said, and as Heero looked back over his shoulder with an amused smile, Duo finally managed to say, "I like it hot. I mean, hot water is fine." He blushed once again.

Heero straightened up, walking back toward the longhaired boy. They faced each other, each shirtless, and the tension built. Duo found he was holding his breath as Heero reached down to unfasten his jeans.

"Are you sure you're ok with this, Duo?" Heero asked, knowing the other boy was hesitant. Duo had seen Heero naked several times before, but that was in the studio, with other people around. Now they were all alone, and no one would stop them from doing anything they wanted. They had already shared some very passionate moments. Remembering Duo's hands all over him, Heero was already quite aroused. Duo would be able to see that as soon as he took off his pants. He wasn't sure if that would reassure the other boy or frighten him. One way to find out. He waited for Duo to nod yes, and he let the jeans drop, stepping out of them. He wore nothing underneath.

Duo swallowed, trying with all his will not to look down. He lost. Heero's cock was as beautiful as he remembered, and it was standing straight up. "Heero," he whispered.

Heero tried to reassure Duo. "It's been like that since I first met you, every time I'm near you, Duo. I'm sorry, but you have an incredible effect on me. Like I said, though, we don't have to do anything more than take a bath. I can control myself," he finished, hoping that was true.

Duo laughed softly. "I'm not sure I can control myself, Heero. I'm not worried about you." He looked back up into Heero's eyes as he took off his shorts, throwing them aside with shaky hands. He also wore no underwear, and he was hard as a rock.

"Oh god, Duo, you're beautiful," Heero breathed as he let his eyes roam over the other boy's unclothed body for the first time. Duo was perfection; his body was slim yet muscled, firm and creamy skin peeked through the shimmering hair. The longhaired boy was his ultimate fantasy, the kind of lover he had dreamed of since he had become aware of love. His arousal glistened, calling for Heero to touch it... but he resisted. He wanted so badly to do everything with Duo, but they needed to take their time. Everything else in his life had been rushed, happening too soon; this one thing, his first love, would be perfect, and he needed to make it perfect for Duo as well. It was worth all the frustration; no quick satisfaction for them. It would be all the better when it finally happened. He had to tempt fate though... he had to touch. He stepped forward, brushing his lips against Duo's once more. Then he deepened the kiss; Duo gasped as he felt Heero's cock against his, and as the other boy opened his mouth, Heero slipped his tongue gently in.

Duo was drowning; his only lifeline was Heero's body. He brought his hands up to Heero's shoulders, sliding his hands over the soft skin before looping them around the other boy's neck, settling closer to him. He pressed the length of his body against Heero's; it felt so right to be touching like this. Never in his life had he dreamed a simple kiss could feel this good. His heart and body ached with love and need for Heero. He never wanted to stop kissing him. And he knew, at least for now, that it would be enough. They would go father when they were ready. He wanted it badly, but he could wait. As long as they could still kiss, and touch, like this, he could wait.

Heero pulled back, panting; his body cried for more but he knew it wasn't the right time. He took Duo's hand and led him to the tub, and they stepped in carefully. The water felt exquisite, almost too hot but just right. Heero pushed the button and the jets started pumping a mixture of air and water out, creating relaxing streams of bubbles. They sank down into the water, facing each other, never letting go of each other's hands.

Duo let the water soothe his body, but his heart was still racing. Here he was, with Heero, and they were both naked, aroused and in love. It was almost too good to be true. The last few days had been a rush of emotions and hormones, a jumble of feelings that his young body and mind hadn't quite sorted out yet. But his heart knew that he wanted to be with Heero. He let the other boy pull him close, and he slid into Heero's lap. He could feel the other boy's body against him as well as the tingling bubbles; he felt Heero's arms wrap around him and he felt happy at last.

Heero held Duo, hope rising in his heart that he might have a future with the beautiful longhaired boy in his arms. He felt protective of him, yet he wanted to do everything to him as well. But somehow those apparently conflicting feeling made sense to him. For now, he contented himself with holding Duo, knowing the other boy wasn't ready for more. He wasn't sure he was either. They would know when the time was right.

Duo twisted in Heero's embrace, seeking cobalt eyes. He could drown in those deep blue eyes, happily.

Heero gazed down at Duo, and lowered his head slowly, claiming the other boy's soft lips in a slow, sensuous kiss. Duo tasted like heaven, and opened his mouth so easily for him. He almost groaned at the symbolic surrender of Duo's mouth to his. His cock ached, yearning for the welcoming warmth of Duo's body.

Duo melted into Heero, clinging to the other boy's shoulders for dear life. He wanted to lose himself in Heero, make the rest of the world go away. Then there would just be the two of them, and love. He felt Heero's tongue explore his mouth, felt Heero's arms tighten around him. He never wanted it to stop.

Then Duo's phone started to ring.

"Shit! My parents!" Duo scrambled, dripping, for his pants; the small cel phone was tucked into the pocket. He had forgotten completely that he had forwarded the home phone to his cel. His parents were calling to check up on him.

Heero didn't know what was going on, but he quickly turned off the bubbles and climbed out of the tub, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Duo from behind as he fumbled with the phone. Then he stood next to Duo, unsure but wanting to help.

Duo managed to gather himself and answer the phone. "Hello!" he said, trying not to sound like he was standing in a porn star's palatial bathroom, naked and dripping wet, with said porn star next to him. "Hi Mom! I was in the shower, sorry." It was close to the truth anyway.

Heero listened with concern; the call brought home the precariousness of their relationship. He was reminded that they were both minors, and he didn't want Duo to get in trouble because of their relationship. To say that it would be unacceptable to Duo's parents was the understatement of the year. Yet there was no way he would give Duo up. He would find a way to make it work. Luckily, it seemed that Duo could handle his parents; the conversation seemed normal enough.

Duo thanked whatever gods there were for his powers of conversation; he was able to rattle on like his normal self, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. He had to stifle a giggle at the situation, though. Thankfully, his parents really didn't want to know what was happening with him, just that everything was ok, and they had decided to stay a few more days. Duo tried not to sound too enthusiastic in his reassurances. "No problem, Mom! I'm fine, take all the time you need. You deserve it!" And so do I, thought Duo, trying as hard as he could not to look at Heero, who he knew was standing behind him, as naked as he was. The conversation ended, and Duo turned off the phone with relief. He felt Heero's arms around him and he sagged back against the other boy. "That was close," he sighed. "But everything is fine."

Heero held Duo close, a towel the only thing between them. He was surprised that Duo actually seemed to take comfort in his embrace, even when it wasn't sexual. It was a new concept for him.

Duo felt so much better, encircled in Heero's strong arms. Everything would be ok. Somehow.

It wasn't very late, but Heero found he was exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster he had been on lately. "Want to get some sleep, Duo?" he asked gently.

Duo realized he was tired, too, body and mind. "Yes, I think so, Heero. Is that ok?"

Heero pulled back and pulled Duo's chin up gently. "Yes. And I'd really love it if you slept with me. Just sleeping, Duo," he smiled at the look on the other boy's face. "You can trust me."

Duo grinned back at him, and said, "But can you trust me?"

They both laughed, breaking the tension, and snuggled into Heero's huge bed together. Both boys wanted each other, but knew it was too soon. Heero's mind, if not his body, was content with holding the other boy close. He was trying to make his arousal go away when he heard Duo's soft snore. The longhaired boy had instantly fallen asleep in his arms. Heero smiled and drifted off to sleep too.

Continued in part 12