Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 13
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Heero's head snapped up at the mention of Tsubarov's name. The old, ugly man was filthy rich and one of Treize's slimy friends. He leered at Heero every chance he got, and he suspected that the man was trying hard to be the high bidder in Heero's auction. Treize was masterful; the presence of Tsubarov would remind him of the upcoming auction, and give the man something more to drool over. Two birds with one stone; Heero's skin crawled at the thought of Tsubarov anywhere near Duo. But it was too late to back out now. He nodded.

Treize watched with satisfaction at the effect the man's name had on Heero: mission accomplished. "Everyone ready, then?"

Heero and Duo followed Treize and Zechs through the LA traffic. They didn't talk much, except for Heero to reassure Duo that everything was going according to plan. "Tsubarov is the one who will probably win the auction," he explained. Duo tried not to be upset at the mention of the upcoming event. "Don't worry, Duo. I'll make sure it doesn't ever happen. But he's an old friend of Treize's, and they have an agreement about certain things. Tsubarov lets Treize use his mansion for photo shoots, and Tsubarov gets first pick of the models. Except for me, of course. Don't worry, Treize will make sure he doesn't do anything to either of us. And I won't leave your side. I promise." He put a hand on Duo's leg reassuringly.

"I trust you, Heero," the longhaired boy answered, looking over at Heero.

"Just go with what they ask, Duo. I have an idea what Treize has in mind, and it will be pretty standard stuff. No penetration, of course. You can refuse anything. But do as much as you can, ok? It will be better for us in the long run," Heero explained.

Duo took a deep breath and nodded. He hoped he could go through with it. This was their opportunity to get Treize off their backs.

They made their way across the valley; the houses got steadily larger and more ornate. Finally, they pulled up at a gated driveway. Zechs leaned over, talking into a speaker, and the huge wrought iron gates slowly swung open. They drove slowly up the palm-lined driveway and finally a massive pink stucco monstrosity hove into view. Duo had seen big houses before, but not this close. Or this ugly. The house was an exercise in excess, a conspicuous display of wealth without taste.

Heero pulled up behind Zechs' truck at the top of the circular driveway. Treize led them through the house; the exterior's ugliness was matched only by the hideous interior design. Duo tried not to wrinkle his nose at the obviously expensive yet hideous pieces of furniture and "art."

They emerged through huge doors; dominating the back of the house was an Olympic sized pool. There was also a large building off to the side that Heero explained was a sports center. That was where Treize was leading them.

Inside the building, there was a full-size basketball court, and that was where Zechs and Treize were setting up the camera.

The manager walked over to the two boys, holding some clothes. "Go put these on." He went on to explain that for the layout, they were going to be schoolmates, playing basketball after school. One thing would lead to another, and in the shower afterward, the two boys would, in Treize's words, "Get to know each other better." This last was said with a leer that made Duo feel unclean already.

Duo looked at Heero, and the other boy shrugged. "Fine," he grunted and walked off toward a door. Duo followed behind. He knew Heero was acting for Treize's benefit.

Duo followed Heero into what looked almost exactly like a school locker room, but on a smaller scale. Heero held up the clothes Treize had given them. It was a basketball type uniform, but a school uniform had never been so deliberately provocative. The shorts were silky, red and very short; they looked barely able to cover the boy's ass. The shirt was a thin white tank top, cut very low on the sides to show off the boys' muscled abdomens. There was one other item that made Duo blush; a jockstrap.

"I don't know how to put one of these on," Duo admitted, holding up the garment; it looked like a jumble of elastic and cotton. "I never did sports."

"Neither did I," smiled Heero, taking the jock from Duo and continuing, "But it's a popular thing to wear in my business." Duo blushed further. "I'll help you."

Duo vacillated between embarrassment and arousal as Heero helped him position the jockstrap correctly. Heero, for his part, had to concentrate on the task at hand and not touch Duo more than he absolutely had to. It wasn't easy; the longhaired boy's smooth skin felt so good under his fingers. Finally, it was on and Duo got to watch Heero put his on. He had to admit that it did look good on the other boy; the straps and material covering the vital bits but leaving most of the boy's gorgeous ass bare. Duo found that, from watching Heero, his own jockstrap was getting tight. Heero was incredible, especially when barely dressed; Duo found himself staring at the other boy's body, unable to tear his eyes away. Heero noticed the longhaired boy's attention and turned his back deliberately as he bent over to retrieve his shorts. He straightened up and turned around, locking eyes with Duo as he stalked toward him. Duo was still staring, and a quick glance at the front of his jockstrap revealed that Duo was rapidly getting aroused. He stopped inches from Duo and leaned forward to whisper in the other boy's ear. Duo swallowed hard; Heero's proximity was almost too much for him. Then Heero whispered, "Get dressed, Duo." And walked away.

Duo stared after Heero, almost ready to explode with need. He whimpered, and Heero turned to look at him. "That was mean," he pouted. Heero grinned an apology, and they finished getting ready. They didn't need Treize or anyone else coming in here to "help" them.

Just before they exited the room, Heero spoke seriously to Duo, standing in front of Duo and holding his shoulders gently. "Just do what they say. No one will touch you. Except me. I'll make sure of that. We need to do this. We'll get away. This will help. Trust me."

Duo looked back into cobalt eyes. He was nervous, but, "I do trust you, Heero. I just want you away from all this." He looked down. "I know it's selfish, but I want you to myself."

Heero smiled, his heart lost a little bit more to the violet eyes boy with every moment. "I am yours, Duo. I love you. We'll be together. Just a bit longer," he paused, then, trying to cheer the other boy up, he went on, "It's not that horrible a task, to make out with me, is it?" He knew full well the real issue, but the mission was accomplished. Duo smiled, and they went back out into the gym.

"Everything go ok in there?" Treize called out jovially, and Heero ignored it, looking sullen again. "Ok, first we're going to have some shots of the two of you playing basketball, and Heero will knock you down accidentally. He will help you up, and you'll sense the attraction, and then it's off to showers where you'll act on it. Got it?"

Duo winced at how cold and impersonal Treize made it sound. The older man looked at him and said, "You ok with that, Duo? Just some making out, touching, hand job... that sort of thing. Easy, right?" He laughed as Duo nodded and turned his head away, face burning. He didn't have to act at being embarrassed.

Just then, what Heero had been fearing happened: Tsubarov walked in. He knew the old man wouldn't miss a chance to ogle what he thought would be his next conquest. And Treize certainly didn't do anything to disabuse the man of that preconception. Heero wondered if the auction was fixed already; certainly Tsubarov's eyes were wandering over Heero in a proprietary manner and it looked like his hands wanted to be close behind. Heero felt sick as he allowed himself to think about it; to think that he had ever considered letting Treize sell him off like so much meat! Then something happened that made Heero's blood boil even more; Tsubarov's eyes took a wander over Duo, and an even more slimy smile spread over his hideous face.

"Treize my boy! Good taste as always. How do you do it? What do you say? A special? Two for the price of one?" Tsubarov called out as he walked in.

Heero shot a glance at Duo as the longhaired boy stared at possibly the ugliest person he had ever seen in his life. Duo winced. This was the man who was in line to take Heero's virginity? There was no way he would stand for it. Then the man turned to look at him, and suddenly Duo felt the need for a shower. He shivered to himself.

"Tsubarov! You wound me... I'm a businessman! I can't just give the goods away," Treize replied, and the two men wandered off, joking. The two boys could still feel the eyes on them, though.

While neither boy was exactly an expert at basketball, they could play well enough to make it look like a real game for the still camera. That part of the shoot went quickly, and they took a quick break as the photographer set up in the locker room.

Next, they had to undress for the camera, making it look as if they were watching each other surreptitiously. Duo watched Heero strip down to the jockstrap for the camera, easily. He didn't know if he could do it. He watched the way Heero showed off his body for the camera, effortlessly flexing and stretching to best advantage. It was beautiful to watch, yet it saddened him to see how good Heero was at this; even though his childhood hadn't been very happy, Heero's must have been infinitely worse. He shouldn't know how to do this so well. Then it was his turn. Both Treize and Tsubarov were watching, intently.

Duo was nervous; but then he caught sight of Heero, standing behind the photographer. The other boy, in just his jockstrap, looked incredibly sexy. And he was smiling reassuringly at Duo, and he could read Heero's lips. "Strip for me."

So he did. Duo ignored everyone but Heero, and took his clothes off as slowly as possible. His hair was in a braid for the earlier shots, and once he got down to his jockstrap he shook his hair free of the braid. Treize called out instructions, and Duo followed them, but he could only look at Heero. The snapping of the camera faded into the background.

Treize watched hungrily as the longhaired boy warmed up to the situation. The boy was a natural; he had an unconscious grace to his movements that made the older man long to see him dance. Among other things. He once again congratulated himself on another find. Long hair wasn't popular in the industry, but the boy was beautiful and unique. His mind spun with possible layout ideas, involving crossdressing and stripping. Not to mention how the boy would look, pinned and writhing beneath him.

Heero watched with mixed emotions as Duo stripped. He hated for the boy to have to do this, to demean himself this way. But he knew, if things went according to plan, that these photos would never see publication. This was a necessary part of their plan. And part of him was just admiring the longhaired boy as he took his clothes off. He still hadn't gotten over the fact that Duo looked just like his fantasy, and the sight of the boy nearly naked in front of him was making him aroused. Part of him didn't want to have to touch Duo in front of all these people, but the rest of him just wanted Duo. Badly. He wouldn't have to fake his desire this time.

Then they got to the important shots. Heero, in the story, had had enough and gave into his desires. He pinned Duo to the wall, holding both of the other boy's hands above his head with one of his as he ground his hips into Duo's, savagely.

Treize directed the action, dispassionately analyzing the best angles for pictures, all the while rock hard from the nearly naked boys in front of him. The camera clicked away. Tsubarov made lewd comments.

Duo moaned, throwing his head back against the wall as Heero pinned him. He could feel Heero's hardness against his, and the feeling of being overpowered by the stronger boy was incredible. He could almost forget the camera, or that anyone else was in the room. He went with his feelings as Heero kissed him savagely, running his free hand all over his body. He dimly heard Treize's voice telling them it was time to move on to the shower. Heero took his hand and pulled him along.

The water was already running, and Heero pushed Duo under one of the showerheads, still dressed in the jockstrap. He came around behind Duo and wrapped his arms around the other boy, running his hands up and down his chest. For once he didn't care about the camera; he followed the instructions, but it was his desire that drove his actions. He rocked his hips against Duo's ass, letting the longhaired boy feel that his passion was genuine. Remembering his job, he looked over Duo's shoulder directly at Treize, so the camera could capture the lust on his handsome face. Treize glared back, suspecting that Heero was enjoying this a little too much. But he couldn't argue with the magic the two boys were making on camera. He could see the lust on their faces, could clearly see Duo's hard cock through the now nearly transparent wet jockstrap. He knew the readers would be able to sense their urgency as well. The water streamed over them both, making their young lithe bodies glisten as they writhed together. Treize was torn between anger at their need for each other and greed for the money these pictures would bring him. As usual, the greed won out, and he let the shoot continue. Tsubarov was beside him, promising him that no matter how much money it took, he would take Heero. Treize consoled himself with the thought of money.

Heero was intoxicated by the feeling of Duo's body against his; to be able to touch the longhaired beauty at long last. He knew they wouldn't go all the way, Treize wouldn't allow it... but he could at least touch, and be touched, and kiss Duo wherever he wanted. His cock ached, trapped in the wet cloth; he thrust it against Duo, against the ass he wanted to take so badly. He dragged his hand through the water on Duo's chest, caressing the other boy's nipples before letting his hand travel lower. Lower, lower, until he felt Duo's hardness under his hand. Heero squeezed through the material, and his own cock pulsed in answer as he felt and heard Duo's shuddering moan.

"Oh, god, Heero..." Duo whispered, as the other boy gripped the center of his aching need. It felt so good, but he wanted more; and Heero gave it to him. He pushed his hips back against the seductive hardness behind him, wishing he could feel it deep inside him, as Heero dipped his fingers into the top of the elastic. When the other boy's fingers brushed the tip of his erection, he gasped out loud.

Heero looked directly at the camera as he slipped his hand into Duo's jockstrap and wrapped his hand around the hard flesh, touching Duo for the first time. He could feel Duo's body jerk against him as he squeezed. He stroked shallowly, his movements hindered by the wet cotton. He looked at Treize, who nodded, and then he turned Duo around so they were facing again. He gave the other boy a quick smile before he slowly peeled off his own wet garment. His rock hard cock sprung free, aching for Duo all the more. He posed for the camera and Duo briefly before sinking to his knees in front of the longhaired boy. He looked up into passion-filled violet eyes as he hooked his fingers into the waist of Duo's jockstrap.

Duo watched Heero; the boy was beautiful no matter what he was doing. But nude, he was magnificent. Perfect muscles, sleek lines all converged on a glistening arousal that stood hard and ready. Heero's raw sexuality made Duo weak in the knees, but what he did next was even better. Heero's hands were on him, easing the wet material off his trembling body, gently stripping him until Duo was as naked as Heero. The sight of Heero kneeling before him was almost enough to make Duo climax right then. The knowledge that soon the other boy would be touching him with the intention to make him do just that was even more arousing.

Heero looked up at Duo and licked his lips; Duo whimpered and his cock pulsed. Treize watched as Heero wrapped a hand around Duo's dripping cock, bringing it to his lips very slowly. The older man could almost feel what Duo was feeling, watching Heero's sensuous mouth nearing the center of his need, knowing what was coming, agonizing for more... Treize cursed another erection brought on by the cobalt-eyed boy and swore that soon, very soon, he would take Heero, take him hard, and once and for all exorcise the demon within him. Even Tsubarov was quiet now, breathing heavily as he watched the two beautiful boys.

Duo held his breath and watched Heero's mouth. He saw the other boy's tongue flick out and he closed his eyes; when he felt the hot wetness of Heero's tongue he couldn't repress a gasp. He was going to climax too fast, as soon as he felt that talented mouth wrap around him. At this point it didn't matter how that mouth had gotten so talented; it didn't matter how many other men had been touched by and touched Heero. All that existed was the two of them, and he knew it was real for once. He could look down at Heero and see the other boy was as hard as a rock from just touching him. He shuddered as Heero closed his mouth just around the sensitive tip. He sagged against the wall behind him.

Heero knew how close Duo must be, so he went slowly, not quite providing enough stimulation for completion. Duo tasted wonderful; he wanted to taste the other boy's passion. He wanted to hear Duo scream his name in pleasure. His own cock throbbed, but all that mattered at that moment was Duo's need. One hand was wrapped around the base of Duo's arousal as he slid his mouth up and down, and he slowly slid the other hand up the inside of Duo's legs, gently spreading them.

Duo allowed his legs to be pushed apart; he craved the feeling of Heero touching him everywhere. No longer aware of Treize or Tsubarov or the camera, Duo threw his head back and felt. Heero was in control, directing his passion. He abandoned himself to it.

Treize knew full well that the longhaired boy had forgotten he was being photographed. But he didn't interfere; Heero knew what he was doing, and Duo's reactions were pure magic. He couldn't have asked for a better actor; the longhaired boy's natural reactions were perfect. He motioned for the photographer to keep shooting; making a mental note to keep a few of these photos for his own private album.

Heero could feel Duo's completion building; he glanced up at Treize and got a confirming nod. So he lengthened his strokes, evening out his rhythm so the other boy's climax could build. With his other hand he caressed Duo's sac, and that was it. He drew his head back just as the other boy's erection began to pulse out its creamy seed. That way the camera could record every second; he let the white liquid drip off his face, licking his lips to taste the other boy.

Duo was blinded by the intensity of his climax; if the wall hadn't been holding him up, he would surely have fallen. He managed to open his eyes; he wanted to watch Heero as he climaxed, wanted to see Heero watching as he felt the pleasure he had given to him. "Heero!" he managed to groan out as he pumped liquid pleasure over the other boy's perfect face.

"Yes," whispered Treize, his own cock pulsing in sympathy with Duo's. Magic, once again.

Duo slowly came to his senses; Treize was giving more instructions, but it was difficult to concentrate. Finally, he figured it out; Treize wanted him to kneel on all fours in front of Heero. He did so, and felt Heero kneel behind him.

Treize tried to concentrate as he set up the shot; the position the two boys were in only served to remind him of what he wanted to do to both of them. He didn't know how much longer he could take the waiting. He decided that he would end the damn auction, let Tsubarov win, just so he could take Heero even sooner. He decided to tell the old man after the photo shoot. The ugly man would be thrilled, and Treize would be rich. Maybe he would keep Duo's virginity for himself... make Heero watch, of course... the devious ideas in his mind comforted him, lessening the agony of his unsatisfied arousal.

Heero groaned as he stared at Duo's gorgeous ass right in front of him, in a perfect position for him to ram his rock hard cock deep inside. He was so close already, just from hearing the longhaired boy's sounds of ecstasy. For the camera, he ran his hands over his body, before slowly dropping his hand to his erection. He looked up at the camera as he wrapped his hand around the hard length, letting his face show the real passion he felt. He ran his free hand over Duo's soft skin as he began to pump his cock. He ran his fingers down Duo's cleft, and the sounds of pleasure that produced from Duo went straight to his rising desire. He kneaded the firm flesh with one hand, spreading open the other boy's ass so the hidden entrance was exposed. So tempting, just inches from his cock, that tight opening just waited for Heero's thrust. Deep, deep inside; Heero imagined he could feel the tight flesh gripping his cock as he slipped inside. He was on the edge already; just imagining what it would feel like to fuck Duo was enough to drive him to completion. He couldn't help but let Duo's name escape his lips as he started to climax; he whispered it, like a prayer, drowning in desire for the boy he loved.

Duo moaned, rock hard again from the position he was in and the sounds Heero was making. He wanted to turn around and watch, to see Heero climax all over him, see him stroke his passion to fulfillment. But he couldn't; so he contented himself with picturing the scene, and when he felt the hot liquid on his ass, and heard his name from those lips, he whimpered, nearly climaxing again.

"Ok, we're done," announced Treize, managing to sound almost normal. He knew these pictures would be worth their weight in gold. The two boys' passion was unmistakable, and everyone would know it.

Heero helped Duo up, and led him to the still-running shower so they could clean up. He could still see Tsubarov's beady eyes on them both. The man was practically drooling, and when he saw Heero looking at him, the old man blew him a kiss. Heero shuddered and turned away. Duo was looking upset. He could see the longhaired boy was still turned on from their previous encounter, but Heero figured, correctly, that what Duo really needed was comfort right now. "I promise you, Duo," Heero said in a low voice, "Those pictures will never see publication."

"I know, Heero, and I know why we have to do this. But it doesn't make it any easier," replied Duo, letting the water wash over him. "I mean, I was nice, I could forget for a while, because it was you... but then I remembered, and it upset me."

"And that old man leering at us didn't help," growled Heero. "I swear, Duo, I'll get us both out of this. Just a bit longer." He looked over to where the two older men seemed to be having an intense discussion. "And just in time, too, I think. I think the auction has just officially ended."

Duo looked up just in time to see the two men shake hands. Both Treize and Tsubarov were grinning. He just hoped they would be in time.

Continued in part 14