Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 14
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Next, it was back to the studio; another webcam episode. Treize was in an extremely good mood. It was making Heero nervous. He watched as the photographer made his way into the darkroom to develop the pictures. He had to get them. He looked around to see Treize approaching, oily smile on his face.

"Well, boys... since you worked so nicely together on the shoot today, how would you feel if both of you did the webcast tonight? It would be Duo's debut..." Treize trailed off to see how the two would take the idea.

Heero bit back his anger; truly, he had expected this, and it played right into their hands. But he couldn't seem too eager, and it did really upset him. He glared at Treize. "I'm not enough any more?"

Duo glanced at Heero; he knew what to do, they had planned for this eventuality. But he wasn't faking the unsure tone in his voice as he said, "What do I have to do?"

Heero turned to glare at Duo this time. Treize interrupted. "You are of course the star of the show, Heero," he soothed insincerely. "I just thought your fans would like to see a bit of variety. To get ready for the auction webcast, of course. Duo, it would be simple kissing, touching, things like that. Much easier than this afternoon. And of course you'll be paid very well. Right, Heero?"

"Whatever," dismissed Heero as he turned his back. His stomach was churning. He already felt guilty enough for dragging Duo into his sordid world, unthinkingly. If their plan didn't work out, he and Duo could be in danger from Treize. Not that he cared about himself, but he would die rather than put Duo in danger, and he had already done that, just by loving him. He would get them away from Treize, or die trying. Life without Duo wouldn't be worth living. He wasn't sure why he had such intense feelings for the longhaired boy so soon, but he didn't care. He was following his emotions.

The pictures they shot this afternoon would never be published, but the webcast was different. It would go out live, but hopefully to a smaller audience. The chances of anyone who knew Duo seeing it were slim. And again, it was necessary, Heero told himself. It didn't help.

Duo was nervous, but he knew he had to agree. "I guess we could try it just once," he ventured, and Treize smiled at him.

"Wonderful! We'll just get set up, then!" the older man walked off, and Duo slumped on the couch. He watched Heero; he wanted to talk to him, but they couldn't act like they were planning anything. He would just have to go with it. Heero excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Both boys were dressed just fine for the webcam; the clothes would soon be off anyway. Treize motioned for them both to sit on the couch together, and that was where the camera was set up.

The camera rolled; Treize chuckled as he saw there were several hundred people logged in. Next week, they would begin charging a fee.

Heero looked at Duo and tried to smile reassuringly, turning his face away from the camera. "Just follow instructions," he whispered. Duo nodded. And it started.

The viewers seemed to have no problem with watching two pretty young boys instead of one. Soon, they were down to their shorts, and Heero was kissing Duo. It felt odd, doing these things because other people were telling them to, but for once Heero didn't mind. He had to really concentrate to keep from losing himself in Duo, though; the boy's soft skin and scent were driving him mad. He had had release earlier that day, but he was only 17 years old, and once was far from enough, especially around Duo. His cock was rock hard, and ached for the other boy's touch.

As usual, Treize relayed the messages.

"Take off your shorts. Both of you."

Heero stood first, slowly easing down the clingy spandex, which already hid nothing. He turned his back to the camera, so the viewers could see his tight ass come slowly into view. He bent over more than necessary as he removed them, lingering as he was bent over nearly double. Then he tossed the shorts aside, straightening slowly and giving Duo a quick smirk that no one else could see. Then he turned sideways to the camera, showing off his stunning physique as he stretched, running his hands over the body all the viewers longed to touch. Then he turned to Duo expectantly.

Duo was mesmerized by Heero's sensuous actions; the other boy was truly skilled at seduction. Then he realized it was his turn. He had none of Heero's skills; but he truly wanted to strip for the other boy, so that's what he concentrated on. He stood, dropping his eyes shyly to the side as he fumbled with the button on his shorts. He let his hair cover his face, because his cheeks were burning with a crimson blush. He unzipped the shorts carefully, and let them drop. Despite his innocent appearance, his cock was fully hard and ready. Then he stood, looking still to the side, before he glanced quickly at Heero for approval.

Heero watched Duo raptly; his innocent sexuality was more stimulating to him than anything else. Duo was beyond beautiful, and when violet eyes sought out his he hoped he could convey his feelings with a look.

Treize watched as well; to him, Duo looked like an angel, a work of art; all accidental sensuality. The juxtaposition of Duo's innocence with Heero's dark sexuality was perfect, a contrast that made magic. He relayed the next command.

"Kiss each other."

Heero tried not to look too eager as he stepped forward, stopping inches from the other boy. Their cocks were almost touching. He looked into Duo's eyes, and closed the distance. He put his hands on Duo's shoulders and drew him closer yet, so their smooth chests pressed together. He pressed his lips to Duo's, gently at first. The other boy's lips parted instantly for him, and he slid his tongue into Duo's warm mouth, tongues dancing lazily. Then he moved his hands from the other boy's shoulders to his back, sliding them down slowly. As he slid his hands down, he gathered Duo to him, pulling every inch of the other boy's body tight against him, until they were pressed together, from mouth to cock. He left his hands on Duo's firm ass, pulling him even closer, so their arousals met between them.

Duo melted against Heero, allowing him access to his mouth, allowing him to pull his body closer, allowing anything that the other boy wanted. Something about Heero made him want to surrender, completely, and when the other boy's hands were on him, the rest of the world faded to insignificance. He could almost forget that they had an audience. Heero pulled back slightly as Duo whimpered softly. Two hard cocks rubbed together, aching. They were both startled by Treize's voice.

"Stroke each other."

Treize was watching, breathing heavily as he adjusted his trapped erection. The two boys meshed perfectly. Their almost identical height highlighted the rest of the differences between them. Like dark and light, good and evil, they matched and complemented each other.

Heero pulled back, looking in Duo's eyes and silently asking permission. Duo smiled slightly, and Heero took that as consent. So he pulled back farther, placing a hand on Duo's chest and slowly moved it downward, caressing as he went. He could feel the longhaired boy's stomach muscles tighten under his hand as he moved down, in anticipation of the final destination.

Duo held his breath; his cock pulsed as Heero's hand approached. He wanted Heero to touch him, wanted it badly. He realized how easy it was to give in to pleasure and forget all else. Then Heero's hand wrapped around his hard length. Duo threw back his head, moaning out Heero's name, thrusting involuntarily into the other boy's hand.

Heero watched Duo's beautiful face as he stroked him; god, how he wanted to make the other boy feel like this all the time. It was intoxicating, the pleasure he could give Duo; he needed to show Duo everything. Though he had never participated in the ultimate sexual act, penetration, he knew more about it than most people. He longed to share his knowledge with Duo.

The heat from Heero's hand drove Duo higher; with effort, he remembered to drop his hand to Heero's erection. More clumsily than Heero, but with no less enthusiasm, he stroked the other boy's hardness. He loved the feel of the center of Heero's need in his hand; he looked into cobalt eyes and read the desire for him.

Treize watched hungrily as the two boys touched each other; this was almost better than the photo shoot, watching the two moan. He wondered briefly if the two boys were getting too close; but then he dismissed that idea. His machinations had certainly alienated any emotion the two might have been forming. He relayed the next message, which would end the session.

"Make each other come."

Heero and Duo looked at each other; they almost smiled. That wouldn't be a difficult request to fulfill. Heero squeezed Duo's cock more tightly as he stroked faster, watching the longhaired boy's face carefully.

Duo pumped Heero's cock, trying to keep his strokes even. Then he remembered something, and brought his other hand up to tease one of Heero's nipples. He was rewarded by the other boy's surprised gasp.

Heero felt his control slip. Duo had surprised him with the unexpected touch, and between the stroking and the lovely sounds Duo was making, he knew he wouldn't last long. Duo continued to amaze him.

Duo bit his lip as he tried to concentrate on Heero's pleasure. The pressure was building up inside him, though, and it got more difficult with every stroke of Heero's hand on his cock. The hand sped up, and he knew he was lost.

Heero's mouth hung open as he tried to hold back. Duo's hand on him, inexperienced as he was, still felt a hundred times better than his own. He was in Duo's hands, literally, and he really had to concentrate on the motions of his own hand on Duo's cock. Then he felt Duo's erection pulse, and knew the other boy had found completion.

Duo cried out as he released his hot liquid, felt his completion burst from him and all over Heero's stomach. He opened his eyes; he wanted to look into Heero's eyes as he came.

Duo's cry, more than anything else, pushed Heero over the edge. The sweet sounds of the other boy's pleasure were music to his ears, and went straight to his cock. He felt Duo's seed on his stomach and hand, and he lost it. He felt his climax take over, and his passion coated Duo's stomach as well. A strangled cry burst from his lips as his knees almost buckled from pleasure. He found himself staring into deep violet pools as the two boys remembered to breathe again.

"Good job, boys," Treize's satisfied voice cut into their reverie.

Heero remembered where he was, and reluctantly removed his hand from Duo. Duo looked away, and they both grabbed robes, acting as if they were embarrassed. Duo didn't have to act too much. Treize watched them, smirking.


The boys had just left when the photographer burst out of the darkroom, calling to Treize: "Mr. K! The pictures! They're gone!"

"What?" snapped Treize, who was just finished putting up the announcement on the website about the auction being finished and that the broadcast date would be announced soon.

"The negatives, the contact sheet, everything, all gone," the photographer repeated. "I was letting the contact sheet dry, and I came back, and it was gone. I'm sure I locked the door, too."

Treize glared at the man. No one else had access to the studio. Only one other person had a key. Someone who he wasn't sure he could control any more. "Fuck."

Continued in part 15