Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 16
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo woke to the most wonderful sensation in the universe; Heero's strong arms wrapped around him. He stretched luxuriously, smiling as the past day's events came back to him. It was over; they were in love, and they had days ahead of them to do nothing but explore each other. And Duo, for one, was ready to start exploring.

Heero woke when a hand wrapped around his erection and started to pump slowly. "Duo..." he moaned, half asleep yet fully aroused.

"Good morning, lover," breathed Duo, savoring the way Heero's cock felt in his hand.

"Yes, definitely a good morning," agreed Heero, stretching and thrusting his hips up, driving into Duo's hand.

"The best," agreed Duo, and leaned in to capture Heero's lips.

They kissed lazily, unhurriedly. Both boys were anticipating days of pure pleasure. No need to rush. Duo's tongue demanded entrance to Heero's mouth and it was given gladly; two tongues sparred gently. Duo continued to stroke Heero's cock slowly, starting at the base, traveling up. He ran his thumb over the tip, teasing gently, feeling the moisture, before easing back down the velvety hard flesh to start all over again.

Heero brought his hand up to tangle in Duo's silky hair, his undoing. He knew he would never get enough of the feeling of the velvet tresses all around him. The friction of Duo's hand on his aching arousal was just enough to build the pressure slowly. The need for completion wasn't urgent yet. He intended to take his time. He let his other hand trail down Duo's smooth back, tracing patterns on the skin. Duo radiated heat; his skin almost burned.

Duo wiggled closer to Heero, throwing his leg over the other boy's, pressing his hardness against his thigh. He shivered as Heero's hand quested lower, ghosting over his ass, bringing every nerve ending to life. He craved Heero's hands, all over him, possessing him.

Heero let his fingers just trace over Duo's cleft, coming within inches of the entrance he intended to explore, soon. He loved the way he could feel Duo's breathing speed up as he got closer. He tightened his grip, squeezing the firm globe, letting the other boy feel the promise in his strength. He was rewarded when Duo broke the kiss, whimpering as his hand on the other boy's cock faltered. He took control then, shifting quickly so that he was on top of the longhaired boy now, his legs straddling Duo's. He held his upper body up with his arms as he gently pressed Duo into the bed.

Duo moaned louder as suddenly Heero was on top of him. He lost his grip on Heero's cock, but settled for wrapping his arms around the cobalt-eyed boy's shoulders. He looked up at the beautiful boy, ready to give him anything and everything, body and soul. "God, I love you, Heero," he sighed.

Heero answered by reclaiming the other boy's mouth, and the temperature in the room rose again. He pressed his lower body against Duo's, and two aching cocks lined up perfectly. He felt Duo moan into his mouth as he rocked his hips against the other boy's. Breaking the kiss, he started on Duo's neck, and the longhaired boy threw back his head, surrendering the soft flesh to his lover's mouth.

Duo alternately sighed and gasped as Heero kissed and licked his way down. His passion was rising, but not desperately; the knowledge that they had plenty of time to explore each other made them more relaxed. As Heero attacked his neck, Duo did some exploring of his own, letting his hands drop from Heero's shoulders to the muscled back, and up the strong thighs that pinned him. Heero felt like a work of art, a warm statue, the bunched muscles shifting under the skin as he rocked slowly against Duo.

Heero shifted down, so he could reach Duo's pink nipples. He licked at one, then the other, causing Duo to gasp and arch up under him. He smirked and took one small nub in his mouth, rolling it gently before biting softly. Then he turned his attention to the other one. By this time Duo was writhing below him, trying to thrust his hips up for more friction. He could feel the other boy's erection against his stomach now, and he slid one hand between them to gently squeeze the hard arousal.

Duo couldn't decide if he was in heaven or hell; Heero's mouth teased him and stimulated him until he could barely think. Then he felt the hand wrap around his aching need and he let out an incoherent cry. He dug his fingers into Heero's skin.

Heero knew Duo was getting very close, so he decided to back off. A bit. "Are you hungry, Duo?"

Duo looked up at him, eyes glazed. He nodded, slightly, and Heero said, "I'll be right back."

Duo watched him go, lying back on the bed and stretching lazily. It should have been incredibly frustrating to have Heero leave him, hard and ready like that, but all it did was increase the anticipation. Then Heero reappeared, holding a bowl of strawberries and a can of whipped cream. "Heero?"

Heero smiled as he settled on the bed next to Duo. "I want to feed you, Duo," he said, and took on of the strawberries from the bowl. He sprayed a bit of whipped cream on it and held it to Duo's mouth.

Duo opened his mouth and Heero put the strawberry inside. He chewed; it was wonderful. The strawberry was perfectly ripe, and the cream blended with the fruit to create a smooth flavor that inflamed his taste buds. But what was even better was as soon as he swallowed the strawberry, his mouth was once again filled, with Heero.

Heero pressed his mouth to Duo's, savoring the sharp taste of the berry and the sweet taste of the cream, all blended with the perfect flavor that was Duo. The flavors mingled as their tongues sparred, and Heero had never tasted anything so good.

Heero repeated the process several times, until he thought of something else he wanted to do with the cream. Pulling away from Duo's mouth, he used the whipped cream can to trace a line all the way from Duo's chest, down his stomach, to the longhaired boy's quivering arousal.

Duo held his breath as Heero looked up at him, smiling as he applied a liberal amount of the cream to his cock. It felt a bit cold, but it did nothing to cool his passion. He was moaning now in anticipation of Heero licking off the cream. His cock was so hard it hurt.

Heero began eating the cream off of Duo, licking more than was absolutely necessary, making sure that every inch of Duo was perfectly clean before he moved on to the next bit. He finally reached the most delicious morsel of all, Duo's cream-covered cock. He had had Duo's erection in his mouth before, but this was the real thing. They weren't performing for anyone. Their passion was real, and they could do whatever they wanted. And Heero wanted to make Duo climax over and over again. He knew the longhaired boy wouldn't be able to hold back very long once he was deep inside Heero's mouth. So he quickly licked a line up the underside of the rock hard flesh before taking it into his mouth.

Duo couldn't hold back the scream that Heero's actions induced. His body arched up off the bed, driving his cock deeper into Heero's hot mouth. Hot, wet, oh god, so good, Duo gasped as he helplessly thrust into that mouth. He grabbed handfuls of the sheets, and his head thrashed back and forth as his tried not to lose his mind from pleasure. "Heero... I can't... I'm going to..."

Heero only had time to take in Duo's hardness a few times before his mouth was filled with Duo's sweet climax. He swallowed happily, something he had never done before, or even wanted to do. But this was the love of his life, and he eagerly lapped up every drop, drinking in the boy's cries as well.

Paralyzing pleasure gripped him as he helplessly released in Heero's mouth; too long, too much teasing, he couldn't have stopped his completion if he had wanted to. Heero's hot mouth was the center of his world as he exploded, gasping and screaming Heero's name. Pulse after pulse, he felt Heero swallow it all, and through his ecstasy his love for the other boy burned brightly. Catching his breath, he gasped, "Love you... amazing..."

Heero couldn't help but smile at Duo; doing this to the longhaired boy gave him more pleasure than climaxing himself. Well, not quite, he amended, but he had never wanted to give anyone else pleasure like this. Until Duo. He released Duo's cock and crawled up beside the spent boy. He gathered Duo in his arms and lay next to him, pressing every possible inch of their hot flesh together.

Duo slowly caught his breath, and let Heero catch his mouth in a lazy kiss. He could taste himself in the other boy's mouth, and it made him moan as he had an aftershock of pleasure. He could feel Heero's hard cock against him, and his own began to wake up again. When the kiss broke, he whispered, "Heero... I want to do that to you..."

Heero repressed a moan at the thought of that perfect mouth wrapped around him; the thought alone was almost enough. But he knew that Duo had never done it before. "Are you sure, Duo?"

"Yes. I want to give you pleasure, Heero. I may not be very good at it, but I learn fast," he grinned at the other boy. "I've had the best teacher." And Duo wanted to taste Heero. He wanted to feel what it was like to have a hard cock in his mouth, to hear the other boy moan from pleasure he had given him.

"If you insist," smiled Heero. He explained that the best way for Duo to start was if he sat on the edge of the bed. He placed a pillow on the floor for Duo to kneel on, and had to fight for control as he watched the other boy settle before him, resting his chin on Heero's knees, hair flowing around his naked body. Duo was so beautiful.

"Do you have any idea how incredible you are?" whispered Heero as he looked down on his the love of his life and his fantasy all rolled into one. Duo shook his head, and Heero went on, "Well, I'm going to spend the rest of my life convincing you of it, then."

Duo felt like his heart would burst with love for Heero, but he also wanted to do other things to the beautiful boy. He decided to take the initiative, and spread Heero's legs apart, moving between them until he was just inches from Heero's dripping erection. He looked up at Heero, and the unsure lust that showed on his face went straight to his own recovering cock. He licked his lips.

Heero almost whimpered as Duo knelt before him; a more perfect fantasy scene, even Treize couldn't have staged. But this was real, and they loved each other and wanted each other equally. He let Duo spread his legs, and looked down at him, silently begging.

Duo remembered everything Heero had done to him, the two times he had taken him in his mouth. He also guiltily remembered watching Zechs and Heero suck each other. He had a basic idea. He slowly reached for Heero's arousal, wrapping his fingers around it carefully. He squeezed, stroking up and down a few times. Then he gently pulled the hard flesh toward his waiting mouth. He could see Heero's stomach muscles tighten with anticipation as he bent his head forward. He glanced up at Heero's flushed face just before he flicked out his tongue to taste the drop of dew that glistened at the tip.

Heero gripped the edge of the mattress; it was all he could do not to thrust deep into that luscious mouth that hovered so close. Inexperienced or not, Duo had an idea of the effect he had; when he met his eyes just before tasting him, Heero lost it. The feeling of Duo's hot tongue on him made him moan, and he whispered, "Please." With one small lick, Duo had reduced Little Boy Blue to begging. Duo's face held a positively evil grin, just before he opened his mouth, wrapping it around the tip of the erection in front of him.

Heero tasted so good, Duo wanted more. Salty and musky and perfect, the very maleness of the beautiful boy made his knees weak. He slid his mouth slowly over Heero's cock, pulling the hard flesh toward him so that he could take in more, carefully keeping his teeth away from the skin. He went down as far as he could, then raised his head again, allowing Heero to slide from his mouth. He felt one of Heero's hands tangle in his hair, and felt the boy's iron muscles tighten as he moaned. Heero apparently liked this. So did Duo.

Heero let his eyes roam over the boy who was pleasuring him. Kneeling, the beautiful lines of Duo's body made his passion rise even higher. His smooth flesh peeked through the curtain of silken hair. The boy's mouth was exquisite; the hot wetness guaranteeing he wouldn't last long. All Heero's impressive control went out the window where Duo was concerned, confusing his emotions and lust in a pleasurable jumble that he wouldn't have freed himself from if he could. He knew with only a few more moments, he would release. "Duo..." he tried to warn the other boy. "So good... I can't hold back..."

"Mmmm," replied Duo, the resultant vibration inadvertently sending vibrations along Heero's cock that made him gasp Duo's name.

Duo started to bob his head up and down, loving the sounds Heero was making, wanting to hear more. He also made that sound again, since the other boy seemed to like it so much.

It was too much; the friction, the vibration, the reality of what Duo was doing to him pushed him over the edge. "Duo! Oh god... get ready..." Then he could no longer speak; the hot ache exploded, shattering his mind and his body all at once. He could feel the hot liquid pulse into Duo's mouth, could feel the boy try to swallow it all. "Duo..." he moaned again, when he could once again speak, and he looked down at the boy kneeling before him. "That was... love you..." and he fell back on the bed, unable to even sit up any longer.

Duo giggled as he climbed up on the bed next to Heero. He had done this to the other boy? The taste of Heero's passion still lingered in his mouth, and the very thought was intoxicating. He leaned over the spent boy, pressing his mouth to Heero's, the taste in his mouth a sharp reminder of what they had just shared. Just as Heero had done to him. Duo was a very fast learner.

Heero felt energy return to him, as if through Duo's kiss. He lifted his arms to wrap around the other boy, pulling him closer. He craved the feeling of Duo's skin against his, as if to confirm that they were really here, really together. He pulled Duo so the longhaired boy was lying across his chest as they kissed. His hands moved over Duo, caressing as much as they could reach. It felt like every time they shared an act of passion, it erased a bit more of the past, making him forget all the sordid things he had done; replacing those with acts of love.

They kissed for what seemed like hours; their lazy explorations slowly turning back to passion. Duo pulled back, looking down at the gorgeous boy who had taught him love. "Heero," he breathed. "I want more. Everything."

Heero looked up at the longhaired boy; Duo's kiss-bruised lips were asking him to make love. He wanted nothing more than to share everything with the other boy; but he also didn't want to rush into anything. "Are you sure, Duo?"

Duo smiled and took Heero's hand, guiding it to his erection. "Does it feel like I'm sure?"

Smiling, Heero stroked Duo's cock a few times before he said, "You know that's not what I mean."

Duo sighed and sat up on one elbow, regarding Heero seriously. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I love you. I want to be as close as two people can possibly be."

"I just want you to be sure. I want both of us to be sure. There is only one first time," Heero said. Then he smiled. "Well, in our case, maybe two..."

Duo looked confused for a moment, then blushed as he realized what Heero was referring to. "You mean... I thought that..."

Heero watched Duo struggle for a few moments to say what he was thinking. Then he came to Duo's rescue. He climbed up on his knees, looking down at Duo, who still lay on his side. Duo looked up at the cobalt-eyed boy almost nervously. Heero looked like a predator, and Duo felt like prey. But it was a good feeling, a feeling of anticipation. "Duo," began Heero, in a soft, sexy voice. "I want to make love to you. I want to be inside you," he whispered, voice full of promise. "But I also want you to make love to me. I want to feel it both ways. I want you be my first, both ways. I want to take your virginity and give you mine. I want it all."

"Oh Heero," whispered Duo. "I love you so much. I want to give you everything."

"And I love you," replied Heero, lowering himself to Duo's lips and claiming them roughly. They kissed passionately, desperately, deeply until they were gasping for breath. "Mine," Heero murmured as he pulled back.

"Yours. Forever," agreed Duo. And he pulled Heero back down, losing himself in another torrid kiss.

Then Heero pulled back, getting off the bed, holding Duo's hand and leading him to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and pulled the longhaired boy inside.

Duo stepped under the hot spray, pressing the length of his body against Heero's once again. They kissed, letting the water cascade over them both, washing away their stickiness and the past all in one. A fresh start, symbolically and physically. They washed each other quickly, lathering and rinsing as fast as possible, knowing what was ahead. Hard cocks, slippery soap, hot water sluicing over youthful muscles; they were soon clean and scrambling for towels.

"Duo... oh god, Duo... I can't wait," moaned Heero into the other boy's ear as they toweled each other dry.

"Then let's go," teased Duo, pulling Heero by the towel wrapped around his waist, causing it to fall on the floor.

"Just a minute," said Heero, pausing to grab something from the cabinet.

Duo blushed as he saw what it was. Lube.

Heero saw the longhaired boy's look, and smiled. "Treize gave this to me. I never thought I would put it to use."

"Well, at least he was good for one thing," laughed Duo as they tumbled onto the unmade bed.

Heero laughed as he rolled with Duo, each trying to get the upper hand in a playful wrestling match. Their hard, naked bodies brushed together repeatedly, sweet agonizing teases, kissing now and then.

Finally, Heero decided to get serious, and his superior strength won out. In addition, Duo really wanted to surrender, and found himself looking up into cobalt eyes blazing with promise. "Got you," Heero growled.

"Oh yeah," Duo moaned, thrusting his hips up against Heero, who was straddling him. "You sure do." His whole body was aching by now, aching to be one with Heero. Sweet anticipation sharpened; this was it.

Both boys stared intently at each other for a long moment; both sensed the enormity of the moment. The step they were taking was irrevocable; there was no going back. But they were so ready; ready to share everything, to take and be taken, to join as one.

Then, slowly, ever so slowly, Heero shifted. Never breaking eye contact with Duo, he moved his legs; repositioning himself, pushing Duo's legs apart with his own, supporting his own weight on his arms.

Duo let his legs be spread, let Heero settle between them, cherished the feeling of surrendering himself to the other boy. Opening his legs, exposing himself to Heero, made him feel deliciously vulnerable. He started to breathe faster, licking his lips, unable to look away. A low moan started deep in his throat, and he whispered, "Make me yours, Heero."

Heero couldn't suppress a groan at Duo's words. He had wanted this for so long, since he had first seen the longhaired boy. Now here they were, ready to take the final step and consummate their relationship. Paradise lay before him, and he took the first step.

Heero sat back, placing his hands on the inside of Duo's knees and pushing them apart even farther. The whimpers that this produced from Duo made his cock pulse, but he forced himself to slow down. He looked down at Duo spread before him, and let his hands travel, palm to skin, slowly down the inside of the other boy's thighs. He kept up a constant pressure as he moved up, closer to his goal, keeping Duo's legs pushed apart. He stopped, palms still flat on Duo's skin, his fingertips just brushing the juncture of thigh and body, thumbs precariously close to Duo's entrance.

Heero's actions were pure torture; but torture that Duo wouldn't have halted for the world. He held his breath as Heero's hands traveled closer to the center of his desire; then the hands stopped, and he released a shudder of frustration. Heero held his legs apart, hands framing everything that wanted to be touched. Heero held the key to his passion. Duo wanted to give him everything. His cock pulsed and his skin tingled. He was close to begging.

Heero moved his hands that final inch, still holding Duo's legs apart firmly, and brushed his thumbs against the other boy's entrance. Duo gasped, and tried to spread wider, wanting more. "Touch me," begged Duo.

Gazing down at his love, Heero for once was thankful of what he had been taught of sex. He wanted this to be beyond incredible for the other boy. "Turn over, Duo," Heero murmured.

Duo instantly complied, rolling over on his stomach with his legs spread. Heero gently grabbed the other boy's hips, pulling back until Duo was on his knees in front of him, ass raised perfectly. "Oh god, Duo," he moaned as Duo spread his legs apart again, offering himself to Heero completely. Heero kneeled behind him, and reached out to run his hands over Duo's smooth skin. He caressed the other boy's ass, kneading the skin, spreading him open, touching him everywhere, fleetingly. Duo was soon moaning continuously, almost gasping for air. He couldn't see where Heero would touch next, and he was a creature of pure need. His eyes were tightly shut and his fists were clenched in the sheets.

"Heero..." moaned Duo, "I love you... you make me feel..." he trailed off, unable to continue. Because at that moment, Heero's tongue was tracing a line down his cleft. "Heero!" squeaked Duo, unable to process the feeling this was giving him.

Heero smirked as he teased Duo, licking his way ever closer to the other boy's entrance. He'd never done this before, but he'd seen it done countless times, and knew the effect it could have. To Duo, who had never been touched there before, it should be devastating.

It was. Duo was torn between panting with desire and holding his breath as Heero's hot tongue neared its goal. He wasn't going to... oh god, he was... the other boy's tongue was lapping at him, flicking across his opening, making him almost melt with the sensations it caused. Duo had never imagined such a feeling, this hot, liquid, possessed feeling that Heero was giving him. If he hadn't been firmly held by the position he was in and Heero's strong hands, Duo would have collapsed from the feeling. "Heero..." he gasped.

Heero tried not to smile; this was exactly what he wanted, to overwhelm and blow the other boy away with maximum pleasure. He pushed his tongue inside Duo slowly, testing the ring of muscle that would grip him later. Duo tasted wonderful to him. He had to hold up the other boy, though; Duo seemed to be unable to do it himself. He pushed his tongue in and out a few more times before he decided he couldn't wait any longer. His release earlier had taken the edge off somewhat, but he would need all his control to make it last for Duo. The sexy sounds the boy was making, the very sight of the longhaired boy writhing before him was enough to make him lose his mind.

Duo was out of his mind as well, whimpering and moaning, face buried in the pillow, overloaded with new sensations. His cock was rock hard, desperate for another release. He raised his ass up as high as he could, completely submitting to whatever Heero wanted to do to him. Then the other boy's tongue disappeared and was replaced by a slick finger. First Heero's tongue, now his fingers; Duo couldn't help but think about the next thing to invade him. He moaned and pushed back against Heero's finger, wanting the other boy to hurry up. He didn't know if he could survive the buildup much longer; he would explode if Heero didn't take him soon. He felt another finger slide inside, and moaned more loudly. It felt so good, to be filled like this; he had dreamed of this, but had never guessed it would be this incredible. He wanted more, now; though he knew that he had to be prepared. He couldn't stop himself from begging Heero to hurry as another finger entered him. Then Heero brushed against something that made all sensation up until now pale; desperately, he pushed back against the fingers, needing Heero to do that again. And again.

Heero felt Duo's body respond, and guessed he had hit the right spot as the longhaired boy tried to impale himself repeatedly on his fingers. He smiled, never having seen the effect on anyone else, though he was well aware of it. The sounds the other boy was making went straight to his aching arousal, though, and his desire surged once again. "You like that?" he whispered, voice thick with passion.

Duo whimpered, not even trying to answer coherently, as Heero drove three fingers in and out of him over and over. All he could do was pant, and cry out, and push back on those fingers. Finally, he managed to gasp, "Take me..."

That impassioned plea snapped the rest of Heero's control. He removed his fingers, and coated his own cock with lube as he growled, "Turn over. I want to see you."

Duo couldn't turn over fast enough; he was desperate now. "Please, Heero," he moaned, spreading his legs wide. "Need you."

Biting his lip, Heero took one last look down at his virgin lover, flushed and panting, hair spread around him, before taking one of Duo's legs and putting it over his shoulder. Duo whimpered again as Heero guided his cock toward his exposed entrance. "Ready?" he gasped, and Duo could only nod. He pressed the tip against Duo, and it seemed that such a large thing could never fit inside the other boy. The heat of Duo's body burned him and drew him in; he pushed slightly and just the tip slid in. How many times had he dreamed of this? Of what it would feel like to slide inside Duo? The anticipation pushed him another inch, and the other boy's body yielded to him. It was hot, and tight, and so far beyond anything he could have imagined that he could no longer think coherently. "Duo..." he moaned, almost unaware he had even spoken. Words seemed inadequate, but he had to say it as he claimed his lover. "I love you."

Duo's mouth hung open in a soundless O of ecstasy. He whispered, "Oh god oh god Heero so good oh GOD!" as Heero slid deep inside him. Stretching, filling, opening him; Heero was actually doing it, taking him right now, and Duo almost couldn't believe it was finally happening. All the dreams, all the waiting, all the fantasies, finally coming true, right here, right now. They were making love, having sex, fucking; another boy was inside him, taking him, filling him. Heero. "Heero!"

He had to be hurting Duo, his body was so tight, the channel gripping him was exquisite torture. Heero searched Duo's face for pain but only found passion; he continued his inexorable slide inside Duo to find his salvation. "Duo... god, Duo, so good... am I hurting you?"

Duo shook his head, trying to remember how to breathe. "No, no, it's perfect... want more... fill me, Heero... love you..." He arched his body up against the other boy, trying to drive Heero deeper inside him. He wanted every inch of Heero all the way inside him, joined with him utterly and irrevocably. It felt so right, his body yielding to the boy he loved, giving him everything, surrendering utterly. It was too perfect, so good it couldn't last forever or he would surely die from pleasure. It seemed to go on forever, Heero sliding inside him, opening him... Duo tried hard to stay still as it got better and better. His own cock lay against his stomach, dripping, pulsing in sympathy. He realized he had handfuls of the sheets in a deathgrip. He relaxed a bit, and suddenly Heero was all the way inside him.

Heero wanted to close his eyes from the sheer ecstasy of what he was feeling, but there was a stronger need to watch his love as he claimed him. His muscles trembled from the strain of holding his body back; though he had never done this before, his body knew what it wanted, wanted to thrust deep inside, over and over, hard and fast. Instinct threatened to take over, to turn their joining into primal lust; but Heero knew he could so easily hurt his lover. He held back with a superhuman effort, glad for once for all his training. Though none of that had really prepared him for the ultimate ecstasy of being buried deep inside the tight, hot willing body of the boy he loved. Duo's moans dripped like honey over his body, and the sight of that beautiful face, framed by flowing hair, begging for more was the best yet. He felt Duo relax suddenly, and then he was fully seated, every inch of his hard cock sheathed inside Duo's velvet passage. He had to remind himself to breathe as the other boy gripped him, pulsating heat driving him insane. "Duo..." he found he couldn't stop chanting the other boy's name, like a mantra to keep him sane.

Duo looked up at the boy impaling him; he could hear his own name from those sensuous lips and it felt almost as good as the hard flesh buried deep inside him. Almost, he thought, as he squirmed slightly, feeling the heat inside him stroke every inch of his inner walls. The slight movement set his body on fire once again, every nerve ending alive and sparking pleasure to his overloaded brain. He moved again, moving himself slightly up and down on the rock hard length inside him, and even better than the sensations this caused in his own body was the sounds it produced from Heero. The cobalt-eyed boy's mouth hung open, and a light sheen of sweat made his exquisite torso glisten; Duo suddenly realized what a Herculean effort it must be for the boy to go so slowly. Heero must be waiting for him to be ready. But Duo was so much more than ready; he needed Heero to move, to stroke him, to pound him. He wiggled again, loving the sounds of the other boy's desire. "Heero... do it... please..."

Heero thought he would lose control when he felt Duo's body move and tighten around him. His hand tightened on Duo's flesh, and he had to forcibly remind himself to loosen it, lest he bruise his beloved. Surely Duo didn't know what his small movements felt like to Heero, how every clench, every wiggle transmitted itself a thousandfold to his aching erection. How, deep inside Duo's body, he could feel every movement, and it set his desire ablaze with need to move, to drive into that sweet body. Now Duo was begging him, telling him he was ready, and Heero's control broke at last. "Oh god, Duo... I'm going to take you..." And he thrust once, shallowly, and lost the rest of his mind. No lessons, no training, no amount of masturbation or blowjobs could compare with this, this feeling, the exquisite torture of being completely surrounded by hot, moist, tight walls. The single thrust gave him intense friction along every square inch of his aching length, caressing each sensitive spot, leaving nothing unstimulated. One thrust, and he was lost; nothing in the world could have stopped him from doing it again, and again, and again. Every thrust went deeper, felt better; he thought that he would lose his mind if it got any better. He looked with desperation at his lover beneath him, hoping that he wasn't hurting him, because he really didn't know if he could stop right now.

Duo's head snapped back at the first thrust; his back arched and his mouth opened, screaming his lover's name. So good, so hard, so perfect, it seemed that Heero's cock was made to fit inside him as it filled him completely. Sensation so intense that it blurred the line between pleasure and pain; that one thrust brushed every nerve, driving him so high that he thought it couldn't possibly get any better. He suddenly realized why people were obsessed with sex; this feeling, this joining with another human being had to be the single most intense thing he had ever experienced in his short life. The intimacy, the heat, the desperation of two boys joined as one; he had to stop thinking before he overloaded his mind. He stopped thinking, and just felt... he tried to thrust himself back onto that hardness, wanted Heero to claim him over and over, and he screamed once again as Heero started to move. The feeling of having another person inside him, utterly owning him, was completely addictive. He opened his eyes with effort, not even realizing he had clenched them shut; the sight of Heero taking him was too good to miss. Heero looked like a god, a god of sex, and Duo was his eternal sacrifice. The other boy was moaning, a deep sound that drove Duo higher; his own voice was a higher, keening wail as he gave himself over, begging for more.

Duo's voice pushed him further, and Heero couldn't help but let his fevered eyes roam over the body below him, taking in every inch of creamy, slick flesh that was his to ravish. Duo writhed, his head thrashing back and forth, long hair tangling around him, sensual mouth open wide as he asked for more. Violet eyes begged, pink tongue moistened dry lips, smooth chest gasped for breath. Long, strong legs wrapped around him, urging him deeper, faster. They had barely started and already Heero knew he was losing it, knew that in the pleasure of Duo's body he had no more control. Gripping the slim hips, he thrust faster, deeper, frantically; he grabbed Duo's hand and placed it on his own cock, certain that in his passion he couldn't manage to stroke Duo as well. Hot friction traveled up and down the length of his arousal; he tried to speak, groaning, "Duo... so close... come with me..."

Duo was transfixed by the sight and sensation of Heero fucking him; making love to the other boy was so far beyond what he had imagined. He barely understood what Heero wanted him to do; but the touch of his own hand on his cock reminded him that there was even more pleasure to be had. With difficulty, he wrapped his hand around his erection and stroked; then he gasped as this new feeling magnified his pleasure once again. Heero, deep inside him, stroked his pleasure center while his own hand stimulated even more. Duo looked up at his lover, and his heart nearly burst with love and passion for the other boy. He knew he could no longer live without Heero, without this exquisite pleasurable torture. He was lost. Ecstasy flowed over him; a few strokes and he was climaxing, his whole body one taut string of desire; quivering and pulsing and tightening as the coiled heat exploded from within him. He could almost feel his seed burn a path of pleasure along his length, until it pumped out, in long, exquisite pulses of creamy ecstasy, each pulse accompanied by a wave of debilitating sensation that washed over his entire body. He knew he was screaming, calling out to Heero his love; but his voice seemed far away. Nothing was more real than his completion, nothing; Heero's cock inside him, his own cock pulsing with climax, the rest of the world mattered not at all.

Heero groaned, more quietly than Duo, but as enraptured nonetheless. He could feel the power of his completion welling up inside him, a power he was unable to resist; he was starting to fall over the edge when he felt Duo let go. Those velvet walls clamped down on him like a vise as he sent his lover to nirvana. Heero watched, amazed at what he had given Duo, even as he felt his own uncoiling ecstasy. He leaned forward, letting go of Duo's hips and supporting himself with his arms as he sealed his lips to Duo's; suddenly he wanted nothing more than to kiss his love as he filled him with his desire. All the while, he still thrust, his careful rhythm dissolving into ragged, desperate movements, fueled by instinct. He wanted to be connected to Duo completely, to claim every part of the other boy, to climb inside him. The buildup to climax seemed to last an eternity; he climbed higher and higher until he thought he would never reach the summit of desire. Finally, he had to break the kiss as he spilled his seed into Duo; a roar of ecstasy exploded from his throat as his hot need exploded into the other boy's body. Searing, liquid, ultimate pleasure shot through his body; he froze, deep inside, paralyzed, as his climax finally flowed into Duo, forever marking him, making him his.

Duo's pleasure still gripped him as Heero joined him in heaven; gasping still, he watched as Heero pulled back from the kiss. He felt Heero empty himself inside him, felt the hot seed deep inside him, filling him. Heero's face, inches from his, reflected his own passion as the two boys joined their souls. His spent cock twitched between them, trying to come back to life even now, such was the power of Heero's sexuality on Duo. Watching and feeling Heero climax inside him surpassed any fantasy, any dream; the sounds the other boy made were primal and possessive. Duo stretched his trembling arms up to touch Heero's straining muscles, his back; as if to make sure this had really happened, they had really made love at long last. It seemed to have gone on forever, though he knew it had probably been only minutes. Every fiber of his body was stretched to the limit, and as the endorphins of ecstasy faded, he found he was exhausted. "Heero," he whispered, as his lover carefully withdrew and lay next to him.

Heero had to remind himself to breathe; he slowly settled himself next to Duo, panting from exertion. He used the last bit of his strength to draw the other boy close to him, skin on skin, heat rolling off them both. "Love you, Duo," Heero whispered.

Duo melted into Heero's arms, unmindful of the cooling moisture between them as they drifted off to sleep. He mumbled, "Love you too," as he succumbed to slumber.

Continued in part 17