Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 2
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo ripped open the new magazine, flipping through the pages, looking for his fix. He already had his pants off and his erection pulsed in anticipation. There was always at least one layout of his favorite obsession in every issue; he was sort of the star of this magazine, and usually commanded the largest, glossiest position in the issue. And this month was no exception. From the moment Duo saw the first picture, the world around him disappeared.

He looked at the first picture, and almost climaxed right away. He had never seen the boy like this before. Before now, the pictures had shown men doing things to him; now he was touching himself, just like Duo was doing. The longhaired boy whimpered; he couldn't take his eyes off the boy and his arousal. He had never seen another hard cock before, had never seen the boy aroused. The escalation of sexuality was almost too much for him. He stared at the boy's hand wrapped around the hard flesh, couldn't tear his eyes away from the boy stroking himself. Duo panted as he stroked slowly, trying to make it last. He was so turned on that he actually had to stop, and still he felt like he was about to climax just from the image in front of him. The boy was touching himself, stroking himself, and the camera caught every angle. The look on his face was pure ecstasy; his mouth hung open, tongue touched red lips, beautiful face flushed with passion.

Duo turned the page; now the camera shot from between the boy's legs, and Duo could see everything. Legs spread wide, hidden entrance exposed, hand wrapped around hard flesh, and the beautiful face was still visible. Duo didn't know what turned him on more: the exposure of the boy's hidden parts, his hand touching the glistening hard cock, the way his legs were spread, or the look on his face. Duo's hand was stroking again, desperately, as if on its own; when Duo saw the last shot, of those hips arched up off the couch, that creamy passion shooting forth, he climaxed violently, face echoing the boy's passion. He almost blacked out from the intensity of the pleasure.

When he regained his senses and looked at the pictures again, his cock almost immediately sprung back to life. Duo hadn't yet removed his hand, and when he stroked the hardening flesh again, he was so sensitive he cried out. He had to stop, so he read the captions. The thing that caught his eye was a web address. The boy had a new website. Duo was immediately at the computer.

With shaking hands the longhaired boy typed in the URL, waiting impatiently for it to load. He didn't know why he had never thought of using the internet before, in his search for more images of his obsession. The page loaded at last; staring back at him was the face of his desire, cobalt eyes blazing under his name: Little Boy Blue.

The website was new, and promised more updates, very soon. For the moment, there were only a few pictures, and a brief, obviously fictional bio about Little Boy Blue. There was a promise of an upcoming live webcam, and Duo's heart raced at the thought of live images of the boy.

From that day on, Duo checked the website every day for updates. Thankful he had found a way around the parental controls on his browser long ago, he spent most of his free time staring at the picture of the boy's face, those eyes staring challengingly back at him, as if daring him to find him. He loved the other pictures, of course, but he was drawn back repeatedly to the picture of the boy's face. He was drawn to this boy in a way that transcended sex. Though he masturbated every day to the pictures of the beautiful boy, afterwards, he dreamed of meeting him, finding out what he was like, running away to live forever with him. Duo knew these romantic dreams were useless and silly, but once again he couldn't help himself. Little Boy Blue filled his every waking thought, and most of his dreams. Somehow, he managed to make it through his classes; luckily it was near the end of the year. He struggled through, and his earlier work managed to keep him from failing. He greeted the last day of school with relief; now he could spend all of his time thinking about the love of his life. Duo knew it was silly, that he couldn't be in love with someone he had never met, and knew nothing about. But he couldn't help it; his heart ached, and all he could think about was the boy. He didn't even know his real name.

About a week later, the webcam started broadcasting. Duo watched with rapt attention while the computer loaded the pictures. His heart surged when he saw Little Boy Blue sitting on a bed, smirking back at the camera. The picture refreshed every 30 seconds, and Duo was treated to a tantalizing view of the boy taking off his shirt and reclining on the bed. Then the sequence repeated itself. Duo realized with a sinking feeling that that was it, it wasn't really live. Then he read the text: it said that starting next week, the cam would be live at certain times, and viewers could interact with the boy, real time, and ask him to do certain things. Things? Like what? Duo wondered. His heart raced at the thought. But he had to wait a week! He read further; he had to register in order to send requests, it was sort of like a chat room. Swallowing nervously, Duo registered. The form required an email address and name. He used his first name but made up a last name, and used an email account from one of the free email services that was hopefully not traceable. How in the world was he supposed to wait that long? He decided to do some research.

A couple of eye-opening days later, he knew more about internet porn than he ever wanted to. He learned that people can and did interact with other people via live webcams, and he now knew what they asked for. Most of the porn on the web was of women, unfortunately, and Duo was now more sure than ever that he didn't swing that way. But he had learned a lot. He just didn't know how people had the nerve to ask for what they did!

On a whim, he searched on the name Little Boy Blue. And found out a lot more.

He found many more pictures, ones that he had never seen before. That kept him busy for a while. He found little bits of information that he didn't know were true or not. He found rumors about the boy, various people who claimed he was underage, or overage, or their brother, or, funnier still, their sister. It seemed that whatever a person wanted to search on, there was someone out there who had something to say about it. Duo had learned long ago not to believe everything he read, and that applied to the internet even more so. Still, he had a lot of fun, going from link to link and occasionally discovering a new picture of his obsession. One thing he kept reading, mentioned at least 10 times, was something about a virginity auction. Now that Duo allowed himself to think about it, he realized he had never seen photos of the boy being penetrated, except for his mouth. The rumors said he was a virgin, and the highest bidder would have the honor of being the first to sink his cock inside Little Boy Blue. It was all under the table, of course, as selling one's virginity would be seen as prostitution by the authorities. But apparently, if you knew who to contact, you could place a bid. Idly, Duo wondered what the high bid was, then realized what that meant; some man would be fucking his love! He felt his stomach twist as he let himself think about it; not that he wanted to be the one to do it, but he didn't want anyone else to touch him! In fact, in Duo's fantasies, the boy was the one taking him. Now Duo was turned on and upset at the same time. His poor confused hormones didn't know what to make of it. He cried himself to sleep that night, and dreamed of Little Boy Blue, tied to a table while a line of men waited for their turn with him.

The promised day finally came, and Duo went eagerly to the website. His heart jumped as he saw it did indeed look different. There was a login page, and Duo nervously typed in his name, DMax17, and his password. The screen split into two. One side of the screen was the cam view, and the other side was like a chat window. The cam window was dark. The chat window showed instructions. You were to type your request, and if it was accepted, the boy would do as you asked. It warned the viewer to be patient due to the volume of requests expected. Duo tried to see how many others were logged in, but he couldn't. He waited, staring at the blank screen, waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly, the cam window lit up, and showed an empty bed. Duo's heart pounded. He couldn't believe this was real time, that he would soon see the boy of his dreams live.

Heero stood off to the side while Treize and his current boyfriend-cameraman, Zechs, messed with the camera. The man was big and blonde and not very smart, just like Treize liked them. He had been a porn star himself for a while.

Heero was wearing a tank top and spandex shorts with nothing underneath. He didn't bother with shoes. He was mildly nervous; not that he hadn't done this before, but it was slightly different. He wouldn't have to directly interact with the people, Treize was handling that. He would just do as they asked. There would be no charge for now; Treize's plan was to get people hooked, then charge a subscription fee for the service after a trial period.

Zechs told him they were ready to roll; Heero sat on the bed so Zechs could adjust the focus. He looked up at the image on the computer monitor; he realized he was nervous. In the past, the pictures were taken, then they had to be published; there was no immediate feedback. If he didn't like the way he looked, they would use another picture. But this was live, this was real; there would be no editing. But he had trusted Treize thus far in his career, and for all the man's faults, he was a superb businessman and had kept Heero a virgin so far. Heero lived very well, with a house, car and bank account in his name. He had insisted on that. He didn't work that many hours. Yet he was unhappy. He couldn't help feeling there was more to life than this. He longed for something. Or someone. He sighed and prepared to put on his Little Boy Blue persona. Had to give the people a show.

"How many we got?" asked Zechs, making the final adjustments.

Treize typed away at the keyboard. "About 25 right now. But more keep arriving. 30 now." He smiled. "Not bad. Word will spread." He smirked back at Heero. "It's time."

Heero looked directly at the camera and put on his best sullen look. Showtime.


Duo watched, entranced, as the screen came to life, and he saw the boy. The welcome banner flashed across the screen, with a brief message reiterating the instructions. Duo wanted badly to say something, to ask something, but he held back, shy even in the facelessness of the internet. He wanted to see what happened.

Many others weren't so shy; obviously cognizant of this form of entertainment, requests started to pop up on the screen.

"Take off your shirt."

"Lie back on the bed."

"Spread your legs."

"Touch yourself through the pants."

"Play with your nipples."

"Stand up and take off your pants. Slowly."

Duo watched the live feed as Little Boy Blue complied with all the requests. There was no sound, but the boy never appeared to speak anyway. His expression never changed, either. Duo found himself staring at the enigmatic face more than the beautiful body. He looked for an expression, a sign of life. Duo suddenly realized he had never seen an expression other than passion on that face. Never joy, never laughter. All of a sudden, he realized what he wanted the boy to do for him. He typed in the request, his first, with shaking hands.

"Would you please smile? Just once?"


Treize was sitting at the keyboard, relaying the requests, when he started laughing. So far it had been everything he had expected from the research he had done. Treize did nothing without extensive research. But this one...

"What?" demanded Heero, trying not to look as bored as he felt.

"Some idiot wants you to smile," snorted Treize. Zechs found it amusing as well.

Heero frowned. Smile? He never smiled, not for the camera. Smiling wasn't sexy. Smirking and looking sullen was sexy. He didn't smile much, even off camera. Not that he was so unhappy, thought Heero. He just didn't have that much to smile about.


Duo waited, but his request never popped up in the main window like the others did. He had asked too much, apparently. Or maybe the time was up, he had waited too long. He felt like crying; he only wanted one thing, to see the other boy smile. In fact, Duo realized that what he really wanted was to make the other boy smile himself, to wipe that unhappy expression off the sexy face. But then a message appeared.

"Time is up for today. Please come back next time. In the meantime, we will show some pictures of today's action in a loop. Thank you for visiting."

Duo stared at the screen, unbelieving. It was over. His request hadn't been filled. Was it because of the request, or were they truly out of time? He would never know. He had been so close. He had been seeing real-time images of the other boy. He had seen what the boy was doing at the same time he was doing it. This somehow made him feel closer to him. He didn't know why.


"And we're done," announced Treize, and Heero relaxed, grabbing a robe and putting it on.

Treize and Zechs moved off, congratulating each other on the response. Heero watched them go, then slid into the chair in front of the computer. Treize hadn't thought he was watching when they were setting things up, but Heero was fascinated with computers. He had taught himself some programming, just for fun. He had a state of the art computer system at home. He quickly brought up the list of requests. He wasn't sure why, but he wanted to see if any of the others were from the one who had wanted a smile. No, that was the only one, and had been at the end, as if he had been trying to build up his nerve... Heero tried to dismiss that thought. Why was he personalizing this? Better to keep them all at arms length, a faceless entity that he would never meet. But his eyes fixed on the email address, DMax17 at one of the free email services he also had an account on. There was no other information, as would be expected. He looked at the name for one more moment, not sure why he cared, frowning. Then he quickly closed the window; he heard voices returning. For some reason, he couldn't get it out of his mind.


Duo had gone to get himself something to eat, and when he came back, he automatically logged on to check his email. There was the usual spam, but one piece of mail caught his eye. He stared at the subject line. It read, simply, "Why?" It was from an address he didn't know, and Duo almost deleted it automatically. He looked at the return address, LBBlue at the same email server. It suddenly clicked in is mind. Could it be? Little Boy Blue? He tried to still his pounding heart; it was probably just a confirmation of his registration. But maybe... with shaking hands, he moved the mouse to click on the message. He closed his eyes as it loaded, unwilling to be disappointed. He opened them. The message read, simply:

Why did you ask me to smile?


Continued in part 3