Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 20
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero knocked on the door to the room. It was flung open immediately and he was pounced on by a beautiful longhaired boy. He hugged Duo tightly while trying to lock the door behind him.

"Did you find a good place to park?" Duo asked, still holding tightly to Heero. Duo had gone to the room while Heero found a place to conceal the car, just in case Treize was looking for them. It was doubtful that he would find them, this far away and off the highway, but just in case, Heero wanted to be safe.

"Yes, I found an underground garage not too far away," explained Heero. They had checked in under a false name and used cash. The hotel wasn't fancy, but it wasn't disgusting either. Only Heero had checked in, Duo had stayed in the car. They had done everything they could; they had to hope now that they were safe.

Duo looked at Heero. "I was so worried about you! When I saw you all tied up..."

"What? It didn't give you ideas?" joked Heero.

"Heero!" exclaimed Duo. "I do think about something besides sex occasionally!"

"Hn," said Heero, pulling Duo close again. "When you're close to me I can't think of much else."

Duo let himself melt into Heero's embrace. "Well, now I'm thinking about it of course."

Heero rocked his hips forward, pressing against Duo's awakening hardness. "I can tell," he whispered, leaning forward and pressing his mouth gently against Duo's. Duo parted his lips immediately, letting Heero's tongue caress his mouth. They kissed slowly, languidly, heating up.

Duo leaned against Heero, letting all the stress and danger of the day wash away from him, letting it all go, savoring the pleasure of his lover's embrace. This was heaven.

Heero pulled Duo as close as he could, trying to eliminate any space between them, trying to become one with him. He felt like he could kiss the other boy forever; the feeling of Duo's body against his was paradise. All he wanted was to feel this way forever.

Their young bodies, though, driven by hormones, had other plans. Soon they were unconsciously rubbing against each other, arousals made harder from the friction. Heero slid his hands down, cupping the other boy's ass through the shorts. That made Duo gasp, breaking the kiss, and rock his hips harder against Heero. Heero smirked, burying his face in Duo's neck and grinding against him while he nibbled at the tender flesh. Duo clung to Heero's shoulders, quickly getting caught up in wave of passion. But there was no reason to fight it; no one was going to come between them any more.

Heero pulled back, and Duo looked at Heero with glazed eyes. Then the longhaired boy was swept off his feet, literally; Heero had scooped him up in his arms and was carrying him to the bed. Duo hung onto Heero's neck until he deposited him gently on the king-sized bed. Heero kneeled beside Duo and kissed him again, running one hand underneath the other boy's tank top. Duo arched up into Heero's touch, pulling the other boy down closer to him. Heero let himself be pulled, leaning half on top of Duo, supporting his weight on one elbow. His other hand sought out Duo's, and he entwined their fingers. Heero shifted his weight so that his lower body was pressed against Duo's side, and he pressed his erection against him.

Duo moaned as he felt Heero's need press insistently against him. Even though it was only last night that they had made love, Duo felt as if he would die if he didn't feel Heero's naked skin against him right now. With his one free hand, he tried to pull at Heero's t-shirt, trying to get it off him.

When the kiss broke this time, both boys were panting. "God, I want you, Duo," purred Heero, eyes roaming over the flushed, sexy boy beneath him. "You're so beautiful."

"Want you too, Heero," panted Duo, writhing, trying to get more contact with the other boy's body.

Heero sat up slightly, pulling off his shirt, flinging it across the room. Immediately, Duo's hands were all over him, caressing the smooth planes of his chest. Duo sat up enough to get his own shirt off, and then Heero was on top of him, straddling his hips, pressing their hot skin together. They kissed again, and Heero shifted back slightly so he could rub his clothed erection against Duo's. Duo buried one hard in Heero's unruly hair as the other one stole down to try to unfasten the button to his shorts.

Heero pulled back, smirking, and started to kiss his way down Duo's stomach. He moved back as he went, and soon he was kissing the soft skin right above the waist of the shorts. Duo whimpered in protest, and Heero relented, unfastening the shorts so he could reach the longhaired boy's cock.

Duo watched, holding his breath, as Heero lowered his mouth to his hard length. The first touch of Heero's hand, the wetness of the other boy's tongue, made him cry out. Heero managed to get Duo's shorts off without stopping the teasing touches. Then the cobalt-eyed boy gently spread his lover's legs, moving back up Duo's body, flicking his tongue at a nipple as he caressed Duo's inner thigh. He made his way up to Duo's face, and said softly, "Duo?"

"Yes, Heero?" moaned Duo, arching his body up, rubbing against the jeans that Heero still wore.

"I want..." he paused. "I want you to take me this time, Duo. I want to know what that feels like too."

Duo looked up at him. "Are you sure?" He hadn't really thought of it before, but Heero was still a virgin, really.

Heero nodded, and played with the button of his jeans, shyly. "I want us to be lovers in every sense of the word. I didn't think I ever wanted it, until I met you."

Duo smiled. "How could I refuse?" Heero got off the bed, stripping off his jeans and getting the tube of lube out of his bag.

Duo prepped Heero, remembering what the other boy had done to him, and was amazed at how Heero responded. Especially when Heero directed him to look for a certain spot; apparently he found it, because Heero arched up off the bed and cried out. He remembered how it felt when Heero did that to him. He felt clumsy, but Heero didn't seem to mind. Soon the cobalt-eyed boy was flushed and panting, spreading his legs wider for Duo and begging for more. Duo tried to concentrate, but Heero was so beautiful that he kept getting distracted.

"I'm ready, Duo," pleaded Heero. "Make love to me...."

Heero's begging made Duo growl; Heero submissive in front of him gave him new feelings. He wanted to take Heero, possess him, fill him. Without speaking, he grabbed the lube and put it on his own aching arousal, then he leaned forward and kissed Heero hard. "You're mine," he said roughly, then positioned himself.

Heero wanted nothing more than to belong to Duo; as much as he enjoyed being the aggressor the first time they made love, he loved the way Duo was looking at him right now. Right now, he wanted to be taken. There was no contradiction in these feelings; it just felt right. The pressure of Duo's hard length at his virgin entrance was driving him mad with need.

Duo pressed the head of his arousal against Heero's opening, then he pushed. It felt like there was no way he would be able to fit inside the tight channel, but slowly the tip slid inside.

Heero moaned and opened his legs more; the feeling of being filled was better than he could have imagined. Duo's cock felt huge, yet there was no pain. He wanted more.

Deeper and deeper, Duo slid into Heero; the longhaired boy was worried that he was hurting his love, it was so tight. He gasped, "Are you ok, Heero?"

"Oh god, yes, Duo, more," begged Heero. "So good..."

So Duo gave him more; finally his length was fully sheathed inside the other boy. He paused, breathing hard, letting Heero adjust. "God, Heero..." he moaned.

"Nnn," groaned Heero, caught up in the ecstasy of being filled by Duo. The pressure was exquisite, but now he needed more. He wanted Duo to move inside him. He moved impatiently.

Those small movements made Duo almost lose what was left of his mind. Vibrations and friction ran up and down his length. Involuntarily, he rocked is hips, trying to relieve the excruciating pressure. That one small movement felt so good it inflamed his passion even more.

Heero was losing his mind; then Duo moved inside him, and he knew that was what he wanted. "More," he moaned, wrapping a leg around Duo, trying to make him do it again.

Duo thrust his hips forward again, deeper. He couldn't stop now; snapping his hips, he drove into Heero again and again. The heat of the other boy's body was incredible. Heero gasped, asking for more.

Again and again Duo drove into Heero. He gripped the other boy's hips, looking down at his love. "Heero..." he panted.

"My Duo," moaned Heero, reaching up to touch the other boy's body. The cock buried inside him stroked his inner walls, and he reached between them to stroke his arousal as well. His moans got louder as the combined pleasure hit him.

Duo felt Heero's body tighten even more; the sight of the other boy stroking himself was even better. He felt what little control he had slip. "Heero... going to..."

"Me too," groaned Heero, and he climaxed; hot seed spurted between them as he gave in to passion. He couldn't even speak as completion paralyzed him with ecstasy.

"I love you!" Duo screamed, and he let go, pumping Heero pull of his need. He froze, buried deep inside Heero, mouth open and arousal pulsing.

Finally, when the pleasure ebbed, the two boys disentangled themselves shakily. They held each other tight, all night long, never parting once. When they finally fell asleep they both dreamed of the rest of their lives together. As long as they had each other, the rest of the world wouldn't matter. They would overcome all obstacles. They would live happily ever after.

+four months later

Duo rushed out of school, his backpack and braid trailing behind him, looking for his love. He spotted him, in his usual place in the parking lot, leaning against his car, waiting for him.

"Heero!" he called out as he approached at a run. "I did it!" He finally arrived at the car, dropping his backpack and flinging himself into Heero's arms.

Heero hugged the longhaired boy tightly, smiling. "They accepted your application for early graduation?"

"Yes! As long as I pass all my current classes, with at least a 3.0 average, I'm out of here by Christmas!" Duo declared. "Which, I haven't also told you a million times, is right after I turn 18!"

"Then you'll be free," agreed Heero. They had discussed this many times before.

"Free to be with you whenever I want!" enthused Duo, kissing Heero quickly.

In the time since they had escaped from Treize, many things had changed. Heero had found a small condo not too far from where Duo lived with his parents, but closer to the beach. Heero had accessed his other money, and traded the NSX in on a black Corvette. Duo's parents had arrived home, unaware of any of the perils their son had been in while they were away. Duo did have one surprise for them though; he couldn't stand it any more. He had told them he was gay, and introduced them to Heero, his boyfriend. His parents had been shocked at first, but Duo had to give them credit; they weren't angry with him. They just didn't understand. Once Duo had convinced them that he was happy with himself, and that it wasn't going to change things in any way, they grudgingly accepted it. They just assumed, and Duo didn't challenge that assumption, that Heero was a friend from school. Duo knew his parents didn't want to deal with him, they had their own lives; so as long as he didn't get in trouble at school or anywhere else they didn't mind where he hung out after school. As for school, Duo really didn't want to go back for his senior year. But Heero finally convinced him to finish his education, on the stipulation that Duo would try for early graduation in December. He was still trying to decide what he wanted to do about college. Heero spent most of his time making Duo happy. He had missed out on so much during his childhood that he was just taking some time now to recover. He was toying with the idea of starting a computer-based business. Maybe something that could combine his talents and Duo's. But nothing was urgent; he had plenty of money, and just wanted to enjoy life for a while. He studied and got his GED easily; Duo helped him study. They had the most fun doing the simplest things; just cooking dinner together could be an adventure. Many times dinner ended up ruined because they got distracted trying out some of the ingredients in an inventive way. There was no further sign of Treize and Zechs; the more time elapsed, the less danger they felt about it. Heero knew how to cover his tracks pretty well. One day there was an article about a man arrested for distribution and possession of child pornography; the man's name was Tsubarov. The article stated that several accomplices were also arrested, but they weren't named; he could only hope Treize was among them. Duo had already told his parents that as soon as he graduated and turned 18, he would be moving in with Heero. They couldn't really object, and didn't. Perhaps they would be glad to not have to deal with him any more. Duo didn't worry about it; his parents weren't bad people, just self-absorbed. Freedom and happiness was in Duo and Heero's grasp at last. They weren't wasting a minute of it.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End!