Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 6
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo watched his parents load their suitcases in the car. It was Friday, and he was to meet Heero tomorrow. Symbolically, every piece of luggage that went out the door put him one step closer to Heero. He waved goodbye, promising good behavior, while counting the minutes.

Duo had a guilty secret; he still watched the webcam broadcasts. He couldn't help himself. He felt guilty, and he never made himself climax when he watched, but he couldn't get enough of watching the beautiful boy. He felt a bit jealous, all those men asking Heero to do things; but at least he was alone. Duo couldn't bring himself to look at the pictures of Heero with anyone else. They still aroused him, but also made him upset. More and more, he just stared at the smiling picture that Heero had sent him. That was how he wanted to picture the boy. The pictures in his mind were much better, though.


Heero got dressed, not in as foul a mood as usual after the webcam episodes. In less than 24 hours, 18 in fact, he would get to meet the boy who had made his life livable again. He tried not to smile as he said goodbye to Treize and Zechs. That would definitely have been odd. His manager frowned at him and invited the boy to go out dancing with them. Heero refused without comment, and Treize and Zechs exchanged looks as the boy drifted out. Something was up. And Treize intended to find out exactly what.


Duo hardly slept that night. He was up uncharacteristically early, and went for a jog because he couldn't sit still. He still had 2 hours to kill. He consoled himself with the fact that Heero was already on his way.

He took a shower, and messed with his hair endlessly. He usually wore it braided, because the long chestnut mass got in the way. But something about today made him want to wear it loose. It always made him feel decadent when his hair brushed against his bare skin. It was very warm, so Duo chose to wear jean shorts and a black tank top. He stared at himself in the bathroom mirror. Was he attractive? Girls always went on about his hair, but this was a boy. A boy, who Duo wasn't even sure liked other boys. Just because he did what he did didn't mean he was gay, necessarily; and Duo had never gotten the nerve to ask. And even if he was, it didn't mean that he would find Duo attractive. They were just friends. And that was enough for Duo, if it had to be. But he still intended on looking his best. He brushed his hair until it shone, and soon it was time to go. He got on his bike and headed for the restaurant.


Heero drove down the highway, music loud and heart light. He was nervous, but it was a good nervous. He followed the directions that Duo gave him, exiting the highway and heading for the coast.

He pulled into the parking lot, noting that he was early. Good; that way he could compose himself first. It was odd, having to wait for someone to find him, having no clue what that person looked like. He looked at himself in the rear view mirror, running a hand through his hopelessly messy hair, and hoping he looked ok. He had dressed deliberately casually, a worn pair of jeans and blue t-shirt making him look almost like the normal teenager he might have been. He decided to go in and get their table. Duo had said he would make a reservation under his name.


Duo rode up on his bike, parked it and locked it, all on autopilot. All he could think about was whether or not Heero was already there. He scanned the parking lot, trying to guess which car was his. He couldn't concentrate. Due to an inconvenient train, he was five minutes late. He threw his mass of hair back over his shoulder and walked in, trying to see himself in the window's reflection.

He walked in, and the change from the bright California sunshine to the dark, calming interior of the restaurant was huge, and he couldn't see at all for a few brief moments. He waited, letting his eyes adjust, and he heard the most incredibly sexy voice he had ever experienced. He couldn't understand the voice, as it was speaking fluent Japanese to the hostess. His eyes adjusted, he looked toward the voice, and there he was. Sitting in one of the semicircular booths, speaking animatedly with the elderly hostess, profile toward Duo, was his fantasy. His voice wouldn't work, his mind was overloaded. Finally, he managed what sounded to him like a croak.



Heero found the restaurant soothing immediately, and on the spur of the moment decided to speak in Japanese to the lady at the counter. She was delighted, and showed him to the booth while asking him questions. Heero practiced his father's language as much as possible, so as not to forget. He had calmed down considerably when he sensed someone enter the restaurant. The hostess had just stepped away. His heart nearly stopped, though, when he heard a husky voice say his name.

He immediately looked up, and was struck mute for a long moment. It was Duo, it had to be Duo, no one else would know his name. But what stood before him had to be a dream; no one could be that perfect. The boy was definitely young; he didn't even look 17. Huge violet eyes that mesmerized him, delicate features and full ruby lips that were open slightly. A tight tank top and short shorts hugged the lithe, sensual body in ways that made Heero's blood pressure rise. And the hair... oh, god, the hair. The hair was his undoing. Just like his secret fantasy, the boy's silken tresses caressed his body, tumbling over one shoulder and down his back. Heero's fingers ached to touch that hair, that body, that hair... He realized he had to speak, to acknowledge the other boy. With a rush of guilt he realized he was behaving just as all the men who lusted after him did; sexual desire based on appearance alone. He couldn't help it, though; he suddenly understood how someone could be a slave to their desires. He stood up, nodded and spoke, never taking his eyes off the longhaired boy.


Duo stood, transfixed, as Heero stood. That voice, that incredible voice, spoke his name like an incantation. The rest of the room disappeared and it was as if an invisible bond connected them both. But he still couldn't move. He nodded, though, and finally managed to take one step forward. He feasted his eyes on the boy whose image he had been obsessed with for so long. Heero looked even better in three dimensions; Duo tried in vain to repress his body's reaction. But those eyes, that body... faded blue jeans hugged slim hips and a simple blue t-shirt couldn't hide the body Duo knew was underneath. Heero wasn't even trying, and he was drop dead gorgeous. Duo almost forgot to breathe as Heero stepped forward, coming closer, only stopping about a foot away. Time stood still. Heero spoke.

"It's great to finally meet you," the sexy voice caressed his spine.

Duo found his voice, barely. "I'm so glad you could come," he said, stumbling over the last word. He had thought he could handle this without drooling all over himself like an idiot. Heero certainly didn't need another pervert responding to him sexually.

Heero leaned closer, and Duo held his breath. He took the longhaired boy's hand gently, lifting it and bringing it to his lips slowly. Duo watched, amazed, as Heero gently kissed the back of his hand, soft as a whisper. As soft as the kiss was, however, Heero's lips sent an electric shock throughout Duo's body with the surprising action. "Me too," whispered Heero, and Duo nearly melted.

They stood there for a long moment, Heero holding Duo's hand, until Duo spoke. "You look even better than in your pictures," he blurted, then realized what he had said. The last thing he wanted to do was remind Heero of that!

Heero smiled as he realized what was going through Duo's mind. "It's ok. I'm glad you think so," he said smoothly. Something about Duo made him want to soothe the boy, to calm him. Duo looked like he was about ready to jump out of his own skin.

Duo calmed down a bit, and said, "I'm starving! Well, I always am. Shall we sit down?"

Heero nodded and they each slid into one end of the semi-circular booth. They ended up facing each other across the table. Duo would have liked to be closer to Heero, but it would have looked odd.

Heero wanted to put Duo at ease. He felt oddly protective of the fragile-looking boy. Duo seemed unconscious of his ethereal beauty, his hair falling around him like a waterfall. He said, "I've never done anything like this before," he offered. "It's odd."

"What? Meeting someone from online? Me neither," responded Duo, relaxing slightly.

The waiter appeared then, and they ordered something to drink and looked at the menus.

"Everything here is great," offered Duo, grateful to have something to concentrate on for a moment.

"It looks like it," answered Heero, and he studied Duo over the menu. The longhaired boy's brow furrowed unconsciously as he studied the menu; Heero's mind supplied the word adorable before he could even think twice. He tried to mentally berate himself, reminding himself this boy literally seen all of him, in various embarrassing positions. It was hard to remember that, though, when those violet eyes lifted to meet his, and Duo's cheeks flushed in an obvious blush. Duo was still quite innocent, regardless of what pictures he had seen. In one of their late night chat sessions, Duo had admitted that he had never even been kissed. Heero hoped that he would be the one to have that honor.

They ordered when their drinks came, and Duo found himself staring deep into cobalt depths. The pictures hadn't done Heero's beauty justice. The boy was breathtakingly gorgeous, and was wasted in the porn industry. Duo wondered how he had gotten into the business. Heero hadn't offered much information, and Duo hadn't asked.

Heero couldn't stop staring at the other boy; if he had been able to describe his perfect lover, he couldn't have done any better than Duo. The hair captivated him; it seemed almost alive, and Heero envied the way it trailed over Duo's creamy skin just like his mouth and hands wanted to do. "You're not quite what I expected," Heero began, unsure of how to phrase what he wanted to say: that Duo was indescribably beautiful.

Duo, of course, took that the wrong way. He dropped his head. "I'm sorry, I know I'm not..."

Heero realized what Duo was thinking and moved to correct his error immediately. "I didn't mean that!" he cried, scooting quickly around the curve of the booth to take Duo's hand in his. With his other hand he gently pulled up Duo's chin so the violet eyes would have no choice but to look in his. "Duo," he began, but trailed off as he realized how close they were now. His thighs were only inches from Duo's, and he could feel the heat from the other boy.

Duo blinked, but didn't try to remove himself from Heero's touch. "What did you mean then?" He asked in a tentative voice.

Heero took a deep breath; he was coming on too strong, he knew it. He needed to get himself under control. But the arousal throbbing inside his tight jeans made it difficult to think about anything but the longhaired boy so close to him. No one had ever made him feel this way. He had to say it. "I mean that you're beautiful, Duo."

Continued in part 7