Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 7
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero took a deep breath; he was coming on too strong, he knew it. He needed to get himself under control. But the arousal throbbing inside his tight jeans made it difficult to think about anything but the longhaired boy so close to him. He had to say it. "I mean that you're beautiful, Duo."

Duo stared at him; sensations washed over him, from the burning touch of Heero's hands on his skin, to the heat rolling in waves off the other boy, to the stunning words that had just come from those amazing lips. "I... I am?" he said incredulously, completely taken off guard.

Heero nodded, unable to speak any more. He moved closer, until their lips were only inches apart. The rational part of his mind berated him for moving so fast with a total stranger, but that was drowned out by the endorphins rushing through his young body. His body was crying out for him to kiss the beautiful boy, and to hell with the consequences.

Duo held his breath as Heero moved closer; his mind was unable to process what was happening to him right now. He was no longer thinking, and his cock ached with need. Heero smelled incredibly good. He wanted Heero to kiss him, wanted it badly; wanted it so much that he could think of nothing else. "Heero..." he whispered, entranced.

Heero held himself back, barely, and made himself whisper, "Is this okay, Duo? May I kiss you?"

Duo could barely believe his ears. Heero, his dream, his fantasy, asking permission to kiss him? If this was a dream, he never wanted to wake up. Not trusting his voice at this point, he nodded.

Heero gently brushed his lips against Duo's, just barely touching them, and Duo thought they felt like warm silk. Wanting more of the touch, he leaned forward, deepening the kiss. Heaven, Heero was in heaven, the kind of heaven he had only dreamed of. He felt Duo respond to him, felt him move forward. Heero brought up one hand and gently touched a strand of chestnut silk; it felt as soft as it looked.

They pulled back finally, two sets of glazed eyes staring at each other. Duo sat back against the seat back, and brought his hand up to touch his lips, where Heero's mouth had just been. "That was my first kiss," he murmured, with wonder.

"I know," smiled Heero. "I'm glad I was the one to give it to you, Duo."

"It was amazing," Duo said happily.

"Yes, it was," agreed Heero. He looked down, remembering who he was, and said, "For what it's worth, it was the first time I kissed someone I wanted to kiss." Truthfully, he hadn't even kissed many times. It wasn't what his fans were interested in.

Duo realized what was bothering Heero, and it was his turn to reassure the other boy. "I understand, Heero. That means a lot to me."

Heero raised his head, hope shining in his eyes. Could this be real? Could it be possible for them to have a real relationship?

The waiter chose that moment to exit the kitchen with plates of food. Heero and Duo exchanged disappointed looks, but separated and tried to concentrate on their lunch. It wasn't easy. All Duo could think about was the feeling of Heero's lips on his, and how he wanted that mouth all over him. He blushed slightly at his own thought. All Heero could think about was the feeling of that gorgeous hair, and how he wanted to feel it cascade over his naked body. He looked at Duo, and smiled at the flushed look he received in return. It seemed as if they were both thinking of the same thing.

They ate, and talked; Duo asked Heero what kind of music he liked, and the two boys found they shared much of the same taste in music. They talked about different subjects, and Heero was amazed how easily they moved from one topic to another. Admittedly, it was Duo who was doing most of the talking, but he felt more at ease than he had ever felt around anyone. They talked as easily in person as they did online; only occasionally, they would falter, and find they were staring deep into each other's eyes once again.

They finished their food, and Heero insisted on paying. Duo tried to protest; after all, the restaurant had been his idea. But Heero wouldn't change his mind, and Duo gave up his argument. Duo felt sad suddenly; the meal was ending; they were that much closer to parting. They had only just met, but already, the thought of being away from the other boy was making his heart tighten.

Heero was feeling similarly. He tried to think of a way to stretch their "date." He remembered that they were quite close to the beach. "Would you like to take a walk on the beach, Duo?" Heero asked as he signed the credit card slip.

Duo cheered up. "That's a great idea! We can leave your car right here, and just walk. Is that ok?"

"Sure," Heero answered, getting up from the booth and offering his hand to Duo.

Blushing slightly, Duo put his hand in Heero's, and they walked out of the restaurant. Heero paused to thank the hostess formally, and they bowed to each other. Then Heero held the door for Duo. Duo led the way up the slight hill that led to the beach. They made their way down the narrow steps, and Duo said, "You might want to take off your shoes, Heero." He leaned down and slipped off his own.

Slightly distracted by Duo's ass in the shorts as he bent over, Heero finally realized what Duo was saying. "Uh, right," he agreed, and Duo looked up to see Heero still looking at his ass. Duo giggled to himself.

They left their shoes on a rock, and walked down to the water's edge. Heero rolled up his jeans slightly, and they walked for a while in happy silence. Heero watched as Duo's hair blew in the gentle breeze, and he reached out to catch the other boy's hand in his. Duo looked startled for a second, then relaxed, thrilling at the contact with the other boy.

They walked along; the beach was fairly quiet here. The only visible people were a few scattered surfers floating out past the breakers, more interested in their own conversation than the perfect wave. To Duo, it was heaven; like their own private world. He had to say something. He stopped, and faced Heero, not letting go of the other boy's hand. Heero looked at him curiously. "Is something wrong, Duo?"

Duo shook his head. "No, not at all. It's been perfect! I just... don't want it to end."

Heero said softly, "Neither do I, Duo." And he took the longhaired boy's other hand, pulling him closer, until their bodies were no more than an inch apart. Leaning forward, he once again pressed his mouth against Duo's.

A small whimper escaped from Duo's mouth as Heero kissed him. He couldn't remember wanting anything this much, and it was happening. He felt himself harden; the most beautiful boy in the world's mouth was on his. He unconsciously leaned forward, pressing his lips harder against Heero's. He brought his hands up and put them gently on Heero's shoulders. The feel of the solid muscles under the shirt aroused him further. Then he felt Heero's tongue trace his lips, and he opened his mouth.

Heero wasn't sure whether he should try to push the kiss farther, but when he felt Duo's hands on him, and heard the sexy sounds he was making, he couldn't help himself. He asked for access, and it was granted. His cock pushed against his tight jeans as he slipped his tongue inside the longhaired boy's mouth. Duo tasted incredible, and he gently plundered that sweet mouth as he wrapped his arms around the other boy.

Duo melted; he surrendered to Heero, and pressed his body to the other boy's. He wanted to feel Heero against him. The reality of the other boy's body against his was better than any dream, and he moaned when he felt the hardness against his own. Heero wanted him, just like he wanted Heero.

Heero tightened his grip on Duo as he felt the other boy press against him. He could hardly believe he was holding this delicate boy in his arms. He was kissing another person, of his own choice; he had always thought this kind of romantic kiss never happened. And Duo wanted him. He could feel how much Duo wanted him; the other boy was rubbing his erection against his answering hardness, and it felt incredible. Heero broke the kiss, finally, panting; he stared into Duo's beautiful eyes. "Duo..." he whispered, overcome with new emotions. "I... I want... need... to see you again."

"Oh, Heero," sighed Duo. "I don't want you to leave."

"Neither do I," answered Heero. "Can..." he hesitated, unsure how good an idea bringing Duo into his world was, but unable to help himself. "Can you come up to LA? Soon?"

Duo found himself nodding before he was able to think. Whatever it took, he would see Heero again. "When?"

Heero grinned hopefully and said, "Tomorrow?"

Duo agreed immediately. "I'll be there."

"Seriously?" Heero's heart leapt at the thought. "How will you get there?"

Duo smiled. "I can take the bus, or the train. I've done that before."

"But... what about your parents?" Heero asked apprehensively.

Duo thought fast. "I know! I can have the home phone forward to my cel phone. I'll tell them I'm going to see a friend, and maybe stay the night. I just won't say where."

Heero tried to ignore the way his body reacted to the idea of Duo staying the night. "If you're sure, then..."

Duo nodded vigorously. "It will be fine. I'll get the 8:30 train up, it gets in around 11am. Can you come pick me up, or tell me where to meet you?"

"I'll pick you up at the station, and we can have lunch. I have to work later, but we'll work it out. Does that sound ok?" Heero asked hopefully.

Duo plastered himself to Heero, hugging him tightly. "It sounds perfect!" he cried, burying his face in Heero's neck. He thought to himself, in less than a day I'll see him again...

Heero held the longhaired boy tightly, already missing him. He couldn't wait until tomorrow. He didn't know how he would survive until then. He knew he was falling, hard.

On the cliff above the beach, a lone figure watched the two boys embrace, chuckling to himself with evil intent.

Continued in part 8