Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 8
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo was up at dawn the next day, worrying about what to bring; would it be presumptuous to bring a toothbrush? He decided to throw it in anyway. He threw a few articles of clothing in his backpack, along of course with his precious sketchpad. Drawing was his secret passion; besides Heero anyway. No one else knew about his drawings; he thought they weren't very good. He was fascinated by computer animation; he was sure he could be good at it if he only could take some classes. But his parents would just laugh at him, like they would at his sketches. He had already drawn a few pictures of Heero, from the pictures he had seen; but now he wanted to draw a real picture of him, now that they had met in person. He looked forward to the train ride, hoping that drawing Heero would help him sit still for the duration of the trip.


Heero waited nervously in the huge train station. He had located the exit through which Duo would come, and now he had only his confused thoughts to keep him company. What did he feel for the longhaired boy? He couldn't be in love with him, could he? They had just met! He had done without intense emotions for most of his life; why did this have to happen now? He tried to deride himself for his foolishness, but he sheepishly found he had a grin on his face as people started to emerge from the door. It seemed his body knew what to do, it was just his mind that was objecting. For once, he ignored what his mind wanted him to do, and just concentrated on the excitement he felt about seeing Duo again. It had been less than 24 hours, but he had felt that he had left a part of himself behind yesterday when he had driven away. His heart leapt as he caught sight of the longhaired boy, dressed in low-slung, faded jeans and a black t-shirt, hair cascading over his shoulders and backpack slung across one shoulder. He felt suddenly complete again, and knew for sure he was lost.


Duo tried not to run as he exited the train; maybe Heero wasn't even there yet. He tried to walk, tried not to anxiously scan the crowd for the beautiful boy he longed to see. He had drawn the picture of Heero he had wanted to draw, but as he saw the gorgeous boy standing waiting for him, he knew that a simple sketch could never do that beauty justice. Heero wore black jeans this time, and a blue silk shirt that matched his eyes. Duo's heart ached as he looked at the other boy, and he knew then and there that he was hopelessly in love.

Their eyes met, and they smiled at each other. Duo walked forward, and Heero moved to meet him. The crowd moved around them as they stopped in the middle of the room, oblivious to all else. Neither wanted to break the silence, but finally Heero said, "This is going to sound silly, but... I missed you so much, Duo."

Duo's face broke into a wider grin and he said, "I missed you too!" And he hugged Heero tightly, clinging as if he never wanted to let go. Which he didn't.

Heero hugged Duo back, and he couldn't get enough of the feeling of the lithe boy in his arms. Duo smelled wonderful, and his long hair swept around them both. Heero held Duo, and tried not to let his body react to the beauty of the boy. When he felt himself start to harden from the feel of Duo against him, he pulled back reluctantly. He didn't want to rush it with Duo. Though he wanted nothing more than to make love to Duo all night long, he knew how innocent the other boy was. He wanted, no, needed, to keep Duo separate from his life, and its sleaziness. If Treize knew about Duo... Heero didn't even want to think about what his manger would do if he thought he was seeing someone romantically. Anything that threatened his star, and his fortune, would be eliminated, and quickly.

Duo was enjoying the hug, but he too needed to pull back before he started begging Heero to take him right here. That would not only be embarrassing but would give Heero the completely wrong impression, that he was like all the others. And Duo would not let that happen. He would have to try to just be Heero's friend. He wasn't sure exactly what Heero felt for him, and he was too frightened to ask. The kiss yesterday had been incredible, but now he was having self-doubts.

The two boys stared at each other for another long second, then Heero said, "Ready to go?"

Oh boy, am I ever, thought Duo, but he said, "Sure! Where are we headed?"

"There's this great little caf� on the beach I thought you might like," suggested Heero.

"Sounds great!" Duo answered, and followed Heero out to his car. "Cool!" he exclaimed when Heero opened the passenger door of a black Acura NSX and held it open for him.

Duo went on about how great the car was as the made their way to the caf�. Heero smiled as he watched Duo. He loved the way the longhaired boy enjoyed everything to the fullest. He loved watching Duo. He loved Duo. Oh shit.

Duo had been to LA before, but didn't know it well. Heero found a parking place, and once again opened the door for Duo. Duo tried not to swoon at Heero's gentlemanly gestures. He could get used to this.

They walked to the restaurant, and agreed on a table outside. The weather was beautiful as usual. The place was very casual, and Heero and Duo were enjoying themselves, just getting to know each other, when a shadow fell across the table and Heero heard a familiarly slimy voice. "Why, hello, Heero. Fancy meeting you here."

Heero's blood turned to ice as he looked up into Treize's cold blue eyes. The man appeared to be smiling, but Heero could read the older man like a bad book, and Treize was furious. He had obviously been following Heero. Heero should have known that his manager wouldn't let him have a normal life, ever. As long as he could still make money off of Heero, he wouldn't leave him alone. "Treize."

Treize smirked down at his wayward little porn star. When he had followed Heero yesterday, and watched the two boys kiss, he had been livid with anger. No one messed with his moneymaker, no one. But then he had watched Heero leave, and decided that all was well. For the moment. Suddenly, Heero's cheerful demeanor lately made sense. That, and his evasiveness. But, judging from the kiss he had seen, that was all they had done. How sweet. "Heero, you haven't introduced me to your pretty friend," he said, deliberately letting his eyes roam over the longhaired boy. Jailbait, definitely; Heero had good taste at least. Long hair wasn't in at the moment, but the boy was gorgeous, flawless skin and huge eyes making him look even younger.

Heero's blood boiled as he saw what Treize was doing; practically undressing Duo and taking pictures of him already. Or worse. He knew that Treize liked his boys young, and he seemed to like long hair. He wondered with a sinking feeling what he had just gotten Duo into. He had to play this one carefully. "This is Duo," he said with as little emotion as possible.

Duo twisted in his chair to stare up at the ginger-haired man. This must be Heero's manager. He tried not to prejudge the man; but Treize made him feel unclean, just by the way he was looking at him. It wasn't that the man was unattractive; it was something about him. "Hello," he offered warily.

Treize seated himself at the small table, taking Duo's hand and holding it in both of his. "Duo, pleased to meet you," he oozed, smiling at the boy and studiously ignoring the glare Heero was shooting him. "You certainly are an attractive young man. Photogenic, too, I'll bet."

Duo was about to reply when Heero interrupted. "We were having a private lunch, Treize. Have you been following me again?"

Treize managed to look wounded. "Heero! You know that was all a misunderstanding," he soothed. "So are you two an item, Heero? Is there anything I should know about your relationship? Anything that affects my business?"

Heero knew damn well what Treize was getting at, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of rising to the bait. The next words hurt him, but he had to say it. He just hoped he would have the chance to explain to Duo before the longhaired boy decided he hated him. If Treize suspected anything was going on between the two of them, he would make his life a living hell. Heero was surprised he hadn't fitted him with a chastity belt. Not to mention what he would do to Duo... Heero wouldn't allow it. Just a bit longer, and he would get away from Treize. But in the meantime, "We're just friends." He couldn't bear to look at Duo, to see the hurt he had probably put on that beautiful face.

Duo looked with shock at the cobalt-eyed boy. Not that he had expected Heero to profess his love for Duo to his manager, but...those dry words had hurt him. Friends? Was that all they were? A small part of his mind tried to tell him that maybe Heero was just saying that for Treize's benefit. But the rest of him, with his low self-esteem, believed the words Heero had spoken. He felt like a cold knife had pierced him. He saw Treize looking at him for confirmation, and he forced himself to nod, acknowledging the words. "Yes, that's right. We're just friends."

Treize watched the boys' faces; what they weren't saying was so much more telling than what they were saying. He could read their teenage emotions like an open book; they had fallen for each other, but hadn't admitted it yet. So far, so good; making Heero say that they were just friends had driven a wedge between them already. He was sure he could use this situation, and the boys' emotions, to his advantage; playing one off the other so he got everything he wanted. He tried not to smile with glee as he planned his next move. He would get his auction, and more; he just had to make his moves right. And he would get the other things he wanted as well; two tight little asses instead of one. He fired off the opening volley. Knowing the longhaired boy would refuse at first, he asked, "Well, Duo, would you like to be as famous as Heero here?"

Duo looked at him in shock and Heero nearly broke his glass in his anger. Treize tried to look innocent. "What? It's not like it's hard work, is it, Heero? I take care of my models. And no one touches them that I don't approve. Why don't you come and watch Heero work tonight? You can see how innocent it all really is."

Heero would have laughed outright if he hadn't been so angry. Treize was so obvious. But after he had undoubtedly upset Duo by saying they were just friends, how could he convince the other boy that this was a bad idea? "I don't think Duo is interested, Treize."

Duo glared at Heero. How dare he speak for him? After all, they were just friends. He started to speak, but Treize interrupted smoothly.

"Don't answer just yet!" he said, knowing that the first step in getting someone to say yes is not letting them say no. "Just think about it. Don't tell me you're not curious..." he trailed off, watching Duo's face, seeing if he was pushing too far. He could read the doubt there, and he knew he was playing it just right.

"Well, maybe a bit," allowed Duo, avoiding Heero's furious gaze. Heero had hurt him, and he wanted to strike back.

Treize grinned triumphantly. "Well, that's easily done! Come and watch the photo shoot tonight. You can see what it's all about! Then we'll talk."

Duo nodded, still unsure. "I guess it wouldn't hurt..."

Heero sat silently, knowing anything he said would be taken badly. He would keep his mouth shut until he could figure out what to do about the situation.

Treize stood up. "Well, I guess I'll leave you two alone then," he said smoothly, certain he had played both boys perfectly. "I'll see you both later. It was a pleasure to meet you, Duo." With a mock bow, he was gone, his damage done.

The two boys were silent for a long moment. Heero thought furiously about what to say, and Duo studied his plate intently.

"Duo," began Heero. He had to say something. "I'm sorry, I should have told you about Treize. He must have followed me. He's very controlling. I... didn't know what to say. If he had thought..." Heero trailed off, unsure of how to phrase what he hadn't put into words before. "If he had thought there was anything between us, I don't know what he would have done. It would have been bad. He is obsessed with the auction."

Duo considered Heero's words. They could be taken several ways. He wanted to forgive Heero, he really did... and he could see why Heero would have to lie to his manager, but he wasn't exactly saying he had lied. He decided to try the neutral approach as well. "No problem, Heero. I understand. Do you mind that I come and watch the photo shoot?"

Heero sighed. Duo hadn't understood what Heero was saying, perhaps deliberately. He should have been more clear. But what if he was wrong about the way Duo felt for him? Heero had low self-esteem too, and the business he was in certainly didn't help. He spoke before he had thought his words through. "Why would I mind? It's nothing you haven't seen before." He regretted the words the instant they left his mouth; he could see their instant effect on the longhaired boy. Treize had done his job with precision...

Duo's face crumpled as he was bluntly reminded of the fact that Heero was a boy who showed off his body for money, and that was why he was here. Did Heero think that of him, that that was all Duo was after? That all Duo saw in Heero was sex? It seemed that way. Even though he wanted to cry, he answered, "I guess so. I'm glad you're ok with it."

They sat in silence then, each boy berating himself for his words, and wondering how they could fix it. Both boys marveling at how beautiful the other was, and wondering why life was so complicated. Why couldn't they just be together, simply together? It was as if the world was conspiring to keep them apart. Or so it felt.

Continued in part 9