Title: Little Boy Blue -- part 9
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2x1, 6x1, 13x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, masturbation, slimy Treize, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Duo stood nervously in the studio, regretting his decision to come here. He didn't want to see Heero like this, didn't want the other boy to think that's all he liked him for. But he had gotten himself into this, and part of him, the lustful part of him, wanted exactly this; to see Heero live, up close, in the flesh. The naked flesh. He tried to suppress the arousal that was beginning in anticipation.

Treize sauntered up to Duo, smiling at the longhaired boy. "What do you think so far? See, nice clean studio, just you and me and the photographer... maybe another model or two... nothing seedy at all. You get your own dressing room," he indicated the door through which Heero had disappeared without a word as soon as they had arrived at the studio. "Everything nice and above board."

Duo declined to comment that they were both underage; it didn't seem to matter. He just looked at Treize and said, "I don't know yet." Then his mouth went dry as Heero emerged from the dressing room. His cock hardened fully as he looked at Heero, who was clad in a short silky robe and very obviously nothing else. The silky material clung to his body in a way that threatened to make Duo moan out loud. As if that weren't bad enough, Heero was wearing makeup. Not enough to show on the pictures, but a slight smudge of eyeliner defined his luminous eyes and a sheen of lip gloss emphasized his full lips. Heero had gone from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous, and Duo almost couldn't think straight. He stared at the cobalt-eyed boy, trying to tear his eyes away.

Heero hadn't wanted to come out of the dressing room, hadn't wanted Duo to see him this way. But he knew he had no choice; Treize would have dragged him out one way or another, and would have more reason to suspect something was up. Better to try to retain some shred of dignity. As much dignity as he could muster in a robe that barely covered his ass. He finally emerged, avoiding Duo's eyes as much as possible. He could feel the weight of the boy's gaze upon him, however; he didn't even want to think about what Duo thought of him now. He hadn't wanted Duo to see this side of his life. He had kidded himself that he could keep the other boy innocent. Now, all the longhaired boy felt for him was pity, probably. He chanced a glance at Duo from the corner of his eye; a big mistake. Duo looked beautiful as always, and he also looked flushed. Treize stood too close to him, whispering to him; probably the reason for the flush. Treize was coming on to him, trying to talk him into posing probably. Heero tried to suppress the irrational anger he felt at the idea of anyone touching Duo; he had no right to feel that way. He had made sure of that with his callous remarks. But, god, he wanted Duo so badly... that hair, those eyes... Duo was the embodiment of Heero's deepest fantasy, and possibly the love of his life at the same time. How could he stay out of it, and let Treize corrupt him? For one brief second, their eyes locked; Heero tried to convey his feelings with his eyes, but he had the feeling he had failed.

Duo listened to Treize with half his mind; the other half was trying desperately not to stare at Heero's incredible body. He knew he was blushing; he looked away, and missed Heero's glance at him. Treize was trying to convince him to pose for him; promising everything he could think of, oozing compliments all over him. He watched Heero out of the corner of his eye as the boy made his way to the bed, the set for today's shoot. Just before Heero turned away, Duo lifted his head and looked fully at him; at the same time, Heero looked directly at him. Their eyes met, and time froze for a second; Heero's eyes held a look Duo couldn't define, but it touched him nevertheless. It was... desperation? A plea? Duo didn't know, but he couldn't stop looking at Heero as the boy turned away.

Treize finally left Duo's side, and walked over to Heero to discuss the day's work. Treize was explaining the setup when Zechs walked in, also wearing a short robe with nothing underneath. The big longhaired man was smirking, and obviously aroused. Duo's blood ran cold. He watched as Heero whirled, obviously angry at the change of plans. It was bad enough that Duo had to watch him do this, but to have Zechs involved as well?

Heero's anger was threatening to overcome his embarrassment at the situation. "What the fuck are you up to, Treize?" he demanded, eyes blazing.

Treize smirked. "I thought we needed to give the fans a bit more to think about, Heero," the older man said. Like a number... one between 68 and 70," he laughed at his own joke. Zechs joined in the laughter. "It was short notice, and Zechs here was available to do the pictures..." He moved closer to Heero, lowering his voice so no one else could hear, "Unless you'd rather see Zechs get it on with your little boyfriend."

Duo watched the scene unfold; Heero was clearly unhappy with the change of plans. Duo had an idea of what Treize wanted them to do; he had seen it before, but never with Heero involved. He saw Treize whisper to Heero, and the boy's shoulders sagged, before he nodded, once, shortly.

"And you better make it convincing, Little Boy Blue," Treize announced loudly. "But Zechs is certainly good at what he does, you'll enjoy it!"

Heero stood by the bed, fists balled in anger, but unable to do anything about it. He looked up at the blond man, who leaned negligently against the wall, eyeing Heero intently. Heero glared at him; this was just what the blond had wanted, to be able to touch Heero with Treize's blessing. Heero remembered hearing rumors about him, that because of his looks he had been doing straight porn, but he couldn't get it up for women, so he was fired. Treize had picked him up one night in a bar, and had kept him around ever since. He was a bit older than Treize usually liked his toys, but he was hung and obedient and sucked cock like a pro. Heero shuddered as he realized he was going to find that out first hand. Looking at Zechs, Heero could clearly see that the man seemed to have no problems with arousal at the moment. The robe couldn't contain his excitement. But he had no choice; Treize would get Duo involved somehow, and Heero wouldn't allow that. He would do whatever he had to do, to protect Duo from this. If it meant his humiliation, that was acceptable. Even if Duo could never look him in the eye again, if he kept him out of the business it would be worth it. He would find a way to convince Duo this was not what he wanted. Maybe if the longhaired boy watched, he would see the truth. And he would leave, go back to his life. And be safe. Heero took a deep breath, and said, "Let's do it."

Zechs grinned at him, moving away from the wall and approaching Heero. "I'm ready," he said, opening the robe and letting it hang open to show off his erection.

Treize laughed and said, "You certainly are. And it's your job to make sure Heero is too."

Duo watched as Treize set up the scene, calling in the photographer, arranging the two men, describing what he wanted. Zechs lay on his back on the bed, while Heero was supposed to straddle the blond's head, facing the other way. Then they would suck each other off, and the camera would capture it all.

There was one problem; Heero wasn't hard. "Damn it, Heero, you're not concentrating," Treize complained.

Actually, Heero had to keep from looking at Duo, or he would get hard; and he didn't feel like giving Treize the satisfaction. "Can't we just shoot it so you can't see?"

"No, this has to be real. Get up on your knees on the bed. Now," he added when Heero just glared at him. "Or else..." he let the statement trail off, ominously.

Heero complied, kneeling on the bed. Treize sat behind him, pulling the boy back onto his lap, and Zechs kneeled on the floor in front of them.

Heero swore to himself; this way, Duo had a clear view of everything they were doing to him, and intentionally or unintentionally, the two boys were facing each other. He could feel Treize's hard cock digging into his ass and the man's hands all over him, touching him. And Zechs' mouth was nearing his cock. The blond spread Heero's legs apart and settled between them as Treize pulled off the boy's robe; suddenly he was completely exposed in front of Duo, spread open and naked. He blushed, and chanced a look at the longhaired boy; he was standing still, watching the scene, arousal stretching the front of his pants, and Heero started to get hard from the sight.

Duo tried not to watch, but the scene in front of him was too much to tear his eyes away from. Heero, vulnerable, sandwiched between the two older men, their hands all over his perfect nude body, cobalt eyes half lidded. Whether Heero was feeling pleasure, shame, or something else, Duo couldn't tell; he only knew that though he wanted to be the one with Heero, the undeniable perverse sexuality of the scene before him was making his already rock hard cock wet with desire. What was wrong with him, that this turned him on so much? And as he watched, he could see Heero getting hard too; did the boy like this, or were the men that good? He watched, as if in a dream; this couldn't be real, this couldn't be going on right in front of him. It was all he could do to keep from touching himself right now; his cock ached and pulsed, trapped in the shorts he'd changed into before. There was no way he could hide it.

Treize teased Heero's nipples and ran his other hand between Heero's spread thighs, opening them further. Zechs stroked Heero's awakening cock slowly, teasingly, and bent to swirl his tongue over the tip. Then he bent his head lower; Treize held the boy's thighs apart, and Zechs flicked his talented tongue over the boy's entrance a few times. Heero tried not to gasp as he came to full arousal; not completely from the men's ministrations but mostly from the sight of the longhaired, aroused boy staring back at him. Heero moaned helplessly, unable to resist thrusting back into Zechs' hand as the man stroked him. Wishing it was Duo in front of him, behind him, touching him all over.

Duo watched, entranced and aroused, unable to take his eyes off Heero and what they were doing to him. The boy's hard cock disappeared into Zechs' talented mouth; the slim hips bucked up, driving the arousal deeper into the blond's mouth. He would have done anything right then, to have Heero touch him like that. He wanted everything, to take and be taken; it was sheer torture to watch the men touch Heero. He was torn between jealousy and desire to join them.

Treize smirked down at Heero; this was going even better than he had hoped for. His machinations had engineered a delightfully perverse situation that he intended to take full advantage of. Now to move on to the next part of the plan...

"I think we're ready to roll now," Treize stated, sliding gracefully out from underneath Heero, and helping the two models get back into the right position. He arranged them so that Heero, on all fours straddling Zechs, had a perfect view of where Duo was standing. He almost chuckled to himself at his manipulations. He was also as aroused as hell, but that was secondary at this point. He would have his satisfaction, on several fronts. And it would be so much sweeter when he got everything he wanted.

He nodded to the photographer, and the man started snapping pictures. Zechs reached up to caress Heero's back and ass, and instead of shunning the contact, Heero moaned and arched into the blond's touch. Zechs spread Heero's legs apart farther, running his fingers up the inside of the sleek thighs. Heero leaned his head down and licked the length of Zechs' impressive cock, and the blond bucked his hips up for more.

Part of Heero was ashamed to be this aroused and be engaging in a sex act with another man, in front of a camera, and the boy he loved. But that part of him was drowned out by the part that was getting off on Duo's eyes on him, the longhaired boy's obvious arousal as he watched, and Zechs' skillful hands and mouth. He let himself go, and took Zechs' cock in his mouth fully, spreading his legs apart wider so he could thrust into the other man's mouth more deeply. Then he allowed himself to look up at Duo. What he saw made him moan out loud and harden further.

Duo had been watching the show, unwilling and unable to look away. He had felt Treize's approach, but hadn't taken his eyes off Heero. He heard the man's silky voice whispering in his ear, from directly behind him. "Perfect, isn't he?" the older man murmured. Duo found himself nodding, unable to deny the appeal of what he watched. Heero's sexy mouth took in all of Zechs' length. Treize stepped closer, pressing against Duo from behind, pressing his erection into the small of Duo's back. The longhaired boy whimpered as he felt Treize's hardness. "You are beautiful, too, Duo."

Treize ran his fingers through Duo's chestnut locks; the other hand caressed Duo's upper arm. He would have this one too, and Heero would watch, he decided. "I have a thing about long hair, Duo, you know that? I love Zechs' hair," he murmured, breathing softly on Duo's neck. He felt the low moan come from the boy as he watched Heero's cock slide in and out of the blond's mouth. Treize looked down at the front of the boy's pants; he was practically creaming himself right here. He went on, his sexy voice painting the other boy a vivid picture. "I love it when he rides me, Duo... when I lie on my back, and he's on top of me, riding my big hard cock... ramming it deep inside himself..." Treize pressed his erection harder against Duo as he went on, "His hair brushes over my chest..." Treize removed his right hand from Duo's hair and started to slide it down Duo's chest. "It feels so good all over me, Duo... silky and soft... I bet you would feel amazing all over me too..." Treize finally let his hand drift lower, to brush over the hard length that stretched the front of the shorts. He drank in Duo's whimper, and added, "I bet Heero would love for you to ride him just like that, don't you think?" And he gave Duo's bulge a quick squeeze, stroking him slightly through the material.

Duo gasped at those words, and at what Treize's hand was doing to him. He didn't want this, didn't want Treize to be touching him, wanted it to be Heero. But Heero was in front of him, shoving his cock in another man's mouth, face flushed with pleasure as he sucked on the erection in his mouth. And, god help him, it turned him on to watch. Treize's hand rubbed up and down his length, delicious friction translating directly to pleasure, and he felt his hips rock against the hand. Back and forth, pressing first against the caressing hand in front of him, and back against the demanding hardness behind him. His breath came in ragged gasps, and he moaned Heero's name.

Heero watched as Treize unfastened, then slipped his hand inside Duo's shorts, wrapping his fingers around Duo's dripping length. He saw Duo's mouth open, heard the boy's gasp of need as the older man expertly stroked him. Quick, short strokes inside the confines of the shorts and Duo looked back at Heero. Their eyes met; passion clouding their vision, the two boys were slaves to desires no longer in their control. Heero bobbed his head up and down on Zechs' length, eyes fixed on the longhaired boy. He could just see Duo's hard cock sticking out the top of his open shorts; he wanted to be sucking on Duo, to give the other boy the pleasure he was feeling instead of the older man. His eyes traveled back up to look at Duo's face; violet eyes were fixed on him and what he was doing.

Duo moaned more loudly; Treize's strokes were bringing him so close, but the scene in front of him was what made him lose it finally. He tried to say he didn't want this, didn't want the first person to make him climax to be Treize; but no words would come out. He watched Heero moan with desire, looked deep into cobalt eyes as Heero fucked Zechs' mouth, felt Treize push his shirt up to tease his nipples, and felt the hand stroking his cock tighten around him as it sped up. He looked at Heero's perfect body, wanting to touch him and be touched all over, wanted to surrender to Heero, but surrendered to completion instead. He cried out Heero's name as Treize made him climax, leaning back against the older man helplessly as he shot his passion all over his stomach. It felt so good, yet so bad, to watch Heero as another man made him feel pleasure; confusion warred with ecstasy as the fire ebbed.

Heero watched, unable to look away, as Treize touched what should have been his alone. Frightened by the depth of his feelings for Duo, yet turned on beyond belief by watching another man pleasure him, Heero felt himself near completion. He sped up his mouth and hands, and felt Zechs groan beneath him. He felt the beginnings of the blond's climax as his own claimed him; the rest of the world went away as he felt himself explode in Zechs' mouth. He watched Duo climax, creamy seed dripping from his glistening cock; he wanted to taste Duo's seed instead of Zechs'. Even as he came, pleasure claiming his body in pulses of desire, he looked at Duo, wishing he could give the longhaired boy what he needed. He pulled back automatically; instead of swallowing Zechs' seed, he let it cover his face for the camera, like he had been taught. He felt Zechs do the same, heard the camera snapping away, heard the photographer's encouragement; but all that penetrated his brain was Duo's voice gasping his name.

Treize smirked as he pulled his hand out of Duo's shorts; he made sure Heero was watching as he licked his fingers and smiled.

Duo looked at Heero guiltily before looking away. He couldn't believe he had let that happen.

Heero climbed off the bed with an angry look at Treize. He grabbed a robe and walked as quickly as possible to his dressing room.

"Great job, Heero!" Treize called cheerfully after the boy, handing Duo a towel and walking over to kiss Zechs as he lay back on the bed. Treize looked back over his shoulder to make sure Duo was watching as he unzipped his pants. "I have a problem I need some help with here, Zechs," he said, and the blond got eagerly on his knees. Zechs reached into Treize's pants and pulled out the older man's dripping cock.

Duo turned away, trying to find something else to look at, as he tried not to listen to the sounds the two men made. His cheeks burned; he was no longer worthy of Heero.

Heero stood in the shower, letting the red hot water scald his skin, trying to wash away his shame.

Continued in part 10