Title: Light My Fire -- part 3
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero led Duo into the parking lot, and to an older black Corvette with a license plate that read, "ZERO."

"Wow, nice car," Duo said as Heero unlocked it, and held the door for Duo. "Why zero?"

"It's what everyone said the car was worth when I got it, but I fixed it up," Heero said proudly. They talked about the car on the drive back to Heero's apartment.

Soon, they arrived, and Heero once again held the door for Duo. Duo had to admit, someone trying to take care of him was nice for a change. He had to remind himself not to get too used to it.

Heero led Duo inside, inexplicably anxious that the other boy approve of his apartment. But Duo seemed to love it, commenting that they had similar taste.

Heero showed Duo around the apartment, and showed him the guest room where he would be sleeping. Then he had a thought.

"Are you hungry, Duo?" Heero asked.

Involuntarily, Duo's stomach growled, and they both laughed. "I guess so!" Duo answered.

Heero suddenly realized something. "You must be anxious to get cleaned up. Why don't you take a shower while I fix us some sandwiches? Then we can get some sleep. I have tomorrow off, so I don't have to get up early. I'm starving, myself."

At the mention of a shower, Duo's face lit up. "Oh, man, that sounds great. My hair feels disgusting. I hope I don't use up all your shampoo, though," he indicated his long hair sheepishly. "Sometimes I think I should cut it--"

"No!" They were both startled by Heero's sudden outburst. "Sorry, I meant to say, I hope you don't."

Duo unconsciously played with his flowing hair. "I don't really want to. It's just a lot of trouble sometimes."

Heero reached out a hand slowly, and when Duo didn't resist, he lightly stroked Duo's hair. "It's worth it," he whispered.

Duo held his breath; this was too good to be true. He was suddenly very aware of the fact that he and Heero were completely alone, no nurses, no hospital staff to interrupt them. He gently moved his face against Heero's hand, pressing lightly to show he liked the contact.

Heero couldn't believe he was doing this, but the longhaired boy gave him such intense feelings he couldn't think straight. He had no idea what to do, just an overwhelming need to touch Duo. And Duo was letting him.

The moment was interrupted by another loud growl from Duo's stomach. They both looked at each other guiltily, and Heero reluctantly lowered his hand. "Why don't you go shower, then we can eat. I don't want you to starve."

Duo nodded, and walked slowly to the bathroom; Heero had already shown him where everything was. He shut the door behind him and leaned against it, emotions in turmoil. Was this really happening to him? It seemed to good to be true. Heero was handsome, and heroic, and strong... and seemed to want him. Seemed to care. No, it couldn't be true. Duo had never had any good luck when it came to love. In fact, he wasn't sure if it really existed. Lust, now that he was familiar with. He had been treated as an object too many times. It seemed to have something to do with his long hair and delicate features. Apparently long hair equaled sex toy to some men, and Duo looked like a victim to them. They soon found out otherwise. Duo's slim frame hid muscles like steel, and a will to match. Duo tried fading into the background, to escape notice, but it never worked. He always attracted attention no matter where he went. The men never seemed to want to go past the exterior to see the real Duo. They only wanted one thing. But Duo wanted to wait; to wait for the love of his life. If he was even out there. It was hard to resist sometimes, though... they could be very sweet and convincing. Until they found out that Duo was a virgin, and intended to stay that way. Some just gave up, making their intentions all too clear. Others pursued even harder, wanting to be the one to pop the beautiful boy's cherry. Duo had found a way to deal with the pressure those men put on him, though. Since they seemed to all be after sexual gratification alone, Duo learned to be an expert at other forms of gratification. In fact, some had called him the "prince of blowjobs." Duo stared at himself in the mirror. How many cocks had he sucked, all to protect his chastity? He was so good at it that he was able to persuade most guys to just be satisfied with his mouth alone. And the ones that were more persistent, well, he was stronger than he looked, and when you have a pretty face and long hair, you learn how to defend yourself very quickly.

But as good as Duo was with his mouth, he was always left unsatisfied by his encounters. He would go home, alone, and pleasure himself while dreaming of the prince he had never found. The one he would allow into his heart, soul and body. The one who would make him whole, and complete him. Duo had once believed that he would know his prince when he saw him; they would know each other by spirit alone. Lately, though, he had given up hope. But now, Duo was almost afraid at the spark of hope that rose in his heart. Afraid it would be doused again, or afraid it would grow? He wasn't sure.

Duo turned on the shower and let it warm up as he undressed. Seeing a robe hanging on the wall, he touched the soft fabric almost reverently, then gathered the material in his hands. It smelled of Heero; the smell made Duo rock hard again as it reminded him of what it felt like to be carried in the other boy's arms, and how he wanted so much more. Groaning with frustration, he stepped into the shower, letting the warm water relax him. It did nothing, however, to alleviate his arousal. In fact, showers usually made him more aroused, the warm water caressing him in all the places he wanted to be touched, running over him intimately.

Duo started the long task of washing his hair, trying to ignore his erection, but it wasn't easy. Soon, he could take it no longer, and, almost guiltily, slid his hand down to grasp his own hardness. Duo moaned as he stroked himself, letting the last of the shampoo rinse out of his hair. All he could see was Heero, above him, holding him, touching him... how Duo wanted it to be Heero's strong hand instead of his own pumping his arousal!

Outside in the kitchen, Heero had finished making sandwiches, and wondered if he should check on Duo. Unbidden, visions of a naked Duo, wet and soapy, sprang to his mind, and he wondered if it was concern or his libido that was prompting the worry. Heero tried to tell himself that Duo was still weak and shaken up by the fire, and he might need help in the shower, and he found himself walking slowly toward the bathroom. Heero realized he was getting hard again, just thinking about Duo. Heero was so confused, he wasn't sure what he was doing or why; he just had an irresistible urge to see Duo, to touch him...Heero took a deep shuddering breath and put his hand on the doorknob. He turned it, and opened the door slightly, and a puff of steam came out. The water was still running and he could just hear a slight splashing... and something else. A moan? Unsure, he called out, "Duo?"

Duo was deep into a fantasy; in his mind, Heero was behind him, pressing against him, and reaching around to stroke his aching arousal. A low moan escaped his lips, then he heard his name. Heero. Almost losing his balance in the shower, he gasped, nearly moaning, "H-Heero?"

Heero's erection suddenly became fully hard as he heard Duo half moan his name. "Are you ok, Duo?"

Duo answered from behind the curtain, blushing furiously as if Heero knew what he had been doing and thinking. "Fine, thanks. Just finishing my hair. Sorry I took so long."

"No, no, it's fine," Heero said quickly. "I was just worried about you."

Heero was worried about him? Involuntarily, Duo's heart surged. "I'll be done in a minute."

"Ok, just let me know if you... need me," Heero said, stumbling on the last phrase. If only Duo needed him like he needed Duo...

If you only knew, Heero, Duo thought. "Ok," he answered, resisting the urge to throw the shower curtain aside and drag the other boy in with him. Duo shook his head; he wasn't even sure Heero liked boys, let alone wanted him. He needed to be sure.

Heero sighed as he shut the bathroom door and leaned heavily against it. His arousal throbbed in the confines of his jeans, and his heart raced at the thought of Duo just on the other side of the door. He heard the water stop, and Duo getting out of the shower. Heero forced himself to go back to the kitchen.

Duo toweled himself dry, trying to avoid touching his aching erection for fear he wouldn't be able to control himself any longer. He couldn't think clearly; the excitement of the long day's events and his desire for the other boy was clouding his judgment.

He wondered briefly whether he should put the shorts and tshirt back on; but desire was making him feel wanton, and he had just conveniently realized he needed to ask Heero something. Now. Duo wrapped the towel low around his hips, and let his damp hair cascade around him. He took a deep breath, and stepped out of the bathroom, making his way toward the kitchen. Part of him hoped his arousal wasn't too obvious in the towel, and the rest of him hoped it was. He called out, "Heero?" as he entered the kitchen.

Heero had been washing a few dishes when he heard Duo enter the kitchen. He turned around, plate in hand, and nearly dropped it. Duo stood in front of him, clad only in a skimpy towel, which was already slipping. Heero's eyes strayed inevitably lower... he dragged his eyes up, over the smooth chest to Duo's face as the other boy spoke.

"I, uh, need a brush, and..." Duo faltered as he watched Heero stare at him. He tried not to blush; he could almost feel Heero's eyes touch him. Finally, their eyes met and Duo shivered at the passion he was now almost sure he could read there. "I didn't want to snoop around," he finished, almost whispering.

Heero forcibly dragged his mind back to the conversation. He desperately wanted to look back down, to be sure that the bulge in the towel he thought he had seen was real. He looked deep into Duo's eyes, and managed to say, hoarsely, "Take whatever you want," not sure what he was really saying, "There's a brush in the top drawer." What was Duo doing?

"Thanks, I'll only be a few more minutes," Duo said, suddenly not trusting his body, which was screaming for him to throw off the towel and offer Heero his virginity. Maybe Duo was wrong about Heero, though; maybe he didn't really want him, and Duo would just make a fool of himself. Duo turned around and went back to the bathroom, cursing his reluctance.

Heero watched fixedly as Duo walked away, and the towel slipped just slightly. Heero realized he was nearly drooling at the sight of all that uncovered flesh. He rebuked himself. Eighteen years of not needing anyone, and now all of a sudden he was acting like a rutting pig. He was disgusted with himself. But not disgusted enough to look away.

Duo slipped back into the bathroom, sighing. He'd chickened out. He had been so sure about Heero, then... his non-existent self-confidence had failed him. Quickly, he combed out his hair, braiding it so it would stay out of his face. Then he dressed in the tshirt and shorts and made his way back to the kitchen.

Heero was leaning against the counter, trying to get his rebellious body under control. Then Duo came back, and he quickly offered the longhaired boy a chair, and a sandwich. Duo accepted gratefully; he was starving.

"You make a great sandwich, Heero. Thanks!" Duo said enthusiastically, around mouthfuls. Heero smiled. For some reason, making Duo happy made him feel good.

Heero watched Duo eat. Duo seemed to throw himself completely into everything he did, heart and soul. Duo seemed so full of life, but he thought he sensed a darkness beneath it all. No one could be that cheerful, certainly no one who had reacted to the fire as he had. Heero wanted to make Duo completely happy. Not to mention the fact that he wanted to grab Duo by that lovely braid and... Heero reined in his hormones once again.

Duo chattered away about inconsequential things as they ate, and they discovered they had much in common. They enjoyed the same music, books, and similar things. But soon, it was obvious to Heero that Duo was very tired.

"Why don't we get some sleep?" Heero suggested as Duo's eyelids drooped.

"Sounds like a good idea," Duo had to admit. He just hoped he was tired enough so the nightmares wouldn't come.

Heero showed Duo to the guest room, making sure the braided boy was comfortable. Duo snuggled under the covers, and Heero wished he could join him. "If you need anything, I'm right next door. Sleep well, Duo," Heero said softly.

"Thanks for everything, Heero. I really appreciate it. Sweet dreams," Duo answered, wishing he were sleeping next to Heero instead. He slipped into slumber almost immediately, he was so tired.

Heero walked slowly to his own bedroom, casting a longing glance at Duo's door. Then he changed into his sleeping attire, a silky pair of boxers, and slid into bed. But the thoughts of Duo wouldn't go away, nor would his erection. Frustrated, Heero tossed and turned, trying to ignore his aching arousal. It didn't want to be ignored.

Sighing, Heero rolled onto his back, sliding a hand into his boxers to try to relieve the pressure. He gasped as he touched his erection, and thoughts of Duo sprang into his mind. Duo in his arms, snuggling up to him and making moaning noises; the feel of Duo's hair, like spun silk in his fingers; and, finally, Duo standing in the kitchen, clad only in a towel, body wet and glistening... Heero had never done this before, but he knew theoretically what to do. What he didn't realize was how good it would feel. Heero stroked himself slowly, biting back the moans this produced. He couldn't stop thinking about Duo, touching him, kissing him, feeling the other boy against him... He stroked faster, biting his lip as the sensations increased. If anything, the pressure was getting worse, and there was a tight feeling building in his lower stomach. Heero felt guilty for doing this, thinking of Duo, but strangely the guilt only made it feel better. His arousal glistened with his excitement, and Heero was panting shallowly. Heero knew he was nearing something monumental; then he heard Duo's cries. Sitting straight up in bed, he listened intently; Duo sounded as if he were in pain. Heero launched himself out of the bed and was running to Duo's room before he could think.

Continued in part 4