Title: Light My Fire -- part 4
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo was deep in the nightmare again; the flames were coming for him, and this time no one would rescue him. The flames seemed even more malevolent than usual, as if they were angry to be denied Duo's death in the fire. In the dream, Duo searched everywhere for his angel, his Heero, but the smoke was too thick; he couldn't see. He called out his name, and his arms flailed everywhere looking for the comforting strength.

Heero burst into Duo's room, ready to kill, adrenaline pumping, cock still hard and ready to rescue Duo from the invader. But all he saw was Duo, looking more fragile than ever in the big bed, thrashing around as if fighting something. Duo was also talking, moaning a single word: "Heero." Heero stood stunned as he watched Duo writhe, part of his body noting how the longhaired boy was no longer wearing the t-shirt, and the boxers were pulled down; and Duo was calling his name! He was asleep, that much was obvious, and he was having a nightmare.

Heero didn't hesitate any longer; he kneeled on the bed beside Duo and tried to capture the flailing arms. It wasn't easy; the longhaired boy was stronger than he looked. Finally, after nearly getting punched twice, Heero succeeded in pinning Duo's arms to his sides. That allowed him to get closer to the thrashing boy, and he called Duo's name, in what he hoped was a soothing manner. Almost immediately, Duo started to calm down, and said, "Heero?" in a questioning tone.

"It's ok, Duo, I'm here," Heero soothed, pulling the other boy closer. Duo snuggled up to Heero's chest, just like he had in the fire. This seemed to calm him even more.

"Angel. Heero. You saved me again," Duo whispered against Heero's bare chest, making shivers go up Heero's spine and reminding him he still had a rock hard erection.

Duo tried to snuggle even closer against him, and Heero tried to keep his lower body away from the other boy. It wasn't easy.

Suddenly, Heero saw Duo's eyes open wide and stare at him. Apparently realizing what he was doing, Duo sat bolt upright and back, clutching the covers to his chest. He stared at Heero, and Heero was afraid to speak.

"I'm sorry," began Duo, unable to tear his eyes away from the half-naked boy on the bed.

"It's ok," said Heero softly. "Nightmare?"

Duo nodded.

"It was bad, wasn't it? And you've had it before," Heero guessed, and Duo confirmed with another nod.

"Can I help?" Heero asked, hoping against hope.

Duo almost said no, but something told him to take a chance. "Hold me?" he asked, eyes downcast, sure the other boy would refuse.

When Heero didn't answer, Duo looked up miserably, certain Heero would be angry with him now. But Heero was smiling at him. "No problem," Heero whispered, and slid closer to Duo on the bed.

Duo looked at Heero, and stopped thinking. Sliding back under the covers, he pulled back the blanket next to him and said, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Not bothering to answer, Heero joined Duo under the blanket, and Duo snuggled up to him once again, putting his head on Heero's strong chest. He sighed and murmured, "Much better."

Heero held Duo close, almost content with the way the other boy melted into him. But his arousal had not dissipated, and apparently Duo noticed that as well.

Duo was far from asleep; he had noticed the large bulge under the blanket and felt himself harden in response. He began tracing patterns on Heero's flat stomach with his fingers, thrilling in the way the muscles tensed as Heero drew in his breath. Duo's fingers traced lower, until they were toying with the waistband of Heero's boxers.

Heero tried not to moan; this was all so new to him. He didn't know what Duo was doing; well, yes, he did know, but his mind refused to comprehend it. His body, though, had no such problem and was yearning for Duo's touch. His hand came up as if by itself and stroked Duo's hair. Then he let his hand stray lower, to touch the skin of Duo's smooth back. Duo arched into the touch, nearly purring.

Duo removed his hand from the top of Heero's boxers briefly, and suddenly his hair was unbound again, flowing down his back in graceful waves. Heero buried his hand in the chestnut silk, letting it run through his fingers like water.

Duo threw the blanket all the way off Heero, and lightly traced the outline of Heero's straining arousal through the silky boxers. Heero gasped and bucked his hips up, wanting more of Duo's touch. Duo smiled; he loved to reduce strong men to yearning need for him. But there was something more this time, Duo could feel it. He truly wanted to please Heero. He was dangerously close to being in love with the blue-eyed boy. And he didn't care. He wanted to give everything to Heero; body and soul. All of his body. He had always thought he would know when it was right, and he did. He would give it all to Heero tonight; all the pleasure he could handle, and finally he would get it in return.

Duo tugged at the waistband of the boxers, eager to touch Heero, and taste him. He wanted to show Heero how good he was with his mouth; but tonight, he wouldn't stop there.

Heero raised his hips to allow Duo to take off his boxers, still dazed by the night's events but not about to question at this point. He looked down at the gorgeous creature who seemed intent on ravishing him; Duo was looking at his arousal and licking his lips. Duo looked up, making sure Heero was watching as he delicately licked, ever so gently, along the length of Heero's trembling erection.

Heero threw his head back and moaned; the sight and the feeling of Duo's sensuous mouth on his erection was almost too much. He had to ask, breathing out a tremulous, "Why?" that he wasn't sure Duo had even heard.

But Duo looked up at him through long eyelashes and said, "Because you're beautiful, and kind, and I... want to. Do you want me to?"

"Oh, god, yes, Duo, I want you to," moaned Heero, but he had to say, "I just, uh, have never, you know, done this... or anything, before," he admitted.

Duo had suspected that Heero was a virgin, but he was happy to have it confirmed. "That's ok, Heero, I've never gone all the way either. I was saving myself. For someone special. And that someone is you. But I know a few things about it, and I can show you." With that, Duo took Heero's whole length in his mouth, savoring the clean taste of the untouched flesh. Duo's talented mouth worked its magic, driving the inexperienced Heero wild.

Duo was using all his skills to keep Heero from coming immediately; he wanted the other boy to enjoy the experience fully. It wasn't easy, though, because Heero was already on the edge.

Heero thought he was about to die; never in his life had he imagined such sensations could exist. To look down and see the sensuous Duo taking his arousal in his mouth was enough to make him stop breathing; but coupled with the intense pleasure that mouth was giving him: it was too much. Heero clutched at the sheets, ripping them. He wanted desperately to touch Duo; but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to control his strength in his passion, and he would die before he hurt Duo. He thrust upward helplessly, wanting, needing more of Duo's hot wet pleasure. All that existed was Duo and what he was doing to him; nothing else mattered in the world. Heero felt that tightening again, but a thousand times as intense.

Duo concentrated on giving Heero complete ecstasy, trying to ignore the throbbing in his own neglected erection. He had never felt this turned on by anyone before, and knowing that this was finally it, the person he was going to give himself to, made the anticipation all the more intense. Finally, he knew that even he wouldn't be able to hold back Heero's climax, and bobbed his head up and down faster, preparing himself.

Heero was beyond moaning; he was making incoherent sounds and thrashing his head back and forth. Then it happened; his world exploded; all thought ceased; unimaginable sensation washed over him and he released his first ever passion in Duo's waiting mouth.

Duo swallowed every drop of Heero's sweet nectar; no one had ever tasted so good. Heero pulsed on and on, gasping his name. Finally, he finished; but Duo was amazed to find Heero was still hard as a rock. Raising his head, he smiled up at Heero; the other boy was still shaking. Duo climbed up next to him and kissed him deeply, so Heero could taste himself on Duo's lips. Heero brought his hands up around Duo's back and held him close.

Finally, they parted, and Heero looked deep into violet eyes. "That was..." he trailed off, unable to find an appropriate word for what Duo had made him feel.

Duo smiled, thrilled he could give Heero such a feeling. Before, he had always felt empty after going down on someone, but this time he felt good; he knew he had given a gift of love. Love? Duo caught himself thinking the word automatically. He was falling in love.

"Does that mean you liked it?" Duo teased, thinking how adorable Heero looked right now. Then Heero surprised him, rolling him over onto his back and pressing him against the bed. Duo looked up at cobalt eyes gone dark with passion and moaned at Heero's roughness, thrusting his hips up against Heero's hardness.

"I want more," Heero breathed, and claimed Duo's mouth again. When he released him, Heero continued, "Show me."

Duo nearly came right then, looking at the promise of passion in that beautiful face. "Take off my shorts, then," he managed to say.

Heero complied instantly, and Duo's boxers disappeared like a memory. Heero just gazed at the beautiful boy lying before him. Creamy skin flowed over lean muscles, begging for his touch. Duo's arousal glistened, rock hard and trembling under the other boy's eyes. Duo's hair spread around him, and Heero thought the longhaired boy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Heero once again pressed himself to Duo; but this time there was nothing between them, and every inch of their hard bodies melted together.

Heero and Duo both gasped as their arousals met; not even Duo had been this far before. Sweet friction made them both moan as they thrust against each other in instinct. Heero ran his hands over every inch of Duo he could reach, and Duo reveled in the way those strong hands made him feel. He ached to touch Heero with every part of his body.

Duo spread his legs so Heero could get between them, and they continued to thrust against each other, panting and desperate with need. Duo managed to say, between kisses, "I want you. Inside me."

Heero moaned; all he wanted was to be as close to Duo as possible, inside him, touching him forever. But he wanted to be sure. "Are you sure, Duo?" Heero murmured. "I know you've been saving yourself. Are you sure you want to give yourself to me?"

Duo forced himself to hold still, and took Heero's face in his hands, looking deep into the other boy's eyes. "I have been saving myself. For you. I know that now."

Heero let out a breath he hadn't even known he was holding. "And I've been waiting for you. So let's not wait any longer."

Duo shivered at the thought of what they were about to do, then smiled. "We need some lube."

Heero frowned for a moment, then disappeared. He returned a minute later with several items. Duo looked at them and chose one, then explained what to do with it. Heero listened carefully.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you," Heero worried, torn by the need to protect Duo and the need to fuck the hell out of him.

Duo lay back and spread his legs invitingly, and said, "I'm pretty sure it won't hurt."

Heero looked down at the longhaired boy offering himself completely to him, and knew he couldn't resist the invitation. Carefully, following Duo's instructions, he stretched the other boy, preparing him fully for what lay ahead. Finally, he had three fingers inside Duo when the other boy arched up and said, "Oh, god, yes! I'm ready, Heero, take me, please," he continued, nearly begging.

Heero didn't need to be asked twice. He removed his fingers gently, and Duo whimpered with loss. Duo watched hungrily as Heero applied lube to his arousal.

Their eyes met for one more instant; Duo nodded, and opened his legs farther. Heero positioned himself, pressing the tip of his aching erection at Duo's virgin entrance.

Duo moaned; Heero's arousal felt huge against him. He wanted this so badly, he couldn't think about anything else.

Heero pushed, and just the tip slid inside Duo; the boy's body was impossibly tight. But Duo didn't seem to be in pain; he was moaning and begging for more. Heero pushed again, and Duo's muscles gripped his erection, driving all coherent thought from his brain. Deeper and deeper, tighter and tighter, Heero entered Duo, and they were virgins no longer.

Duo gasped; he was being filled, stretched, impaled; and it felt incredible. Heero fit perfectly inside him, filling him completely. There was a slight pain, but as he relaxed his muscles even that disappeared, leaving only pure pleasure in being so intimately joined with Heero. Wanting Heero even deeper, he wrapped his legs around Heero's back.

Heero pushed deeper; finally he felt his thighs against Duo and knew he was completely inside the longhaired boy. It felt so perfect, so right, so incredibly tight; it was all he could do to keep from pounding into Duo immediately. But he could tell that Duo needed time to adjust, so he slowly lowered himself down and claimed Duo's mouth as he claimed his body.

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth, wrapping his arms around Heero just like his legs. As he kissed Duo, Heero began making small motions with his hips, thrusting shallowly in and out of the violet-eyed boy. Duo tightened his grip on Heero. Slowly, Heero lengthened his strokes, and still he kissed his lover. Soon, Heero was thrusting in and out nearly fully, and both boys began to pant as the friction built up and up.

Heero soon found the perfect rhythm, and changed the angle of his thrusts until Duo was nearly screaming every time he drove himself inside the other boy. Harder and harder he pounded, building up to a crescendo that pushed Duo against the headboard.

Duo was lost; his mind was gone, and only the feeling Heero was giving him remained. Unconsciously, he raised his arms to brace himself against the headboard as Heero drove into him harder, hitting the perfect spot with each stroke. Filled, pounded, taken, fucked; words would never describe what Heero was doing to him, with him, inside him. Stroke after stroke the pleasure increased; and when Heero, on impulse, reached down to stroke Duo's erection, the longhaired boy could take no more. Uncaring of the neighbors or the rest of the world, Duo screamed Heero's name at the top of his lungs, and released his passion, violently, all over the both of them.

Heero sensed, felt, and heard Duo come; hearing his name screamed in ultimate ecstasy was as intoxicating as the tightening of Duo's muscles around his cock. One last stroke was all he could manage; then, with a possessive growl and one last look at the beauty beneath him, Heero climaxed, throwing his head back and pumping Duo full of his seed. Even better than the first climax Duo had given him, Heero's release seemed to last forever; breathing, let alone thought, impossible for what seemed like hours.

Finally, the tides of passion subsided. Heero collapsed next to Duo, withdrawing regretfully from his lover's body. Both boys were still out of breath, and Heero shakily drew a blanket over both of them, because Duo was trembling. But the longhaired boy was trembling not from the cold, but from the intensity of the act they had just shared. Though he had wanted to wait for the act to be one of love rather that lust, he was still amazed at the depth of feeling that existed between the two of them.

Gazing at Heero from inches away, Duo said the thing he had wanted to say to someone all his life, and he said it now without regret: "I love you, Heero."

Heero looked at Duo, who he had just met but already felt as if he had known forever. And he answered, truthfully, "I love you too." Then he gathered the other boy into his arms, and they drifted off to sleep, secure in the fact that they had found their soulmates at long last.

And as long as Duo slept in Heero's arms, he never had another nightmare again.

Continued in Epilogue