Title: Light My Fire -- Epilogue
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

The handsome fireman rescued the fair damsel from the raging fire. Showing his impressive strength, the fireman put the damsel over his shoulder and carried the beauty to safety, long chestnut hair cascading around them. But the fair damsel was naughty, and wasn't wearing anything under the long t-shirt. The noble fireman put his hand on the damsel's leg to steady, and discovered this as his hand encountered only smooth, flawless skin where the shirt had been pushed up. The fireman was filled with desire; the maiden was breathtakingly beautiful. Nervously, he slid his hand higher on the damsel's perfect leg, expecting a sharp rebuke. The fireman's desire rose higher as the damsel wiggled and spread creamy thighs wider apart. The fireman carried the maiden to safety while his hand rose higher.

Duo moaned and spread his legs as far apart as he could while over Heero's shoulder. He tried to rub his trapped erection against his lover's shoulder as he grabbed handfuls of Heero's uniform to steady himself. Heero's firefighting uniform turned Duo on so much that he had convinced the cobalt-eyed boy to try a bit of role-playing. It didn't take too much convincing; Heero would do anything for his longhaired lover.

Luckily for Duo's fantasies, Heero had been assigned to clean up the older fire truck the firefighters used for parades and community fairs. Heero had injured his knee recently, not severely, but enough that he couldn't go out on calls for a while. So he was keeping busy by doing work like this. The old truck had its own garage out back, so the two boys had relative privacy to act out their fantasies. They were playing naughty fireman and damsel in distress.

Heero was enjoying himself too; the feeling of Duo's arousal pressing against his shoulder told him that his lover liked what he was doing. At first Heero had felt foolish, but the obvious desire in Duo's eyes when he saw Heero in his uniform was what he craved. He wanted, no, needed, to see that look in Duo's eyes; nothing turned him on more than knowing how much his beautiful lover wanted him. Heero still sometimes found himself amazed at his luck, that the two boys had found each other; since Heero had rescued Duo from the fire, and the two boys had made love, Duo had moved into Heero's bedroom. There they made passionate love every chance they got, and Duo's nightmares disappeared. Heero was gratified that Duo felt comfortable enough to tell his lover about his fantasy. Duo's moans went straight to Heero's aching cock.

Heero slid his hand higher, touching the inside of Duo's silken thighs. His fingers brushed the cleft of Duo's ass, and the longhaired boy moaned again, wiggling, trying for more contact.

Duo gasped; he wanted Heero's hands all over him, now. He loved feeling vulnerable to Heero; he trusted his love implicitly, and knew Heero would never hurt him. Heero was so strong he could easily carry his slim lover even when injured.

They reached the front of the fire truck. Heero climbed up and deposited Duo gently on the large front seat. It was a bench, and easily accommodated the two boys. Duo lay back on the seat and looked up at Heero, t-shirt pulling up. Heero knew what he wanted.

"I really should check you over, to make sure you're not hurt," Heero said, trying not to smile.

Duo moaned and raised his arms up over his head, and the t-shirt pulled up even higher. The picture was incredibly erotic. "Oh, yes, definitely," purred Duo.

Pushing the hat back on his head (Duo had insisted on the hat), Heero climbed up on the seat, between Duo's legs. His erection throbbed in the confines of his pants as he slid his hands over Duo's smooth skin. Slowly, he ran his hands up Duo's thighs. Duo moaned and spread his legs wider. Heero's breathing quickened as Duo opened himself to him. Just the sight of Duo's incredible body was enough to make Heero's heart race.

Heero continued to touch Duo, moving his hands higher, running up his lover's hips, deliberately not touching the other boy's erection. Heero pushed the shirt up as he went, running his hands all over Duo's hot skin, higher and higher up the longhaired boy's chest. Slowly, Duo's incredible body was revealed, inch by delicious inch, until the t-shirt was bunched under his arms and Duo was completely exposed to Heero's eyes. Duo was beyond beautiful; to Heero, he was every fantasy made real, offered to him only. Smooth creamy skin over taut muscles, arousal wet with need, the longhaired boy was Heero's alone.

Heero kept touching Duo, grazing his fingers over every inch of smooth skin, making the other boy writhe and squirm, trying to get Heero to touch him where he needed it most. But Heero ignored Duo's hardness, tempting though it was, and began to concentrate on teasing the longhaired boy's nipples. This made Duo gasp and writhe some more, and protest by bucking his hips, trying to make contact with Heero's body. But Heero wouldn't allow it, and leaned back.

Duo pouted, and decided to make Heero touch him. He moaned, and ran his hands down over his own body, arching up off the seat enticingly. Duo ran his fingers lightly over his own arousal, and between his silky thighs. The violet-eyed boy moaned and licked his lips as he touched himself. Heero watched for a minute, his desire rising, then decided to put a stop to it. He leaned down and captured Duo's hands in one of his, and pinned them to the seat above his head. Duo struggled half-heartedly; Heero knew how much his lover liked this, being held down.

Heero leaned down and murmured, "Now that's no way to treat someone who just rescued you, is it? You need to play nice, now..."

Duo moaned; he loved that Heero was still playing the game. "I'm sorry," he whispered contritely. "What can I do to thank you?"

"Spread your legs wider," Heero commanded.

Duo complied instantly, whimpering with need.

"Very good," said Heero, running his free hand down Duo's body. He bypassed Duo's aching erection, and ran his fingers teasingly up the inside of his lover's trembling thighs. "Keep them spread."

Heero pulled out a tube of lube, and set about preparing Duo as slowly as possible. By the time he was done, Duo was nearly sobbing with need.

"Please, Heero," begged Duo. "I need you inside me."

Heero's cock pulsed with need at his lover's words; the waiting made him as frustrated as Duo. So he relented, unzipping his pants, applying lube to his erection and positioning himself at Duo's waiting entrance. He pressed his arousal against Duo; then paused. "Do you want me, Duo?"

"Oh, god, yes, please, take me!" Duo cried, aching to be fucked hard. All the buildup was driving him insane with need. He raised his knees, spreading his legs apart as much as the space would allow. He lifted his arms above his head, offering himself completely to Heero. The heat of Heero's hard arousal against him tantalized him. Heero was still mostly wearing his uniform, and looked incredible.

Heero looked down at his sexy lover, and nearly lost control. Duo was the epitome of sex; anywhere they went, all it took was one look from the longhaired boy and Heero was hard as a rock. Duo was begging now, begging for Heero to take him, and Heero couldn't hold back. He pushed, and his cock slid inside his lover. Duo panted, in bliss; Heero slid deeper, knowing that the other boy wanted him to enter like this, relentlessly and without pause.

Duo was losing his mind; though Heero had offered to switch, the longhaired boy loved nothing more than to be taken, filled, fucked. He craved the feeling of Heero inside him; his lover's hot cock stroked him in all the right places, claiming him utterly. Heero was the first to ever take Duo, and Duo was his first; they learned together, and knew exactly what pleased the other. Now Heero was back where he belonged, deep inside his love; Duo loved every inch, every thrust of Heero's invasion.

Finally Heero was buried to the hilt, hands propped on either side of Duo's head, muscles bunching with the effort of not thrusting wildly. Heero looked down at Duo through shining cobalt eyes; Duo looked transfixed, sensuous mouth open, eyes closed and head thrown back. Heero waited; Duo opened his eyes and gazed at his love.

"Please Heero," groaned Duo, unable to wait. "Do it."

Duo's pleas were what he needed; with a growl, Heero started to thrust, pulling out slightly and pushing back in harder, building up speed and force until he couldn't think anymore. Duo's tight body gripped his length, squeezing and caressing it. The harder the thrust, the better it got; friction and heat and sweet pressure combined, driving him insane with passion. The cries of his lover were what he craved, the sound of Duo's sweet voice raised in passion were what he lived for. Heero drove his hot need into the willing body beneath him; closer to heaven they strove, two bodies joined as one, spiraling toward ecstasy.

Duo was screaming Heero's name continuously now, the mantra coming from his lips unconsciously. All he knew was what Heero gave him, hot flesh inside him, stroking him perfectly. Duo lost himself in the rhythm that was Heero; every stroke, every thrust, every sweet invasion driving him higher. Incredible, unbearable sensation ruled his universe; then Heero started pumping his neglected cock, and their passion surpassed itself. Duo thought he was dying, so intense was his climax; his seed covered them both, pulse after pulse wrenched from his trembling body.

Heero watched his beloved's beautiful face as he drove him to completion; nothing, not even the perfect body beneath him, gave him more pleasure than knowing what ecstasy Duo was feeling, and that only Heero gave that to him. Once, twice more the cobalt-eyed boy thrust; then he too succumbed to the inevitable, shooting his need deep into Duo's body, again claiming what was truly his. He possessed Duo's body, but the longhaired boy possessed his soul; as long as they were together, they could withstand anything.

Heero collapsed trembling next to Duo; the seat barely held them, but they snuggled close. Duo pressed as close as he could to Heero, burying his face in his lover's neck, breathing deep.

"I love you so much, Duo." Heero could barely form words.

"Love you too, Heero," sighed Duo happily. "Thank you. That was amazing."

Heero smiled and pulled his longhaired love closer. "Any other requests?"

Duo laughed, a delightfully wicked sound. "Think you can get hold of a policeman's uniform?"

The End