Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 10
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

They managed to make it up the stairs without event; there were people around, or Zechs would have ravished Wufei on the hood of the car, in the hallway...

Fitting the key in the door proved difficult, as the hormones in his body demanded action. Zechs finally pushed the door open, slamming it against the wall. He reached behind him, grabbed Wufei's hand, and pulled him inside.

Not bothering to turn on the light, Zechs pushed the other boy against the wall and claimed his mouth in a savage kiss, months of pent-up passion exploding outward, uncontained.

Wufei kissed back, opening his mouth to the blond man willingly, surrendering control of the kiss. Wufei felt the bigger man's arms around him, pulling him close, and he melted into the feeling of the strong body against him.

Zechs broke the kiss, gasping for air. He looked down at the boy in his arms. "I'm sorry, Wufei, I couldn't ~"

Wufei cut him off. "Don't apologize. I want it. I want you." Then he kissed Zechs, a deep, soul-searing kiss. He pressed harder against the blond man so there was no question of how much he wanted Zechs. He wanted to feel Zechs' hands all over him, wanted to feel the bigger man on top of him, wanted to feel the gorgeous platinum hair brush all over his body. He wanted to be taken, and he wanted to be sure the other man understood.

"Zechs," Wufei said breathlessly when they broke the kiss, "I want~"

"Anything," Zechs answered.

"I want you to take me. I want to be bottom. Is that ok?"

Zechs felt his arousal pulse at the beautiful boy's words. "I was hoping you'd say that," the blond answered in his sultry voice. Zechs liked both roles, but the delicate Chinese boy brought out the dominant in him. Zechs slid his hand behind the boy's head, and slipped the glossy hair free of its tie. Then he pulled Wufei's head forward again, and pressed his lips to the other boy's. He slid his other hand down the boy's back, pausing to caress Wufei's ass, before continuing around the front to brush against the boy's arousal.

When Wufei felt Zechs' strong hands touch his body, he moaned into the blond's mouth. When Zechs' hand found his hardness, he gasped and broke the kiss. "Oh, god, Zechs, it's been so long," Wufei moaned.

"For me, too," purred Zechs, squeezing the dark-haired boy's arousal. Wufei gasped again and buried his hands in Zechs' flowing hair.

"Zechs, if you keep doing that, I'll come in my pants," managed Wufei.

Zechs laughed, low and sexy. "We can't have that, now can we?" And he unbuttoned Wufei's pants, letting the loose garment fall to the floor.

Wufei moaned as he stepped out of the pants, and looked up at the taller man. "Better?" he asked breathlessly.

"Oh, yes, Wufei. But not perfect."

Zechs reached out and unbuttoned Wufei's shirt, and the boy shivered every time the other man's fingers brushed his sensitive skin. It seemed to take forever, but finally all the buttons were undone. Zechs slowly pulled back the shirt, and pushed it gently off Wufei's shoulders. The shirt joined the pants on the floor.

Zechs regarded the beautiful boy standing in front of him, clad only in boxers. "You're beautiful," the blond man whispered as he anticipated all the things they would do together. "But one thing remains between us," he continued. Zechs then ran a finger down Wufei's sleekly muscled stomach until he was just touching the waist of the boxers. "May I, Wufei? I want to see all of you."

Wufei's pulse raced. The other man's strength and beauty made Wufei want to surrender completely to the blond man. He wanted Zechs eyes on him; his eyes, his hands, and the rest of his body.

Wufei nodded. And Zechs leaned forward to capture the other boy's mouth in a kiss again; a long, languid kiss that nevertheless made both men moan. While they kissed, Zechs eased the boxers off, running his hands appreciatively over the boy's firm ass as he did.

Zechs let his eyes caress the boy's body. Wufei was just as amazing without clothes as he had imagined; body slim but perfectly proportioned, toned and trim and lithe. His arousal stood hard and ready, trembling against his stomach His ebony hair cascaded just to his shoulders and an errant strand fell across his face. Dark eyes stared into ice blue.

"Perfect." Then Zechs kissed him again, and this time the blond's hands touched him everywhere, every touch leaving Wufei gasping for more. His very skin was on fire, consumed with passion for Zechs.

Not even breaking the kiss, the blond man lifted Wufei effortlessly, carrying him across the room and through the bedroom door.

Zechs carefully lay Wufei on the bed, still kissing him. The Chinese boy returned his kiss with ferocity, yet allowed Zechs to pin him to the bed. Pulling back slightly, Zechs gazed into Wufei's eyes.

Then Wufei said, "Your turn. Let me see you, Zechs."

Zechs smiled. "Anything you want, Wufei."

The tall blond stood up and shook his hair into place, then started to slowly unbutton his shirt. Wufei watched avidly as Zechs' muscled chest came into view. Shrugging off the shirt, he looked at the boy to see if he approved.

Wufei lay back on the bed, watching the beautiful man strip just for him. When the shirt disappeared, the sight was so stimulating that the boy couldn't help it; his hand strayed down to his own arousal just as Zechs' hands went to his pants buttons.

Zechs nearly moaned at the erotic sight before him: Wufei, naked and aroused, stroking himself slowly as he stripped for him. As he continued to unbutton his pants, Wufei's hand sped up, in anticipation of Zechs' unveiling.

Finally, Zechs' pants were undone, and Wufei licked his lips; he could already tell Zechs wore nothing underneath. Zechs eased the pants down, over the bulging erection, and then they were gone, and Zechs stood revealed, arousal hard and dripping, silken hair and chiseled body the stuff of wet dreams.

The moment seemed to stretch for eternity; two men, aroused beyond reason, gazed hungrily at each other. Then it broke, and Zechs was back on the bed, devouring Wufei's body with his mouth. Wufei let his hand drop to the bed; what Zechs was doing to him was far more pleasurable.

The blond kissed his way down Wufei's taut stomach, teasingly lower, then back up again to press his mouth against the boy's. At the same time, Zechs pressed the entire length of his body against Wufei. Both gasped as hot flesh met its counterpart, hardness rubbing against sensitive hardness as their bodies melded together.

The kiss broken, Wufei moaned out, "Oh, god, Zechs, please... can't take any more. Need you. Inside me. Please."

Zechs groaned at the need in the boy's voice; need for him. He wanted it too, more than anything. He reached into the bedside table, hoping that the tube, long disused, was still there. It was.

With one hand, Zechs unscrewed the top and hastily squeezed out some lube. Wufei writhed underneath him, spreading his legs as the blond touched his inner thigh. Wufei moaned even more loudly when he felt Zechs' fingers brush against the spot that longed to be touched.

"Oh, yes," Wufei gasped as he felt Zechs' finger enter him gently. He didn't want to wait to be prepared, but it had been a long time, and he knew it was necessary. Zechs was thorough, and the boy was nearly sobbing by the time the blond removed his fingers. All he could think about was how much he wanted Zechs to fuck him.

Zechs was having a similar problem. Wufei's tight body and erotic moans were combining to make it difficult to concentrate on the task before him. All he wanted was to bury his cock deep inside the beautiful boy, over and over again. Especially since it had been so long since he had had sex. Zechs hoped he would be able to control his passion.

Finally, they were more than ready. Zechs lubed his own arousal quickly, and positioned himself between the boy's trembling thighs. "Ready?" the blond man panted.

Wufei nodded, beyond words. He wasn't beyond other sounds, however, and as the other man entered him, Wufei moaned out his approval. The invasion of the beautiful man's thick arousal was better than he dared believe; the feeling of being filled was what he craved.

Spurred on by the sounds of pleasure the boy beneath him was making, Zechs continued to push his aching erection deeper and deeper. The incredible friction and tightness of Wufei's body was driving him insane; he felt his control slipping. Pushing farther, he was finally buried to the hilt in the boy's body. He looked down at his new lover.

Wufei lay back on the bed, head thrown to the side, mouth open, arms above his head, hair spread around him. The sounds he made were nearly constant now, almost like sobbing, but the boy was in no pain. Wufei was nearly crazy from the intense feeling of Zechs inside him, and if the longhaired man didn't start to move soon, he knew he would surely die. He finally found his voice.

"Fuck me, Zechs. Please. Hard," the boy managed to moan. "I need it so bad."

Zechs didn't need to be asked twice; he hoped Wufei was ready, because he couldn't hold back any more. As slowly as he could manage, he pulled back partway, then pushed back in. Zechs was rewarded by a cry from the boy, asking for more. Zechs was more than ready to give it to him.

They both lost themselves as the rhythm built up; Zechs was lost in the hot tunnel of Wufei's body and the boy was lost in the feeling of the blond pounding him. Faster and faster Zechs drove into Wufei; soon the boy was grabbing handfuls of the sheets and screaming Zechs' name. Zechs growled and grabbed Wufei's erection, stroking it roughly, making the boy cry out anew.

"Oh god, Zechs, it's so good, more, harder, you're so good, oh GOD!" Wufei screamed at the top of lungs, delirious. He felt himself consumed by the fire of climax and opened his eyes to look directly at the blond as he shot his hot seed all over Zechs' hand and himself. Over and over, his arousal pulsed, sheer pleasure leaving him stunned.

Zechs watched Wufei climax with the last of his self-control; nothing could have stopped his own release now. Wufei's body tightened impossibly around him, and the sweet boy's cries drove him over the edge. Zechs thrust once more and it overtook him; his passion filled Wufei's body as it exploded, overwhelming him with the intensity of long-denied climax. He was sure he never had, and never again would, feel anything as amazing as the first time he released deep within Wufei.

Sated, the two collapsed, wrapped around each other, and drifted off to sleep.

That was 3 months ago, and the two hadn't spent a night apart since, unless assignments took one of them away. They hadn't advertised their relationship, but neither had they tried to hide it. Neither had professed love to the other yet; they were reticent, given their mutual past. But both knew it would come eventually, as they had started to admit their feelings at least to themselves.

Sexually, they were perfectly compatible and perfectly insatiable; they explored each other's bodies and philosophies with equal ferocity. They were happy; neither felt the need to rush into anything. But the upcoming reunion made them both apprehensive. What would the other pilots think about their relationship? To others, it might seem odd, given their past; but the other pilots were not normal people.

Wufei had never felt close friendship with any of the Gundam pilots, not like he felt with Zechs now. He had never really felt that close to another person, except for Treize. Even his relationship with Zechs had surpassed his with Treize in that respect; he and Zechs had had the time to get to know each other, and were best friends as well as lovers. Wufei just hoped the others had been able to find a measure of comfort as he had, in the year since the final battle.

Continued in part 11