Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 13
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Resisting the urge to look back, Duo tried to put a smile on his face and a swagger in his walk as he approached Wufei and Zechs. The two were staring deep into each other's eyes and didn't notice the longhaired boy's approach. Therefore, they both jumped when Duo appeared and clapped them both on the back, and announced loudly, "Hey guys! You doin' it or what?"

Wufei nearly choked and Zechs blushed, and Duo immediately felt guilty. In a lower voice, he said, "Sorry, guys, I guess I'm a little nervous. And when I'm nervous, my mouth runs off."

Wufei smiled and said, "That's ok, Duo, I was nervous too."

Zechs added, "And we're not trying to keep it a secret," and he put his arm around Wufei's slim waist.

Duo gazed at the couple. "I'm happy for you guys, I really am." Inadvertently, his eyes strayed to Trowa and Quatre engaged in conversation across the room. "I'm glad someone managed to find some happiness out of the damn war."

The other two followed Duo's gaze, and Wufei raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Before they could ask, Duo supplied, "I have no idea what happened to them. I hope they work it out. They look just as good together as you two."

"Speaking of looking good, Duo," Zechs began, "You look amazing as usual. How are things for you? Turning the admirers away as always?"

Duo laughed self-deprecatingly. "Yeah, right. Thanks, Zechs, but everything is fine. I'm alone. As usual."

Wufei locked eyes with Zechs and frowned. "I find that hard to believe, Maxwell. What about..." the Chinese boy trailed off at the look on Duo's face.

Duo shook his head. "Don't ask. Nothing ever works out the way we think it will, does it?"

Trying to lighten things up, Zechs said, "Well, we need to have a good time tonight. Hang out with us."

Duo tried to protest, "No, thanks, guys, but I don't want to intrude."

But Wufei insisted. "That's a great idea. You'll keep us company."

Zechs grabbed fresh drinks for the three of them and Duo tried to relax. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. A good song began to play. Duo downed his drink.

* * * * * * * * * * �

Heero had developed the habit of checking out a room completely since becoming Head of Security, and tonight was no exception. So it was only slightly awkwardly he found himself observing the ballroom from a balcony, telling himself it was for security purposes. Others were guarding Relena tonight, but a habit was a habit. Then Duo walked in.

Heero's breath caught; he had never seen Duo's hair loose before, but had often dreamed of it. The reality was much more impressive than any dream. Duo's hair flowed around him, shimmering and silky and making Heero's fingers ache to touch it. Underneath all the hair, Duo wore black vinyl hip-huggers that fit him like a glove, cradling his lower body to perfection and emphasizing his long legs. His shirt was short and small and shimmery purple, leaving his stomach and arms bare except for his hair that continually caressed him. Duo's upper body was slim and lithe and sleek, his creamy skin begging for Heero's touch. Just gazing at Duo from a distance was enough to make him instantly rock hard, and Heero gripped the balcony's edge in despair. How could he get the gorgeous creature to even listen to him, let alone forgive him? After his behavior a year ago, Heero didn't even deserve Duo's contempt, let alone the love he dreamed of.

Heero watched as Duo talked with Quatre, feeling an unreasonable stab of jealousy at their closeness. Then Trowa arrived, and Duo went over to Wufei and Zechs. Heero still watched, unable to bring himself to confront Duo. He cursed himself for his cowardice; finally he could accept his own feelings for the other boy, but now he lacked the courage to do anything about it! Finally, he forced himself; leaving the balcony, he made his way downstairs.

Reentering the room, Heero realized that the music had picked up. Quatre and Trowa were still locked in conversation, and Duo... with a start, Heero realized that Duo was now on the dance floor, sandwiched between Zechs and Wufei and looking like he was having way too much fun.

Heero could only stare; not only had he never seen Duo dressed this way, he had never seen the longhaired boy move so deliberately provocatively. Heero hadn't thought he could get any more aroused, but the sight before him made it possible. His erection throbbed in its confines as he watched Duo's hips sway, grind and move like in his dreams, pressed tightly between the two men, Zechs behind him and Wufei in front.

Heero had to remind himself to breathe as he watched; platinum and chestnut silk mixed as Duo threw his head back against Zechs' chest, violet eyes glittering. Three sets of slim hips moved together, and nearly everyone in the room had to watch. Zechs and Wufei were certainly beautiful, but Heero couldn't take his eyes off Duo. Lust replaced the courage he had lost, and his whole body ached with the thought of never touching that beauty. If Duo rejected him now, Heero knew he might never recover. He took a halting step toward the dance floor. At that moment, Duo looked up.

* * * * * * * * * * �

"Why, Trowa? Why did you leave me?" Quatre was ashamed, but he couldn't seem to keep a tremble out of his voice as he asked.

Trowa was speechless. What did Quatre mean by that statement? "Quatre? I..."

But Quatre had to speak before he lost his nerve. "Was I that terrible? I thought it was the most amazing night of my life. But you must have felt differently."

"But, Quatre," Trowa mumbled, completely confused.

"I'm not done, Trowa! How could you make love to me like that, then just leave me to wake up alone?"

Trowa was still lost. "M-make love?"

Quatre was nearly trembling now, small hands on hips defiantly. "Was I that forgettable? Was that it?"

Trowa couldn't speak. "I... I..."

But Quatre, once he begun, would have his say. "Maybe you do things like that all the time. But it was my first time! How do you think I felt, to wake up all alone? Then, when I did track you down, you ignore me!" Quatre paused. Trowa was silent. "Oh, I get it, Trowa. You're ashamed. Ashamed of what we did. Is that it? You were drunk, and did something you regret. So you thought if you ignored it, it would go away. But I didn't, did I?"

Trowa sounded miserable. "It wasn't like that..."

"No? Then what was it like, Trowa? Please tell me. I've had a year to obsess over it. Now that you deign to talk to me, please tell me what it was." Quatre crossed his arms and managed to look defiant yet angelic.

Trowa appeared to be trying to speak. Quatre glared at him.

"But Quatre! I... raped you! There was blood, and your clothes were ripped, and... and...I don't remember much, but I was so ashamed that I hurt you," Trowa seemed to be gathering speed now, "That I couldn't bear it, so I ran away. I meant to call you, to apologize, but I am a coward. I couldn't bring myself to hear you say you would never forgive me. So I stayed away. Until now. Now I am here to beg your mercy. Do what you will to me, Quatre. My life is meaningless without you. I love you, yet I did the most unspeakable thing to you. I am nothing, yet I beg you to forgive me. That is how weak I am." Trowa finally seemed to finish, and stood with eyes downcast, unable to look upon his angel's radiance.

Quatre stood stunned and speechless. He truly couldn't think of a thing to say. Was this why Trowa had stayed away? How could he think such a thing?

Trowa waited. Taking Quatre's silence as a rejection, he turned to go. Then he felt a small yet strong hand grab his arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" Quatre said shakily.

"It doesn't matter," Trowa answered in a monotone.

"Yes, it does! I think it does. Damnit, Trowa, look at me!" Quatre sounded angry, and Trowa looked at him automatically.

"Listen to me, Trowa. You didn't rape me. I was fully willing and able to consent. And I did! There was a little blood, nothing too bad. We were drunk, we made a mess. That's all. Do you understand me?" Quatre was practically shaking the taller boy now, as if that would make him understand.

Trowa stared at Quatre. "I... I..."

"I loved every minute of it. I love you. I still do. Get it?" Quatre let go of Trowa.

Trowa sagged as if he was going to fall over. "You mean... all this time... I thought... and we wasted all that time... I almost..."

"We shouldn't have drank so much, we probably shouldn't have had sex in the middle of the floor, but we both wanted to and we did it," Quatre stated. "Nothing bad happened."

"Oh, Quatre!" Trowa was nearly crying. "You love me? Still? I love you more than life itself! I would die rather than hurt you! So when I thought I..."

Quatre interrupted gently. "That's where you're wrong. I know that you would never hurt me, no matter how drunk you were. I would never believe you could do such a thing to me. You love me, Trowa?" Trowa's words had just sunk in.

"Yes! Yes, I love you, my beautiful angel!" Trowa was practically beaming. "Forever."

Quatre threw himself into Trowa's strong arms and clung tightly. "Always, Trowa."

And Trowa held him tight.

Continued in part 14